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Fire and Ice Part Three: The Dance

Alexis blinked, brought out of her feverish fantasies by the reply.
"You are the dragon?" she stated flatly, eyeing him suspiciously, "You do not look like you could breathe fire."
Nero quirked an eyebrow, an expression that made the young woman weak in the knees. Another chuckle escaped his sultry lips as his eyes trailed to her heaving bosom.
"May I?' he asked her softly.
Alexis hesitated, not quite sure of his intentions. After reading the passion sparking in his eyes, she nodded.
Slowly, Nero undid the laces of the bodice, revealing the bountiful breasts that were taunting him into arousal. Round and pert, the dusky nipple started to harden from the exposure to the open cavern air. He moaned slightly in pleasure.
"There appears to be a draft in here," he murmured softly,"Let me help warm you up."
He blew softly on one nipple. A tingling sensation filled Alexis's skin, then started to warm. A gasp of both suprise, and enjoyment echoed through the cavern as smoke curled from between the handsome dragon's lips. He brought his gaze up to meet hers with a smile.
"there. That's better," he muttered.
Alexis looked down at the dusky nipple in astonishment. Trying to hold back some of he composure, she grunted critically.
"Now the nipple is soft." she commented in mock disdain.
His smile quirked darkly.
"I can be the cure for that as well," he replied, then pressed his mouth to the other nipple.
A chill as shocking as ice washed over the flesh of Alexis's breast. An empassioned moan went through her. Nero chuckled triumphantly.
"You see," he said, "I know all sorts of tricks."
Slightly breathless, Alexis's mind reeled for a moment. She knew she should run. She knew she should scream. Somehow though, the only thing her body could do at that moment was cling to the hard contours of his.
His breath grazed her ear, sending a plethora of wonderful sensations through her body.
"Alexis," he breathed, "Would you like to dance?"
She wrinkled her nose, and looked around the cavern bouduior.
"But there is no orchestra," she replied, confused, "No dance floor-"
He pulled her close, his hands trailing down her body to rest on the moist spot that had formed on the front of her gown.
"Not a formal dance, my dear<" he whispered softly, "A love dance."

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