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My First Married Lady.

This is a true story of how I got into having affairs with Married Ladies. Well it was a long time ago now, back in 1980.
I was at the Local Hotel that had f****y nights over the Summer and I was at the weekly Disco we use to sneak in with the people on Holiday. When this man came and asked me to Dance with his wife.
I had always been a very good dancer, bit of a show off and I agreed to dance with her if he showed me which lady.
She was about 35, I was 16, dressed in Skirt and blouse, 5 foot 4 tall with very long Black hair, large breasts and gorgeous legs, a very pretty face with bright red lips. She grabbed my hand and we danced to several records, then
I thanked her she took me by my hand and lead me out side in to the Sun lounge where there was a couple of couches.
She closed the door and locked it behind us. Then she kissed me passionately on my mouth as she undid my belt and removed my trousers. My hard cock sprang into view as she went down and sucked my swollen purple knob giving me the
best blow job ever.
Then she just looked up at me and with out saying anything removed her black Skirt and her white blouse standing there in her Lacy white bra and matching panties and Suspender belt with seamed Tan Stockings.
She removed her Panties and lay down on the large couch spredding her legs and showing her thick black hairy bush, I just had to lick and tast her wet lips. After only a couple of minuets eating her pussy she grabbed my hair and pulling me up asked me to F*ck her. As I pushed my cock inside her, I told her this was my first time.
She just smiled at me and w****d her legs right around my back, pulling my bare virgin cock right into her.
I shot my cum straight away inside her as my knob hit the back inner wall of her open hole. I pumped and jerked in her for ages, I was still so hard that she showed me how to move back and forward lunging in and out of her.
We f*cked for hours and I could not stop cumming in her, my cock just kept getting harder and harder as I filled her with my young seed. She then asked me to stop as she had to get back to her husband. So as I with drew from
her I saw her hubby looking through the window smiling at me, with my cum dripping out of his wifes well used pussy.
This was the first night of there holiday and I spent ever night of there Holiday in her, She was the prefect
Lady to take a boys Virginity and Teach him how to pleasure a Lady, But that's another story. So now you know why I just can't say NO to Married ladies. I have had many of them and still want more.

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