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Closet surprise

This happened last year. My stepdaughter Jessie and I were home alone. Her
mother was working that Sunday. I had let my stepson out to play and had
promised the same for Jess as soon as she finished the days chores. Well,
soon enough she asked me to check out the kitchen, and since everything was
fine I told her to get herself ready. Let me tell you about Jess a little.
She is half filipina and half white. She is tall and lanky for age of 11,
with a fine light brown skin that tans beautifully every summer. She has
high cheek bones and slightly almond shaped eyes surmounted by auburn hair
and a pair of lips to die for. Every time we go out, we always get
compliments on her looks. Mind you, I feel nothing sexual for my step
daughter, only admiration.
Well, after ten minutes she came down and was holding something to her waist.
I did not bother asking but I gave her a peck on the cheek and off she went.
About half an hour later I heard footfalls coming up the walkway and I
suddenly got into a prankish mood!! I ran up the stairs and dove into her
closet, intending to scare the beejeezuz out of her when she walked in!
"Dad?" she called. "Daaad?" "Come on Chrissy, lets go to my room so I can
show you!!"
Two victims I would have now!!!! I heard them step into the room giggling
and squealing.
"Should we lock the door Jess?" Chrissy asked.
Now Chrissy is the girl who lives down the next block. Her and Jess had
become friends that summer. My f****y had grown used to her coming over
frequently and asking if Jess could play. She is one year younger than Jess
but taller by at least two inches. She is blonde, kinda boyish looking but
she shows potential as she gets older. Her build is slightly bigger than
Jessie. The thing that I notice the most on her are her eyes, brown and so
"Yeah go ahead and then get on the bed so I can show you" Jess replied.
Having locked the door, Chrissy then jumped onto the bed. Jess lay down on
one end of her bed with her feet facing Chrissy's.
"Okay, the first thing you have to do is find your clit!" Jess said
"Your what!??" Chriss said with a surprised expression!
Prior to this conversation I had feared the worst. I had thought they were
going to break out the d**gs or cigarettes. Now I didnt know what to do, but
I did notice my cock was beginning to swell.....
"Look!" Jess said. She then tugged on her shorts and off they went along
with her panties. She then spread her legs in front of her friend.
"See that little ball there?" Asked Jess.
Her friend peered closer and said, "Okay, I see it."
"I start rubbing it and it feels real nice." my daughter said. "And if I keep
it up, sometimes it gets really really wet".
With this Chris lay back and pushed her skort crotch to the side and now I
got a look at her mound. What they were doing for some unexplicable reason
was turning me on immensely. My cock was stiff as ANYTHING!!!!!!!
Fumbling with her fingers, Chriss probed and probed.
"I dont think I can find it Jess!"
"I will help you, wait" said Jess
Kneeling in front of her friend, Jess pushed her legs slightly apart.
"You should take off your clothes, it will be easier!"
Chris stood up and peeled off her skort and in doing so gave me, still in the
closet, a perfect shot of her butt. Resuming their position, I gasped as
Jess reached out and started rubbing her friends little bud. Chriss small
mouth formed an O as Jess rubbed her.
"Do you like it?" My daughter asked
"It feels nice and warm!" Chriss said.
I noticed that Jess would stop rubbing it and that she would switch to
running it along the whole length of her slit. What was I doing at this time
you might ask. Well aside from being scared of being discovered I was turned
on like I have never been turned on before. It wasnt so much their bodies
but it was what they were doing and how they were doing it that was driving
me mad with passion!
"Can I try something Chris?" Jess asked
"I dont care as long as it doesnt hurt."
Jess lowered her face clear down to Chriss's slit and begin to lick her
clit. Slowly taking her time, clockwise and counter, then running it up and
down her slit.
Chriss merely had this glazed look on her face and spread her legs even
"Thats even better Jessie...."
"You are really wet now Chrissy!"
My cock was pulsing madly, I could tell I was ready to spray the inside of
the closet! I was nervous about being found out but I was so entralled by
the sight of it all.
"My tongue and mouth are sore now Chris" my daughter said
"Okay but can I try licking you?"
At this point we heard her mother driving up the driveway, they quickly threw
their clothes back on, frantic about possibly being caught. And then it was
all over. They ran downstairs, I waited a moment and followed afterwards and
made for my room and lay down.......
I wonder if it will happen again.

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