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Sex with my mother in law

Christmas was coming up and it was our turn to have the f****y dinner, my wife (Jane) had told me that my mother in law (June) would be staying with us over Christmas instead of at her bothers as he didn’t have any room for her due to renovations, I didn’t have a problem with this as I had always got on well with her even though I felt some what sorry for her since her husband Robert passed away 3 years ago she seems lonely at times, she is still a very attractive woman even at age 65 she has huge breasts probably from what I can tell 36E and a slim waist, in her youth she would have what you can only describe as smoking hot, she is very prim and proper and always called her husband by his full name even though everyone else called him Rob, she is the sort of person that before she leaves her bedroom in the morning she is fully dressed hair done and make-up on we have tried to encourage her to get on with life and go out but as she put it she was a virgin when she met Robert and only ever had the 1 man in her life and wasn’t interested in another.

I had just got home from working a night shift to find a note from my wife saying she had been called into work, could I entertain her mom, she had left some out DVD’s we could watch that June might like, so I went to have a quick shower before June woke up, I had no sooner finished put on a clean pair of boxers and my house coat when June woke up, so I told her what was happening and that I would make her a cup of tea and turn on the DVD and asked her if she would mind if I had a beer as I had just got off work and wanted to relax at little she told me that was fine that I could have a beer she would have her tea and we could watch the movie, about 15 minutes later everything was all setup and we sat back to watch the show, I was probably on my third or forth beer finding it hard to stay awake when June turned to me and said do you know what I miss ?

Thinking it was something in the movie had triggered a memory I asked her what she missed she replied I miss sucking your cock Robert…I sat there stunned I have never heard June say as much as damn let alone use the word cock, I turned to her and said June I am not Robert I am Chris, she looked at me for a second and said of course you are, silly me, and went back to watching the movie like nothing had happened.

I thought it really strange and that I had better tell Jane what her mom had said when she got home, I managed to stay awake with the help of a few more beers till the end of the movie and then put the second one on telling June I might fall asl**p during the movie as it had been a long night shift she said that’s alright Robert I can take care of myself, again she had called me Robert, I was definitely going to have to tell Jane about her mom when she got home.

The second movie started as I had seen it before with in 5 minutes I was asl**p, I am not sure how long I was asl**p when I realized I had a raging hard on and someone was playing with my cock as I struggled to regain my senses and looked down I saw Junes head working up and down on my fully hard cock all I could think of was O.M.G. my mother in law is giving me a blow job I said to her June, June what are you doing ? she stopped and looked up at me and said I told you I miss sucking your cock Robert now you just be good and lay back enjoy and let me finish and with that she put my cock back into her mouth and continued working it, I told her June you have to stop with out lifting her head and my cock still in her mouth she mumbled no I tried to lift her head of my cock but the more I did the harder the pushed down putting my cock deeper into her mouth, she was amazing she had ¾ of my cock in her mouth when I told her June you have to stop I am going to cum, that only encouraged her she moved her head faster and deeper and gently squeezed my balls I couldn’t stop myself I exploded in her mouth in a huge orgasm, my cum shooting deep into her greedy mouth, she was trying to swallow it all but there was just too much cum it was running out of her mouth and back down my cock, she stopped and sat up and looked at me with my cum running down her chin and dribbling down onto her top, she said see I told you I miss sucking cock Robert but don’t you feel better now before I could answer she looked at my cum on her top saying oh dear you made a mess like always I shall have to go clean up and she got up and left.

I sat there totally stunned my mother in law had just given me arguably the best blow job I had ever had, how the hell was I going to explain this to Jane, my mind was still swimming when I heard the shower stop and June singing away to herself in the bathroom she stopped singing and called out to me asking if we had any gel, thinking she meant hair gel I told her second drawer down, she shut the door and went back to singing, a few minutes passed and I heard the bathroom door open and her coming back downstairs, I was trying to think of what I should say to her when she walked through the door wearing nothing but her housecoat I sat there staring her housecoat was untied and she was naked underneath, I had never seen her naked before as I said she had always been prim and proper always dressed before she came out of the bedroom, she was stunning her body was hot, hotter than I ever imagined it could be, involuntary my cock sprang back to life and stood to attention pushing out though my housecoat, as soon as she saw it June said oh good Robert see your ready for round 2 and with that she walked over and straddled me saying you know I have missed your cock but it seems bigger than I remember but that’s a good thing, oh and by the way that gel was for hair but its ok I found some baby oil and used that because I don’t get as wet as I used to, do you remember how wet I used to get Robert, I gave up there was no use trying to explain anything to her the way she was behaving plus she was moving her hips back and forward rubbing her oiled up pussy over my hard cock I looked down to see my cock sliding between her lips when she lifted her ass a little reached down and guided my cock into her pussy all I could think of was how tight she felt then she started rocking again she slid her housecoat off her shoulders with out missing a beat now I could see her huge breasts in all their glory and was surprised as to how big her nipples were she lent forward saying to me suck them Robert I lifted her breast to my mouth and started sucking on her nipple which brought a little moan from her, I thought her nipples were big before but once I had it in my mouth it sprung to life getting rock hard I switched my attention to her other nipple bring it to life also, I stopped sucking on them and started to tease them between my finger and thumb all the time June was riding my cock, it was now buried right in her as far as I could go her clit rubbing against my pubic bone she started moving faster telling me squeeze my nipples hard Robert so I increased the pressure on them and still she wanted them squeezed harder she let out another moan saying yes that’s it like that Robert… I had given up saying I wasn’t Robert she was too good a fuck, oh yes Robert I am cuming with that her body started to shake and she lay forward onto my chest breathing heavily her body involuntary spasming as her orgasm subsided, as she lay there I was thinking how I should have cum with her but she caught me off guard she came so quickly, she sat up and looked at me and said that was fun now how about we do it my favorite way, not knowing what she meant I just said sure, oh good I was hoping you would want to as she started to get off me did I mention your cock seems a lot bigger Robert I don’t remember feeling you quiet so deep in me before but it sure feels good, she stood in front of me and asked well how do you want to do it not knowing what she wanted I said its totally up to you she thought about it for a second then said well I could bend over the chair or I could just be on my hands and knees in the middle of the floor I think that would be better then you can squeeze my nipples again and you know how much I love t when u do it hard, I replied ok middle of the floor it is then, no sooner had I said that she was down on her hands and knees with her ass facing me I got behind her and started to run my cock between her pussy lips I was covered in a combination of baby oil and her juices as I started to put my cock into her wet pussy she turned her head and said hey what do you think your doing, a moment of panic flooded over me when she said not that one the other one, what do you mean the other one I asked her, how many other ones do I have silly, then it sunk in she wanted me to fuck her ass, her favorite way was anal, my wife wont do anal very often she says it is too big and hurts but here was my mother in law wanting it, I asked her if she was sure as had said I was bigger than she remembered and she replied you got me used to it when we decided not to have any more c***dren once I turned 40 I can sure as hell take you after all these years now are you going to do it or not?

I rubbed the head of my cock between her pussy lips and brought the juices up to her ass to make sure it was wet then I slowly put pressure against her little asshole, you wouldn’t have thought she had ever had her ass fucked before her asshole looked so small but it started to open to accept my cock I kept up the pressure until my head was in when she said ok Robert you know you have stop for a minute to let me get used to it, so I stayed without moving until she said ok now you can put it all in, I started to push forward and her ass just relaxed and opened and swallowed my cock all the way once I was right in she said ok Robert squeeze my nipples and fuck me hard, her language blew me away yet again but I wasn’t worried about that any more, I started to slowly move my cock in and out of her ass when she said come on Robert you can do better than that hard do me hard fill me with your cock cum in me I want to feel it, I reached down and took her nipples in my fingers again and applied pressure the harder I squeezed the more she moaned and liked it my cock was slamming her ass my balls making a sloppy sound as they hit against her wet pussy I could feel my cock getting bigger as I got closer to cuming all I could think of was I was fucking my mother in law in the ass and it was fantastic when her voice broke though my thoughts crying out I am cuming, now cum with me cum in my ass, I didn’t need to be told twice two more hard strokes and with a loud groan I exploded in her just as she reached her orgasm I don’t know who finish first but we were both still shaking as she eased herself onto her stomach with my cock still buried deep in her ass, we lay like that until my cock went soft and her muscles pushed it out with a soft plop, I rolled off her and lay on my back thinking what the hell just happened what have I done damn she was an amazing fuck how am I going to explain this to my wife, hi honey how was your day mine was good I spent the day fucking your mom, nope that wasn’t going to work when Junes voice broke though my thoughts saying well I guess i had better have another shower, as she got up and headed towards the door she turned to me and said you don’t know how much I needed that, then she added Chris don’t worry about what to tell Jane I am not going senile and I don’t plan on telling her and I hope you didn’t mind me calling you Robert it just made it seem easier even though you are a lot bigger than he was, so if your ok with this we will definitely have to do it again very very soon, with that she walked out of the room humming to herself leaving me feeling I had been well and truly tricked but i dont think i mind in the slightest.

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