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Your fantasies

You can see me kissing down your body now..and i look into your eyes as i do.
You can see my cock very hard end erect of being so very aroused.

I kiss your belly slowly and gently and I kiss my way up again….finding your lips. And we start to kiss with passion..our tongues swirling deep around each other.
My hand is gently squeezing your breast…feeling your erct nipple sliding between my fingers, as your body is still so slippery from the massage.
Your hand is going over my back..and ass,,and I feel my cock throbbing as you do…we kiss even more passionate…
Than I lift myself up in front of you..and sit on my leg on every site of your body, and I feel your breast and nipples against my cheecks.

I look at you and smile…now I make you enjoy watching sweety….
My cock is right in front of your eyes..just inches away..and you can see that my cock is nicely and smooth shaven. I see the greedy look at your face and smile.
Slowly I take out the oil again, and let the oil drip slowly on the tip of my erect cock. You can see the oil running over my cock and dripping from my bald balls.
I putt the oil away and start to massage the oil very slowly over my hand moving up and down in a very slowly motion.
You can see how my cock shines of the oil and you hear how wet and slippery my cock is now.
I massage the oil over my balls..getting up on my knees a bit….letting you see it all very well in front of your eyes.
I see in your eyes..that you are getting so hot viewing this and that you are so impatient to reach out….
I play with the tip of my cock over your lips..but don’t let you take it….be patient sweety….first I want to tease you more en make you enjoy some more.
I move back a little and kiss you again…my hard cock pressed on your nipple.

Than I slowly move back…and sit between your legs again. Hmm I enjoy yhe view of your body and bring my lips to your pussy again.
Gently I lick around your clit and spread your pussy wide open with my hands.
You feel my tong licking your pussy from your ass to your clit and than suddenly you feel how I cloes my lips around your clit and suck it deep in my mouth…

I can hear you moaning louder as I suck en lick your clit at the same time…and I lift myself up before you are cumming.
I look at you and that sweety?
Slowly I take my cock in my hands and with my other hand I spread the lips of your pussy.
Gently I play with the tip of my cock over your clit…rubbing your clit gently. You feel how slippery my cock teases your clit…and you spread even wider for me… trying to to take my cock deep inside you.
I llok at you and suddenly I prerss my cock deep inside your pussy…sliding so deep inside you, you feel the tip of my cock against your womb.
We both moan when I do so, and my hands squeeze your breasts gently.
Slowly I start to move my cock in and out of your pussy..almost all the way out, hmmm and than all the way deep inside you again.
Your erect nipples sliding between my fingers.

We both llok in each other eyes and see our deep horny looks…wich makes us even more aroused.
We both feel how my cock gets even harder deep inside you, and how your juices flow around my hard cock.
Slowly I am loosing control over my tease and can only start to move faster and harder deep in and out of your pussy.
I take your legs in my hands and gently push your legs back spreading you even more.
My balls are slapping your ass as I start to move harder on your pussy.
You can see my hips moving towards you and we look at each other..both wanting more..
You feel how the tip of my cock is swelling up deep inside your pussy and you know that I will explode deep inside you soon.
I look at you…I want to fill you so deep sweety….

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