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Encounter at Travelodge, Final part

Encounter at Travelodge - Final Chapter/Chapter 9, Or, "All good things..."

The night was almost done. We’d spent a few hours doing what we both intended to do at the onset - spending a few hours with a reasonably random stranger (we still didn’t, and don’t to this day know each others real names), but before we went our separate ways... Well, Viktor still needed to know his password.

”So. We are almost out of time, and the next room... You will not find as pleasant as this one.”
That made her eyes light up - idiot, promising more of the same, only harder, to a sub? It’s a good thing I didn’t decide to be a nuclear physicist, I’d have blown the planet up at some point in time, surely?

Thinking of a scene on the fly, and with no available equipment doesn’t come naturally to me. I thought she looked like she’d enjoyed herself (well, I did, and since I’m a Dom, I really shouldn’t give a fuck, but...). I thought about my ”research of her profiles online. Did that. Did that. Can’t do that, missing a man. Can’t do that, missing a woman. Can’t do that, missing a squad of Marines led by Nacho Vidal. Can’t do that, missing kit. Can’t do that, because it’s fucking disgusting to me, and I’d probably have to take a vomit break (but hey, if it works for you, why not!)

All I had left in my spontaneous bag of tricks were pens (not to be used as certain applications leave ink marks - kind of their point in life - and we didn’t talk about that), my laptop (that won’t fit anywhere, and it’s too big to be used as a clamp, a small umbrella (yeah, no... just - no), and a camera.

Camera! I grabbed it, looked at the photos on it, realized I’d already copied them over to my computer, and formatted the card.

I sat her on the side of the bed. Arms and legs bound. Scotch tape went quickly back around her breasts, the clothespins resumed their position, and I stuffed her panties into her mouth.

Then Viktor got nasty. ”We will now take some pictures to show your friends what kind of a slut you are.”

And then... Then I saw fear. Real fear. Not the kind of ”I know it’s a game and I’m a but afraid but I like it”, the other one. And it broke my heart. Sex lives are, for me, deeply private - especially if you like what ”normals” call kinky. I would never want for anyone to, through my actions, reveal to the world more than they are ready or willing. So, Viktor needed to alleviate that concern.
”But if you are good to me, you will be allowed to take them with you after the interrogation.”

Relief. Not sure if hers or mine was stronger.

I took a few shots of her, just to set the scene, and regretted that I will never be able to hold on to them. Then, a few close ups of the pins on her breasts, her bonds, and her face.

I untied her legs and placed her on her back, first taking a series of her pussy and slightly dilated ass pictures, and afterwards donned a condom.

As I entered her vagina, an orgasm which must have been lurking somewhere in the depths of it was released immediately. I kept taking pictures from my vantage point, camera never leaving her face as she was having a series of orgasms (multi-orgasmic girls, YOU RULE!). Without any pomp or circumstance, I spent myself again and knew I was done for the night. But there was one last thing I could do for her.

”While we were doing the interrogation, a team of operatives searched your residence. We know the password, and you... Are no longer needed. We might contact you again to do low-level work for us - a man to fuck, a girl to seduce - we’ll let you know, and if you know what is good for you, you’ll do it!” was my last line of the evening.

I gathered her clothes into a bundle and threw them out of the room. I undid her hands, pulled her up, and half-threw her out and closed the door. File seconds later, I threw the SD card out as well.

You see, according to her favorite pictures here, my sub for the evening liked public humiliation.

It was the least I could do for her.

But I never did get to see those pictures.

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