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This is how I want you!

id love 2have you butt naked and bent over my desk with you hand cuffed, wrists and ankles to the legs. Id pinch your nipples and tell you what a dirty whore you are. Then id spread your cute arse cheeks and press your little brown arse hole with my finger but not actually fingering you just teasing. ill stand up behind you and bite your ear lobes while i press my hard cock through my boxers into your tight vagina making you want it inside but you have 2wait like a good little slut should. ill kiss and suck your neck making my way down to you arse. ill spread your cheeks and lick round the rim of your asshole teasing you driving you crazy with desire. id lick up and down the length of your pussy taking in your fantastic sweet juices and driving my tongue deep inside your hole making you squeal with delight. then ill start to properly lick your ass hole out. giving it long slow licks and pressing my tongue tight into your little brown fuck hole while i lightly flick your clit making u scream. ill plunge my fingers deep into your snatch making sure they are covered in your juices then ill stand up again and take my fingers sticky with your juice and shove them into your mouth making you taste your own cum. while you licking my fingers clean like a good little slapper ill take my other hand and start inserting fingers into your ass first my ring finger when you are ready ill insert my middle finger than both until you are nice and ready for my big thick cock.
before inserting my cock into you anal passage i will take one full length stroke into your soaping cunt to get it nice and lubbed up before placing my swollen bell end it your forbidden entrance ill start slowly and build up pace till i am pounding your ass good and hard with each inward stroke banging your hips into the table ill reach around and roughly grab your pussy separating your lips and exposing your clit hood then i will directly stimulate your clit making your cum again and again not caring how sensitive it get but giving you multiple orgasms until your weak at the knees at which point i will fire my big sticky load of spunk deep into your ass. ill keep pounding you until i am soft and most of the cum has leaked out of your ass and is running down your legs. ill come round to the front and make you suck my cock clean then ill untie you and let you fall to the floor in a cum sodden heap

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