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Me, My Mom, and My aunt Part II

Me, my mom and my aunt Is a true story between me , my mom , and my aunt.

I was laying on my bed with a rock hard cock. That's when my aunt D walked in she was in the sexest bra and panties. They were pink. She must have been horny as hell because there was a dark wet spot on her panties. She said that she needed me down stairs. Thats when i seen my two cousents down there. Allasay who is a mouth older then me, then there was cherly who is 16. My aunt said they were spending the night and they had to sl**p in my bed my bed was plenty big for all three of us too fit in it. Allsay is taller then me but she must take after my aunt with 32D boobs. Cherly on the other had was chubby and smaller tits. When it was time to go to bed i slept in the middle of them


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