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Fun With Cousin - Day Two

Last night was amazing. I finally had my dreams come true. And I think my cousin felt the same way. We were still naked sl**ping in bed.

We both got up kissed and recalled what happened from the day before. We both started getting hard and decided to make out while rubbing each others cocks. Then after some time we got up to get eat breakfast. We had nothing on expect some boxers and our cocks sticking out.

We didn't expect anyone to come over. But we made a plan that if someone was to ring the bell then we would quickly run up stairs. then we would put on some emergency clothes and go answer the door. Then after that go straight into our boxers.

We put some cereal and sat all cozy next to each other. We were acting like a some lover birds. We were making out and playing with each others cocks. It was eventually around 1 in the afternoon. So we went on the computer and did some searching and found a nice porn movie.

We took off our boxers and got into the chairs. The movie was some guys gang banging a girl. The guys also like playing with each others dicks and sucking them off. We liked the movie so much we eventually got on the floor in weird positions and jacking each other off. We both came finally and licked each others cum off.

After that the day continued like any other. We ate. Played basketball and watched porn. Then came the night and we decided to have some “dessert”. We made some jokes saying, “Let have some banana cream pie” We laughed and made out somewhere.

But now it was serious. After I got out of the bathroom my cousin was in my room. We was on my bad jacking off and had a pair of him moms panties and bras on. He said.

" I am your servant do whatever you want with me."

I gladly said ok and told him to suck my dick. I was fully hard and he was taking it in great. He gave the best blow job ever. And he kept going till I finally let it all go in his mouth. he proudly swallowed all my sweet cum. I then order him on top of me and we made out for 10 minutes.

As our tongs combined and I could taste some cum left in his mouth. it was good especially knowing it was inside his sweet hot mouth. We continued kissing and licking each other.

Then I told him to get up and bend over. I spanked him in the ass a lot. He took it nice. Then I told him to ly on the ground and jack off. He did and I went to go get some lube. When I cam e back he was coming. So I bent down and licked all the cum off him while he was playing with my dick.

After I licked it all off I put him in the doggie position. and started loobing his hole. Sticking 1 then up to 4 finger in there. I did this for about 15 minutes until I stuck my dick in there.

He moaned with much pleasure taking it all in. I put everything I had until I announced I had to cum. He said keep going and go even harder than usual. So I did and i cummed in his ass. I kept going and felt my hot cum drooping form his ass. So i bent over and started eating his ass.

i think he felt surprised by this but my cousin loved it. And i loved him, his ass, and my cum.

he told me tomorrow on our last day i was the servant. I said fine.

We then filled that bathtub and went go clean each other up. In the shower we made out for what felt like hours and gave each other one last blow job before we went to bed.

While in bed we were naked and together. We loved each other and never wanted to let go. We were truly in love.

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