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My son’s girlfriend

Well let’s just say I’m the mountainman66 I got that nickname so long ago I don’t even remember why. I’m a big old boy somewhat built like a tank, a water tank.

And like any good story worth telling, you have to have a protagonist and an antagonist.

But with this story you get to decide who is who.

It all started with my divorce, it left me somewhat high and dry, and not really caring about the opposite sex. Now who ever come up with that line had it right on the money. Opposite sex, what a laugh. More like obstinate sex.


Okay now back to the story.


After my divorce I move in to a nice place that was for rent in a good part of town, well across town from the x, but still close enough that my k**s could drive over to see dad.

Now my sons could drive and would come over weekly to daily just to get away from the x. So I guess I became the party dad. My oldest son is a nerd and my younger boy is a gear monkey loves working on cars. Well like all boys 18 and 19 they have girlfriends and they need a place that they could hang out without momma finding out what you been up to. So party dads it is.

Now my oldest has been dating a nerdy girl who’s into all that si-fi crap. Not much to look at but funny to be around.

But my younger boy, he has some taste, the girl he was hanging with,,, holy mother,,, she was H O T! and that is with a capital H.

And this where the story go downhill.

Now I’ve never looked at any high school girl and thought I would like to bang her, but I thinking I need to amend my thinking.

But like all teenage k**s my younger boy and this girl broke up and it was not pretty, the usual crap, he said she said and no commitment.

Well now she was not hanging around so I was not getting my jerkoff fantasies fulfilled, so let me tell you what she looked like. And why she feuled so many one man stands.

All of about 5’1” maybe 102 lbs. shaped like an hourglass, legs and a butt that was just so firm and solid and with the perky breasts of a goddess not an ounce of body fat. Powder blonde hair and that powder blonde is real not from a bottle. I'll explain how I know later. The sweetest pouty lips and blue eyes you have ever seen. She had a fluid motion to how she move and walked, it was not till later that I found out that she was an dancer and the had been since she was 5. I would watch her as she set and watch TV on my 52” big screen (kept that from divorce, BOO-YA! Bitch!) as she would fold and unfold her legs, as she would laugh, giggle and cry watching movies with my boy and myself.

But alas she was to be no more, and my boy had moved on, at least 3 times, oh to be young.

Now my story should stop there. And as life does it did. But then it didn’t.

The grocery store that I normally go to, got bought out by a big chain of grocery stores and the bastards closed mine, so now I’ve got to drive a mile down the road to buy my stuff. But I quickly forgave them. As I was in line waiting to check out and as it turns out to be the slowest line so I looked around for a quicker lane and in the 20 items or less line, as the casher was my sons old girlfriend but nothing about her was old at least not older than 18.

And the one thing I forgot to mention was the girls’ name, now this was one of those mysteries of the ages her name was Wednesday. While she was dating my son I asked her about her name, she giggled and said she was name after a poem her mother liked.

I think it is something like this:

Monday's c***d is fair of face

Tuesday's c***d is full of grace,

Wednesday's c***d is full of woe,

Thursday's c***d has far to go,

Friday's c***d is loving and giving,

Saturday's c***d works hard for a living,

But the c***d who is born on the Sabbath Day

Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

So trying to not make a show of it I jumped line and made a bee line straight to her line and cut off an old bag BOO-YA SCORE!

Now as I was next in line. As I started to put my stuff up on the counter and trying not to look like I was staring at her I noticed she had some little bags under her eyes that stood out because of the heavy eye liner she was using to hide she had been crying. She was not making eye contact with her customers. She was just focused on the let’s get through this and let’s get the next customer out of here.

As I was next, I said Wednesday nice to see you again. She looked up for the first time from her work to see me gasped and then smiled; I asked her how she was doing? Dumped again, is what she said. Sorry to hear that was all I could muster.

She shrugged and half smiled, and as she was done ringing me up, and not being a guy that could be cleaver at the right times, said something I almost immediately regretted! I said you should stop going out with boys and go out with me…

What a dumbass, that was subtle! Pay the bill and get your dumbass out of here!

She laughed out loud and said you are probably right.

What!?!! Oh okay, you remember where I live just stop by.

Now I kept asking myself did I just do that, did that really happen, I guess now I’ll need to find a new grocery store.

As I drove home I kicked my ass mentally over and over for being a dumbass. Oh well. I guess I just go in a call the Chinese delivery place and try not to think about it.

After 30 minutes there’s a knock at the door. And thinking it was my sesame chicken I pop the door open to see Wednesday. HOLY SHIT! I about jumped through the roof!

Hello Girl! I almost shrieked, but got a hold of myself, come on in come in, then my dumbass stepped up and said what are you doing here?

Wednesday giggled, smiled and said you invited me silly, knock, knock at the door caused me to open it again and there was my dinner.

I paid for my dinner and the k** left, I turned back to Wednesday, whom was now looking a little sheepish and maybe thinking she may have made a mistake well Mister Rico Suave to the rescue, let’s eat.

I divided my dinner into 2 portions and we set at my table to eat, and I started what the usual what have you been up to and the how are you doing, that kind of chit chat crap, mostly I just wanted to watch her breath.

And she started to whine and cry, mostly about this boy or that boy who had dumped her for this or that reason, yuck.

But I listened, and then I pick up on the subtle que’s boys, selfish boys.

Excuse me I said, you seem to have only dated boys, have you ever had a man? Someone like me? Oh that was smooth I thought to myself, but to my surprise she said no and brighten up a bit.

And no I never had she repeated, mostly because I have been afraid of creepers but I know and you are not a creeper. Just the dad of a former boyfriend, who treated me like a shit, then, left me for a real slut.

Okay and I smiled, well I would like to let you know I’m not like my boy and he must have got that from his mother. We laughed. And that's when it started, right there at my kitchen table.

I blurted out that I thought she was very sexy, how I had jump shopping lanes just to get a better look at her and to talk to her again. She smile that satisfied smile that a woman has when she know she being chased.

Then I told her about watching all those times she was here in my home fold and unfold her legs while she use to set and watch TV with us, she said she noticed and that is why she did it I laugh and bent over to kiss her, and damn if she didn’t kiss back with a f***e that made my pants get tight. But that could have been caused by the fact she put her hand on my lap and started to rub as we kissed.

I pulled back and looked and her eyes and said did it suddenly get really hot in here? She giggled and said yea for clothes yes it did.

Wow! Holy! Wow! 18 sexy, hot and horny! And willing to get naked with me, wow, wow, wow, BOO-YA!!!

With that she popped up and grabbed my hand and started pulling me out of my kitchen to my bedroom, as we were heading that direction, she dropped her top and kicked off her flats, I grabbed for her bra, and she for my belt.

She hit the edge of my bed and fell flat of her back with a bunch of giggles breast wiggling and my pants around my ankles, we both look at each other of a moment and then it started, passion like I’ve never had before. I kicked the rest of my clothes off and help her pull her pants off then her panties, no thong here just good old cotton boy shorts.




A powder blonde in every way her beautiful little pussy was covered with a powder blonde peach fuzz with a pink radiating heat and a musky odor that was so wonderful. I kneeled down to the side of my bed and placed my face between her pale white thighs and placed my nose next to her opening and slowly started to lick her body’s golden nectar. She started and gasped and giggled then and let out a moan that none of her boyfriends had ever licked her before I moaned that I could stop if she would like, she screamed no and clamped her legs around her head, damn now it’s time to man up on the sweat little pussy is all I could think.

I lapped her like a dog in heat, she was so hot wet and willing. As I used one hand on her box I moved my other hand up to her belly and chest, oh my her breasts where so firm as to be hard to the touch, nipples protruding from her chest like little love bullets. Her right breast felt so good in my hand firm and full. As I continued to lick her opening and she moaned and squealed and rocked under my hands and mouth.

I could have died right there with the sweat young sexy girl under my hands and mouth.

Then I used my hands to push her legs wide as they would go and wide they did she was a dancer I looked up and my god they were straight out and her opening was popped open and so inviting I stood up and my hard cock, harder than it had been in a long time she looked down between her breasts and down her flat belly and saw my fat hard cock and grasped out, my lord, and with that I started to push it in to her hot wet opening.

She was so hot like an oven and wet, wet like a hot shower it was easy to sink in to her to my base her eyes were wide open and shut at the same time as I sunk into her body. She gasped as I started to move then that is when I realized that she had an orgasm, and she was trying to ride it out, and a asked if that was the first orgasm she had had on a cock? And she shook her head yes, score one for the old guy.

Now I started to thrust in and out for her with the longest strokes that I could and was calmly as I could to try to build her up to another one that was bigger than the first but it did not take long and she was really ready to be treated like a woman and made to feel good about it. My pelvic bone bumped into her clit as my cock rubbed her g-spot and she shuddered into a screaming earth shaking mind melting orgasm, she bit her bottom lip till it bled.

Then I asked her if her wanted more, she fairly screamed YES! HELL YES! So I told her that the pussy was mine and no one else could have it. YES is all she would say, YES.

And with that I told her I was ready to explode in side her, her eyes came open and said she was not on the pill.

Shit! And I pulled out as I let loose about a cup of man cream that ricochet off her pubic bone to her breasts and chin ouch that's hot she squealed and giggled.

And I moved to lay down beside her, Wednesday the 18 year old former girlfriend of my son, on, hey this happen on a Wednesday, with a Wednesday.

That was 6 month ago she moved in the next day pissed off my oldest boy because she is younger than him, pissed off my youngest boy because she told him, you didn’t get any skills from you dad, what you got you must have got that from you mother.

And my X all I can say is she is PISSED, I’m sl**ping with a now 19 year old girl who when she goes with me to pick up my youngest for my weekends she wears a cheerleader outfit and sits in the car and acts like a little slut.


And did I mention that I’m not BITTER! Well any more.

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