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The Tighter They Are The Harder They Cum 2

I can’t believe what’s just happened!
Today started normally for me as a fulltime carer. Stumbled out of bed and helped my wife get herself up and into the bathroom and shower. Then get her dressed and downstairs for the day. It was pretty boring and normal by anyone’s standards.
The heat today was great to see as the weather’s taken a turn for the better over the weekend.
Jeans are just too heavy. I knew I needed shorts. I know it’s only March but what’s a guy to do? This’ll probably be our summer.
I needed to go to the Post Office and told the wife I’d look for a pair of shorts when I was out and be home as quickly as I could.
The plan didn’t go well as I didn’t have much of a clue about what suited me.
I was going to be coming home with nothing to show for a couple of hours clothes shopping when my wife send a text saying our 18 year old daughter Denise would be getting out of college soon and I should ask her advice. A quick text confirmed I only had half an hour to kill before she could join me in town.
Sure enough Denise met up with me soon enough. All should’ve been fine BUT she wasn’t alone.
Along with her were Gemma, I’d spent a wild weekend being teased by the little Goth teen and came on her legs, belly and in her mouth whilst screwing her stupid, eventually banging her in front of my daughter in a church toilet, but that’s another story. Gemma had now had a new haircut. Her black hair had been shaved up the left side of her head and her fringe ran diagonally over her face, covering her right eye. She’d also put striking red tips through her hair that looked like little polka dots. She was her usual self “What’s up ‘Tard?” She shot at me before screwing her little face up and sticking her tongue out.
Andrea though, the other girl tagging along on the shopping trip from hell, looked shocked at how I was addressed by my daughter’s friend. I rolled my eyes and told them what was “up” before we headed through the shopping centre towards Marks & Sparks. As the girls nattered away and giggled between themselves I looked the trio over.
Denise was wearing her usual blue leggings and a light see through white top with a cream vest top. Her black bra straps and the flowery detailing were clearly visible under the layers of fabric. Gemma was her normal self, a faded black t-shirt with Heath Ledger’s Joker on it questioning everyone’s seriousness, tight blue jeans with strategic tears in the right places and the whole look was finished off with thick leather bracelets and glossy red lipstick and black nails.
Andrea, the youngest of the group, was still in her High School uniform and looked totally out of place with the 2 others even though they’d been friends for years. Her blond hair looked amazing tied back in a ponytail. She saw me checking her out as if I could see through the blazer, skirt, tights and blouse. “What? What’s wrong? Have I got something on my back?” The paranoid teen asked as she took off the blazer and checked.
“No,” I replied “I was just thinking it doesn’t seem like 2 years since these 2 loopers were wearing the same uniform.” Good thinking old man! Don’t want to be seen checking out schoolgirls. But it was hard not to do just that now Andrea had removed some of her clothing. She looked well developed under there and I imagined what her breasts looked like and wondered why I couldn’t make out a bra...
“Stop looking at her tits, you dirty bastard!” Trust Gemma to bring me back to reality with a bang. “We all know you’ll be jerking off thinking about her later but there’s no need to make it so obvious!” All 3 burst into laughter and I felt awful as I remembered what it felt like to be a teenager and laughed at by the cool girls at school.
All 3 went crazy in the men’s department of the store. They were lifting suits, shirts, jeans, boxer shorts, socks, jumpers and basically anything they could find in HUGE sizes!!
“These would fit!” They’d shout at the tops of their high pitched voices. “HEY! Would these fit over your Papa’s Nappies for men?”
“Why me?” Was all I could think to myself. Eventually they settled and we found a few pairs of shorts I found earlier in the day that looked decent enough.
“Go try those on and we’ll look around for more.” Denise smiled as I headed to the changing rooms.
Once inside I tried the first pair on and went to see if Denise was around to ask her opinion. I saw she was at the far side of the floor but there, right in front of me was Gemma. A huge smirk across her face told me I was in trouble. “A bit tight around the balls there, Mr M. But they’re not bad. I’ll see if they have them in a size bigger. Try another pair first.”
Like an obedient puppy I trudged back into the changing rooms and pulled the curtain on my cubicle. Just as I was about to pull on the second pair the curtain opened and in stepped Gemma.
“What the hell are you doing in here!? You’re not allowed! I’ll get fuckin’ thrown out or worse!” I was worried sick as Gemma is a live wire and I never know what’s coming next.
“Keep your knickers on ya big Jessie! No one seen me coming in and I was only bringing you a bigger pair of shorts... Although??? Now I think of it, I’d rather you had your knickers off.” The little teen shot a hand out and grabbed my boxer short covered cock and balls before I was ready for her. I jumped back and hit my head off the back wall which almost fell over it was that thin.
“Get the fuck outta here Gem! Jesus! Think about it woman! All it takes is someone to check in here and we’re done for and what about the security cameras? Someone’s bound to know you’re in here.” As Gemma continued to stroke at my member I was sure I’d be arrested at any second. But I couldn’t help being turned on at the same time and of course my dick had other ideas as he warmed to Gemma’s touch. It took only a matter of seconds for me to get hard and I knew I couldn’t leave through the curtain with an erection. God knows what was on the other side of the fabric? Gemma sat down on the little shelf seat in front of me and with my back to the curtain I gave in to Gemma’s tiny hand and fingers. She opened the button on front of the boxers and reaching in pulled me out. The air on my member felt good but the hand felt better.
“Hurry up and get on with it!” I ordered.
The gothic chick put her glossy lips on the head of my cock and kissed it.
The curtain opened behind me and I felt the life drain out of me as I was waiting for security or worse hauling me away.
“What the fuck are you pair doing?” To my surprise and relief it was Andrea’s voice.
“I’m trying to suck his cock! What? Did you think he was punctured and I was blowing him up?” Came Gemma’s sarcastic answer.
The curtain closed and Andrea came around and sat beside Gemma who promptly spat on my erection and swallowed the head before starting to stroke the shaft.
Andrea looked at Gemma with eyes so wide I thought they’d pop out and then she looked up at me, the poor dope who had been struck dumb the whole few seconds this had took and she smiled. “Nice one Dude!”
“Dude? You’re from Coleraine Andrea, Not California!” I laughed.
“It’s just so hot seeing this...” her eyes went back to Gemma sucking me deeper, lipstick marks along my shaft and on her hand as she continued jerking me into her mouth “...I didn’t know what to say or what to call you...” She said in a trance like state.
“Call me Stephen, sweetheart.” Gemma went down on her knees and I rested my back on the side of the cubicle. Andrea reached for her own chest with her left hand and stated stroking her right boob. I reached for her left one and gave it a squeeze. She closed her eyes and arched her back. Her legs opened and her school skirt moved up her thighs. As one teen sucked and stroked my cock harder by the second the other reached between her legs and through her tights and panties she started stroking herself. I continued to fondle her firm boob and felt her nipple through the material and realised she wasn’t wearing a bra. God this was horny!
I wanted the whole thing over quickly but at the same time I was enjoying the moment. This was surreal! Andrea opened her eyes and looked at me screwing her friends face now that I was fully erect and she reached both hands between her own legs and ripped her tights open at the crotch. I watched on as she lifted herself up a little, pulled her skirt up over her hips and sitting down again pulled her panties to the side and stuck a finger into a wet, trimmed pussy. By this point I couldn’t care less who caught us. I’d be a legend around here after being caught with 2 teens in a changing room.
Gemma watched out of the corner of her eye as Andrea started finger fucking herself as she in turn watched drool and precum run down Gemma’s chin.
Gemma looked me in the eye with her mouth open as if she wanted my approval.
“You look delicious Andrea. I’d love to fuck you down there.” I thought she’d get so turned on she’d cum and that would start me off and we’d be done in a matter of seconds. I wasn’t expecting her to nod in acceptance of my proposal, stand up in the tiny cubicle and point her butt and pussy in my direction. Gemma, still on her knees slid her mouth off my wet cock and I watched as she positioned the now very swollen head in the tight folds of Andrea’s pussy. I felt her shiver and push back and I pushed forward. The feeling of warmth and tightness was almost too much and I knew I was about to cum and cum hard. I grabbed Andrea by the hips and looked down Her skirt was up bunched up past her waist and her tights were laddering and ripped open so I could see clearly the white panty material covering her butt and pulled to the side so I could fuck her. She was wet and horny and I wanted to give her what she so clearly wanted. But I knew I had to be quick. Luckily I could feel myself swell inside her and knew I’d be coming really soon. Holding her hips tight and with Gemma inches away from our crotches I slid out and banged straight back in. Andrea whimpered and I pulled back quicker and started pounding into her for all I was worth. I felt my balls slap against her and as they were still in my boxer shorts the feeling was totally weird. In and out I went only about 20 times before the feeling of an almighty orgasm overwhelmed me and I shot cum deep inside this tight, blond teen. A second burst of warmth coated her insides as I pushed deep inside her while pulling her closer by the hips. She clamped her pussy muscles around my cock as a third shot of jizz popped out of me into her. I couldn’t pull out and she grabbed my right hand from her hip and moved it up and into her open blouse. I grabbed her right boob and squeezed. So young and firm, the nipple pressing into my palm as she straightened herself with me still in her from behind. The pressure from her pussy on my hard shaft was threatening to break me in two but she simply stood there in this awkward shape and reaching between her legs she found her clit and started rubbing as quickly as she could. She came heavily on my erection and I could feel every spasm as her orgasm came and went. As she fell forward I pulled out and quick as a flash I dressed and watched as Andrea fixed herself without saying a word and took her tights off along with her soaking knickers and put them in her blazer pocket.
I slowly and carefully looked out of the cubicle. No sign of security. I ushered the 2 teens out and to my surprise there was Denise waiting at the entrance to the changing area.”Well?” She asked her friends. “He fucked Andrea and it was awesome Dude!” Gemma excitedly told her mocking Andrea. “You should’ve seen it!”
“Maybe next time.” My own daughter answered.
“Next time!?” I thought to myself “There’s not going to be a next time!”
We quickly moved into the displays of clothes.
My heart was still racing as a large man in a shirt and tie looked straight at me and moved in my direction. My heart stopped... “Excuse me sir? Do you need any help at all?”
“Uhmmm....” Why was I suddenly struck dumb?
“Nah it’s ok.” Thank God Gemma was still here, she was never stuck for an answer. “He tried a couple of things on in the changing room but they were very tight. We sorted him out and he’ll take these shorts.”
“Very good” The assistant blandly replied as he took the shorts.
“Yes it was” I said under my breath as I looked at the 3 flushed and giggling teens.

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