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The young s****r of my friend.

a night,coming at my friends house to drink couples beers.i was already a bit d***k.he said to me i will prepare going to wait for you in the living room.his little young s****r was sl**ping on the caught.while she is sl**ping her skirt go up.i could see very well her g-string.i was taking pictures and videos of her.i was rubbing my big cock on her little ass.after a while she wake up.she said to me:my b*****r is in the shower.yes but i do you know that .your wasnt sl**ping or what.not to you think i didnt feel your big cock on my i put my cock in her mouth.unbelieveble for a young 17years old girl how she was sucking like a little slut.i came all over her in her mouth to.when her b*****r came back it was hard for her to speak.

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