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Young pool girls

Okay this is how it all started...

It was a hot august evening and once getting out of the pool I
decided to call my best friend, Kristine, and ask her to spend the
weekend with me. Still in my bikini i walked over to the phone and dial
her up. Shortly after hanging up the phone with her i hear a knock on the
front door. I opened it and there was Kristine, wearing only her board
shorts and light blue bikini top. Looking her up and down slowly I
innocently smiled and welcomed her in.

We gave our usual hello hugs and then ran up stairs to watch our fav
movie, "FOXFIRE". I walked over to the bed and sat down as she put the
movie in. I slying watched her bending over, her very short shorts riding
up her thighs, reviling her smooth legs. Well i guess i didn't notice i
was staring cuz she turned around and asked what was the matter, i said,
trying to stay calm, "nothing at all Kristine." She gave me a big smile
and sat down on the bed beside me.

We sat there watching the movie for some time but then I noticed
something. We had finally reached the part in the movie where the girls
were giving each other tatoos on their breasts and as I looked out of the
corner of my eye I could see kristine glancing over at me, biting her
bottom lip softly and all the while edging closer and closer towards me.
Our hands lay beside one and other and I suddenly felt her fingers gently
playing with mine, gliding the tips up my palm and then slowly up and
down my arm. She looked up innocently at me and with a big smile asked,
"Are you getting hot Katie?". Oooh i could take that soo many ways. I
swallowed hard and barely whispered yes.
She keep staring at me, looking deep into my eyes, possibly looking for

Now I knew kristine wasn't bi or anything but I really felt like she
was gonna do something any moment though. With her running her finger
tips up and down my arm like that I was dieing for her to do something,
anything. She leaned in really close, moving her lips past my cheek to my
ear, breathing softly upon it, then whispering seductively, "I'm hot too
katie, lets go swimming." Her voice sent shivers up my spine, I wanted to
kiss her soo bad then and was just about to when she grabed me by the
hands and quickly lead me to the pool. We were standing at the edge of
the pool, barely dipping out toes in. Even though the air was extremely
hot the water was even colder. I said I didn't wanna get in, it was too
cold. I went to walk back in the house when she grabed me by the waist,
tossing me and her into the icy pool. We both came up out of the water
with a scream from the chill, I looked over at her devilishly and pounced
on top of her, dunking her under water but in my vain attempt she took me
under too.

We quickly came out again only this time we were very very close to
each other. Our bodies lightly pressing against one and other, our
nipples barely touching. Realizing how incredibly close we were she
smiling shyly and began to back slowly away but I wouldn't have that
though. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her
body close to me, having her breasts melt into mine. We stared at each
other only for a brief moment, our lips now barely inches apart I
couldn't handle it any longer. I leaned in and gently but firmly kissed
her lips. Kissing them very lightly, letting her get used to the feel of
kissing another girl. But that didn't last long though. She opened her
mouth wide and allowed me to slide my tongue in, playing gently with

I began to run my hands up her sides and then around to her tummy,
caressing it tenderly then letting my fingers barely fall beneath her
bikini bottoms, gliding them slowly back and forth under the material. I
inched my hand further down her bikini, finally reaching my destination.
I began to lightly glide my fingers along the outside of her pussy,
barely pushing the tips inside, feeling how wet and warm she was. With my
touch she let out a soft moan and began to suck on my tongue intensely,
taking my bottom lip between hers and nibbling upon it passionately as i
pushing my fingers slightly deeper, gliding them higher, inch by slow

She began to move her hips with the rhythem of my hand, grinding
them back and forth, her pace building at my every touch. I pulled my
lips reluctantly from hers and moved them down her neck. Laying kisses
all along it, sucking upon it intensely, biting gently. She started to
breathe harder now as i left a small trail of kisses down her chest,
gliding my tongue very slowly between her breasts.
I pulled my fingers from her cunt, dragging them up her tummy and around
her waist. I raised both hands to her bikini and quickly untied the loose
bow, letting the straps fall slowly off her shoulders. I ran my fingers
down her arms, pulling away her top slowly, reviling her lovely breasts.
I took a few moments to take in this exciting wonder, her nipples were so
hard i couldn't help but move my kisses quickly over her shoulders and
upon her awaiting tits.

I took her hard nipple between my lips and sucking on it firmly,
grazed my tongue over the tip, flicking it gently back and forth. With my
left hand i ran it up her side, gliding it over to her other firm breast,
massaging it heatedly. I ran my tongue all around her nipples, switching
from one to the other, kissing and nibbling passionately. The taste of
her soft breasts against my lips was driving me absolutely crazy. I put
my hands on her hips and lifted her out of the water and up on the edge
of the pool. I ran my hands slowly up her legs, starting at her knees and
working my way up her sexy thighs. I reached the tops of her bikini and
wrapped my fingers around them and tugged down slowly but steadly, past
her knees and finally her little feet.

I slowly spread her legs open wider, moving in closer to her i felt
her wet little pussy pressing against my stomach. She began to move her
hips again, trying to stimualte her hard clit, wanting to cum so bad, but
i wouldn't let her quite yet though. I allowed her to rub herself for a
few more seconds, letting her get as wet as possible. I inched my tummy
away from her clit and with a frustrated moan she tried to move me back
but i then spread open her legs wide and began to kiss the inner most
parts of her thighs very lightly. She moaned again, this time deeper as I
kissed all around her bikini line, barely running my tongue against her
skin. I continued to kiss the soft outter skin of her cunt, laying little
kisses all along it. I moved my lips to the top of her waiting pussy, i
then began to slide the very tip of my tongue in, running it all along
the length of her sweet lips. I heard her begin to moan again so I slowed
my pace, teasing her, not wanting her to cum just quite yet. She
whispered and begged me to go deeper but with every plea I went slower.

The taste of her warm pussy upon my lips was making me incredibly
horny, I had to taste every single inch of her. And with that i raised my
head from her sweetness, got out of the pool and quickly lead her up to
my bedroom, where this had all started earlier. As soon as we got through
my room she began to literly rip the clothes from me, herself and i now
totally naked. We began to kiss again and finally made our way to my bed.
I pushed her upon it gently and then climbed on top of her, stradling her
hips. As I inched my pussy up her tummy i told her to keep her hands
down, not to touch quite yet. I gliding up to her breasts, making sure
she had a excellent view of my pussy I then ran my fingers inside my
aching cunt, rubbing my clit hard. She reached up to try to touch me but
i said not yet, i continued to fuck myself, going very slowly, letting
her watch my every move.

She stared intensely at my cunt, as my fingers slipped in and out I
watched her lick her lips, at that i removed my fingers and ran them over
her hungry mouth, letting her suck upon them. I slide down her body,
positioning my cunt in between her legs while leaning down and beginning
to kiss her, sharing my cum with her. Our kisses grow hotter and hotter
by the second, she started to rub her pussy against mine now, i pressed
back, feeling our clits touch our rhythem quickened. My fingers ran up
her sides, taking her breasts in my hands and massaging them passionately
as she careesed my back, moving further down, grabbing my ass while
whispering through our kisses for me to fuck her harder. I grinded my
hips harder into her now, her little pussy pressing back equally as hard.
She suddenly let out a deep moan, I felt her warm cum against my pussy,
running down my clit causing me to cum hard and intense.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of
our bodies pressing together. As we lay beside one and other she happily
smiled at me, telling me how long she'd been wanting to be with me.
Giving her a little kiss and i told her I was all hers and she could want
me anytime and everywhere she pleased. We both smiled and kissed again,
hugging one and other we fell asl**p in each others arms, sl**ping
heavenly.....until the next morning:)

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