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A big titted MILF from my job.

She, a 47 year old 34DD MILF.
Me, a 24 year old with a big veiny cock.
She is a quality inspector at my factory. A mean, ball-busting woman. All the men in the factory fear her. She even busted my balls when I forgot to return her caliper.
- Hey, k**! Stop fucking around and get busy. Money isn't growing in trees you know.
- Sorry ma'am, right away.
- Where the fuck are you going now?
- To the bathroom, I can't go to the bathroom?
- You'll go to the bathroom and start wasting time again. I'll go with you and see if you get to work afterwards. I'll wait you outside the bathroom.
- Ok. Just a minute.
I went into the bathroom and took a piss. When I went in I probably forgot the door open because she saw me shaking my cock and pulling it back in my trousers.
- Ok madam, let's get to work.
- Hold on a minute boy. I saw you in that bathroom there. You've got something I like. Tell me: Does it got a big head?
- Ahh, yes ma'am. I guess.
- Well then get your ass back into that bathroom.
- But the job you gave me?
- Fuck it. Get in here. We'll talk about it in here.
Then we went inside the bathroom. She started kissing me and she cracked her top open.
- Do you like them boy?
- Yes, yes. They're quite big. I've been staring at them for quite a while now. Can I touch them?
- Better. Lick them.
So I took her shirt off, then her bra and those big, juicy tits just dropped in front of me.I barely could fit one in mouth and started sucking the hell out of it.
In the meantime she started unzipping my pants and slowly stroke my cock. It grew in her hand almost instantly.
- Let me suck that big head of yours.
- Oh God. I want to fuck you. Suck it just a bit and then bend over so I can put it in your pussy.
- My, my kinda bossy aren't you?
As she sucked my cock I grabbed her head and tried to make her deepthroat it. She swallowed it half and then started to gag.
- Slow down boy I can't take it all in my mouth.
- Fine, well bend over now.
- Ok, just be carefull not to blow your load in me. I hate it when that happens.
- Shut up just bend over already.
I fucked her right in her wet dripping pussy. She creamed my cock so much, it turned white.
- Look what you did to my cock. Suck it off now to make it clean.
She sucked it clean and then she got down on her knees and begged to put it in her ass.
- Fuck me in the ass. I've never done it before. Stick that big, veiny cock in my ass.
She started moaning, but we were in a bathroom stall and I thought someone could hear us, so I covered her mouth wirh my hand and slow my movements.
- I like this. Grab my neck and choke me!
- You're crazy lady. What if I choke you to death?
- Aah nonsense. Just fuck me harder and shut up.
I choked her for a while then I felt I had to cum.
- Get up, I'm cumming. Open your mouth.
- No! Cum on my tits. Here, put it between my tits and let me milk the cum out.
- Oh my God, it feels so good.
- Yes baby, cum! Cum!!
- Aaaah! This feels so good, it;s like cumming inside a pussy.
- Hmmm, look at all this cum to play with. Thanks k**. Now put your cock back inside your pants and the fuck to work.

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