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Defiled Housewife

Something about Reggie made Christy uncomfortable. She hoped the huge,
muscular black man towering over her husband would not make an instant
decision, so she could discuss the matter further with Dave. They could
tell Reggie someone else rented the room.

Reggie had plenty of experience with young, well educated, white women
like Christy. He realized how uncomfortable he made her feel. The sparkle
from the diamond engagement ring next to Christy's wedding band momentarily
caught his gaze. He knew her type well - a snooty, white bitch who
probably never associated with blacks and thought them beneath her. A
shrewd businessman from d**g dealings on the street, and a seasoned, sexual
predator never missing an opportunity to nail young, naïve, white pussy,
Reggie understood the fleeting nature of this shot at getting inside
Christy's pants. He pulled a wad of cash from his pocket, "I'll take the
room. How much security deposit do you want?" Reggie asked.

Christy standing beside her husband, Dave, her arm entwined with his,
tightly squeezed Dave's hand as a signal not to immediately accept Reggie's

All the money Reggie displayed mesmerized Dave, who misinterpreted
Christy's gesture as an affirmation and eagerly said, "Uh, $500 for a
security deposit ought to be enough."

A grin appeared on Reggie's 35-year-old face as he peeled away enough
cash to cover the deposit and a year's worth of rent, handing it to Dave.

Christy f***ed a smile Reggie recognized as insincere.

"I'll need a receipt, indicating I paid the full year room and board
plus security deposit," Reggie said nodding at the money in Dave's grasp.

"Of course," Dave replied with a shake of Reggie's hand to finalize the
deal. Dave went to fetch a pen and paper to write the receipt, leaving
Christy alone with Reggie.

Unwittingly, Dave just admitted a criminal who needed to keep low for a
while in their home, granting him easy access to his wife. Reggie briefly
glanced at Christy's ass and tits, imagining how she looked beneath her

Christy certainly was attractive. She stood about medium height with a
petite build and perfect measurements that included a tight, flat abdomen,
nicely curved buttocks, and firm breasts - the epitome of female form. The
23-year-old college graduate and housewife took care of her figure by
maintaining a strict vegan diet and exercising daily. Her model-like
figure, combined with smooth, white skin, dark, blue eyes, and silky, dark
brown hair that extended slightly past her shoulders received the gaze of
many men, who saw in her a girl of their dreams. But none of them could
have this one because her heart already belonged to her husband, Dave.

"So, what are you studying?" Christy nervously asked attempting to break
the awkward silence. He seemed a little old to still be in college.
Reggie undressed her with his dark eyes. His cock twitched in his pants at
the thought of his eventual conquest.

"African Studies," Reggie deceitfully replied. In truth, Reggie hadn't
set foot on a college campus in years, not since his days hustling the
streets to sell d**gs. He moved up in the ranks without needing college

Dave returned smiling with a neatly written receipt and an extra key to
their house happily exclaiming, "Here you go, roommate."

"Okay, I'll be back with my things," Reggie said as he took the key and
receipt from the young couple and departed.

"Look at all this money!" Dave gleefully whispered after the door
closed, holding up the numerous hundred dollar bills.

"I don't know about this guy," Christy said. "Maybe we should have
checked him out or something first, honey."

Dave was counting the money not really listening. Christy didn't have
the heart to press the issue about Reggie living with them seeing her
husband happier than he had been in a long time, since the rough economy
took both their jobs. The warehouse position Dave managed to find didn't
pay the bills. Indeed, this was enough cash to bring them current and
avoid pending foreclosure.

Reggie returned a few hours later that evening and quietly unpacked in
his new room while Christy and Dave went to bed. When Reggie finished
settling in, he turned off the light.

After a few moments Reggie's eyes adjusted to the darkness and he
silently made his way down the hall to Christy's and Dave's bedroom door,
which they carelessly left slightly ajar. The sound of lovemaking - the
rhythmic squeak of bedsprings, the grunts and groans of two young people
lost in passion - grew louder as Reggie approached. He stood at the
threshold to their room and peered through the sliver of an opening at the
two shadowy figures moving in unison, his black skin providing a perfect
camouflage in the dimness of night. Reggie got wood. His cock pushed
against inadequate room in his gym shorts and sought release from its

His time with her would come.

"Oh, I'm going to cum," Reggie heard Dave exclaim.

Reggie quietly returned to his room undetected.

"Oh, I love you," Christy cried as she wrapped her arms around her
husband in a tight embrace and his body grew tense from his orgasm. Dave
withdrew his modest, condom covered penis from Christy's tight vagina and
turned on the light on the nightstand beside their bed.

The thin, latex membrane, slick with Christy's juices, contained a small
amount of Dave's ejaculate in its tip. Christy watched Dave slide the
protective barrier off. The two had agreed to wait until after their
financial situation improved before starting a f****y.

A virgin bride and a faithful wife, Christy never had sex with anyone
else, and had no desire to. She loved her husband.


Dave left for work early and Christy visited the gym for her daily
workout of swimming laps and some resistance training when Reggie woke up
to an empty house.

Over the weeks Reggie learned their schedules. He knew Dave would not
return from work until evening and Christy arrived home mid-morning.

As Christy entered, Reggie sat shirtless on the living room sofa in a
pair of loose gym shorts, numerous muscles bulging beneath his black skin.
Christy wanted to tell him to put on a shirt but decided against being

"When do you attend classes?" Christy asked with a hint of annoyance.
She had noticed him gawking at her more frequently and it seemed like the
only thing he studied was her figure when he thought she wasn't looking.

"I take classes online," Reggie answered as he began obnoxiously rubbing
his crotch while now blatantly eyeing Christy. "Where do you work?"

The way black males inappropriately touched themselves in public
repulsed her. "I'm currently between jobs," Christy replied with an air of
superiority, proceeding towards her room to escape Reggie's lustful stares.

Reggie waited a few minutes and then followed Christy. When he reached
her bedroom, he heard the shower flowing in the master bathroom. He
carefully turned the doorknob and entered her room. The bathroom door was
shut and locked.

He knew Christy's type. She would be too embarrassed to tell anyone
that a Nigger's cock had been inside her. She appeared in excellent shape,
and would definitely fight it. But after the struggle he would subdue the
petite wife and begin ruining her. He waited for the bathroom door to

The shower stopped. Reggie's cock grew inside his shorts as the virile
organ prepared to claim white territory. Christy opened the door in only a
red silk thong with matching bra when greeted by Reggie. Christy tried to
slam the door shut to keep him away.

Christy's initial suspicion of Reggie had been correct, but she had
ignored her gut feelings to please Dave. In an ironic twist of fate,
Christy's attempt to appease her husband jeopardized their marriage far
worse than financial woes.

Reggie's hand blocked the door from closing completely. He overcame
Christy's efforts and her feet slid back across the slick, tile floor
unable to hold ground.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Christy yelled as Reggie charged
into her bathroom like an angry gorilla.

He punched Christy in her stomach, knocking the wind from her lungs.
She doubled over in pain gasping for air while he dragged her by her hair
from the bathroom like a caveman.

Before Christy regained her breath, Reggie had thrown her into bed and
yanked her panties and bra off, leaving the hapless girl laying on her back
completely exposed.

"Please, don't do this," Christy cried between wheezes.

Reggie f***ed her smooth, long legs apart on reconnaissance of her
treasures he planned to plunder. He loved how these high class white girls
kept their pubic areas so immaculately groomed.

Reggie's eyes feasted on Christy's naked body: gentle feminine curves;
genitals lacking hair or stubble because of laser treatments, almost
appearing pre-pubescent except for a neatly trimmed bush no larger than a
thumbnail; a flat tummy, delightful belly button and defined abdominal
muscles; firm, c-cup tits crowned with pink areolas the size of quarters.
Christy's silky white skin contrasted with Reggie like type on a page. Her
youthful body seemed to lack imperfection like her beautiful face.

Dave was a fool to leave such a gem unguarded with a thug like himself,
Reggie thought reaching down between Christy's splayed legs and gently
parting her labia for a closer inspection of her pussy.

"Oh, God - no! Please don't!" Christy wailed, as she felt Reggie
manipulate her privates like they belonged to him. She reached down and
grabbed Reggie's wrist to stop him.

Reggie reached up and twisted her delicate, pink nipple, causing a jolt
of pain that would later become a bruise on the perfectly formed flesh.
Christy immediately released Reggie's hand.

Reggie resumed spreading her labia, locating Christy's clitoris among
the delicate pink folds. He licked his thumb and began softly rubbing its
smooth, pink hood.

"Please stop doing this to me. I won't tell anyone if you let me go,"
Christy pleaded as Reggie sat between her open legs fondling her private
parts. She hated this disgusting, subhuman a****l.

Reggie noticed Christy's clit slowly grow larger from his fillips. He
excited the timid head of her clitoris into making its debut for him as he
expertly coaxed it from its protective cover.

"I'm married. Why are you doing this? Christy sobbed as Reggie caused
involuntary responses. Her pink flesh glistened with secretions, inviting
him to drink her nectar.

"Oh, God, stop it! You're disgusting," Christy yelled as Reggie held
her vaginal lips apart with his black fingers and assaulted her sensitive,
pink folds with his long tongue. Christy sat partially up on her elbows
and from over her flat tummy helplessly watched with a contorted face. She
tried unsuccessfully pushing Reggie's head away from her.

Reggie ached for Christy. He slid off his gym shorts and his monstrous,
black organ sprang from confinement.

Christy's eyes widened at the enormity of his appendage. Reggie's cock
looked more like a radiator hose than a penis, veins distending beneath its
black skin.

No way could the thing ever fit inside her. Christy desperately
pleaded, "Please don't **** me. I promise I won't tell anyone if you

Reggie reopened Christy's labia aiming his cock at her entrance.

"I'll do anything you want. Please don't put it in me. You're too
big," Christy frantically implored, the large head of his penis pushing at
her entrance.

"Oh, God! No. Please." Christy exclaimed. The pressure from his
attempted invasion built. Christy fell back from her elbows, clenching the
sheets in her fists.

Her husband's pecker must have been incredibly small, Reggie thought,
slowly applying more f***e to overcome her pussy's resistance. Christy's
Labia finally engulfed the head of his penis.

"Owe," Christy cried. A penis other than her husband's entered her for
the first time, her pussy subversively providing lubrication for its own
assault as Reggie gradually advanced more of his cock into it.

"That's it girl. You got a black cock in your pussy now," Reggie
taunted as he worked it inside her.

"You're hurting me. You're too big," Christy sobbed. She felt him
advance slightly deeper each thrust. "I'm married. Why are you doing

"Sssshhhhhhh, you be quite," Reggie said, placing an index finger to her
lips. "It's okay. Ya a hoe for black cock now."

"Nooooooh," Christy whimpered. But her juices coated more of Reggie's
cock with an affectionate sheen. How could this be happening to her? Why
did Dave allow a stranger into their home to do it? These and similar
thoughts played through her mind, her face displaying her pain as furrows
in her normally smooth skin. Christy's pussy contained more cock inside it
than ever before.

Reggie's cock triple the girth of Dave's penis already penetrated
several inches into unchartered territory with only half his length inside
Christy. He mercifully refrained going further.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," Christy exclaimed in concert with squeaks from the
bed, her pussy growing used to the different cock inside it.

Reggie attempted to look directly in Christy's eyes while fucking her,
but Christy kept averting his stare and moving her head away.

A wild look appeared in Reggie's eyes as he irately grabbed Christy's
chin, turned her head to face him, and yelled, "Look at me when I'm fucking
you bitch!"

From beneath pools of tears, Christy's eyes met Reggie's as he claimed
her. She felt his immense, black phallus making its journey in and out of
her defeated pussy.

"Please stop it!"

"I's wants ya to cum for me, Baby," Reggie said in his ghetto dialect of
a thug from the hood.

The a****l already stole her precious fidelity; no way would she orgasm
for the filthy pig. She replied with stony silence.

"Oh, ya will cum for me whether ya wants to or not," Reggie warned
quickening his pace.

"Nooooooo," Christy hissed through clenched teeth. But as her
discomfort dissipated her cunt traitorously accepted the large, black
intruder more as a welcome guest, showering Reggie's black baby-maker with
love juice.

"Ya really wet girl. Yur pussy likes big, black cock," Reggie goaded
shifting position to see its affect. He felt her pussy contract.

"Oh, oooh, oooooooooh - noooooooh!" Christy exclaimed with a grimace,
her hands pushing against Reggie's muscular chest, her labia clinging to
his slick cock.

"No, no, no - stop doing this to me," Christy yelled.

Reggie fucked Christy until u*********sly her pelvis began slight coital
movements back. It wasn't an enthusiastic response, but at least she
stopped resisting and accepted her fate. He held back from burying the
remaining length of his penis inside her.

Christy noticed acceleration and panicked, realizing Reggie wasn't
wearing a condum and would cum soon.

"Please, take it out of me," Christy begged.

Reggie enjoyed ruining haughty white women like Christy: m*****ing them,
introducing their pussies to black cock and making them orgasm from it,
cumming inside them.

"I's gonna cum in your pussy, Baby," Reggie warned.

"No, please don't cum in me," Christy pleaded, her eyes becoming saucers
of fear.

Christy's dainty white hands pushed hard against Reggie's burly, black
chest. Arching her back and positioning her pelvis she unsuccessfully
tried dislodging him, her efforts no match against him.

Reggie's penis occupied Christy after her attempts to remove it failed.
It penetrated deeper for her insubordination and gushed a torrent of white,
gooey cum.

"Oh, no, please - why?" Christy whispered. She felt slimy ejaculate
from Reggie's cock oozing from her overfilled pussy down the crack in her

The deed was done. Reggie knew she would be ashamed to tell anyone as
she laid beneath his heavy frame, her pussy clenching his deflating cock in
residual orgasms. He had sown his seeds of corruption in her.

Reggie removed his flaccid cock from Christy as she lay in the bed
motionlessly staring at the ceiling, her legs still indecently spread
apart. She glanced at it. Even soft, Reggie's black serpent appeared
enormous and Christy didn't believe the horrific thing actually fit in her.

"Ya ever give yer husband head?" Reggie asked.

Christy looked at Reggie with bewilderment as the muscular man who just
defiled her firmly grabbed her shoulders and guided her to a sitting
position on the edge of the bed. She understood what he wanted when he
shoved his penis, hanging like the trunk of an elephant, in her face. The
thing was disgusting, still slimy with both their fluids.

"Open yur mouth and suck it like a good girl so I doesn't need to hurt
ya," Reggie threatened.

Christy didn't think she could tolerate Reggie's cock in her mouth
without vomiting. However, Reggie tightly pulled her hair and f***ed her
to do it. The foul thing barely fit.

"I better not feel any teeth, either, hoe!" Reggie added.

To her surprise, even though revolting, the taste was not completely
disagreeable - perhaps even piquant. As she followed Reggie's directions,
he released his grip on her hair and his treatment of her improved.
Christy gently rolled his golf-ball size testicles in her hand while
drawing on his shaft.

"That's a good girl," Reggie condescendingly said, as if speaking to a
c***d. "There's enough cum in my balls to make ya spit out black babies
until yer ovaries dry up."

To Christy's dismay, his penis became larger in response to her f***ed
caresses. She couldn't believe he was hard again. Dave usually came once
after five minutes and was done for the evening.

Erect, only the head of Reggie's shaft fit in Christy's mouth.

Reggie instructed her how to work his cock with her hands while running
her tongue and mouth along it. She had no choice but to comply with his
demented demands.

Her wedding band sparkled from her fingers gracefully tugging on his
dark, veined appendage. It twitched, startling her slightly. She held the
massive shaft with both hands and length to spare.

Reggie felt another batch readying, "Makes sure ya swallow it all,

Christy didn't want to swallow the nasty, white cream that spurted into
her mouth, but Reggie prevented her from pulling away. After the first
couple of mouthfuls, Reggie could tell the taste became less distasteful to
her by the way she started gulping it down.

Reggie released his hold and Christy continued milking and swallowing
every last drop of cum from his cock, not noticing that he let go of her
head. When the cum eventually stopped flowing, Christy pulled her mouth
away, a thread of jism momentarily spanning from his softening phallus to
her lips, like a web from a spider, one of many strands trapping its prey.

The once confident Christy sat dazed on her bed pondering what just
occurred as Reggie showered. She debated reporting her **** to law
enf***ement. But the ordeal - so filthy, vile, and embarrassing - would
need to be retold. Reggie would claim the act consensual and reveal how
she climaxed. No one would believe her orgasm was involuntary. Everyone,
including Dave, would know she was tainted by a black man. Christy decided
to remain silent as her assailant anticipated, sealing a much darker fate
for herself.

With Reggie's cum still dripping from her well fucked pussy, Christy
hastily dressed and left before Reggie finished showering.


"Hi Honey," Christy said to Dave as he walked into the living room and
pecked her cheek. "How was your day?"

"Hey, Homeboy," Reggie added with a grin. For two weeks, Reggie had
been secretly boning Christy when Dave went to work.

f***ed sex with Reggie took a toll on Christy, but Dave didn't notice
the change in his wife.

"Fine," Dave answered heading toward the refrigerator to grab his usual
cold beer after working all day in that hot warehouse.

Christy couldn't believe her husband's blindness. Dave didn't see
Reggie lustfully staring at her as if undressing her with his eyes again.
He had no inkling of her horrible situation. Reggie's cum was inside her!

A multitude of emotions flowed through Christy's mind - anger,
embarrassment, and shame. While lost in her thoughts, Dave wandered into
the garage and she found herself sitting alone with Reggie eyeballing her
in the living room. She quickly left the sofa and headed to her bedroom.

Christy went to take a shower and prepare for bed. She locked the door
to make sure Dave wouldn't come in while she was naked and see the fading
bruises Reggie left on her tits from initially resisting him. After the
first week, she became less combative and Reggie resorted to less physical
methods of persuasion. Thankfully, the discoloration was almost gone -
incriminating evidence of what had been occurring. While bathing, she
carefully cleaned her sore vagina, realizing that most of Reggie's
loathsome semen was deep beyond her reach.

"I'm sorry, Baby, I don't feel well tonight," Christy replied to Dave's
advances. She entered bed in her nightie and pretended to fall asl**p. In
the darkness, thoughts of Reggie's big, black cock made slumber for Christy
nearly impossible. Reggie penetrated the core of her femininity. Now
perverted images from sex with him haunted her.

With Dave home for the weekend, Reggie spent the next couple of days
away conducting his d**g business and giving Christy time to recuperate.

But Monday morning arrived much too quickly. Christy awoke as Dave
prepared for work.

"Honey, why don't you call in sick today and stay with me?" Christy
asked as she rose from a sea of sheets covering their bed.

"Baby, I can't do that. Leroy asked me Friday to work overtime today. I
won't be home until 10:00 pm," Dave answered.

"Why didn't you say anything about working overtime?" Christy whined.
If only Dave knew the panic gripping his poor wife - her silent external
façade concealed an internal turmoil that felt like a violent storm raging
within the confines of her tight chest with an explosive power that pushed
outwards and sought escape. No release was possible and she securely
imprisoned her dismay away from everyone as Christy realized she would soon
be alone again with Reggie.

As she sat up, Dave kissed Christy on the cheek and headed off to work.
Christy hopped out of bed in her cotton briefs and bra and quickly rummaged
her dresser drawers searching for something to throw on. It was a race to
get out of the house before Reggie woke up. Unfortunately, Reggie had
risen earlier in the morning and already waited for his opportunity.

Christy found a pair of olive colored Capris pants and beige blouse.
But before she put them on, Reggie entered her room wearing only a pair of
baggy, black gym shorts with a huge, visible bulge in them. She couldn't
help noticing the large, well defined muscles in his dark chest.

"Ya plan to go somewhere?" Reggie sneered.

"I need to look for work. I would appreciate it if you didn't come in
my room anymore," Christy answered with a mixture of annoyance and fear.

"I'll come in your room anytime I want, bitch," Reggie replied with a
smirk, advancing closer to Christy.

Christy backed away from Reggie aghast of his intentions. His massive
stature dwarfed her petite frame.

"Please get away from me," Christy meekly implored backing against her
dresser with further retreat impossible.

"What's da matter baby? Don't ya want some more lovin?" Reggie
sarcastically asked.

Christy shook her head, "No, please leave me alone!"

Reggie pulled down his shorts, guided Christy's hand to his colossal
cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and jerked, tears pouring from her
eyes like a rapid drip from a leaky faucet.

Christy despised what Reggie f***ed her to do. But if she made him cum
by jerking him off, perhaps he wouldn't fuck her this time, she thought.

Christy stood within an inch facing Reggie clad in only her cotton
briefs and bra, her fair white skin contrasting with Reggie's dark brown
complexion. His cock had an almost hypnotic affect on her. Christy
couldn't help studying the monstrous phallus she worked in her hand. It
felt smooth and warm from bl**d flowing into it, and almost reached
Reggie's belly button. Some clear, slippery fluid began oozing from the
hole at its tip.

A few twitches indicated the pleasure it received from Christy's small
hand and woke her from her trance. She needed to make him cum to avoid
having intercourse with him today, she remembered. Reggie noticed the
improvement in Christy's technique; the tempo of her gentle tugs increased.

He realized what Christy was trying to do. But Reggie had incredible
self control and decided to let Christy relinquish her dignity in her vain

"Oh, yeah, that's it. Ya like my cock, don't ya girl?" Reggie goaded.

Christy hated the vile thing and wished it would fall off the sick
bastard. But she answered Reggie's taunts with silence as she concentrated
on making him cum.

"Oh, I gonna cum real soon," Reggie spurred. In truth he was nowhere
near an orgasm. Christy was merely getting his cock ready like a fluffer
in porn production.

Christy's enthusiasm for the hand job on Reggie grew to a demeaning
level. An uninvolved party unfamiliar with her situation might view it as
eager consent on her part.

Reggie watched the wedding band on Christy's finger sparkle as she
stroked him. He reached around Christy's back and unfastened her bra. It
began sliding from her tits.

"No, Reggie - please," Christy said as she caught the falling bra with
her other arm before it came completely off.

"Let it go, bitch. I wanna see yours tits or I gonna get real mad,"
Reggie growled.

Christy reluctantly put her arm down and allowed her bra to fall the
rest of the way off, revealing her light pink, quarter-sized areolas. The
bruises on her tits were practically gone. Reggie put his lips to her
nipple and began sucking and nibbling the sensitive flesh, causing it to

"Oh, God, no - don't make me do this," Christy blurted raising her head
and staring at the ceiling.

After bringing her left nipple to attention, Reggie soothingly rolled it
between his fingers while moving his mouth to Christy's right one and
repeating the process. Christy's young, pink nipples poked toward Reggie
as he twirled his fingers around them and took turns suckling on each like
a baby.

From earlier encounters, Christy knew the more she cooperated with
Reggie, the less pain he caused her. She lost her enthusiasm tugging on
his penis realizing the futility of her effort and the inevitability of
what came next.

He subtly ushered her toward the bed. Reggie had enough foreplay and he
wanted to be in Christy's soft, tight pussy again.

Aware of where Reggie's guiding efforts were leading, Christy awkwardly
moved until she stumbled backward. She lost her footing and with an
additional shove fell into the mattress.

Where he wanted her, Reggie grabbed Christy's knees as they hung from
the bed, and tried separating them.

"Ya resisting again bitch?" Reggie scoffed.

"I don't want to do this!"

Suddenly, Reggie's fingers tightened around her nipples and twisted

"I guess ya wants dis da hard way," Reggie warned.

"No, please don't hurt me again," Christy pleaded, inching her legs
apart and nearly avoiding the painful alternative.

"Dat's better," Reggie said, returning to her knees and helping spread
her legs. "It will be easier for ya if ya stops fighting me."

With her legs apart, Reggie pulled Christy's cotton briefs to the side
and delved his tongue into her soft, pink, flesh. Her sweet juices flowed
into his mouth. He parted Christy's labia with his thumbs and his tongue
wandered to her clit. Reggie taught Christy how susceptible it was to the
right touch.

"Why won't you just leave me alone?" Christy sobbed. "You made me have
sex with you Friday. I don't like doing this with you." But her clit
embarrassingly revealed the pleasure it received by growing longer and
harder from the unwanted stimulation.

"I'm going to tell the police and have you sent to jail," Christy

Reggie ignored her. Christy would have already carried through with
that threat two weeks ago when he first ****d her if she was ever going to.
Her type was too good to admit being taken by a Nigger.

"Ya my bitch now and yer pussy is mine. Do ya understand? Ya lay down,
keep dem legs open and yer mouth shut unless ya wants me to make ya."

Christy whimpered as Reggie orally assaulted her. She hated Reggie and
the way her body responded to him.

Christy looked down as Reggie yanked her panties off.

"What are you doing?" Christy stupidly asked between sniffs. Reggie
once again pushed her legs as far apart as they would go and then
positioned his cock at her luscious entrance. "I can't have sex with you.
You're too big for me and I'm not taking birth control. I don't want to
get pregnant."

Christy and Dave relied solely on condoms for birth control. Christy
never paid close attention to her ovulation cycle and her youthful periods
sometimes occurred sporadically. She really didn't know exactly when her
fertile period began.

The bulbous head of Reggie's penis entered Christy's unprotected vagina
during her protests, "Please at least use one of my husband's condoms.
They're in the dresser drawer."

"Oh, no, honey. I's wants ya to feel my cock inside ya, not some piece
of rubber," Reggie answered penetrating further.

"Please, Reggie, I'll do anything you want. I'll jerk you off; I'll
suck your cock - just don't do this to me again. I don't want a baby."

Christy's pleas made Reggie more excited and desirous of impregnating
the stuck up, white bitch.

Reggie pushed more of his thick, lengthy cock into Christy and watched
her grimace from the invasion.

"Owe! Ah, ah, ah," Christy responded in unison to Reggie's motions. It
had been several days since their last encounter, and it took a few moments
for her tight cunt to readapt to his size.

"Owe, please stop. You're too big. Oweeeeeee! Oh, no more.
Ohhhhhh!," Christy cried as he incrementally pushed more of himself into
her. Reggie stopped at two thirds his length. But Christy's sobs
continued after Reggie's penis ceased advancing. This was a new boundary
established with difficulty.

Christy's discomfort eventually diminished and her vagina conformed to
the additional length. She didn't understand that the subsiding pain meant
her anatomy was changing for her new mate.

Reggie felt her pussy contract around his cock.

Christy clenched the sheets in her hands and gritted her teeth in angry
frustration. Why was her body reacting this way to such a hateful act by
such a disgusting b**st?

"Yer pussy sho loves big, black cock in it, girl," Reggie taunted as
Christy's vaginal spasms became stronger and more frequent.

"No, I don't want this. You're a sick, disgusting, basta............"
Before Christy could finish speaking, Reggie accelerated his thrusts and
altered position. Greater friction against Christy's g-spot and clit
interrupted her objections.

"Oh, oooh, oooooooooooh, noooooo," Christy whined, angrily entering
extremely intense orgasms. "No... no... no... please... stooooooop.

Christy never experienced orgasms this strong before.


Where did the day go? Christy grew used to Reggie's cock inside her and
became subdued by the unwanted pleasure it caused. She looked at the clock
on the nightstand as Reggie came in her for the fifth time that day.

"Reggie, we have to stop now. Dave will be home soon."

Reggie withdrew his shiny, black, schlong from her sperm-flooded cunt.

The many orgasms she unsuccessfully fought to avoid left Christy feeling
exhausted even though Reggie performed the work. She hated him for what he
did. She came so many times, she lost count. She resented the way he
f***ed her body to respond in ways she didn't want. But did the orgasms
mean she enjoyed sex with this horrible black man?

There was no time to dwell on these disturbing thoughts. Christy
changed the sheets and took a shower to eliminate evidence of what occurred
in her marital bed. With a wash cloth she attempted removing the cum
Reggie deposited in her. It was part of him and she didn't want him in her
body. But most of Reggie's semen was beyond reach where it would live for
days searching for an egg to fertilize.

Dave returned home fatigued after 12 hours of work in a hot warehouse.
He barely responded to Christy's hugs and kisses as she greeted him.

"Hi, Honey - I'm dead tired. What's for dinner?" Dave asked. He failed
to notice the anguish Christy wore on her face.

"Hey, b*o, how about a cold beer?" Reggie interjected, handing Dave a
bottle of Michelob and taking one himself. The two went into the living
room while Christy stayed in the kitchen preparing supper.

Dave and Reggie sat in the living room watching a football game on TV.
Christy heard them howl over a play and disliked them bonding. Reggie was
like cancer in her marriage, separating her from Dave physically and
isolating her emotionally. Why couldn't Dave see it? Reggie's charade
sickened her - pretending to be Dave's buddy while taking her behind his

Christy needed carrots. She stared contemptuously at the full stock of
beer Reggie kept when she opened the refrigerator. Dave rarely drank
before Reggie moved in. But with Reggie's encouragement, Dave became
intoxicated every evening.

As the three sat down for dinner, Dave announced, "I've got some great
news, baby. I'm getting a $200 bonus plus earning more overtime. They're
sending me to the Armorillo warehouse for two weeks. They're short on help

Christy's world was collapsing around her.

"You mean you won't be home for two weeks?" Christy nervously asked.
When do you have to go?"

I have to pack some things tonight because I'm leaving tomorrow," Dave
replied. "It's kind of short notice, but I jumped at the opportunity to
get some extra money."

Christy noticed Reggie - who sat across from her - sporting a grin as
she tried to maintain her composure.

"Oh, Dave, I don't want you to go and leave me. Can I come with you?"
Christy asked in hopes of escaping Reggie's plans.

"I'm afraid not. The company is making us share hotel rooms and their
insurance won't allow non-employees to travel in their vehicles," Dave


The next day Reggie asked if he could ride with them into town to see
Dave off. He claimed he needed to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy.

Reggie's vices affected them like contagious disease: first sex with
Christy, then drinking with Dave. Christy saw it, yet Dave obliviously
believed Reggie was his friend.

After dropping Dave off at work, the drive home began in silence until
Christy felt Reggie's hand glide up her inner thigh and rub her crotch.

"Please stop touching me, Reggie. I don't like it," Christy said.

"Then why ya get so wet and cum for me so much?" Reggie asked.

Christy responded with silent tears, continuing to drive with Reggie's
hand messaging her pussy through her pants. Christy thought about the
previous night and how she didn't make love with her husband. Instead,
Reggie would soon take her again.

Reggie got wood as he thought about working his cock into Christy and
pumping her cunt full of cum. With Dave out of town they would be alone
together for two weeks.

Christy stopped the car in the driveway to drop Reggie off and leave -
where to she didn't know. But Reggie anticipated Christy's intentions.

"Pull into the garage."

"No, Reggie, I'm not going in with you. I'm staying somewhere else,"
Christy defiantly said.

Surprised by Christy's sudden courage, Reggie could take the fight out
of her or any other stuck-up, white princess. He began unbuttoning
Christy's pants there in the driveway.

"What the hell are you doing?" Christy yelled as she tried to pull
Reggie's hands away from her. How could he attempt such a thing outside
where anyone could see what he was doing? Christy's small hands were no
match for Reggie. He quickly unfastened her pants and slid his fingers
inside her panties.

"No, stop!" Christy shouted as he located her clit and pinched it.

"Owe! You're hurting me," Christy yelped, the jolt of pain coursing
through her nerves like a paralyzing electrical shock. Her bravery quickly

"Now, pulls the car in, bitch," Reggie calmly directed, with his free
hand pushing the button on the remote opening the garage door.

She pulled in and the door closed behind them.

"Gives me the keys," Reggie demanded.

Christy complied and Reggie's excruciating grasp on her clit became a
soothing stroke. Her hands grasped the steering wheel. She looked down in
disgust watching Reggie's fingers work inside her blue, silk undies.

Reggie had Christy's car keys - her means of escape. She tried to
figure a way to get them back, although she had no where to flee. But it
became difficult to concentrate, her pussy getting receptive to his touch.
Reggie coaxed her undesired arousal.

"Oh, Reggie, please don't," Christy begged squeezing her eyes shut to
stop watching her m*****ation. The sound of Reggie's fingers splashing in
her silky secretions was just as disturbing as the images from her open
eyes. Christy felt messy down there and embarrassed by her body's reaction
contradicting her repulsion.

"Ya see how much nicer it is when ya listens to me and does what I
says?" Reggie asked.

Christy bit her lower lip and refused to give Reggie the satisfaction of
a response, her small, white fingers clasping Reggie's wrist in a futile
attempt to pull his hand out of her panties.

Her soaked pussy readied to be fucked, still Reggie worked her intimate
folds, enjoying the conflicting expressions of disdain and pleasure in her

The conflict in Christy's face told Reggie she was wearing down,
surrendering to lust. He witnessed similar reactions in his previous

After Reggie caused Christy's beautiful face to contort with discordance
between emotion and physical pleasure he f***ed her to experience, Reggie
finally withdrew his wet fingers and licked her tasty juices from them.

Christy watched Reggie lick her nectar with revulsion. At least he
stopped fondling her. The welcome interruption restored her control over
her body.

She regained her composure and the tension in Christy's face dissipated.

"Ya ready to goes inside da house?" Reggie inquired.

Christy tried to think of ways out of her wretched situation. Maybe she
could run to her room and call for help? But how could she avoid
explaining the embarrassing details? Who would believe Reggie ****d her so
many times yet she didn't report the crime or tell her husband until now?
Dave would know what Reggie did to her and wouldn't want her anymore.
Reggie would brag the sex was consensual because he made her cum multiple

One thing became evident: the longer this relationship went on, the more
difficult it became to stop. She had to act now.

Christy slowly nodded her head in affirmation, exited the car, and
re-buttoned her pants. Reggie could hardly wait to get his cock inside her
wet cunt again as he watched her tight ass walk in front of him toward the
door. He loved forcing girls, especially married white ones, to orgasm
when he knew they didn't want to, compelling them in a way, even though
involuntary, into betraying their white husbands with a black man.

Christy reached the door to the house and waited for Reggie to unlock it
with keys he took. Reggie came up behind Christy and fiddled to open the
door. Even through their clothing she felt his huge cock push against the
top of her butt. His penis seemed too large to be human and she didn't
want it inside her again.

When Reggie opened the door, Christy bolted from him. She knew all too
well where his monstrous penis would be if she didn't get away.

Christy's flight caught Reggie off guard and it took him a moment to
react. She reached her bedroom and slammed the door shut with him close

A second more might have been enough to set the lock, giving her time to
call 911, but Reggie already turned the knob. Christy's feet slid along
the hardwood floor as she attempted holding the door closed with all the
weight of her petite body against it.

"Don't touch me you disgusting a****l!" Christy screeched, Reggie
wrestling her into bed. As she lay on her back, Christy tried to kick
Reggie in the testicles to prevent him from climbing on top of her.

Averting Christy's foot, Reggie punched her in the gut like the first
time he ****d her, and again she gasped for air.

With Christy heaving for air, Reggie savagely undressed her. He
unbuttoned her khakis, tossed her sandals from her soft feet, and then
jerked off Christy's pants with her hands unsuccessfully clutching their
waistband. He yanked her shirt completely off in one swift movement,
leaving her scantily clad in a blue silk bra and panties from Victoria's

Dave missed seeing his incredibly sexy wife in her seductive lingerie.
He was as gullible as white boys came, Reggie thought, and had no clue that
while he slaved to earn a couple of bucks, his beautiful, little wife was
home getting tapped by a black d**g dealer.

Reggie removed Christy's bra and kneaded her perky tits before his hand
glided down the light skin of her smooth, firm tummy and slid inside her

"Please... no," Christy bawled. Reggie's fingers delicately stroked
her clitoris.

Reggie delighted in his good fortune. Dave seemed nice enough for a
white guy, although not too bright. Only a fool with a wife like Christy
would allow a strange black man to move into his home. Dave practically
invited him to ravish her perfect little body, Reggie reasoned. So he
deserved having his wife m*****ed and taken by a nigger for being stupid.

Christy's vagina became wet again and embarrassing sounds of his fingers
dancing in her dampness returned. He spoke soothingly while fingering
Christy's clit to help quell her angst.

"I told ya before dat things would be easier if ya does what I says and
stops resisting. We can do dis the hard way if ya wants. It's up to ya."

Christy stopped gasping for air catching most of her breath and
responded, "I know Reggie... I'm sorry... I'll be good now... don't hurt
me anymore."

Reggie smiled at his victory. Christy couldn't fight it. She tried
being a tiger, but he made her purr like a pussycat instead. With his hand
still inside her panties, Reggie observed Christy become tense, her eyes
squeeze shut, and her mouth gape open as his fingers finessed her engorged

She was cumming.

He loved watching Christy helplessly lay there having an orgasm she
didn't want.

"Please... noooooo... stoooooooop," Christy mewled. She didn't want
it to feel good and futilely fought not to orgasm.

"That's it, Baby. Keeps cumming for me," Reggie whispered in Christy's
ear as he continued his ministrations. Reggie played with her like a toy,
amusing himself with the reflexes causing Christy to climax. He
manipulated Christy like a puppet, Reggie the puppet master mercilessly
pulling her strings.

Reggie took his time masturbating Christy to enjoy her subtleties:
beautifully manicured fingers clasped around his wrist unable to pull his
hand away, how her pull on his wrist lessened, her eyes glazed over and her
mouth opened as if trying to find words for something beyond expression
when she came. Why let her miss out when he easily made her have more
orgasms? Dave wouldn't be back for two weeks. The situation was perfect.

"Okay, please stop," Christy begged. She recovered from an orgasm and
looked at Reggie with beautiful, blue eyes. "I'm married and this is
wrong." There had to be some spark of compassion inside him, she thought.

He wouldn't stop.

"Oh, no, please... don't, nooooooh," Christy exclaimed. Her eyes
became dreamy, her tension grew, and she let Reggie's fingers work
unhindered again. With Christy paralyzed by another pleasure wave, Reggie
pulled down her briefs.

Christy was in the midst of an intense orgasm when Reggie removed his
hand from her pussy and undressed, his fantastically large cock pointing
out from his muscular body like an anime character. Pulling her to the
edge of the bed and grabbing Christy's knees, Reggie spread her legs to
better access the delicate flower between them. Gently, Reggie separated
her soft, pink, pedals for easier entry. He made her so responsive she
didn't protest.

Before Christy regained her senses to resist, Reggie positioned himself
at her saturated entrance.

"Can you use a condom for me this time? Dave has rubbers you can use,"
Christy said while Reggie stroked her sensitive clitoris with the head of
his cock, readying for entry. Christy didn't want to get pregnant; but
more importantly, she would take anything that lessened intimacy with this
horrible man. Even a thin latex barrier prevented complete contact of
their genitals and was better than nothing, she thought.

Reggie never used condoms. But he knew there was no way in hell Dave's
could fit him anyway. "Since yer doing what I says now and asking nicely,
I'll wears a rubber this time only if ya can get it on me," Reggie said.

Christy fumbled to open the packet. While she saw Dave put on condoms,
she had never put one on a man's penis before.

Reggie moved up and kneeled over her chest, his thick, black meat almost
reaching Christy's cute little nose. Christy nervously tried to get the
elastic membrane to cover Reggie's cock. But the rubbers which easily fit
her husband didn't come close on Reggie.

Christy couldn't help noticing how thick, firm, and warm Reggie's cock
felt in her hands. It was hard, yet the skin felt soft and smooth to
touch. Large veins looked like they might burst through its dark shaft.
The revolting thing that had been unwelcomely put in her so many times
began fascinating her.

"I tolds ya it wouldn't fit, Baby. I ain't found a rubber that's my
size yet," Reggie playfully taunted.

It had to fit, she thought.

Reggie watched the sparkles fly from Christy's wedding and engagement
rings as her dainty fingers frantically gripped his titanic prick. "I
can't wait much longer, Baby," he warned.

"Please, Reggie - I almost have it," Christy nervously answered.

Reggie moved his penis - in size comparable to the best hung porn stars
like John Holmes, Peter North, and Ron Jeremy, only black - away from
Christy's face back to her pussy.

Christy panicked as Reggie's cock left her grasp.

Reggie parted her labia and placed the head of his dick at her opening.

Christy dropped the unused rubber somewhere on the floor as Reggie eased
into her.

"Owe... please, oh...'re too big! Oooh!" Christy exclaimed,
his incredible organ slithering past its previous depths.

"Hush, it gonna be okay. Ya gonna take a little more of me today Baby,"
Reggie said as he carefully pushed additional cock in her.

Christy's faces of discomfort entertained Reggie. He watched her twist
the sheets in her fists. He made contact with places inside her no cock
had been before.

"Owe, it hurts, it hurts, please, oh, no more," Christy whimpered with

"Jus a little more for me Baby. We's almost there," Reggie kept

Her vaginal muscles adjusted and Christy's pain abated. She wished
Reggie would cum quickly and be done with her. But she was already
familiar with Reggie's rare ability, which Dave lacked, of controlling his
orgasms. He could go hours without cumming when he wanted. His golf-ball
sized testicles produced so much sperm that his cock was like a gusher when
he finally popped his batch for her; and after a short recovery he was
ready to go again. If only Dave hadn't let this sex monster move into
their home.

Reggie astutely read Christy's emotions. The arrogant, white bitch
still disliked being fucked by him, but not as much as first. She would
get used to fucking a black man without condoms the more he f***ed her to.

Christy tried ignoring the sensations from his cock, questioning to
herself why Dave went to Amorillo and left her alone with Reggie. How
could he be so stupid and allow this strange, black man into their home?
It was Dave's fault this was happening and another man's penis was in her.

She was becoming more susceptible to Reggie's technique.

"Ooooh, Reggie, I can't... nooooooo," Christy murmured.

Reggie smiled as Christy's body tensed and her pussy pulsated. He could
tell she grew tired of fighting because she climaxed sooner than when he
first started fucking her.

"That's a girl. Don't fights it anymore. Let go and cum for me,"
Reggie said as he went on without pausing.

Christy gave up. Her anger and shame left and she went into ecstasy.

"I's gonna cum soon, Baby," Reggie announced.

Christy looked into Reggie's eyes and asked, "Please take it out for me;
don't cum in me."

He surprised her. Christy felt Reggie's schlong pulling out. She
raised herself up on her elbows and watched it shoot white, gooey jism all
over her body. She never saw a penis ejaculate so much and so violently.
It fired potent, baby making fluid at her in rapid succession like a
semi-automatic pistol, raining semen on her face, tits and in her belly
button. Reggie wiped his cock along Christy's engorged clitoris, causing
her involuntary coital movements.

"Don't put it there," Christy mewled, afraid by how dangerously close it
was to entering her again with residual cum still oozing from it.

Reggie ran the head of his cock along her pink folds, leaving a trail of
semen all over Christy's pussy, aware of how aroused and responsive she

Christy feared receiving his seed and getting pregnant.

Reggie rubbed his cum into Christy's smooth, white skin. He scooped the
puddle out of her belly button with his thumb and spread it all along her
tummy, then proceeded up to her tits and used the slippery spunk on her
erect nipples, before collecting the last of it on her face and having her
lick it from his fingers.

Christy's hate of Reggie temporarily abated somewhat. She was aroused
yet he withdrew from her this time like she asked.


They entered the shower together; Christy glancing at Reggie's enormous
penis periodically. It remained flaccid and the break from sex allowed her
thoughts to clear. Evening had arrived. Christy recalled it starting with
Reggie fondling her during the drive home that morning. It felt like she
had been under anesthesia throughout the day from all the sex and orgasms
he made her have.

In the shower Reggie observed streams of water flow down Christy's fair
skin. He took the wash cloth and began bathing her. His attentions went
from her soft cunt to her cute little ass and perky breasts. In the
confines of the shower, his huge cock touched her numerous times.
Fortunately, Reggie's penis remained dormant, hanging half way down his
knee and allowing Christy to avoid more intercourse.

Reggie toweled Christy dry when the phone rang. Still naked, she
answered, Reggie beside her.

"Hi, Dave, how was your trip to Amorillo," Christy asked.


Reggie held out a pink thong and matching bra he found in Christy's
dresser. They were special undergarments she only wore for Dave.

"Put these on for me," Reggie demanded.

She had no choice. After slipping on the sexy undergarments, she went
to her closet.

"What's ya goin there foe?" Reggie sneered.

"I need to put something else on."

"Ya ain't wearing nothing else tonight. Ya gots enough on. Ya can
sl**p in those or nothing at all."

Exhausted from a day of sex, Christy went to bed in the risqué
undergarments Reggie selected. The nightly visions of Reggie's cock in her
pussy haunted Christy briefly before she entered a deep slumber. But the
same dreams returned late morning when Christy's journey into forgetful
nothingness ended and she entered lighter sl**p.

Sometime in the middle of the night, he must have crawled into bed with
her. Christy awoke in Reggie's embrace, his hand on her breast. She could
feel his enormous erection against her hip. She couldn't tell for certain
if they had more unprotected sex during the night, but her panties were
still on and she would have woken if they did.

She had slept for over 12 hours. Christy carefully tried to ease away
from Reggie's hold without waking him.

His right hand left her breast and slid down Christy's smooth, firm

Christy dreaded where Reggie's hand might eventually go; but, it stopped
at the waistband of her thong.

He resumed lightly sl**ping.

Christy remained still. She wanted to sneak out of bed, find the car
keys, and go somewhere to get away from him; but where? She had allowed
things to go too far too long. Her sex with Reggie now bordered on
consensual. She was wearing a thong in bed with him for Christ's sake.
How did she let this happen?

Christy felt trapped. She loved Dave and didn't want to be taken by
Reggie anymore. What if she became pregnant? She was unsure of her cycle,
and didn't know exactly when she started her last period.

She tried slowly rolling on her side without waking Reggie. But, his
hand held firm and wouldn't let her move.

He was awake. His hand went in Christy's thong where she feared it
would go.

"I can't keep doing this with you, Reggie. I might get pregnant. Don't
make me have sex again," Christy pleaded. Her fingers wrapped around his
wrist trying to stop him.

Reggie's morning erection begged relief. "Don't worry, Baby. I'll take
it right out," Reggie said unconvincingly, his fingers exploring her folds
and locating her clitoris.

"Please, Reggie, no," Christy sobbed.

Reggie knew her tears would pass. The little, white slut was already
getting wet for him. Her clit loved his stroke.

He made her cries fainter masturbating her.

Reggie moved the thin, silk strip of her thong to the side, carefully
stretched her glistening labia open, and placed the head of his cock to her
moist, pastel entrance.

"Please, Reggie, no."

"I gots to. I'll takes it right out, Baby."

Frequent intercourse with Reggie over the past weeks allowed him to
snugly slide into her with little discomfort for Christy now.

"Oh!" Christy briefly exclaimed as Reggie entered.

Christy wished Dave's condoms fit Reggie. Still uneasy about direct
contact, Christy began getting accustomed to the enhanced sensations of his
uncovered penis inside her. She didn't want it to, but it felt better
without condoms.

Reggie waited for Christy to become very aroused and then put the rest
of his penis in her.

"Ooooooh, nooooooooh, Reggie," Christy said. She pushed against his
chest. She was cumming already. His big cock felt so good inside her
without a condom. It rubbed the right areas in her so perfectly.

Christy's mouth hung agape and her fingers dug into Reggie's muscular
chest as she slipped into euphoria.

"Oooooooh, oooooooooh, oooooooooooooooooooh," Christy moaned each time
Reggie's cock proceeded to completely fill her.

Reggie enjoyed the wonderful sensation of burying it in her.

Christy lay beneath Reggie's large frame instinctively responding to the
presence of his penis. Her pussy contracted rhythmically, as if trying to
suck every drop of semen from him. Christy became more complacent and
responsive for Reggie each time he boned her - like he knew she would. Few
women could resist his "talents".

Dave let Reggie move in and do this to her. Reggie promised to take his
cock out before he came, Christy rationalized as her excitement built. He
stuck his tongue in her mouth and began kissing her while she was cumming.

After a moment of indulgence Christy turned her face away and said,
"No," as if awakening from sl**p and realizing what she was doing. But
Reggie grabbed her chin and f***ed his tongue back in her mouth.

"Mmmph," Christy tried to speak.

Christy surrendered to the kiss. She was in midst of orgasm and their
genitals already shared fluids so what difference did a kiss make? She
gradually accepted intimacy with Reggie.

"I's gonna cum. Do ya wants to swallow it, Baby?"

It would be better to swallow his cum than having him cum in her pussy

"Okay," Christy answered.

Reggie extracted his long, wet cock from her.

Christy got on her knees and placed her lips around its head. It began
squirting rich cream. She swallowed and it kept filling her mouth with
more. Christy ran her tongue up and down Reggie's shaft the way he taught
her, returning to its head to lick the residual cum still oozing out.

Alone on the bed as Reggie showered, Christy wondered how much longer
this might continue. Would Reggie ever leave her alone? She couldn't run
away and couldn't get Reggie to stop. She saw the open rubber she dropped
yesterday still on the floor. Dave might notice it missing when he
returned. She needed to replace it and find a larger size. Unprotected
sex with Reggie was like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun.

Still without her keys, Christy accompanied Reggie into town.

"What ya need at da store?" Reggie asked.

Christy hesitantly explained, "I need to replace Dave's condom we tried
to use yesterday or he might find out about us."

Reggie smiled driving Christy's car. She was reacting exactly the way
he intended. The frequent sex was turning her into a Nigger's white slut.

"I knows jus wheres to go," Reggie said taking Christy to a pharmacy he
knew in the hood.

Once near their destination, Reggie parked Christy's car on the side of
the street a couple of blocks from the d**g store. The two walked the rest
of the way.

Christy didn't like this part of town. Black faces everywhere stared at
her. Everyone knew Reggie though, and enthusiastically greeted him as they

Once inside the pharmacy, Reggie led Christy to the contraceptives.
Christy located Dave's brand and then searched for rubbers large enough to
fit Reggie. Christy found herself in a dilemma. Purchasing condoms for
Reggie was consenting to sex with him. But if she didn't purchase them and
Reggie continued taking her, she might get pregnant.

Christy pulled Dave's brand of condoms from the shelf and the largest
ones for Reggie.

"The smallest and largest rubbers we sell," the elderly black pharmacist
commented under his breath. He rang them up and laughed handing her back
the black box of Magnum XXXL condoms for Reggie. "I bet I know who these
are for," he chuckled seeing Reggie standing behind her.


They didn't have sex since morning; her longest abstinence from Reggie
since Dave went to Amorillo. Perhaps Reggie finally tired of her, Christy
hoped, and wouldn't find his way into her bed this evening.

After a few hours, the amnesia of deep sl**p faded and erotic images of
her and Reggie occupied Christy's slumber. She thought she was having a
recurring wet dream, but awoke with Reggie beside her and his hand inside
her panties working her clitoris. While u*********s Reggie brought her
close to orgasm. She was wet and aroused.

"Reggie, I can't keep doing this with you." Christy said. She raised
her hips betraying herself.

Reggie slid Christy's silk panties down her legs. Her bra followed,
lost somewhere in the bed as she lay completely naked for him. At least
she was ready for what awaited. She handed one of the XXXL Magnum condoms
to him.

"What da hell is dis for?"

"For me, please use it," Christy asked.

Reggie took the rubber from her and tossed it across the room. "Sorry,
Baby, I doesn't wear dose. I want's ya to feel me, not some piece of

She felt all of him keenly. Reggie inserted his uncovered penis in her
as he did many times before, male and female organs intermingling and their
fluids mixing together. Part of Christy was glad Reggie refused the
condom. She started liking it better without them. Her body craved the
intimacy even though another part of her didn't.

"I'm married. We need to stop. What if I get pregnant?"

"I know dat be feeling good to ya. I promise ya won't get pregnant,
Baby," Reggie reassured, ignoring her and thrusting his massive, black
appendage in her slippery, pink opening.

"Oooooooooooooooooh," Christy exclaimed, now thoroughly familiar with
Reggie's huge, unprotected cock creating delightful sensations far too
intense to refuse. She was married to Dave, but his smaller penis didn't
feel nearly as pleasing. She didn't know how or why she acquired a desire
for Reggie's larger size.

Moonlight poured in through the window and Reggie watched Christy writhe
beneath him on his black pole. She surrendered to female instincts just
like others he victimized in the past. They all eventually succumbed -
some sooner, some later.

"Oh, oooooooooooooh stooooop. Please, I can't... ooooooooooooooooh,"
she moaned over again.

She could and she did, Reggie made sure of it. He knew she really
wanted it. He put his mouth over her lips and his long tongue found its
way down her throat, ending the protests she really didn't mean.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Christy made muffled cries of erotic passion.
Her soft hands pushing against Reggie's black, muscular pecs slid around
his back and embraced him.

If only Dave could see his beautiful wife cumming on a big Nigger cock,
Reggie thought. His woody became harder and Christy u*********sly locked
her legs around his ass. Reggie seduced her by spoiling her pussy with
repeated f***e-feedings of his grade "A" cock. Now she hungered for it
like other haughty white women he turned into sluts.

Reggie felt Christy's silky pussy throbbing around his black baby maker.
Her hips twisted and turned, rose and fell in reply to his thrusts as their
bodies communicated physical pleasure to each other. She wasn't too good
for Niggers anymore, Reggie thought.

"I's gonna cum in ya," Reggie announced as he finally removed his tongue
from her mouth.

Christy lost control and could not stop grinding her pussy into Reggie's
cock, "Oooooooh... aaaaaaaaaah... naaaaaaaaaaaaah," she nonsensically

Reggie ejaculated copiously inside her.

Her pussy milked his cock like a vacuum cleaner trying to suck every bit
of cum from him.

She didn't care that Reggie filled her with cum. The more they fucked
the better Reggie's cock felt. She couldn't resist him anymore. She
wanted him to stay inside her forever.

In the bright moonlight, extremely wet and messy from lovemaking,
Christy observed how beautifully their two bodies contrasted: Reggie's
hard, muscles, her toned yet gentle curves; his dark complexion, her fair
skin. They complemented each other.

Dave didn't have to ever know about Reggie, Christy thought. Reggie
could have her when Dave was gone. Exhausted from wild sex and now secure
in Reggie's embrace, Christy drifted back to sl**p having made a transition
from **** victim to consenting adulterous partner without even realizing

The early morning sun filled the bedroom, causing Christy to wake up.
Her pussy felt all crusty from Reggie's dried spunk. What was she doing?
She allowed herself to become his plaything. Christy turned to find Reggie
staring at her with eyes wide open.

"My cock is hard and aches real bad," Reggie said as his hand glided
down her tummy and between her legs.

Christy could not believe Reggie's sex drive. How could he possibly be
horny after so much sex just a few hours ago? Her Grandpa used to call
them jungle bunnies. She thought it a racist term for black people. But
she didn't know any black people until Reggie. Perhaps it was an accurate
description of black men if all were this potent and fucked like rabbits.

Like Pavlov's dog, Christy became wet just from Reggie's suggestion.

"I shouldn't have sex with you."

Reggie rolled on his back and pulled her onto him. "Gets on top and
fuck my cock likes a good girl."

Christy didn't really have a choice anyway. Her petite body slithered
on to Reggie's muscular frame.

"Now put my cock in your pussy," Reggie instructed.

"Tell me when you're going to cum," Christy dumbly asked reaching down,
aiming his shaft, and slowly impaling herself.

Once Christy took him fully inside her, Reggie firmly grabbed her hips
with his large hands and guided her pelvic movements until Christy
instinctively took over. She leaned forward against Reggie's hard body and
her erect nipples poked into his chest.

"That's a good girl," Reggie encouraged as Christy mounted him for her
first time.

Reggie looked in the mirror across the room and observed the beautiful
curves of Christy's smooth, firm, buttocks. He watched her white ass hump
his slick, black rod. He could see the pink membranes of her labia
clinging to it when her pussy pulled away, only to disappear when lowered

The entire situation seemed unreal to Christy. A month ago she had
never even thought about being with another person besides Dave. Now she
was fucking another man - an incredible black man.

"Oh my God, ooooh," Christy moaned as her eyes rolled in their sockets.
Her orgasms approached so quickly. The phone rang, jerking Christy back to
reality. It must be Dave calling before work, Christy thought. She
started to lift herself off Reggie; but, the black stud placed his hands
firmly around her hips and f***ed her back down.

"Don't ya get off my cock until I is finished. Justs keeps on fuckin,"
Reggie said reaching for her phone. He answered with Christy sliding up
and down his cock at a slower pace.

Christy hoped it wasn't Dave calling.

"Hi Dave, how are you?" Reggie said.

Christy's heart pounded in her chest as she heard Reggie mention Dave's
name. Here she was with another man's cock in her pussy because of her
stupid husband. Dave was so naïve, unwittingly chatting on the phone with
Reggie while Reggie banged her.

"Fine. Ya see the Lakers game there?" Me neither, buddy. I've been
busy with school. Yea, she's right here. Hold on," Reggie said handing
Christy the phone.

Christy looked mortified. How could she speak with her husband while
she fucked Reggie?

She had no choice but to talk to Dave.

"Hi Baby, how are you?" Christy asked. "Oh I'm fine too."

As the conversation with Dave continued, Christy stopped moving her
hips. Reggie grabbed her firm ass with both hands and f***ed her to resume
riding his disco stick.

Christy listened to Dave speak; Reggie parted her ass cheeks and pressed
his index finger into her anus. She didn't want Dave to hear them, so she
silently allowed Reggie to proceed. If Dave only knew the type of studying
Reggie was doing -- with her, he would have felt differently about his
supposed friend.

"Relax, baby," Reggie whispered in Christy's ear as he pushed his finger
deeper inside her tight, pink asshole.

"I'm glad Reggie's there. I'm sure he will help you with things if you
need him," Dave said to her.

Reggie's finger went all the way up Christy's anus, with the rest of his
hand firmly grasping the crack between her two cheeks. She had never felt
anything like having a cock in her pussy and a finger working her asshole
at the same time. In fact she never experienced anal sex before and didn't
know it felt so erogenous.

Eager to get off the phone before one of them lost control moaning or
saying something that would raise Dave's suspicions, Christy pretended to
have a bad signal, "What's that honey? Hello? Dave? Can you hear me? I
love you. I'll call you back later. Bye." Christy disconnected and turned
off the phone, dropping it on the floor next to the bed. She French kissed
Reggie as her hands ran up his body, across his burly chest and around his
neck. She loved Dave but was falling in lust with Reggie.


"It's good to be back. I missed watching the games in Amorillo," Dave
said reclining in the comfortable living room chair, sipping another beer,
and watching the Cowboys play against the Dolphins with Reggie. Before the
recession Dave had a better paying profession as a real estate agent and
didn't work nearly as hard for a lot more money.

Dave didn't pay attention to how much friendlier his wife became with
Reggie. Christy sat closer to Reggie on the couch when watching
television, and occasionally Reggie patted her ass when Dave wasn't looking
without any objection from her. Dave knew his wife. Christy would never
cheat, especially with a black man. She made it evident in the past that
she thought them inferior and unattractive.

Christy wore a pair of red, silk bikini briefs to bed that evening.
Dave lay beside her, gently rubbing Christy's shoulders. He missed sex
with her. Christy worried if Dave would notice a difference in her vagina
caused by Reggie.

Dave put on a condom and began fucking her the same old way with what
now felt like a c***d's penis to Christy. Reggie's giant cock spoiled her
pussy, caused Dave's average sized penis to feel deficient inside her. His
small pecker barely stimulated her now.

The many instances Reggie fucked her without a condom caused the extra
intimacy to become a habit for Christy. She missed the sensation of
Reggie's large, unsheathed dick and became frustrated.

"Oh, Baby, you feel so good inside me. I'm cumming," Christy lied
faking an orgasm to conceal disappointment at her husband's premature

Her vagina felt different to Dave, but it had been a while since they
made love and perhaps his memory was off.


"Hi Byron, how are sales going?" Reggie asked. It was a rhetorical
question. Demand for i*****l d**gs was always good and sales were always
up. Reggie phoned his lieutenant with an order.

"Get me more of dem sl**ping Beauties over here," Reggie commanded.
Reggie earned his status as a captain in the d**g trade by never using the
garbage he dealt. He had other plans for the pharmaceutical grade compound
used medically for anesthesia and on the street, mixed with heroin and a
few other naughty substances, as a date **** d**g.

Dave sat in his recliner, Christy by herself on the sofa.

"Here ya go, b*o. Drink up," Reggie said with a smile handing Dave a
bottle of Michelob, condensation dripping down the cold glass like beads of

After bumping bottles together in a toast, Dave guzzled his third brew.

A little while later, Dave dozed off. The dim glow from the television
provided the only light in the room. Christy fell asl**p as well. Her
head rested on Reggie's shoulder. Reggie's hand rubbed her inner thigh and
then stealthily moved to her crotch. Reggie proceeded unbuttoning her
pants. His hand slid inside her panties.

"Oh, no, oooooooh, stooooooop," Christy quietly murmured. She was
having a familiar dream about Reggie as he masturbated and aroused her in
her sl**p. She awoke, grabbed his wrist and tried prying him out of her

"No, Reggie. Stop. Dave will wake up," Christy whispered.

Christy realized if Dave woke, he would fight with Reggie. Reggie would
kick Dave's ass badly and it wouldn't be good.

"He ain't waking up tonight," Reggie said. "Don't you worry none about
it, Baby. I've done taken care of dat."

Christy wasn't sure exactly what Reggie meant, but he pulled her onto
his lap as if Dave wasn't there.

His fingers moved faster inside Christy's pants and he watched her face
contort from an orgasm. "No, please stop," Christy quietly mewled when
Reggie pulled down her jeans and panties. Her wet sounds filled the room.
They faced Dave and Reggie spread her legs over his own, flashing Dave the
pink insides of Christy's glistening pussy by gingerly separating her labia
with his black fingers.

Christy twisted with discomfort but Reggie's arm, wrapped around her
thin waist, held her in his lap. Her fidgeting subsided with her next
orgasm. Reggie removed Christy's shirt and bra and his hand slid to her
cute breasts, tweaking her nipples. His other hand continued working her
quivering pussy.

Christy quietly struggled to stop Reggie, fearful of Dave waking and
seeing them.

Reggie pulled down his gym shorts and slowly placed his black, enormity
inside Christy's tight, pink cunt. Dave's small wife writhed on the huge,
black pole that was Reggie's penis, Reggie's fingers messaging her engorged

His black rod travelled in and out of Christy's pink folds, it actually
fitting inside her seemed to defy physics. Dave peacefully slept while his
gorgeous, model perfect wife got fucked by a Nigger in front of him.

She silently squirmed in Reggie's lap that evening having orgasms and
trying to stop before Dave awoke. But Dave remained in slumber the

Reggie took his time. He grabbed Christy's chin, turned her face and
they french kissed.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm," Christy moaned into Reggie's mouth while
his tongue explored hers. More and more, Christy's hips moved with as much
determination as his, euphoria bonding them together. She wanted him to
cum in her. She didn't care anymore if Dave saw them. She loved fucking
Reggie's cock.

Reggie came in her pussy. His love glue filled Christy and having no
place else to go, flowed down his shaft.

Christy's throbbing cunt milked every last squirt of cum from him.

It was the wee hour of the morning when Christy left Reggie's lap.
"Come to bed with me," she spoke in Reggie's ear.

Reggie gladly followed and the two went to bed, leaving Dave alone to


Weeks passed. Dave became a very sound sl**per.

"Are you sure Dave won't wake up tonight?" Christy asked as Reggie
prepared to enter her.

"We won't has to worry about him this evening, Baby," Reggie replied
sinking in.

The sound of lovemaking - the rhythmic squeak of bedsprings, the grunts
and groans of two souls lost in passion - grew louder. They left the
bedroom door ajar as if no one else were in the house, their two shadowy
figures moving in unison as moonlight flooded in through the window.

Reggie's time to be with her arrived.

"Oh, oooh, yes, I want your cock in my pussy," she moaned.

Christy's dark blue eyes stared into Reggie's as they fucked. The
steady intercourse with his superior cock gradually seduced her completely,
the days of Reggie coercing her becoming more distant.

"Oh, yes, your big black cock feels so good in me. Oh, I'm cumming for
you, Reggie. Cum in me. I want your baby," Christy cried.

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