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One Wasted Night

Summary: After an interview, Olivia Wilde and Maria Menounos spend time with each other...and some alcohol.


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“That’s a wrap!” The producer yelled out.

Maria Menounos had just finished interviewing Olivia Wilde for her show “Extra”. Olivia was promoting a new movie she had coming out and was wrapping up a vigorous media tour. This had been her thirtieth and final interview in the past week. She was happy to end it; especially with her friend Maria.

The two women had met several years before when Olivia was on “The O.C.” and Maria was working for “Entertainment Tonight.” Their first interview had technical issues, so they spent a few good hours chatting and sharing stories. They instantly became great friends. Olivia’s team had purposely scheduled this interview to end the tour to ensure that she would have a fun time at the end of a very un-fun time.

As the camera and production crews were packing their equipment, Olivia sat down on the couch next to Maria.

“Hey.” She said with a smile. “Do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Not that I can think of, why?” Maria asked.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to come over for a few drinks and, I don’t know just hang out.”

“Absolutely, sounds like fun. I just have to finish up here for a couple of hours and then I’ll head over.” They both smiled before getting up from the couch. Maria went into her office as Olivia left the studio and returned to her car.


Later that night, around 8:00, Maria pulled her Prius into Olivia’s driveway. She knocked on the door and was quickly met by her friend, who was holding a Molson Canadian beer.

“Hey Maria, come on in and have a drink.” She handed her the beer and closed the door behind them.

The two women walked into the living room and sat down on the large couch in the corner. Olivia watched on as Maria quickly inhaled the entire beer. Within fifteen seconds, the full bottle was reduced to a small amount of foam resting at the bottom.

“Someone was thirsty.” Olivia commented.

“Damn right. Work has been so fucking stressful lately. The new producer is a nagging bitch and she’s had me flying across the country over and over again for the last month. I know you haven’t had any rest in a week but I haven’t had any in a friggin month. I just want to sit back and enjoy myself tonight.”

“Wow Maria, I guess I’ll have to get you another beer then.” Olivia got up and started to head out of the room.

“Wait!” Maria stopped her. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her keys. “Put these somewhere out of my sight, I won’t be in any condition to drive home tonight.” She tossed her the keys.

Olivia returned as short time later with three beers in her arms. She handed Maria one before cracking one open for herself. Both women threw their heads back and poured the alcohol down their throats. It quickly turned into a chugging contest. By two seconds, Maria finished her drink first and yelled out, “Beat ya!” Olivia almost spit her beer out in.

“The way this is going I might as well just dump all the beer in a cooler and bring it in here. Come on, you can help me.”

The two women walked to the kitchen. Maria began taking all of the beer from the refrigerator while Olivia retrieved the large cooler from a closet. Once she found it, she got several bags of ice from her freezer and dumped them into the cooler. Maria quickly followed by placing the drinks inside before shutting the lid. Each woman took a handle and slowly moved it into the living room. Maria was already beginning to feel a bit buzzed as they returned.

Olivia grabbed another beer as Maria made her way to the bathroom. By the time she returned, two freshly empty beer bottles were now on the floor. She looked at Olivia who was already half way through her fourth drink of the night.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who wants to get trashed.” Maria grabbed another one and sat next to her.

The two girls were no longer chugging the beers but just casually drinking them. They started drinking at 8:00; by 8:45 they were pretty buzzed; by 9:30 they were pretty d***k; and by 10:20 they were trashed. What started as a quiet night of drinking had turned into a two person party. The music was blasting as the girls took turns dancing and trying to sing along.

Their solo karaoke turned to a duet when ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” began playing. The women stood facing each other, looking into each other’s bl**dshot eyes and sang the lyrics loudly with beers in hand. When the song ended, they hugged each other and laughed. Maria was quickly reminded just how much alcohol limits a person’s ability to stay balanced.

With her arm around Olivia’s shoulder, she lost balance and fell onto the soft carpeting. Olivia was able to keep her own balance, but her beer was not as lucky. It didn’t spill on the floor or onto Olivia, instead the flood of liquid landed right down Maria’s tank top.

“Cold, cold, cold, that’s fucking cold!” She yelled out in a d***ken slur.

“Are you okay?” Olivia asked as she fought to restrain her laughter.

“Get me paper towels, quick!” She yelled as Olivia started to walk, or stammer, to the kitchen. Needing a quick relief, Maria pulled her soaked red shirt off over her head and tossed it on the floor. “Damn it, that was a full beer too!”

Olivia returned with a roll of paper towels and was surprised to see her friend without her shirt on.

“Black bra, I like it.” She giggled as she pulled several sheets of paper towel and pretended to hand them to her before pulling them back. She kept doing this until Maria laughed. “What’s the matter Maria; do you want the paper towel?”

“Yes, give them to me!”

“Ask nicely.” She put the sheets behind her back.

“Can I have them please?”

“You can do better than that.” Maria instantly got a sad look on her face.

“Please Olivia, may I please have the paper towels so I can clean the beer off of me.”

Olivia walked up to Maria and instead of handing her the towels; she began patting her body with them. She was confused as to why Olivia was cleaning the beer off but didn’t mind. At the moment, she just wanted to be dry. Her friend cleaned all that she could before looking her in the eyes.

“If you want to be completely clean, then the bra has to go.” Maria, in her d***ken state, had no problem unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor. “You have pretty nice titties.” Olivia said as she used the paper towel on them.

Maria loved the feel of the damp sheet rubbing against her nipples, which were already pretty hard from the ice cold beer that rested in the bra. She was a little disappointed when Olivia stopped.

“All clean!” She giggled.

“Thank you but what am I gonna wear now?” Maria was swaying back and forth as the alcohol was consuming her.

“You can wear one of my shirts, come on.”

She grabbed Maria by the hand and walked her upstairs. When they reached the bedroom, the topless woman had to sit down as the room was starting to spin. Olivia started roaming through her closet. Maria became confused as she saw her start to pull her shirt off. Before she could say anything, her purple t-shirt was on the ground and was quickly followed by her white bra.

“Olivia, why are you…you getting undressed?” Maria slurred as she asked the question.

“I was tired of wearing my bra.”

She grabbed two t-shirts and exited the closet. However, instead of handing Maria a shirt, she went into her drawers and pulled out a pair of sweatpants. She tossed her the shirt, which she quickly threw on. As she pulled her head through the shirt, Olivia had started unzipping her jeans.

“Olivia, you know I’m still in here right?”

“Duh, I’m d***k not dumb. We’re good enough friends that we can change in front of each other. Or are you embarrassed about seeing my pussy?” Maria was not expecting this.

“I…I…I guess…” Olivia walked up to her.

“Aww Maria, you are embarrassed. Does my pussy make you uncomfortable?” She dropped her pants and lowered her panties. “Huh, does this make you uncomfortable?”

Maria tried to keep her eyes up at her face but couldn’t look away from the clean shaven pussy that was inches from her.

“No, no I’m not embarrassed.” It was hard to tell at this point if it was Maria talking or the alcohol.

“Really? If you’re not embarrassed then show me yours.” She said as she stepped out of the pile of clothes at her ankles. Maria looked around nervously as she looked at the fully nude figure in front of her. “I don’t have all day, take your pants off.” She lowered her hands to the zipper on her jeans but froze before she could do anything. “Fuck this!” Olivia said as she knelt down in front of her. She pushed her hands out of the way and took matters into her own.

Her d***kenness caused some immediate difficulty in removing the pants, but she quickly got a hold of the situation and yanked the jeans down. Her thumbs made their way into her waistbands and pulled her panties down to the ground.

“Looks like you haven’t shaved in about a week.” She ran a finger through the soft patch of hair of her friend’s pussy.

“Olivia, we shouldn’t be doing this…it isn’t right.” Olivia stared up at her with her bl**dshot blue eyes.

“If it’s so wrong, how could it feel so good?” Before Maria could ask what she meant, she lightly rubbed on her clit. She almost jumped out of her skin after the first contact. “You like that?”

Maria had her mouth wide open as she looked down. Olivia did it again, this time massaging her clit while she squirmed around on the bed. In her d***ken state, she had no idea what to think about what she was experiencing. Olivia stopped playing with her and stood up. She reached under her shirt and swiftly pulled it from her.

“If you liked that, then you will just love this.”

Maria was confused as Olivia went back into her drawer. When she turned around, her jaw dropped. In her hand was a large, black dildo that had to measure no less than twelve inches.

“What the fuck is that?” She asked.

“This is my friend!” Olivia laughed as she flipped a switch on it. It immediately started shaking viciously; so much that it almost fell from her hands. “Would you like to meet him?” Maria was staring at it in amazement and subconsciously said “Yes”.

Olivia flipped it off before handing it to her shocked friend. Maria held in her hand and felt it up and down.

“How the fuck do you fit this in your…your pussy.”

“You would be amazed how easy it is, especially with how tight my pussy is.” She grabbed Maria’s hand and lightly sucked on two fingers. “Here, see for yourself.” She carried her friend’s hand down to her crotch and inserted her fingers inside. She wasn’t lying as, even with wet fingers; Maria struggled to fit the second finger into her.

Olivia started slowly swaying her hips back and forth as she used the hand as a sex toy. Maria’s brain couldn’t decide whether to focus on the pussy her hand was inside or twelve inch dildo in her other hand that she had “accidently” turned on. She decided to kill two birds with one stone and held the vibrator against Olivia’s throbbing clitoris. She let go of her hand and left her to do the job herself.

Olivia had to sit down as a giant rush of pleasure spread throughout her body. She slithered to the other end of the bed as Maria crawled over to her, vibrator still pressed against her swollen nub and two fingers sliding in and out of her sopping cunt. She looked up at her as she clenched onto the sheets and moaned loudly. The reluctance that Maria felt minutes ago was slowly slipping away, aided greatly by the large amount of alcohol she had consumed. After a minutes, he removed her fingers from her friends dripping crotch and started moving the dildo down from her clit.

“Just push it in. Don’t worry it won’t hurt.” Olivia said while panting. She did as she was told and slowly pushed the dildo far into her d***ken friend’s pussy. “Oh fuck!!! Yes, fuck yes!!!” She screamed out as ten inches of the vibrator easily slid into her.

It wasn’t long before Maria started to move it in and out of her. She was amazed at how easily the thick toy was fitting into her, knowing just how tight she was. Olivia clearly loved every second of this as her body squirmed around on the bed, gently sucking on her finger between moans. The smile on her face only got bigger as her friend began kissing her inner thigh. Beads of sweat were now covering her body as the pleasure and alcohol had taken over. It was time.

Maria was fucking her as hard she could, her eyes locked directly on her pussy watching her hips buck into the large cock. Suddenly, her hips stopped moving. Maria looked up at her face and saw her staring at the ceiling, mouth wide open and softly moaning. Her body was lightly convulsing as her giant orgasm spread throughout her body. Maria pulled the dildo from her and watched as she squirted her juices across the bed. She stuck her hand out and caught some on her arm. Once her friend relaxed, she ran her tongue across her arms and sucked up the juices that she had caught.

“You taste good.” Olivia giggled.

“Can I have a taste?” Maria ran her hand across the leaking cunt in front of her, collecting the nectar. She crawled on top of her and placed her fingers in her mouth. Olivia happily sucked away and cleaned her fingers. “You're right, I do taste good.”

The girls laughed as they stared at each other. Their laughs quickly died down and they slowly moved their faces closer to each other. Olivia grabbed the back of Maria’s head and embraced in a deep kiss. Any reluctance that was in Maria’s head was gone. She kissed her back, licking the residue of her juices from her tongue. Once the kiss broke, Maria was the first to speak.

“Oh man, that was really fun.”

“Mmm, you got that right.” Olivia stretched. “Okay honey, it’s your turn.”

Maria looked at the toy as it vibrated on the bed. She took it in her hand, ran her tongue from the base to the tip and handed it her friend. She rolled off of her and spread her body across the bed while Olivia crawled towards her moist opening. Instead of inserting the toy, she first decided to take care of things first hand. She smiled at her while sticking her tongue out, drawing it closer to the waiting pussy which sat mere inches away. As her tongue made first contact with her throbbing clit, Maria threw her head back and yelled out, “Oh fuck!”

Olivia began to lightly suck on the swelling nub as she deeply inhaled the spreading scent of sexuality that Maria was giving out. After a few seconds, she placed the still-moist tip of the vibrator at the entrance to her vagina. To help her prepare for the entry, she turned it off before inserting it. It would take more time for her walls to adjust to the thick member than it did for Olivia since Maria had never had a cock longer than six inches enter her love passage. She fidgeted around on the bed while her body felt the intrusion slip in inch by inch. Her mind was telling her not to let anymore in but her body would not agree. She turned on her side as the last few inches made their way inside her.

Maria was laying on the bed with all twelve inches of rubber held in the vise-like grip of her vaginal walls. Once she was relaxed, she looked at her friend and smiled.

“This feels so good.” She whispered.

“So does this!” Olivia laughed as she pushed the switch to fire up the vibrator.

Maria stared of into space as the powerful toy reached its maximum capabilities.

“Ahhhh! Oh my fucking god!” She tossed and turned as Olivia held the toy in place. She stopped moving with her eyes pointed at the ceiling as a monster orgasm overtook her body. Olivia slowly started to pull the toy out before slamming back into her. She quickly noticed the growing puddle of cum flowing from Maria’s pussy forming on her sheets.

“Someone’s enjoying herself.” Olivia laughed as she started fucking her friend harder. She was so lost in a trance that she could not respond.

Olivia lay down on the bed and started licking up the juices coming from under the vibrator. She tried to slip her tongue inside her dripping cunt, but the toy filled her too much to allow anything else to enter. Suddenly, an idea hatched through the d***ken haze in her mind.

“Honey, get on your hands and knees. I have an idea.” Maria did as she was told as got in position with the vibrator still going strong inside of her. Before she could get set, another orgasm hit her and almost caused her to pass out. Olivia held the vibrator straight up. “Pretend it’s a real cock, move that sweet ass of yours up and down.”

She seemed to be in a trance and would do anything she was told to. She grabbed a hold of the dildo and slowly lowered herself down, taking it all in. Olivia sat behind her and pleasured herself while watching. It wasn’t long before another plan was hatched. She crawled back over to her friend and started to smack at her ass. With each smack, Maria let out a loud cry. Smack after smack eventually led to Olivia running her finger along the rim of her asshole. She sucked on her own finger and began pressing at her hole. The saliva on her finger helped for easy access.

While Maria was busy fucking herself, Olivia was now fixated on seeing how many fingers she could fit in her ass. One quickly became two, which quickly became three, which then led to another orgasm for Maria. She struggled to fit a fourth finger in, so she settled for slamming three fingers into her tight opening. While she was doing this, she was using her other hand to continue pleasuring herself.

The sweat was pouring from every inch of Maria’s body as she continued riding the toy. Maria had her fourth and final orgasm. Her body couldn’t take anymore, so she pulled the toy from her body and collapsed on her stomach. Olivia removed her fingers from her ass and flipped her over. She crawled over her body and placed her pussy in the worn out woman’s face, fingering herself as hard as possible. She dropped down and let her friend’s mouth finish the work. With all the energy that was left in her body, Maria lightly massaged the clit with her tongue as she had an orgasm. She happily drank the liquid that squirted into her mouth until there was nothing left.

Olivia collapsed as well once she relaxed. She pulled Maria close and made out with her once again. The bed was soaked in feminine juices, but the girls were to d***k and satisfied to care. She pulled the sheets over herself and her lover before they both passed out.

The girls awoke at the same time the next morning. Their eyes met, trying to figure out just what had happened the night before.

“Did last night really happen?” Maria asked.

“It sure did baby.” Olivia kissed her on the cheek and smiled. “How do you feel?”

“I’m pretty hung over and my pussy is really sore.”

Olivia giggled. “Yep, my ‘friend’ does that to girls. I’m pretty hung over too.” Both girls smiled and shared another deep kiss. “Did you have as much fun as I did?”

“Yes, yes I did. Now what do we do? I mean, we can’t just have a normal friendship after that.”

Olivia looked deeply into her eyes. “It’s up to you. We can either ignore what happened and just blame it on the alcohol or embrace the fact that we loved it and want to keep doing it.” Maria looked around the room, trying to figure out what to do. “Which do you want?”

She looked her in the eyes and smiled. “Does this answer your question?” Suddenly Olivia felt a finger tickle her clitoris. They shared another kiss.

“How about we each use the bathroom and then come back here for round two?”

Maria didn’t even have to answer that question. Olivia knew exactly what she wanted.

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