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Note: The first part of the story is tamer than the second part. Fetishes not always enjoyed by everyone will be featured in the second part. The reader should be advised.

It was Rosa who had had the idea. Not that her husband Nico would have approved, far from it. Although sometimes she was sure he knew, I mean about her affair with Alexandra, wife of his business associate Roberto Campagnoli. Yes “business associates” is what they called it. In fact they were both mafia bosses. Rosa and Alexandra knew each other from way back when both were in Sicily. They went to school together, then Rosa married Nico when she was 19 and left for the US. Alex, as she was called, followed Roberto to Chicago soon after. The women lost touch for some years. Their deep dark secret had remained with them all these years. One day soon after Nico and Rosa had left New York for Chicago, and the two husbands had begun to “invest” in Chicago real estate, they saw each other again at a private party. In the ladies room, Rosa had just mentioned that afternoon in the small village in Italy, a sunny afternoon, young girls of 18, an abandoned barn, holding hands, kissing. Alex had shrugged it off and said that it had happened a long time ago. Rosa had let it go. For heaven’s sake, they were both 52 by now. No time for romance. About six months ago, Alex received a text message from Rosa. Wanted to meet her. Her driver was discreet. Alex took a cab. That was the first time. It became a habit.
“Is this the right place ma’m ?”, enquired Enrico.
“Yes”, answered Rosa.
They both waited in silence. Enrico was nervous. He was hoping his boss had not seen him leave the house with the limo.
Then they heard a car. A door slammed. It was cold and suddenly snowflakes began to fall. The door of the limo opened and Alex slipped in.
“I will be close by”, said Enrico as he turned to look at the two ladies sitting on the leather back seat.
“I’ll phone you when….when we…finish”, stuttered Rosa.
After Enrico had left, Alex burst out laughing.
“When we …finish”, she mimicked Rosa.
“Well ?…What do you want me to say ?”, pouted Rosa.
“Come here..sweetie”, purred Alex.
“You smell so nice”, said Rosa, “You always wear that perfume”.
Rosa was the plump one, short and plump, and she envied Alexandra’s slimness. Alex was taller and had frizzy hair. Rosa enjoyed the curls especially in Alex’s pussy patch. Rosa, on the other hand, was proud of her large breasts although they were beginning to sag a bit with age. Alex’s tits were small but her long nipples were surrounded by large black areolas. They both had the wide Sicilian hips and did nothing to hide their protruding butt.
Alex pushed her fur coat down her shoulders, folded it and threw it on the front seat. Rosa hadn’t bothered putting on a coat. Rosa’s head was bobbing up and down. Alex licked her full red lips. Rosa rested her nose against Alex’s cheek. Alex moved so that her nose brushed against Rosa’s. The tip of the tongues touched. They kissed slowly at first, they mouths closed, their lipstick smearing each other’s face. Then mouths opened and they French-kissed like they had done during adolescence. Both women felt the other’s breasts with both hands through their dress. Soon breasts popped out of bras, nipples erect.
“Wearing some today ?”, asked Alex lifting her head after sucking a nipple.
“Of course not…I learned last time”, Rosa laughed.
Alex slid her hand between Rosa’s plump thighs to verify her assertion.
“Ohhhhhhh….., you slut”, whispered Alex in her lover’s ear.
Rosa’s finger also found Alex’s honey patch after pushing through the fleshy thighs and slipping over the nylon stockings.
“You lovely dyke”, whispered Rosa in her friend’s ear. “Your lips are wet”.
“So are yours you cunt-lapping lesbian”, answered Alex.
Both women continued to whisper dirty things to each other as thighs opened and fingers explored.
“You want to ?”, asked Rosa
“Want to what ?”, answered Alex coyly.
“Suck each other, stupid”, purred Rosa
Alex answered by lying down, her head on Rosa’s lap, and lifting her dress above her waist. Rosa lifted her black silk dress to her chest and climbed on top of Alex, head to toe. Alex was a few inches taller than Rosa and it took the two women a few minutes to reach a comfortable position. Rosa’s plump ass began to move against Alex’s mouth, her large patch of pubic hair covering part of Alex’s face. At the other end, Rosa slid her hands under Alex’s buttocks and brought her lover’s hairy patch to her mouth. They sniffed each other’s cunt like wine tasters before they drove their tongue inside the other’s love canal. Just like in the abandoned barn back in Sicily, the women ate each other with passion, licking labia, sucking clit, pumping hard tongue in cunt holes, even stretching their neck to give their puckered hole a licking. After a few minutes both women were moving against each other in rhythm and one could hear a low moan suddenly building up. Alex kicked her legs in the air as she let out a scream muffled by Rosa’s cunt in her mouth. Rosa pumped her hips against Alex’s face and raised her head from Alex’s cunt to inhale. The black leather seat was shiny in places from the love juices. Both lovers managed to untangle and sit up next to each other. They kissed smearing lipstick and pussy juice all over each other’s face. Alex couldn’t catch her breath as Rosa kept kissing and fondling her.
“Oh baby…you are so horny”, teased Alex
“I want you so much”, cried Rosa as she kissed Alex’s nipples.
“You want to take me ?”, asked Alex..
“Yes I want to take you…be my bitch Alex…be my bitch”, Rosa screamed
“Oh yes ..fuck”, screamed Alex, in turn getting very excited.
Alex lifted her dress once more and opened her thighs showing the sweaty and glistening flesh of her cunt and tummy. Her cunt patch was wet and smeared all over her tummy. Rosa held on to her lover’s ankle and pressed her cunt to Alex’s cunt scissor-style. The two well-lubed cunts squished together, cunt lips opening and rubbing, the two large clits touching, rubbing, banging against each other. Rosa was fucking Alex lesbian-style. If they wanted to have babies, they wouldn’t have acted differently. Juices mixed.
“Oh …FUCK”, cried Rosa as she squirted.
“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”, cried Alex as she could feel her lover’s cunt juices spraying her cunt and tummy.
Rosa fell on top of Alex and the two women began kissing again. Then a cell phone rang.
Rosa fumbled, swearing.
“What ?”, she cried on the phone
“Sorry m’am…your husband called me and is looking for you”, Enrico said sheepishly.
“Ok ..Ok…give me a few minutes. Don’t come in before I phone you”, answered Rosa, her face flushed with excitement and anger.
The two women fumbled to put their clothes back on and wipe the lipstick and the juices from their face.
Alex left soon after and Enrico slipped into the driver’s seat.
“Home ?”, asked Enrico.
“Yes Enrico, let’s go home”, answered Rosa as she pick with her fingers the last few strands of Alex’s pubic hair from her tongue.


“That was a good one”, said Nico.
“Rosa is a good butch to my wife”, smiled Roberto.
Both men were very happy with the quality of the video.
“Next time I’ll tell Enrico to give them more time”, said Nico
“Enrico is playing his role well, you are lucky to have him”, answered Roberto
“And I am lucky to have you”, cooed Nico, as he gave Roberto a kiss on the lips.
“Don’t get me going, you beautiful bitch”, answered Roberto
“My wife may be the butch with you wife, but you’re my stallion”, answered Nico giving Roberto another kiss.
Both men were naked and erect. They loved to watch their wives suck and fuck each other. Their collection of videos was growing and each of their lovemaking sessions began with a view of their wives having sex.
“Did you see Gino at the pool the other day ?”, asked Nico
“Oh yes I did…meant to tell you”. answered Roberto
“So ?”, asked Nico
“Oh…yes..good…we had a little thing”, answered Roberto evasively. “Are you jealous ?”.
“No..not jealous…it’s just that we need him and I want him to be pleased”, said Nico who always put business before pleasure or, should I say, pleasure for business.
“He seemed pleased although we didn’t go all the way…too many people know”, said Roberto.
“He does have a nice ass”, mused Nico
“Yes..he does…ok ok…so I got my tongue into it but not my cock”, answered Roberto somewhat annoyed.
“Did you talk about his wife ?”, asked Nico who knew he had to change the subject.
“Yes..that we did… maybe a chance there…Gino thinks he can make her go after Rosa”, answered Roberto
“Rosa ? ..not Alex ?”, Nico said, suddenly very excited.
“Oh you don’t mind ?…Gino’s Angela is lipstick…he told me..I don’t know how he knows but he told me like that “Angela is a lipstick”. “, said the partner
“The important thing is that we have them on film”, stated Nico
“If Alexandra finds out…look out”, laughed Roberto
“Finds out we have them on film ?”, asked Nico
“No …stupido…if Alexandra finds out about Angela and Rosa”, said Roberto laughing louder.
“Oh my god…I didn’t think of that…oh my god”, wailed Nico, “they could blow the whole thing to pieces”.
“Don’t worry”, reassured Roberto. “Alex will not find out. But I can imagine if she did”, continued Roberto smiling…
It was Roberto this time who kissed Nico. The two men wrapped their fingers around the other’s hard cock.
“You would like that…would you ?”, cooed Nico, “Your Alexandra and Gino’s Angela ?”.
Roberto’s cock grew even harder.
“Oh ..what I would give to see that”, said Roberto beginning to pump Nico’s cock.
“The two lipstick dykes..they would fight”, whispered Nico into Roberto’s ear.
Roberto began to answer but Nico kissed him and began to suck on his tongue. Roberto flattened his cock on Nico’s stomach as he slowly mounted his bitch. Nico squealed and turned over on his stomach, then lifted his hairy ass and began to rub it against Roberto’s stomach. Roberto spread his lover’s asscheeks and gave the puckered hole a few well-placed licks. Gino moaned. Roberto hoped he still had some left as the two men had had at least two orgasms while watching the video. At least the Viagra was working and his cock was a steel rod.
“Ahhhhhh…..yessssssssssssss”, cried Nico as he felt his partner’s rod slide into him.
“Gino didn’t have the pleasure…” whispered Roberto
“He didn’t ? ”, gasped Nico
“No..I told you…only my tongue”, managed to stutter Roberto as he increased his rhythm.
Nico began to moan loudly and Roberto continued to whisper in his ear. He was convinced that the hidden camera was louder than usual. He must report it to Enrico.


That afternoon Roberto had contacted Gino on his cell phone, actually …no he didn’t. It was his bodyguard who had contacted Gino’s bodyguard. The meeting was set. Gino was already in the shower when Roberto arrived flanked by his two guards. Gino’s entourage and Roberto’s shook hands. Roberto went into the locker room as the four husky men prevented anyone else from entering. No one insisted. Roberto took off his clothes and walked towards Gino’s shower stall. Roberto was tall and slim and looked like a Hollywood actor. Gino, on the other hand, was stocky and blond. He had a good figure and kept fit. His ass was round and firm.
Alone in the shower, the two mafia bosses kissed while their hands stroked the other’s wet naked body. They didn’t have much time and but they knew what to do as if the script had been written in advance. The four gorillas at the door were chatting as if nothing was happening. After a quick clean-up, the water was turned off. Gino got on his knees and took Roberto’s cock in his mouth. After a few strokes, Roberto pulled Gino back to his feet and turned him around. Gino put his hands against the wall, as he had done so many times when he had been arrested, but this time he wanted to be frisked. Roberto began to kiss his back and his mouth trailed downwards until it reached the stocky man’s buttocks. Gino moaned as Roberto began to lick his ass then stuck his hard tongue deep inside Gino’s asshole. Roberto soon replaced his tongue by his cock and began to fuck Gino. Both men knew this was a quickie. Roberto pulled Gino down onto the shower floor without taking his cock out of his ass. As if he had done this a hundred times, Roberto increased his pumping of Gino’s ass while milking his hard cock with his hand. Their orgasm was not even heard by the guards who were still chatting when the two bosses came out of the shower. It was more than a fuck. A deal had been made.


Gino Pietrangelo was the largest contractor in Chicago. He and Roberto had done business for a long time when Nico arrived on the scene from New York and joined f***es with Roberto. Gino didn’t mind but Roberto was growing tired of having to share profits with Nico who wasn’t really bringing much to the business. Roberto had decided to get rid of his associate but he hadn’t figured out a way until his wife Alexandra received a text message from Nico’s wife Rosa. Alexandra had told the police another story. Rosa was seeing another man, she had said, and Nico had probably confronted her. A classic but sad tale. The “other man” never came forward. One servant remembered seeing someone deliver a parcel that could have contained videos but she wasn’t certain and no video was ever found in the house. Rosa was found dead in the bedroom and Nico was shot in the study. The newspaper had written that the closely-knit Italian community was in shock. Roberto praised his late partner. Alexandra said that Rosa still loved her husband although she had spoken to her about an affair. The police closed the case and called it a “murder-suicide”.

Gino and Angela had a huge mansion. They had servants, bodyguards and a cleaning staff. All had been given the night off except a Chinese maid and a male servant.
“What are our friends doing ?”, asked Gino rather nervously while putting on his bathrobe.
“Don’t worry, they’ll be here”, answered Angela who wore only panties.
The bell finally rang.
“Could you get the door ?”, shouted Angela to the maid.
“God no…you crazy ?”, shouted Gino who got up and went to the door.
“Ooops…sorry…I had forgotten about your match”, laughed Angela
Roberto and Alexandra were standing at the door with their Japanese maid.
“Ah…yes…nice to see you…please come in”, said Gino, looking at the young lady with excitement.
“I think this will be fun”, said Roberto
“Lot’s of fun”, answered Gino, as the two men kissed in the presence of a smiling Alexandra.


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