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Slut For My Father-In-Law

This is the first time I have ever written anything down like this and I hope I do it right, and I hope some of you enjoy reading about it. I like to read about what others have done and hopefully you will like reading about some of what I have.

Even before we married my husband wanted me to let other guys fuck me. He liked to watch me or have me tell him about it. For some reason I thought after we married that would change and he would want me to be a faithful wife but he didn't. He likes for me to look sexy and be sexy and still enjoys showing me off and sharing me with others. I like it also, but I was still a bit apprehensive about telling him I wanted his dad to fuck me. I shouldn't have been because he thought it was a great idea and helped me set up a situation where it could happen.

I invited my father-in-law over for supper. When he got here I told him my husband had to work a second shift and wouldn't be home until late. I wore a nice house dress that buttoned in the front and was low cut so quite a bit of my tits could be seen and it is short enough and tight enough to show my legs and ass well. Red snakeskin heels and thigh high hose finished my outfit. I wanted to look sexy without overdoing it too much. Hubby said I looked hot, good enough to eat, and he left me to my fun. I hoped. The meal went fine with the usual talk. I noticed him looking at my breasts quite often which wasn't an unusual thing. Dad was always checking me over, even touching me sometimes, not real obvious but enough to let me know that he wanted to have me. I had never done anything to discourage him and truthfully had encouraged it whenever I could. I liked the attention as well as the feels. It was after the meal was about over that I began to get pretty nervous and didn't really know how to get things started. I had rubbed my tits against him while I picked up his plate and he liked that but didn't do anything. Anyway, finally I just blurted out:"Dad, I want to have sex with you if you want to." Not very tactful huh? I was standing right beside him and he put his arm around me and said he would love to and thought about it all the time but he didn't think it was a good idea because I was his son's wife. I picked up my cell and dialed my husband and handed the phone to dad. This is what my husband figured would happen and had planned for. I couldn't hear the conversation but knew what he said he would tell his dad so as soon as dad clicked the phone shut I turned to him and kissed him.

My father-in-laws hands moved over my back, down to my ass, and back up while we kissed. I had intended to kiss nice and sweet but his tongue had gone into my mouth almost immediately and then he stepped back and unbuttoned my dress so he could fondle my breasts. He played with them awhile, feeling and squeezing, and said he had wanted to do that for a long time, then he sucked my nipple into his mouth and I knew then that it was going to happen for sure.

Dad's cock is thicker then my husband,s. I could tell when it was in my mouth. I loved the way it filled my mouth and throat. It wasn't long until he was thrusting into my mouth but he had waited until I was used to it and could take it all. I was so wet. My father-in-law was fucking my mouth and I loved it. He was holding my head by my hair and slamming in and out fast, but he stopped before he came and said he wanted my young hot pussy. That was certainly fine with me so we went to the bedroom and he stripped off my clothes, laid me down and fucked me for the first time. For some reason I had thought he would cum pretty quickly but he didn't and after awhile I told him I wanted to be on top. He rolled over and told me to get my hot cunt up there then. It was while I was on top with his cock inside me and his hands pulling my tits that he really got vocal, saying how good my pussy felt to him and what a hot cunt I was and that he was glad I was such a slut for cock. I loved it when he said those things and I would repeat them back to him saying, Yes I was a slut for him, and Yes my pussy loved his big cock in it, and things like that. When he came he raised his butt off the bed and buried his cock as deep in me as he could and I could feel him cumming in me. It was so good and hot to be screwed like that by him.

Afterwards we lay together for awhile and he said he hoped he could do it again. I told him he could fuck me anytime he wanted to because I wanted to be his slut. He has wanted to a lot, and I love having my husband and his dad both use me for sex whenever they want to. They are both good sex partners but dad is a bit nastier at times and it was him who shared me with my first black guys. It's been a really good arrangement for us all.

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