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Me, My mom, and My aunt

When my dad walkout on my mom and I, I was about 10. When I was 12 we had to move into my aunt's house. My mom is around 5'6 and about 125. My aunt on the other hand was short about 5'3 with 32D breast bigger then my mom's who's are only a B cup. My mom and my aunt Dawn are Twins so they are very close. When I was 13 my Aunt Dawn had asked me if i knew what sex was and I said yes then she ask if I had hair down there yet and I said ya.

She asked if I knew what a pussy was and I said ya... Thats when my mom walked in and ask what we were doing and I told mom. She said that if my aunt dawn was going to talk to me then she was going to too. That's when my aunt got up undid hr robe and started playing with her tits she ask me to go over there a suck her...

when i did that she said niple on the button shape thing when did this she moaned . I was rock hard my 6 1/2 incher was dripping for somthing that when my aunt got down a suck me off. IT was the best thing in my life i played with my mom tits as my aunt push me down on the bed. they went to town. when 1 was sucking the othere was onmy face or sucking on my nutts ....


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