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My friends horny boyfriend......

It wasnt the first time that lilly had invited me over to her place for a girly dinner. but that day i was in exceptionally bad mood so i reluctantly accepted as i had to cancel a date.
When i reached her house she wasnt home so i opened the door with the spare key she had shown only to me and settled myself on the couch and started surfing channels.
it wasnt long before the bell rang and i saw her boyfriend standing at the door. So i brought him in and went back to whr i was sitting. It seems she had invited both of us to dinner. But that was a wrong move as he had already made a pass at me a few times. But i liked him as he was Just the kind of guy i like. with tall and muscular lean bordy and black hair and also wht lilly had told me a GIANT of a dick. It always took a lot of efforts to resist him. IT wasnt long before he came and sat next to me and we started talking. After some time he slid a hand on my bare thighs. (i was wearing short skirt as usual which comes all the way up when im seated ) He kissed me and i returned the kiss as i remembered that i was wasting my time here when i cld be out there fucking the guy i was going to go out with.
but then i remembered lilly and pulled away Although i was Very horny.
As we were sitting there watching TV lilly called up to say she wont be able to cm for another few hours. As he gave me the receiver and sat down next to me i was fighting with lilly for having spoiled a real GOOD date and she was being rude with me. so i decided i wld make up for it in a real MEAN way. as i was still talking on the phone he was already fondling my breast with one hand with his other hand in my skirt and i knew i cldnt resist anymore as he started fingering me. So i kept down the phone and got up.
I dropped my skirt and took off my shirt to reveal my breast and he gasped. Then i let him take his time squeezing and sucking in my tits and fingeting and sucking my pink wet clit. He was already out of his clothes and i was happy when i saw his big dick, which i eagerly took in my mouth and started sucking on it. he was already Big and thick and hard with his pink head going in and out of my mouth. i could sense his precum. i had heard frm lilly that he liked oral sex. so i thought i wld give him sm. I laid him back on the couch and licked his dick and heal and slowly and deliberately sucked his head and then he fucked my head while squeezing my tits. i cld fell him cumming and soon he gave a huge cumload in my tasted real good. But he amazed me by spreading my legs and then thrusting his full 9 inches at one go as i yelled with pleasure whikle i heard him say....." let me blast the rest of my cum in ur pussy as u like it" and i was pleased to feal him blast another load of cum in my pussy after a few minutes as it dripped out of it. And i was even more amazed when he came over to me to finish it in my mouth with the last load of cum as i licked it frm his head.... IT was a real Good fuck............

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