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My Fourth BBW Experience, with a Twist

When this had happened, it was a month away from our graduation. The stress of final exams, her boyfriend, and our life away from one another, mostly due to neither of us wanting to admit our flings to others, made our normal routine more rare. What caused our spark to grow back was due to one of her friends, Alex, a senior that was to graduate in our year, and had a secret he didn't tell anyone. In order for me to find out what it was, as well as get my chance to fuck Madi once again, I had to stay after, which wasn't an issue, and sneak into the second auditorium our school had.

Getting into the auditorium was a bit more difficult, mostly due to the angling of the cameras on the walls, as well as the few groups of students that passed it by. My only saving grace was that it was located near the end of the school, which meant that only people who had detentions went around it. When I managed to get in, I was rewarded with the sight of Madi and Alex. Madi wore her favorite black joggers, the same pair that clung to her curvy thighs, and a baggy shirt that cuddled against her breasts. Alex was around 6'4 with dark caramel skin, a chunky body, and a flat ass. We sat in the back, chatting with one another until I felt a hand grab my cock through my pants, but it wasn't Madi's, oh no, it was Alex's hand, and I nearly jumped out of my seat if she didn't kiss me right away.

She explained to me that Alex was attracted to me since we met two years ago in an English class I barely recall, and wanted to do all the raunchy things he dreamed of doing. I was about to say no when she, metaphorically, squeezed me by my balls by saying if I didn't do this, I wouldn't get to fuck her afterwards. So, since I REALLY needed the stress relief she could offer, I looked over to Alex and asked him what he wanted to do. He started saying how I didn't have to do it, pushing for me to fuck Madi before I did anything with him. I got tired of his second guess rather quickly and kissed him, unzipping my pants so he could get a better feel of my cock. His lips were rougher than Madi's lips, and a bit smaller as well, but the thick, meaty tongue that came out of his mouth to slip into mine nearly made me gag.

That, or it could of been his breath. I never found out.

I heard another zipper drop and looked down to see Alex lowering his pants, showing his thick, five inch cock that had a small head, compared to his thick stem at least. He guided my hand to it and told me to stroke him before he kissed me again. I stroked him slowly, mentally ranting about how odd his cock felt in comparison to my own, but pressed a bit deeper to the kiss. I heard Madi giggling in the background, commenting on how hot we were looking at the moment, and then I heard him moan into my mouth. There was something hot about that, having someone moan during a kiss, and it made my cock twitch in joy.

"D,did I make you do that?" He had asked. He reminded me of a gentle giant, one that had only wanted someone to love him, understand his unique preferences, and in this case, screw him. I told him he did, and that made him bend down and suck me off. I could feel him sucking on it, but, much to my surprise, I felt no pleasure from it. It was too foreign of a sensation to enact pleasure for me, but I continued to stroke him, wanting him to cum soon. A few minutes of him sucking made my arm tired, so I pulled away to switch over to my dominant right hand, though, instead of wanting my hand, he told me to suck him off. I glanced over at Madi, who was fingering herself at us, and sighed.

'The things I do for myself.' I had thought before getting on my knees to suck him off. It had a scent that reminded me of sweaty socks, but I simply looked him in the eyes and placed the head into my mouth. He already had a glob of precum spewing from the tip, making it taste more bitter than I was used to, and started taking more of his manhood into my mouth. He moaned so loud I thought he was going to get us caught, so I grabbed him by his balls and sucked harder, making him shut up in the process. He stopped moaning, but his cock twitched in my mouth, signaling that he was getting pleasure from me.

I continued sucking him off, twirling my tongue around the tip every so often until he pulled my head away, saying how I was beginning to suck a bit too hard and fast for him. Before I could get up, he pushed me to the floor, pinned my legs down, and lowered his cock to my face, placing us in a sixty nine. It wasn't my first sixty nine, that belonged to my first girlfriend when I was fifteen, but it was the first time I did it with someone I didn't know, and his weight was making it harder for me to see good reason to go through with it.

"Please Ricky? We're almost done, I swear!" He pleaded, licking the tip of my cock afterwards. I saw a shadow above my face, and looked up to see Madi grinning at me with a pair of wet fingers tracing her lips. She sucked them off, slowly pulling them out of her mouth before spreading her legs for me to see her soaked pussy. I couldn't handle the sight and began sucking the cock in front of me, instantly noticing that he began pumping his cock towards my throat soon after. Considering my position, I was f***ed to let him thrust himself into my mouth as he sucked me off, fondling my balls in the process. Since I couldn't do much more than swirl my tongue around his meat, I decided to take advantage of his ass and slid a finger into it. He stopped the moment it pierced his black cherry, making his cock twitch as I swirled my finger inside him. He sucked me off faster than before, nearly biting the head of my cock off at one point as I fingered his ass.

By the time he got up, I was able to slide three fingers into his ass, which were a bit dirty for my taste, and made his puckered hole slightly open. When I asked if there was anything else he wanted, he bent over, placing one hand on the arm of a chair while using the other to push his ass cheek away from his hole. He told me he wanted my cock and, before I knew it, felt Madi push me towards him. She grabbed my sock and rubbed the tip onto his ass, making him moan into the chair as I moaned from her touch. She placed the tip to his asshole, and placed a hand on my waist, pushing me into his ass. Alex moaned louder and louder into the chair as my cock went halfway into him, slightly surprising me at the sight before he told me to stop. So I did, and took the opportunity to make out with Madi, enjoying her soft lips upon mine, the curves of her breasts pressing to my body, and the gentle moan that came from her mouth got me even more horny. I suppose Alex got a bit jealous of what we were doing, because he began thrusting himself onto my cock, nearly making me fall in the process as he groaned out he wanted more of me inside him. I shrugged, not knowing what to say to him, but moaned as I began thrusting into him, feeling his ass giving way for my cock.

It was the first, and most likely only, time I actually felt some joy fucking a member of the same gender, grinning as I pounded his ass as if it was Madi's pussy. I leaned forward and kissed at his neck, taking the opportunity to see his blissful face as I moved my right hand to stroke his cock. He began moaning no, that he didn't want me to touch his cock, but I simply slapped his ass with my free hand, shutting him up as I fucked him harder. I went easy on his cock, considering it was twitching like crazy, and let out a moan to his ear, asking him how it felt for his ass to be fucked by another guy. He moaned loudly, telling me it felt better than he ever thought possible, and groaned as he stopped moving, and came all over the floor. I continued fucking him though, giving him gentle strokes as I felt cum drip onto my hand. I pulled out a few minutes later, when I felt him lean more onto the chairs for support, and winced at the sight of my cock. It was rather dirty, leaving an inch from the base clean of his bowls, and went for my backpack. It was only a few seats away, and I was sure I had some napkin inside it to clean me of this mess. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a warm, moist sensation over my cock, and looked to see Alex sucking me off. This went on for a few minutes, leaving me a bit more than shocked at the display before I pulled away, seeing my cock free of the shit.

"Its the least I could do for you hunk." He said with a chuckle before he bent over and played with his ass a little. I turned to Madi, who grinned at me, and bent over, jiggling her fat ass to tease me. I stepped over to her and slapped her ass hard, making her yelp as I jammed myself into her pussy. I left several hickeys on her neck, groping her breasts as I fucked as if I had been suffocated, and freed from the weapon of my near demise. She was the breath I so desperately needed, and I'm pretty sure I showed it to her by how hard, fast, and dominant I was during the fucking. I felt a hand on my ass and turned to Alex, who sat next to us, and jacked off, rubbing my ass in the process. I would of told him to back off, but Madi told me she wanted to try something new, and told me to pull out. I sat down, as she told me to, and watched as she slid herself onto my cock, riding me for the first time since we began this sexual adventure.

"It feels so big!" She moaned out as she eased herself on my manhood. I wished I was able to see how fantastic her ass looked in this position, but I opted to lean forward and suck on her breast with my hands on her lovely thighs. The way her body jiggled with each thrust was like magic for my hormones, making me suck on her breasts a bit harder than I should of, but I saw Alex's cock in front of me, and decided to put some of my hormones to it by sucking him off. He told me I was going too fast, but I couldn't thrust into her due to her weight, so I used him as my outlet, even going as far as to deepthroat him. He moaned throughout this and, when I had his cock down my throat a second time, he came, grinding my nose to his skin as if it would help milk out the rest of his cum. Madi pulled me away from his mouth and spat in it, licked my lips, before she kissed me, shoving her tongue into it.

"If you keep on doing this to me, I'm gonna cum Madi." She slowly got off of me, giving me the chance to eat out her pussy a little before she got on her knees and sucked me off with gusto. Oh god, her mouth felt like heaven to me, and the way she looked into my eyes as she sucked me off made me want to cum even more! She leaned forward, keeping her mouth on the tip of my cock as she pressed her breasts around my member, surprising me at the tit fuck. Her mounds of flesh were so delicate to my rock hard cock, teasing me from enjoying the moist cave of her mouth, but the way she twirled her tongue around my cock was magnificent, divine, and quite stimulating. I felt myself cumming, much sooner than I wanted, and pulled her head away from it, hoping to stop myself from cumming, only for it to splash across her face. I sprayed some cum onto her breasts, and even got a bit into her hair, but her face was nearly coated in cum, and I nearly came again at the sight of her. She looked so glazed over that I wish I had a picture to remember more of the details.

Alas, that was the end of the sexual pleasures for that day, as Madi pulled out a spare shirt from her backpack to wipe her body with. I took a lick of her pussy, but she wasn't happy with what I had done, and quickly left the auditorium, leaving Alex and I alone to get dressed and leave. He gave me his phone number and told me that if I ever needed to get off, that he'd be at my doorstep to take me to his place, or where ever I wanted to use him before he left.

I tore that piece of paper up and threw the remains in multiple trashcans on my way out to my ride.

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