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Freak House Superstar Come Fest Part II

Freak House CumFest
An Erotic Adventure Starring
Kiki and Ty Blaze
Special guest Star
Cameo appearances by:
Mercnbeth as Betty & Merc, Handson1 as Steve & Marie,
Cocklover47 as Lee, MrAction as Jordan Charles,
MoFreaka as “Peach Cream”, Toofreaky42 as T.F.Fulton
Aymeric as Aymeric, Andearl as Andrea & Dave
Sexy1314Stl as Vanessa Heart XHamsterGirl as Jazmyn
Justthe2ofus as Joel & Shan ,hungwhitedude as Ben
Biggasshots as “Biggie” and Lady L
thebigdickbitch as Big Dick Bitch

Part II
The Main Event

The lights flickered, intermission was coming to a close. Pepper slung a few more drinks and blunts. Folks settled back in to their seats as Lee stepped to the mic. It was time. The main event was about to start and “Freak House” was electric.
Lee began to talk to the hyped crowd. “Ok Everyone, it’s that time.” “First, let me say that we are opening up ten slots for participants.” “We’ll need cumshots, so couples count as one participant.” Lee said. “As always, spots go to the high tippers so ante up.” He continued. “Before you do, one spot goes to special guests of Lorraine, whom I understand spent the first half of the evening outside the Green Room, because they were late and just hung out in the main house.” “I’d like to welcome into the Green Room Biggie and Lady L.” As soon as Lee introduced them, the Green Room audience let out a soft round of congratulatory applause for the pair. Pepper went over to them with a couple of blunts and greeted them. “Welcome to Freak House Bitchezzz, may I get you drinks?” They accepted the blunts and ordered their drinks as Pepper led them to a table near the front. They now were in the Green Room with a great view and knew they were going to participate in the show at some point. They could barely contain their excitement.
“Okay ballers.” Lee said to the crowd. “Let’s see who gets to join in the fun, Get Those tips out.” The “Tipping” to play process was more like a bidding session. Members had to out tip each other to get to play. There was never a shortage of folks ready to throw down all kinds of cash to join in the shows, even though participation was limited and rarely involved full on fucking, especially when Kiki and Ty performed. It didn’t matter. The shows were hot and folks wanted in.
“Tonight’s tipping starts at $500.00.” Lee announced. A few minutes later, Jordan Chase along with a few other members were happy in the knowledge that they were going to participate in some way. Thanks to Lee, Jordan didn’t have to actually pay to play. He was ready to show Lee his appreciation by fucking his asshole good.
Everything was in place. “Freak House” was ready to rock...
Lee stepped back to the mic. “Now that our participants are all selected and seated in their waiting area, we are ready to begin.”
A nice round of applause broke out. “Let’s welcome to the stage here for the first time ever.” Lee said with drama. “Star of several hot videos, your favorite cum loving slut LORRAINE!!!”
Another round of applause went up. David wondered what Lee had meant by cumslut. He for the first time realized that Lorraine might be more than just a stripper. Intrigued and excited he sat back as his cock throbbed.
The Sexy sound of a saxophone filled the air as the DJ started playing a hot sexy acid-jazz track. Lorraine stepped out wearing a sexy sheer black top that stopped just above her tight ass, and black fishnet stockings. She was a caramel colored girl and she looked hot. She danced for the crowd bringing more applause. The house went wild when Kiki and Ty walked out to join her. Kiki looked as hot as ever. She was wearing ultra sheer black crotchless pantyhose that framed her Ebony Ass like it was a work of art. Ty had black leather bracelets around his wrist and ankles, giving him a sexy nubian warrior look. The two of them slowly walked towards the still dancing Lorraine. She was clearly aware they on stage, as she wore a nasty sexy smile, and increased the intensity of her dance. She twirled and dipped her ass, spinning it towards the approaching Blazes. The crowd erupted again and Lorraine turned and saw that they were excited by the sight of Ty Blaze’s cock beginning to grow hard. Lorraine looked at Ty and thought to herself. “That’s it Nigga, get that fabulous fuckin cock ready for my hungry cunt.”
The music stopped when the Blazes reached Lorraine. She smiled at them and then grabbed and kissed Kiki and then Ty. She then greeted the audience and told the crowd she didn’t know what The Blazes had planned. Kiki gave Lorraine a sexy smile. “Ty planned some special shit for your ass girl.” “Really?” Lorraine responded. “Before you say anything else, my new boyfriend is here, and he doesn’t know everything I do yet.” She looked right at David with a sly sexy smile.
“Well shit.” Ty began coldly. “Bitch, when this motherfucker sees what I got planned for your ass, we’ll find out real quick if he’s or a man or a punk ass.” Lorraine’s hand slowly moved to her clit as Ty spoke. Kiki noticed and walked up behind her and whispered in Lorraine’s ear. “Damn you nasty bitch, he got you that turned on already?” Lorraine moaned as Ty went on “If he’s a punk ass, he’ll run outta here cryin, and if he’s a man he’ll wanna bring his ass up on stage or at least enjoy watchin’.” The three of them laughed and passed Ty’s blunt around. After taking a hit Lorraine asked. “Whachta got for me Ty? He let out his puff of smoke and answered her. “Well everybody here knows except for David.” The whole house chuckled at this. “That you are a nasty cum slut, so we are shooting live with you as our guest star, our first All Star Cum Fest.” Lorraine looked excited and Ty continued. “We got our special guests up here in the “PlayPen and some lucky bidders out there who are gonna get a chance to shower you with lots of fresh hot cum.” “Oooooo.” Lorraine responded. “You know just what I like.” “What about you and Kiki?” Kiki answered her. “We’ll be right there with you bitch, but we’re gonna heat things up by fuckin’ your ass really good first.” Lorraine let out a cloud of smoke “Bring it on.”
The sexy music picked up, but not so loud that the performers couldn’t be heard. The Applause went up, and it was on.
Kiki stood behind Lorraine and cupped her small perky titties. Lorraine smiled devilishly at David for a moment before she immediately got swept up by the Blazes. Kiki was kissing her neck as she pinched her nipples. Ty was standing in front of them slowly jerking his cock as he watched. Kiki’s left hand moved own to Lorraine’s clit while her right her hand continued pinching her nipples.
Lorraine was moaning in response. “That’s it bitch.” Kiki cooed in her ear. “Get that pussy wet for us.” Lorraine moaned and reached her arms back and grabbed Kiki’s ass. She spread Kiki’s ass open and snaked her fingers towards Kiki’s fuck holes. “That’s a good nasty bitch. Kiki said. “Get up in my ass.” “You ready to suck Ty’s Big Black cock bitch?”
“Yesssss.” Lorraine moaned. “I wanna suck Ty’s Big black Cock.” Kiki grabbed her by the hair. “I can’t hear you Bitch.” Lorraine moaned.
“Ooooooohhh I want to suck Ty’s Big Black Cock.” She glanced at David as she spoke. David looked almost like he was in shock. Before she could smile at him Lorraine felt Kiki shove her head down towards Ty’s beautiful Black cock. Ty’s cock slid into Lorraine’s hot pen mouth as Kiki held her head in place, and the “Cumfest” was under way. A murmur of applause and whistles went through the crowd. From the side of the stage Lee spoke to the crowd. “All right “Freak House” the party has started.” “Sit back stroke and enjoy but I must remind our participants to save those cumshots.” As soon as he was done he headed off over to where Jordan was sitting.
Lorraine was sucking Ty’s cock with fervor. Spit ran from the corners of her mouth down the side of Ty’s cock. Kiki was pushing her head down with a vengeance. “That’s it bitch, suck that fucking cock.”
Ty’s head rolled back as he moaned. “Oooooo yeah Kiki make that bitch work my cock.” “You like how she’s suckin’ your dick baby?” Kiki asked Ty. He moaned his answer. “Damn Kiki, if this bitch eats pussy the way she sucks dick, she gonna drive you wild.” Kiki smiled. “Mmmm that’s what I like to hear.” “Suck that fucking cock you nasty bitch!” She said to Lorraine.

“Freak House” was really heating up. Lee was on his knees in front of Jordan. He was slobbering all over Jordan’s cock while he jerked his own. “Oh shit I just love sucking your lovely cock Jordan.” lee said as he came up for air. Through clenched teeth, Jordan muttered. “Don’t talk, just shut your fucking lips around my cock and suck it bitch.” Lee moaned in response and bobbed his head down ‘til he gagged on Jordan’s cock. He’d been wanting Jordan to fuck him for a while now and soon was gonna get his wish. Jordan had his hand on top of Lee’s head, guiding him up and down on his cock. With his free hand, he gave Lee’s ass a slap. “I’m gonna fuck your ass like a pussy bitch.” Lee moaned, and went down to his gagging point and held it as long as he could to show Jordan that was just what he wanted.

Up in the “PlayPen” things were getting hot as well. Joel was now sitting back, and Shan was sucking his cock. Shan was fingering his asshole as she sucked him off. “You like my finger up your asshole motherfucker?” She asked him. “Oh shit I wish one of these niggas would stick his Black cock up my asshole while I suck your cock honey.” She told Joel. He loved that thought. Before he could answer, Shan went on. “If we’re lucky that Nigga’s woman will sit on your face and let you taste some Nigga ass.” “I think we might even make you suck some Nigga cock.” Shan continued. Joel was moaning like a bitch now. He couldn’t believe how nasty Shan was being.

Steve and Marie had switched up and were 69ing each other. they were fingering each other’s assholes as they ate each other. “Oh I love your finger in my asshole.” Steve told his wife. “It feels so fucking good.” “I know you like when I fuck your ass honey.” Marie responded. “I want your cock in my cunt baby, Fuck Me.” She told Steve. he sat up on their lounge, and Marie positioned herself so that she could sit facing her man. She wanted him to look in her eyes and see how wild his cock in her cunt made her. “Fuck my hot cunt baby, fill it up.” She cooed as she lowered herself onto Steve’s hard wet cock.

David sat transfixed, as he watched Lorraine. Her spit was running down the side of Ty’s Big Black Cock as she slurped and licked it like she were working on a chocolate lollipop. Kiki was working fingers in and out of both of Lorraine’s hot Black fuck holes, and smacking her ass, as her Lorraine sucked her husband’s cock. “Get that fuckin’ cock bitch.” Kiki demanded. “Get all that Big Nigga cock down your throat.” Lorraine was obediently trying to take Ty’s cock further down her throat. She hit her gagging point and Kiki held her there. “No you don’t baby girl.” She said. “Don’t you back up, you suck that dick down like a good bitch.” Lorraine was on her knees, and was squeezing Ty’s ass with one hand as she worked the first finger of her other hand into his tight asshole. He moaned in appreciation of her fine nasty work. “Ahhhh yeah finger my asshole while you suck my cock bitch.”
David was now slowly jerking his cock as he watched his woman with the Blazes. He was not only turned on, but he was thrilled. His woman was a nasty slut and it was how she made her Living. He wanted to join her on stage so badly, but for the moment sat back and enjoyed the show.

In The “PlayPen” things got hotter. Merc was laying back on the lounge holing a leash and Betty was collared, on the floor, and on her knees licking his asshole. He was tugging on her leash as he talked to her. He enjoyed letting her know she was his bitch and she loved hearing it each and every time. “That’s it bitch lick my asshole.” Merc told Betty. “Do you like licking my Black asshole bitch?” Betty moaned her response. “Ooooooh Merc I love licking your tasty Black asshole.”
“I love licking your asshole as much as I love it when you “shower” me.”
Betty cooed at Merc. “Mmmmm That’s a good bitch.” He said “Now lick that asshole like you love it.” Betty spread Merc’s ass wide and licked his asshole out just as her man had told her to. He took hold of her red hair as she did. “Yes that’s it, that’s a good little bitch.” he said.

T.F. and Shonda were not too far from Joel and Shan. Shonda was sitting back on T.F.’s hard Black Cock. He cupped her Big Black Tits as he pumped her hotBlack Cunt. “Hey Baby.” Shonda moaned. “That white couple there keeps looking at us.” T.F. looked at Joel and Shan. Shan looked over at him and Shonda as she came up for air, then went back to work on Joel’s cock. “Damn you right baby.” T.F. said to Shonda. “Maybe they wanna get some Black juice.” he said. “I think we should give em some. Shonda said. T.F. Moaned as he stroked deep into Shonda’s hot wet Black cunt. “Let’s see what happens baby.” he said.

Dave and Andrea were finally recovered form their moment with Bg Dick Bitch, and were getting themselves worked up again. they were clearly going to make the most of their night at “Freak House”. Dave was eating Andrea’s wet pussy out as she tried to watch the main show.
“Oh goodness Dave you eat my pussy so damn good you bastard.” She moaned. Dave squeezed her ass as he burrowed his tongue deeper into her cunt. “Yes, Yes You bastard eat my fucking cunt.”

At their table down in front, Biggie and Lady L could barely contain their excitement. They had been enjoying things out front, but now that they were in the Green room right down front they were getting crazy like everyone else. It was like the “Horniness” hung in the air like oxygen. Lady L was stroking his cock under the table and He had his fingers up under her mini skirt. They wanted to do more but weren’t sure if they should. They would do a lot more before the night was over.

Kiki was still working Lorraine’s head up and down on Ty’s cock. “You like how she’s sucking your cock Ty? She asked. “Hell yeah baby, Lorraine is one hot cock sucking bitch.” Ty answered. “Good, but it’s time to see how good she eats pussy.” She lifted Lorraine’s head from Ty’s cock. Spit was dripping off her lips. “You ready to eat my Cunt you nasty bitch?” Kiki asked. “Yes, yes I’m ready to eat your cunt and get fucked.” Lorraine cooed. “You heard her Ty.” Kiki said to her man. She looked back at Lorraine as she got down and spread her legs wide, opening her hairy Black Cunt. “Get down here and start eating my hairy cunt then Bitch.” Lorraine obediently turned and buried her face in between Kiki’s thighs. Kiki cupped her hands on the back of her head as started licking her. “Mmmmmmmm that’s it baby get it, get that pussy.” Ty slowly jerked his cock, as he watched Lorraine work on his woman for a moment. He loved watching other women eat Kiki, and Lorraine’s tight ass looked good. He couldn’t wait to fuck her tight asshole.
He must have been watching for a minute, mesmerized by the two hot women, because a quiet steady chant of “Ty.....Ty....Ty” had started up. Hearing it, Lee reluctantly took his lips off jordan’s cock and dashed back to the mic. “Ty I think everybody here is ready to see you fuck some hot pussy.” He said. the house applauded and the “Ty” chant got a little louder. Kiki was moaning loudly now and smiled at Ty. She waved on hand at the crowd, to encourage them to get a little louder.
Kiki was ready for some fucking too. When the house responded she lowered her hand and spread her pussy wide for Lorraine. “Oh shit you eating my pussy real good girl Damn!” Lorraine moaned as she shifted and started licking Kiki’s tight asshole. “Oh Shit you a nasty ass bitch Lorraine.” Kiki moaned as she felt Lorraine’s tongue swab her asshole.
Lorraine reached back and spread her ass wide for Ty, letting him know she was ready to feel his cock inside her. Lee chimed in again. “I think our guest star wants some of that hot Nigga cock Ty.” The house grew louder as Ty slowly moved in, pointing his cock towards Lorraine’s Hot Ebony Fuck holes. He looked so cool as he spit on his cock head and slowly worked it around to lube up. Lorraine’s ass was slowly gyrating as she increased the intensity of her pussy eating. “Mmmm Kiki you bitch, your fucking cunt tastes so good.” She said as she came up for air. Ty Put his hand on Lorraine’s ass and thrust his cock in to her cunt with one deep hard stroke. She let out a loud moan, and Kiki pulled her face back down to her cunt. “I know that cock feels good, but you better keep eat my pussy bitch.” Kiki told Lorraine. Lorraine put her hands on Kiki’s thighs and pushed them open so she could get her tongue deeper into her hot wet Black cunt. Kiki moaned as her lips found her clit and she pushed two fingers into her cunt. Kiki moaned her approval. “Mmmmmm Yes baby get that fuckin’ pussy.” Ty had very slowly pulled his cock out of Lorraine’s tight cunt and was teasing her clit and cunt lips with his cock head. Lorraine was eating Kiki’s cunt like she was a starving woman, Ty teasing her cunt the whole time. When she couldn’t stand it she looked over her shoulder at him.
“Oh God stop teasing my cunt and fuck me motherfucker.” She hissed at him.
Ty rammed his cock into Lorraine’s cunt and started pumping her with a smooth steady rhythm...”Ooooo shit. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Lorraine cooed as Ty fucked her tight wet pussy. She turned back to Kiki and spread her thighs wider, and started licking her asshole out. “Ahh shit!” Kiki moaned as Lorraine’s tongue swabbed her asshole. “Your tongue feels so fuckin’ good in my asshole, Damn.” Lorraine slid a couple of fingers into Kiki’s wet cunt as she continued licking her asshole out. “Ohhhh Shit!” Kiki moaned. “What the fuck are you doin’ to me bitch?” Kiki said. Lorraine, satisfied with Kiki’s reaction to her ass eating and pussy fingering, let out a soft moan that sounded more like chuckle. “what’s wrong, can’t handle a real bitch like me?” she said to Kiki. Kiki moaned loudly in response. Ty was turned on even more watching Kiki that he pounded his cock into Lorraine’s tight cunt harder. She looked at him over her shoulder and spoke through gritted teeth. “You like watching me eat your bitch’s asshole don’t you?” “Shit yeah.” Ty moaned in response. “Well then Fuck me like you like it Nigga.” Lorraine said. Ty moaned as he fucked Lorraine’s cunt faster and harder. “That’s it motherfucker.” Lorraine moaned. “Give me all that big Nigga Cock.” Kiki Moaned as she watched her man pounded Lorraine’s sweet Black cunt. She loved watching Ty fuck the girl who was eating her cunt from behind. “Oohh that pussy feel good Ty?”
She asked her man. “Hell yeah, her shit is nice and tight.” Ty said as he continued fucking Lorraine’s cunt with deep hard strokes. She moaned loudly and Kiki smiled. “Get that fucking pussy TY get it.”

David was jerking his cock with a little more intensity as he watched the action. He was so fucking turned on by the whole scene. Between watching his hot, nasty girlfriend Lorraine fucking with the Blazes, and the guests action in the “Playpen” , David was now caught up in the “Freak House” vibe, and feeling like he wanted a playmate of his own. He looked at Jazmyn next to him, and saw that she had recovered from the intense dildo fucking she had received courtesy of Peach Cream earlier. She was rubbing her clit as she watched the action on stage. David, now completely overcome by the weed, drinks, and overall atmosphere, looked back at Lorraine whose cunt was full of Big Black Cock and mouth full of Black Cunt, and decided that he did want a playmate and Jazmyn was it. He reached over and placed his hand on Jazmyn’s thigh to get her attention. “Excuse me my darling, I need you to do me a favor.” David said to Jazmyn, sounding surprisingly cool, given how horny he was at that very moment. Jazmyn looked at him shyly. “Yes and what might that be sir?” Sensing submissiveness in her, David felt a sudden jolt run through his hard cock. He immediately turned more dominant and his tone highly seductive in a domineering way. He spoke slow and soft in a way that told her he was holding back power. “I need to use your fucking ass slut.” Jazmyn moaned and rubbed her clit a little faster. “Ohhhh, how sir?” Not wanting her to get too carried away too fast David stepped up his “power” tone. “First off slut.” He said to Jazmyn. “Get your fucking hand out of your cunt and listen to me.” She moaned and obediently rook her fingers out of her wet cunt. She started to raise her fingers to her lips, but stopped when David raised an eyebrow. “Good girl.” David said. She turned to face him as he spoke. “Do you see that woman on stage?” “The one taking that big Black Nigga Cock up her tight cunt?” He asked Jazmyn. “Yes.” She responded softly. “That Bitch is my girlfriend.” David told her. Jazmyn flinched, clearly turned on. “I didn’t know she did This, and I think she brought me here to see if I could handle her lifestyle.” He explained. Jazmyn Looked up at him but as if seeking permission to speak. “Talk to me Bitch.” He said to her with enthusiasm, he was getting more into it than he expected. “How is it that you wish to use me my kind sir?” David was really into controlling Jazmyn. “I wanna use you to show her I can handle it Bitch, what the fuck do you think I want?” Jazmyn moaned and as she opened her mouth to speak, David grabbed the back of her head. “Shut the fuck up and suck my cock Bitch.” He pulled Jazmyn’s head down and shoved his hard cock into her mouth just to her gagging point. Jazmyn moaned and coughed in surprise, but did not fight David. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and tried to get all of his cock into her mouth. “Oh you’re a good little cocksucking bitch aren’t you?”
David said to Jazmyn. She looked up at him and said “Yes, and since your lady is up there being fucked, I want to make you feel good.” She told him. David looked at Lorraine who was still eating Kiki’s ass while taking Ty’s cock deep in her tight Black cunt, looked around at the action in the “Playpen” and the rest of the house and thought to himself. “There’s no way she could be mad at me for this.” He turned his attention back to Jazmyn and shamelessly told the strange girl “Well Suck that big white cock like you wanna make it feel good slut.”
Jazmyn moaned as though she was about to cum as she took his cock back into her mouth. She sucked his cock relentlessly. “That’s it bitch, work that dick.” He told her. Her spit was running down his cock and dripping off his balls. David’s eyes closed and his head rolled back as she sucked his thick White cock like she was sucking a milkshake through a straw. He grabbed the back of Jazmyn’s head with both of his hands and held on to her. “Yeah you nasty bitch sucking my fucking cock.” David had gotten so into Jazmyn sucking his cock, that for a moment he never noticed the performers on stage change positions. Ty was now fucking Kiki, who was on her back, with Lorraine squeezing her big tits and sucking her coco brown nipples. “I love your fucking big beautiful tits Kiki.” Lorraine cooed. Kiki moaned as Ty continued fucking her hot Black Cunt. “Oooooh shit, girl I wanna eat your pussy while Ty fucks me.” Lorraine smiled at Kiki, and stood over her, poised to lower her pussy down to Kiki’s waiting face. Feeling empowered and a little sadistic, Lorraine teased Kiki. “You wanna eat this fine caramel pussy bitch?” “Ohhhh yes give it to me.” Kiki moaned. Feeling empowered and a little sadistic, Lorraine continued teasing Kiki. “I don’t think you want anything bitch, Tell Ms Lorraine how much you want this pussy.” With Ty’s Big Black cock ramming her cunt, Kiki was like putty in Lorraine’s hands. “Ohh Miss Lorraine, I wanna eat your creamy cunt, please let me eat your cunt while my man is fucking me.” Kiki cooed. “Damn Lorraine you got my bitch going crazy.” Ty said as he fucked Kiki’s cunt hard and steady. Lorraine looked back at Ty over her shoulder and smiled. “Don’t think I’m finished with you yet either Nigga.” She said to him. “Ahhhhh shit.” Ty responded. “I like the sound of that.” Lorraine smiled as she stood over Kiki so she could lower her pussy to her lips. She paused for a moment to look out at the crowd, and saw David getting his cock sucked by one of the girls in the audience. The girl was sicking the hell out David’s cock and he was clearly enjoying it so much, he didn’t realize Lorraine was looking at him. She looked at David and thought to herself. “I’m glad to see that motherfucker didn’t get scared off, now I get to fuck with him.” She gestured to Lee, who was standing in front of Jordan teasing him with his ass in his face. Lee looked over at David and acknowledged Lorraine. “Come on Bitch, stop teasing me and gimme that sweet pussy.” Kiki moaned. Lorraine slowly lowered her pussy towards Kiki’s eager tongue, keeping her gaze on David the whole time. Her eyes closed and she moaned as soon as she felt Kiki’s warm tongue on her wet pussy. “Oooohhhh Eat that fuckin pussy bitch.” She said to Kiki.
There were moans and groans throughout the house as folks were clearly enjoying watching this hot threesome play out. Lee knew exactly who David was, though David did not know it. As he was engrossed in the blow job he was getting from Jazmyn that he never noticed that Lee had crept up behind him.

“Suck my cock you nasty bitch.” David said to Jazmyn. “Suck it like a fucking whore.” A gob of spit ran out of her mouth and down David’s shaft as Jazmyn gagged on his cock. He was so fucking turned on. His hot Black woman was not a dancer, but a pornstar and was on stage being fucked by a hot ass Black couple, while he was getting his dick sucked by a strange bitch he’d just met The only thing that could be better would be for him to be up on stage with Lorraine. He was snapped out of his thoughts by a hand on his shoulder, a light in his face and a voice which seemed to be coming from right behind him and everywhere at once. “Hey folks” David looked up over his shoulder to see Lee. “We got a couple of freaks having their own little party here.” As soon as Lee finished, David who had been completely surprised by Lee turned back around and saw Lorraine Throwing her head back and moaning loudly as Kiki continued to eat her hot wet cunt. He wasn’t sure if she had seen Jazmyn who was still sucking his cock, spit running out of her mouth down the sides of his shaft. It was an image of pure lust at it’s best. Looking back at Lorraine David decided he better end his “close encounter of the Nasty kind” and tried to lift Jazmyn’s head. Jazmyn, knowing full well that David was now afraid his woman might see, was more turned on and would not let his dick go. “Shit, let go Bitch!” David whispered to Jazmyn. She grabbed the base of his cock with her hand lifted her head just enough to whisper to him. “I know your woman is watching, but your cock is so good in my mouth and when I see her being so nicely fucked, I just wanna make your cock cum for you daddy.” She jerked his spit covered cock as she whispered. “I know you’re turned on by my slut mouth.” She breathed. Now matter how much you tell to stop, your cock stays so fucking hard in my slut mouth.” She told him. He knew she was right. David was turned on by the whole scene. the fact that his new girlfriend was not a stripper but a pornstar, and that he was getting his cock sucked by a strange slut while his girlfriend was on stage being fucked by a hot ass Black couple. He still tried to get Jazmyn to stop before he was seen. At that moment, as if things couldn’t get any worse they did.

There was another loud voice that rang out. “Oh Helllll Nooooo.”
David turned and saw that Big Dick Bitch had come from back stage right up to Lee. “If these two motherfucikin bitches can get they groove on the I want to get mine on too Nigga.” she said to Lee.
Lee looked at Big Dick Bitch and responded. “Well big Dick bitch why don’t you switch places with David here, because I believe his girlfriend wants to see him.” David turned and saw that Lorraine was looking right at him. He sat silently for a moment while Jazmyn continued sucking his cock. Big Dick Bitch spoke next. “That’s your woman up there motherfucker and you got this bitch sucking your cock?” David looked at the stage and saw that not only Lorraine, but all three performers had stopped fucking, and were looking at him. Ty was slowly stroking his cock and Kiki was lightly fingering her clit. “Looks like you fucked up, now move over Nigga.” Big Dick Bitch said to David. She turned to Jazmyn, and grabbed her by her hair. “Bitch you done enough damage to him, but if you still want suck, then suck this Big Black Cock Bitch.” She rammed her cock into Jazmyn’s mouth who opened to receive it eagerly. Jazmyn gagged as Big Dick Bitch pushed her cocked down her throat. “Uh ah Uh ah don’t back up off that Black dick you suck it like you was sucking that other dick Bitch!”

Lee sprang right into action. “Hey Freaks it looks like things are getting out of hand in here tonight!” He raised David’s hand as though he’d just won a boxing match. “The reason the action on stage has stopped momentarily is This Man!” There was a murmur through the house. Jazmyn tried to look up but Big Dick Bitch pushed her head back down on her cock. “Bitch what the fuck you tryin’ to look at?” “All you need to worry about is my Black Dick in your mouth.” Jazmyn moaned around the thickness of her cock. “Mmmmm yes Miss Big Dick Bitch.” Lee kept working the crowd, and even had Lorraine and the Blazes curious to see what he was going to say or do next.” He went on.
His woman is up there being fucked for everyone’s entertainment and he’s getting his dick sucked by a strange slut in the front row.” There was a slight round of boos and hisses. Lee quickly raised his hands to silence them. “What, like that’s not how we do it here at Freak House bitches?” The hisses turned to laughter and applause. A Sista-girl called out. “I know that’s right... Shit.” Lee saw that it was Vanessa Hart. She must have followed Big Dick Bitch out to see the action.
“Freaks and bitches.” Lee went on. “What David has to do now is go up on stage and make things up to Lorraine so that she’ll start fucking again.” That brought more laughter and a round of applause, as Lorraine quickly pretended she was crying. David turned to Lee and then looked at Lorraine. She was now smiling her “Seductress” smile and gesturing for him to come to the stage. For added effect Lee spoke into the mic with a false British accent. “Ah sir, your presence is requested on the stage.” David could see Lorraine whisper something to Kiki and Ty. Though he didn’t know what it was, he could see they must have agreed to it because now she was smiling that sexy dominant smile. it made him nervous. Lee being the awesome host sensed it. “Hey freaks and hos, it seems that now that David got caught with his Dick in the cookie jar, he’s lost his nerve.” “Let’s encourage him to get up so we can get this show back on.” The crowd started a quiet steady chant of “Dayyyyvid...Dayyyyyvid....Dayyyyyvid.....” Lee went on. “Good, good, now to get our “Freak Mojo” back I want to ask Vanessa, Aymeric and Peach Cream to come out and work the crowd and to our “Playpen” guests...Do your thang.”

Kiki and Ty were now standing behind Lorraine slowly stroking themselves. The scene was intense. David could see Aymeric and Peach Cream making their out from the backstage area and out into the house as well. Vanessa Heart had already spotted her victims sitting up front. An incredibly hot night at “Freak House” was getting even hotter.

Vanessa sashayed over to Biggie and Lady L’s table. “Hey mama How y’all doin’?” “Oh hi, we’re fine.” Lady said, in a shaky tone that showed Ms Vanessa Heart, she had surprised her by coming up to Their table. Biggie, who was still holding in a hit he’d just taken off their blunt looked just as surprised as Lady L. Vanessa laughed. “Gurl, I won’t bite, not ‘til you ask to me.”
Lady L chuckled and Biggie laughed his hit out through a few coughs.
“Shit, I’m glad y’all are just nervous.” Vanessa said. “I was startin’ to think I came to the wrong table.” Vanessa said with a giggle. “Hell No!” Biggie said emphatically. “Baby, be cool, Damn. We don’t know what she wants.” Lady L said. She turned back to Vanessa and the two smiled. Vanessa spoke next. “Y’all weren’t in here for the first half.” She said emphatically, letting the couple know it was not a question. Lady L responded to Vanessa. We were late, and didn’t think they would let us in, so we watched the first half from the Keyhole room, and you Ms Vanessa were fucking hot.” Biggie chimed in. “Yeah you really put it on that White boy, and...” “BIGGIE!” Lady barked, to cut him off. Vanessa laughed, and held her hand out for the blunt. “It’s cool mama.” She said to Lady L. “Matter fact, I came over to ask if you was willing to share, cuz I’d love to show you I put it on a Black Dick.” Lady L squeezed Biggie’s thigh under the table, which was her signal for “Honey?, Shut the Fuck Up and be cool, I got this.” Biggie knew from what had happened to him the many times before, when he had either misread or ignored “the squeeze”, that this time he should listen, and just took another hit and sat back. Lady L thought to herself “Shit. It figures he would finally listen when some new Pussy is involved..Nigga...” She refocused on Vanessa and answered her.
“Well sure Ms. Vanessa, but only if you if you put a little sumthin, sumthin on my pretty mulatto cunt too.” Biggie, still holding his hit in thought to himself. “I’m glad I fuckin listened, cuz I wouldn’t been that smooth, GO BABY!” Vanessa smiled at Lady L. “I came over and spoke to you first didn’t I mama?” Lady L feeling frisky, and recognizing “Game” smiled back. “Gurrrrlll Pleeeezzzze, you know that don’t mean shit, you know how these triflin’ bitches are.” Vanessa smiled again. “Touché gurl, I like your style.” Vanessa continued. “Mulatto hmm? Girl I knew yo’ ass had some flava.” Lady L laughed back. “Of course I do, shit, if I didn’t have flava and ASS, there’s no way I’d have a Real Nigga like Biggie.” Lady L said. With a little “Tone” she went on. “Shit girl we gonna do this or you just talkin and teasin’?” The gauntlet was thrown down, and Vanessa responded. She flipped her top down and held up her Big Black Tits. “Get y’all asses over here and suck my fuckin tits, Now!” The couple moved their chairs around the table and each took one of Vanessa’s big tits to suck. Vanessa put her hands to the backs of their heads and pulled them closer in on her tits. “Yesss, that’s it babies, suck mama’s Big Black Tits.”

As Aymeric strolled through the “Playpen” he noticed Dave and Andrea looking at him. “Got time for your fellow countrymen?” Andrea said as he was passing their lounge. he stopped and gave her his sexy sly smile, I’m actually French I only Lived in England for a few years.
Andrea felt a little embarrassed, but before she could say anything Aymeric went on. “Of course while I was there, I developed a love for their women.” Andrea smiled and looked at Dave, who spoke to Aymeric for the first time. “Well then how ‘bout we give this fine lady the proper double fucking she deserves?” “I would be honored to join you” Aymeric said. As soon as his words were out, Andrea laid back on the lounge and spread her legs as wide as she could. “Well boys? Here are my hot fuck holes, come double fuck me like a whore.” Aymeric looked at Dave with a look of both surprise and delight. Dave looked back at him. “You heard her then, get to it. you start low and I’ll start high.”
Aymeric winked, through off his robe and got on his knees and looked at Andrea’s inviting Fuck holes. “Do you have a preference where I start darling?” He asked her, letting a little bit of his French accent out. “Ooohh Andrea moaned, I want to feel your fucking tongue up my bl**dy asshole you nasty French fucker you.” Aymeric obliged her and began licking Andrea’s tight musky asshole. He moaned lightly to let her know that he liked both her scent and taste. Dave stood behind the lounge, pulled Andrea;s head back and stuffed his cock down her throat. Andrea moaned and gagged as the two men worked on her.

Shonda was slowly riding up and on T.F.’s Big Black Cock. She again noticed Joel and Shan sneaking glances at them. She slowly and very teasingly got off of T.F.’s cock, sat beside him and slowly started jerking it. She gave him a very hot kiss knowing she was being watched.
She then looked over at Joel and Shan and timed it just right catching them both staring at her and T.F. Before they had a chance to turn away she spoke to them. “Hey, y’all White asses been lookin’ over here for a minute.” Shonda held T.F.’s cock up, and cupped one of her big tits. “Y’all wanna come over here and get some this chocolate or you just wanna sit there like a couple of pussies and look?” “Daaammmnn baby.” T.F. said, sounding shocked at Shonda’s bluntness. Shonda looked at her man. “What the Fuck T.F., you know I don’t play. Shit!”

Joel and Shan were both shocked at Shonda’s sudden blunt invitation. “Oh shit, did you hear what she said Shan?” Joel asked his lady. “You bet your fucking ass I did.” She replied to Joel. “What do you think?” He said to Shan. “I think I’m gonna get some of that chocolate with or without you.” Shan answered as she started to get up an walk over to T.F. and Shonda. “Not without me you’re not bitch.” Joel said laughing as he got up and followed her. Shan spoke first. “Hi, I’m Shan and this is my husband Joel.” Shonda responded. “Hey gurl, I’m Shonda and this is my man, T.F.” “Thanks for inviting us over.” Shan said. “Well y’all were staring at us all hard and shit.” Shonda said. “Word up, all in our grills.” T.F. commented as he took a hit on a blunt he’d just lit. “Girl I’m sorry but you two are so fuckin hot and we’ve always wanted to play with a Black couple.” Shan said to Shonda. “Well what’s up?” Shonda asked. “Whatcha wanna do?” “I’d really like to see what your hot hairy Black fuckin Cunt tastes like.” Shan said without missing a beat. Shonda opened her legs wide, and leaned back on the lounge. “Come and get it baby girl, come eat this sweet Black Cunt Bitch.” She said to Shan sounding so damn seductive and sexy. Joel Stood there and watched as Shan dove right into Shonda’s Black Cunt. He’d never seen her eat another woman with such enthusiasm as she had for Shonda at the moment. Shonda began to moan as Shan licked her hairy Black Cunt. T.F. moved around the lounge past Joel. “b*o if you just gonna stand there like a cuckold bitch, I’m gonna fuck your bitch.” He said to Joel as walked around him towards Shan. “Hey bitch, you think your white pussy can handle this Black Dick?” T.F. said to Shan. She took her face up out of Shonda’s cunt, and looked at him over her shoulder. “Nigga, I want that Big black cock up my fuckin tight White asshole.” “Ahhh shit, you my kind of bitch.” T.F. said. He spit on the head of his cock and then again on her asshole, and started teasing her asshole with his cock head. Shonda looked at Joel “What the fuck you waitin for White boy, come feed me that nice white dick.” Joel stepped over to lounge, straddled it and lowered his hard cock into Shonda’s hungry mouth.

Merc was now up and walking Betty on the leash. He smacked her ass as she crawled, each time he gave her a direction. Smack “That way Bitch.” He said “seeing those two hook up with that Black couple has given me and idea.” He continued. “Oooh what is it Baby?” Betty asked sounding excited. Merc Smacked her ass very hard after she spoke. “Who is the Master here Bitch?” He asked Betty. She turned around to face but kept her head down, and let out a low moan. “Ooooh you are my master.” She cooed. “Damn right I am, and what are you?” Merc said. “I am your nasty fuck slut slave.” Betty replied. “What happens when Fuck Slut Slaves question their masters?” Merc asked her. Betty moaned in anticipation of what was coming. “Fuck sluts who question are punished no matter where they are.” She said to him, head still down. Merc smiled his sinister sadistic smile. “That’s right,...Knees Bitch, Face up mouth open. “Yes master.” Betty squealed, hardly able to contain her excitement as she knew she was going to get exactly the punishment she had hoped for. It was something she always enjoyed and would have wanted anyway. She got into position on her knees and held up her face as she had been ordered to. Merc stepped closer to Betty. He looked over to Steve and Marie who were just behind Betty on the next lounge, and winked at them as if to say “watch this”. He then took hold of his nice cock, pointed it at Betty’s face and spoke. “Take your punishment like a good save Bitch.” Merc then showered Betty down with his hot “Liquid Gold”. Betty moaned as Merc showered her face and tits. “This should remind you of who is charge bitch.” Merc said. “Ooooooh yes master.” Betty moaned. Merc looked up and saw that Steve and Marie were not only watching, but appeared to be turned on as they watched. He was pleased becasue he had been taking Betty over there before she had to be “punished”.
As soon as he had finished hosing Betty down he got her crawling towards Steve and Marie. Merc addressed the couple. “I’m Merc and this is bitch is my wife and slave Betty.” “Hello Merc.” Marie said. “That was quite a show you just put on.” Merc laughed and said “I was bringing her over here to ask you to help me treat her right when she had to be punished.” Marie chuckled. “I see, what do you want us to do?” she asked Merc. He looked at spoke. “Marie and Steve and spoke. “This slut needs a cock in each hole and cunt in her face.” Steve spoke up next. “That doesn’t sound like a problem to me, honey?” Marie knowing Steve was game looked at Merc. “We’ll do it if you let us have a turn at showering her down too.” Merc smiled. “Ladies first” Marie got up and stood over Betty and showered her just as Merc did. Steve joined her and when they finished showering her Merc pulled Betty up off the floor and on to the lounge. He ordered her to sit on Steve’s cock facing him so he could slide into her asshole. Marie straddled the lounge and squatted her cunt right over Betty’s face as the two men were beginning to put one hell of an intense Double fucking on Betty.
“With all that dick in her, you think she’ll keep eating my pussy?” Marie asked. Merc answered her. “My slut will keep eating your cunt until I tell her to stop, no matter how mush dick we give her.” Marie’s eyes widened with excitement. “Ooooo I like that, Eat my pussy bitch.” She said to Betty.

Back on the main stage, Kiki and Ty were standing right behind Lorraine. All three of them were staring at David who was still in his seat beside Jazmyn, who was sucking Big Dick Bitch’s cock with all the intensity she had just been suck David off with. David was a little shocked that she fell so easily into sucking Big Dick Bitch off. It was like he wasn’t there. Lee, who was anxious to get back to Jordan had moved up to the performers. The “David” Chant had quieted for the moment. Lee spoke into the mic. “Ms Lorraine what you need in order to get this show going again? Lorraine gave Lee a quick hello kiss. “Lee all that we need is for David to bring his ass up here to me now.”
Lee turned back to the crowd. “You heard the lady freaks.” He said. The David chant started up again and was a little louder this time.
David looked up and saw that Lorraine was now smiling a very sadistic smile at him. It was scary and sexy and was turning him on as well making him wonder what would happen if he went up there. His thoughts were broken by a voice next to him. “Well motherfucker?” It was Big Dick Bitch. She was still feeding Jazmyn her cock. “Instead of just sittin’ there, you need to take yo’ punk ass up to your lady and take your medicine like a man bitch.” she said to him. She turned back to Jazmyn. “You keep sucking this big Black dick Bitch.” “I want all this motherfuckin‘ Black Dick down your White throat.” Jazmyn Gagged as she tried to obey Big Dick Bitch.

David knew he had no choice. Everyone was calling his name. “Dayyvid, Dayyvid, Dayyvid.” He got up out of his seat and walked as coolly as he could towards the stage. When people saw him they began to applaud and whistle. Some of the women called out things like “Give it to him good Ms. Lorraine.” and “Serves your cheatin’ ass right.” A b*****r called out. “Yo you fucked up b*o, but you got guts.”, while another yelled out “Keep ya head up.” Lee chimed in. “Oh come on now Freaks it ain’t like she’s gonna Shoot him.” The crowd erupted into laughter. Lee always knew how to get a good laugh out of the “Freak House” crowd. “Here comes the offending individual now.” The laughter subsided, and the “David chant went up once more as he stepped up on to the stage and into everyone’s view. Lee raised his hand to silence the crowd. David reached the stage and was now looking at his woman’s face. Lorraine was looking very angry, and David knew he had really fucked up. What he didn’t know, was that Lorraine was actually very happy that he had accepted what she did, and now she was just fucking with him. Lee broke the silence. “Well there David, you’re in a jam.” He said. “You’ve pissed off your lady and stopped the show, now what do you have to say?” David looked at Lorraine took her hand in his, kissed it and spoke. “Baby, I’m so sorry, I saw you up there and all that was going on and I got carried away.”
He kissed her hand again. “Let me make it up to you please, I’ll do whatever it takes.” he told her. Lorraine smiled her “sadistic temptress” smile at David. “I can understand you got carried away, but lettin’ some bitch suck your dick in front of my face without trying to come up here first motherfucker?” Before David could respond, Lee chimed in. “Sounds like someone is in real trouble freaks.” The crowd chuckled. David again pleaded with Lorraine. “Baby please, she initiated it, and I was so carried away watching and...” “Save that bullshit.” Lorraine cut him off. “There is only way you can make it up to me, and get my mojo back, and the show going again.” Kiki looked at David “Whatever it is, I suggest you do it, cuz if you don’t it’ll be very expensive for you.” “You’ll also catch a beat down before you get outta here too.” Ty said. David knew he was in a pickle. He looked at Lorraine. “What is it you want me to do?” He asked her. “You need to turn me on again motherfucker what do you think?” David thought to himself. “Shit I thought I was in real trouble”. Feeling a little relaxed David answered her. “No problem I can do that.” he said to her.
Lorraine smiled as she knew she had him. “Right now there is only one thing you can do to turn me on, and it’s either that or nothing.” David got down on one knee. “Lorraine, I fucked up, and I am sorry. I will do whatever you want, I promise.”
Lorraine’s smile turned more sadistic. She reached back and took hold of Ty’s big Black Cock, and gently pulled him forward. “I want you to suck Ty’s cock.” There was a murmur throughout the house. A few guests called out. “You go girl.” a guy yelled out “I’ll do it if he won’t.” That got a few chuckles. David looked at Lorraine, wanting to make sure he heard right. “What?” Lorraine knowing full well he had heard her the first time gave hime some attitude. “Motherfucker you heard me, I said I want you to Suck Ty’s Big Black Cock. Now!” Ty was looking at David with a sadistic smile of his own, as was Kiki. Lee spoke to David. “Baby boy I can tell you from experience, that sucking Ty Blaze’s cock is not only an awesome experience, but it’s something a lot of girls and guys here would love to do.” He turned to the crowd “Ain’t that right “Freak House”?” he said. The house applauded. David looked at Lorraine and knew from the look on her face that she was already turned on. He Looked at Lorraine’s tight thin Ebony body. This black woman was the hottest girlfriend he had ever had, and now that he knew she was a porn freak he was not going to lose her, even if it meant sucking some dick to keep her. “All right baby, for you I’ll do it. I’ll do anything.” “Freaks, it looks like we have us a show again.” Lee said and he stepped back, ready to head back over to Jordan.

David got down on his knees in front of Ty. Looking at Ty’s butterscotch colored cock up close made him think. “Damn can I do this?” Lorraine broke his thought. “What the Fuck are you waiting for White Boy? Put that Nigga Cock in your mouth.” David loved when she talked to him like that. It was so hot. He took Ty’s cock in his hand and slowly moved his head towards it. The crowd had started a quiet slow chant of “Suck.....suck......suck.... It was clear the crowd wanted to see David suck Ty’s cock as much as Lorraine did. He continued lowering his head slowly when Lorraine grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down. Ty guided his big cock into David’s mouth as Lorraine pushed his head down. “Yeah suck that fuckin dick.” He said as his cock slid into David’s mouth. Lorraine had both of her hands on his head. “Yesss
that’s it baby suck that Big Nigga Cock.” she said to David. The crowd applauded when Lorraine pushed David’s head onto Ty’s cock. A woman called out to her. “That’s it mama, show that White boy not fuck with you.” A guy yelled out. “Lorraine can I be next?” Lorraine didn’t hear the crowd. She was so locked in on Ty and David. She was so fucking turned on watching David suck Ty’s cock and she let him know. “Oh Shit David you look so fucking hot.” she said, sounding so turned on she was almost out of breath. Kiki chimed in. “Girl he is sucking that shit good, don’t it look he sucked some dick before?” “Hell yeah.” Lorraine said. She looked at Ty. “Does your dick feel as good in his mouth as looks?” He answered Lorraine. “Shit this White boy got skills.” Lorraine pulled david’s head up off Ty’s cock for a moment. “Are you keeping a secret from me motherfucker? Have you sucked cock before?” She asked him. “No baby, I’m just doing my best to please you.” David said. She smiled at him. “Perfect answer motherfucker, I think you deserve a treat, get back on that dick.” David closed his lips around Ty’s cock again. He was actually starting to really get into sucking Ty’s cock. He had always wondered what sucking cock felt like, and for the moment at least he was starting to really enjoy it. Next thing he felt was a hand on his cock. He looked and saw Kiki stroking his cock. “Don’t mind me I’m just giving you that treat.” She said to him and took his cock into her mouth. David moaned immediately, as he learned right away, that Kiki Blaze could suck cock. Ty moaned as David continued sucking his dick. David was really sucking with passion and his spit was running down the sides of Ty’s cock. “Ahh yeah suck that Dick white boy, suck that shit good. He said. Lorraine was now so fucking turned on as she watched her man sucking Ty’s big Black Cock while Kiki was suck David’s cock. She got down and started eat Kiki’s cunt out again. and the four of them chowed down on each other for a while.

Seeing that the action was now back in full swing Lee spoke up once more. “Hey Freaks, Now it’s Really On!!!” He then scurried back over to Jordan, to find Peach Cream sucking his cock. “Peach you bitch.” he said with a laugh. “You know I been working on that dick all night.” Peach cream turned to him smiling. “Fuck you Lee I’m just keeping it hard for you.” She said. “Instead of complaining like a bitch why don’t you just shut the fuck up and eat my pussy?” Lee laughed.
“Well if you insist.” He got down on his knees behind Peach, spread her ass cheeks, and started eating her sweet Black Cunt. “Oooooohhh Yeah.” Peach moaned. “That’s it, make yourself useful bitch.” Lee stopped licking her cunt just long enough to say, “Anything for my Peach”.

Vanessa was now on her knees sucking Biggie’s hard cock. Lady L was eating Vanessa from behind, working both of Vanessa’s hot Black Fuck holes. She had a couple of fingers up Vanessa’s cunt while she was licking her asshole out. Vanessa moaned around Biggie’s cock, then looked back at Lady L. “Oh shit girl, you’re making both of hot Black fuck holes feel so fuckin’ good.” She said in a gasping voice. “Bitch you just keep sucking my man’s big Black Cock..” Lady L said strongly as she slapped Vanessa’s ass hard. Vanessa moaned and obediently went back to sucking Biggie’s cock. She took it right down to her gagging point, and held it there. Without opening her lips, Vanessa started sucking Biggie’s dick as though she was sucking a thick frozen milk shake through a straw. “Ahh shit Suck that dick just like that.” Biggie said in an excited tone. “That’s it Bitch, make my man’s Black Cock feel good while I eat your Black Asshole out you nasty bitch.” Lady L said to Vanessa. She rammed her fingers hard into Vanessa’s cunt, which made her cough spit out of the corners of her mouth and all down Biggie’s cock and balls. Vanessa looked up at Biggie. “I’m ready to feel your Big Black cock in my pussy nigga.” Lady L chimed in. “I’m ready for your tongue up my mulatto cunt, but I don’t know if you can handle Biggie.” Vanessa looked back at Lady L. “Girl you got spunk, but I think I’m too much for both of you.” Lady L Slapped Vanessa’s ass. “Bring it Bitch.”

Up on stage, Kiki, Ty and David we all still in their respective places. David was still sucking Ty’s cock, and was now clearly enjoying himself and not trying to hide the fact that he was. Kiki was sucking David’s cock, and now had a finger up his asshole. Lorraine however, had moved. She had gone from eating Kiki’s cunt and got down next to David and shared Ty’s cock with him. “Yeah bitch.” Ty said, “Share my cock with your man.” David held Ty’s cock between the two of them, and he and Lorraine licked it like it was a chocolate ice cream cone.
She put one hand on the back of David’s head and reach down to finger Kiki’s cunt who was lying on the floor as she sucked David’s cock, with her other hand. Her tongue flickered over the head of Ty’s cock just as David was bringing his lips back up Ty’s shaft. The two of them kissed and licked Ty’s cockhead together. David moaned as Kiki pushed her finger deeper up his asshole. “Oh I love how you finger my ass and suck my cock baby.” David told Kiki. Lorraine looked at her man for a moment. She thought to herself “He looks so fucking hot with that cock in his mouth.” She moaned as she felt Kiki stick two fingers from her free hand up into her asshole. This scene was hot even for her.
She looked down at Kiki “Damn Kiki you’re a nasty fuckin Bitch.” she said. “I don’t know how you can suck David’s dick and finger both of our assholes at the same time.” Kiki stop sucking David to answer her.
“Cuz I got mad skillz bitch.” Lorraine moaned as Kiki went back to sucking David’s cock. “Oh David.” she said. “You look so good with that Nigga’s Black cock in your mouth and his nasty bitch’s mouth on your cock and fingers up your asshole.” “You’re turning me on so fucking much.” Lorraine told David. He took Ty’s cock down his gagging point, and let a trail of spit dribble down the side as he looked up at Ty. “Oh shit.” He said “Damn I can’t believe how fucking good your big Nigga Cock feels in my mouth.” He dove down and licked Ty’s balls, which made Ty moan a little louder. “Yeah lick my balls just like that Motherfucker, that shit feels good.” Ty said to David.
“You know how to work a Dick White Boy.” Ty said. Lorraine looked down at Kiki, who was still sucking David and fingering both of them. “Ohhh Kiki.” She moaned. “I’m ready to feel David’s dick inside my cunt, do you mind?” Kiki looked at her and answered. “No I don’t mind at all, and I got somethin’ for yo’ ass bitch.” “Ooooooo.” Lorraine said.
She looked at David who had let Ty’s cock out of his mouth. “I didn’t tell you to stop sucking that Black cock mother fucker, I just said I want your Dick in my cunt.” David rolled completely onto his back so Lorraine could ride his cock. Ty straddled David’s face and lowered his cock into David’s mouth again with a low “Yeah motherfucker.” Lorraine lowered herself over David’s cock, and began teasing him, by getting close enough to touch her pussy to David’s cock head, and lifting up again. A woman in the house called out “make him work for it girl”. After a minute or two, of her sexy teasing, David couldn’t take it anymore. He reached up and grabbed Lorraine’s waist and pulled her down onto his cock. “Oh Shit!!!” Lorraine moaned loudly, as David’s filler her hot Black Cunt in one hard motion. She sat still for a second to catch her breath, then looked at David with attitude. “Ah ah motherfucker, you’re not controlling the pussy I’m rockin’ the dick” She told him. She called out to Ty who’s back was to her. “Ty, grab his arms.” “Sure thing mama” Ty answered, as he reached back for David’s arms and pinned them to his side. Lorraine put her hands on David’s stomach, and started riding him up and down in a slow rhythmic pace.
She would lift her cunt just shy of pulling it completely off of David’s cock, and then come back down alternating how fast, slow and hard she did. She was clearly trying to drive him crazy and it was beginning to work. David moaned as he sucked Ty’s cock. “You like how that pussy feels don’t you motherfucker?” Lorraine asked David. “You just wanna fuck my Black pussy hard the way slut should be fucked don’t you?” She asked. David managed to moan out an answer of “Fuck yeah I do.” She answered David. “I know you do you nasty motherfucker, but since you had that bitch sucking your dick, I’m controlling this dick tonight.”
She continued. “Your fuckin dick has one mission, please me motherfucker, you got that?” “This Big White Dick is Mine!” Lorraine said Emphatically. David took his mouth off of Ty’s cock to answer her. “Yes baby Yes.” Lorraine continued “I’m gonna work your fucking White Dick hard motherfucker, you just keep sucking that big Black cock and don’t you Dare Fuckin Cum.” David simply moaned his answer as Lorraine rode his Dick. He was so fucking turned on. His girl Lorraine was fucking the shit out of him, he was sucking his first cock and was now enjoying it. He loved how turned on Lorraine was by it. He had until a moment or two ago another hot Black bitch sucking his dick. Even though the dick in his mouth was punishment for Jazmyn sucking his dick, David Still felt like the man. He could hear from the sounds of the audience and that there were a lot of motherfuckers that would do anything to switch places with him. A dude near the front called out. Even with a dick in yo’ mouth you the Man b*o, look at how she’s fuckin you.” David smiled inside but didn’t let go of Ty’s dick. Ty was enjoying David’s dick sucking skills so much that he let go of his arms. David grabbed Lorraine and gave her a quick hard thrust. “Oooooohh FUCK, You’re a feisty motherfucker.” She said. “That White dick feel so fuckin good.” “Your dick feels as good in my pussy as you look sucking that Black dick.” Lorraine said to David. “You like sucking that dick for me motherfucker?” She asked. David quickly Said. “I love sucking the Big black dick for you.” “He sucking your dick good Ty?” Lorraine asked.
Ty Moaned. “Ohhh shit girl this motherfucker can suck some dick.” Lorraine smiled. “Thats my sexy ass white motherfucker, Fuck me.”
Kiki who had dashed off to her “Stash closet” was slowly walking toward Lorraine from behind. When the crowd saw her they started chanting...”KiiiiiKi....KiiiiiiKi” Lorraine looked over her shoulder and saw Kiki coming towards her with a Strap on Cock. “Oh Shit Kiki.” She said. Kiki smiled and answered her. “That’s right Bitch, I got something for yo’ ass.” As was her custom whenever she brought out her strap on Kiki held her Cock up as she walked to Lorraine and asked, “Look familiar Bitch?” Lorraine looked at Kiki’s cock and then turned to David an looked at Ty’s cock sliding in and out of his mouth. She turned back to Kiki who was smiling at her and stroking her cock. “That’s right bitch, it’s a copy of Ty’s shit.” “What are you going to do?” Lorraine asked Kiki. “You’re gonna suck this cock girl.” Kiki pulled Lorraine’s face down to her cock. Ty Turned around so he could watch Kiki while David sucked his cock. One thing that Ty loved at least as much as fuckin Kiki, was watching Kiki fuck another bitch. Kiki could Fuck a bitch good.
Lorraine gagged on Kiki’s cocked as she bobbed up and down on it. “That’s it bitch.” Kiki said. “Get that shit nice wet so I can Fuck your asshole.” Kiki reached down and played with Lorraine’s perky tits as she stuffed her cock in her mouth.

Lady L sat with her legs wide open, fingering her clit, as she watched Vanessa getting ready to take her man Biggie’s big Black cock.
Vanessa was on slump over a bench with her Big Black Ass up. She was looking at Lady L determined to show her she could take Biggie’s cock.
Lady L smiled seductively at her. “You sure you don’t need him to take it easy on you mama?” Vanessa met her challenge. “Bitch I’ll take your man and make your pussy cum.” Lady L looked at her “Think so mama? Fuck her Biggie.” She said. Biggie thrusted his cock into Vanessa’s cunt with a grunt. He went balls deep on his first thrust and slowly pulled out. Vanessa let out a loud “Oh Shit!!!” When biggie got balls deep. Lady L let out a giggle and spoke with sarcasm. “What’s the matter mama?” “I thought you were gonna handle us both.” she said. Vanessa caught her breath, and was now Biggie fucking her with long slow deep strokes. Vanessa looked up at Lady L. “Bring that sweet pussy over her Bitch, I got you.” Lady slid her pussy up to Vanessa and spread t open for her. Vanessa attacked Lady L’s cunt with intensity. She drove two fingers deep up into her cunt and started licking her clit. Lady responded right away. “Ooooo Daaaammmnn what are you doin’ to me.”
“I’m showing you I can take Any Nigga and his Bitch at the same time.”
Vanessa said with passion and power. “And I’m just getting started with this fuckin’ cunt.” She told Lady L as she began to work a third finger into her cunt. Vanessa turned to Biggie over her shoulder who had increased his rhythm only slightly. “Is that the best you can with this fine Black Pussy Nigga?” She said to him. Biggie grunted. “Hell no bitch.” He rammed Vanessa’s cunt hard, and instantly picked up his rhythm. “Ahhh YES Nigga, Yes.” Vanessa moaned. “That’s what the fuck I’m talking about, Fuck that Black Pussy Nigga.” she said. She quickly went back to work on Lady L. She had 3 fingers in her cunt, and spit on her other hand before going back to sucking her clit. Vanessa was now working two fingers of her other hand into Lady L”s tight asshole. She moaned loudly ass Vanessa’s fingers penetrated her asshole like a cock.
“Oh Shit mama, You making my pussy and asshole feel so good.” Lady L said. Vanessa started working a 4th finger into her cunt. “What’s my name Bitch?” She said to Lady L, grunting under the onslaught of Biggie’s cock. Lady L barely managed to moan. “Ohhh Vanessa.” Not at all happy with how she was answered, Vanessa thrust all of her fingers deep and hard into both of Lady l’s fuck holes. “I said What’s My Name Bitch!” She said with some serious “Ghetto Tone”. Lady L responded obediently. “Miss Vanessa Heart.” Lady L continued moaning as Vanessa worked her hot Fuck holes. Vanessa smiled down at Lady L. “Don’t forget it bitch.” She said. Biggie Rammed his Big Black Cock balls deep into Vanessa’s Sweet Black Cunt with one hard pounding stroke, which caused her to cry out. “Ohhhhhh FUCK!” She yelped. “What’s MY Name Bitch.” Biggie said with his own “Tone”. Vanessa Moaned her answer. “Biggie, Biggie Motherfucker.” He pounded the pussy hard again. “I can’t Hear You Bitch!” he said a little louder, and a lot more aggressive. That turned on Vanessa and Lady L, as both of them moaned. Vanessa cried out louder. “Your Fuckin’ names is Biggie motherfucker, Biggie Mack-daddy Motherfucker.” Lady L was overcome between Vanessa finger her fuck holes, and Biggie Fucking Vanessa. She burst into an orgasm that was intense. “Oh shit, oh shit OH SHIT. I’m Cumming.” Lady L moaned, as she shuddered in the throes of orgasm. Vanessa took her fingers out of Lady L’s ass so she could hold onto her bucking hips. “That’s it Girl.” Vanessa moaned, as Biggie was still pounding her cunt. “Give Me that Mulatto Pussy cream.” Lady L moaned and writhed through the rest of her orgasm. When she stopped cumming, Vanessa Took her fingers out of Lady L’s cunt, and put both of her hands on the bench to prop herself up under Biggie’s pounding. She was moaning loudly. “Ooooohhhh, Fuck me Biggie, Fuck my Black Pussy with you big ass fuckin dick.” Biggie was hammering the pussy. “Yeah you like that fuckin dick don’t you bitch?” He said to her as he smacked her ass. “Oh Yes I love that fuckin Big Black Cock Nigga.” She answered through her moans. Biggie was “feeling himself” as he watched this Hot Up and Cumming Pornstar Taking his Cock. He could see Lady L was playing with her pussy as she watched him Fuck Vanessa. “I knew you couldn’t handle this Black Dick like my Mulatto Mami can Bitch.” He said as he smacked Vanessa’s ass again. Vanessa gave him an angry look over her shoulder that was so fucking sexy, and squeezed her pussy muscles tight on his dick.” When he felt her pussy tighten on his Dick Biggie knew he said the wrong thing. Vanessa reached underneath herself and grabbed Biggie’s balls tight. “Nigga, I been nice and enjoying that good Dick, but now that you talkin Shit?”. “I’m gonna put in on you Good Nigga.” She slid Biggie’s cock out of her pussy and turned around to face him. “Lie your ass down Nigga.”
Biggie laid back on the bench, and Vanessa straddled him facing Lady L.
She spoke to her as she lowered her cunt onto Biggie’s cock. “Watch and learn bitch, this is how you put it on a Nigga.”

Kiki”s strap on cock glistening as she took it out of Lorraine’s mouth. Spit was still dripping off of it as Kiki moved around behind Lorraine.
“Slow you roll baby boy.” Kiki said to David as she eased the had of her cock up to Lorraine’s tight caramel asshole. Kiki slowly worked the head of her cock into her asshole. Lorraine moaned as she felt Kiki’s cock entering her. “Ooooooo it really feels like Ty’s cock girl.” She moaned to Kiki. “I’m not gonna fuck you like Ty does bitch, get ready.” Kiki told Lorraine. As soon as she felt the head of her cock pass the rim and truly enter her asshole, Lorraine let out a gasp, and relaxed for what she thought would be a nice smooth ass fuck. Kiki smiled ass she felt her ease into Lorraine’s asshole. “I’m gonna tare that ass up.” she thought to herself. Instead of pouncing right away like she usual did, she eased into a nice slow fuck. She was gentle and found a nice smooth rhythm with David. “Work it with me White Boy.” She said to David. They got into an alternating pace to one cock was in while the other was out. Lorraine was going crazy. “Oh two are fucking me so good.” Ty took his cock out of David’s mouth and moved so he could offer it to Lorraine’s mouth. She reached out and took hold of Ty’s cock and opened her mouth. She kissed and licked Ty’s cock from tip to balls. “I wanna lick your asshole before the night is over you nasty Black motherfucker.” she said to Ty. “Ahh shit, alright.” Ty said. As Lorraine worked her way back up Ty’s cock, Kiki called out to David. “Come on David, let’s put it on your Bitch, White Boy.”
Knowing exactly what Kiki meant (he Was dating a sista-girl) David answered Kiki. “Fuck yeah girl, I got you.” He said. He gabbed Lorraine’s hips while Kiki grabbed her shoulders. The two of the began pounding Lorraine’s fuck holes like pistons. “Oh SHIT!!!.” Lorraine screamed as David and Kiki began to “Put it on her”. “Yes! Yes, Fuck Me, Fuck Me.” Lorraine yelled. “Fuck my Cunt You Motherfucker. Oh Shit Fuck my Asshole you Bitch.” Lorraine screamed. She was so base and raw it was so fucking sexy. The house was applauding ad whistling. Tips were flying from all over. Ty moved in and stuff his cock into Lorraine’s hungry mouth. “Here bitch.” He said as he stuffed her mouth. It was hot. “Freak House” had never seen anything like it. Lorraine had all three of her holes stuffed. Lorraine was being used and fucked like a slut, a real Hardcore cumslut, by Kiki, Ty, and her man David, and she was loving every second of it......

Sensing the heat of pure lust from all around him, Lee reluctantly took his tongue out of Peach Cream’s sweet Black Cunt and stepped to his mic. As he stepped aside Ben stepped up and said “I’ll keep the pussy warm b*o.” He stared licking where Lee had left off, Peach Cream not once stopping the blow job that had Jordan Chase’s toes curled and teeth gritted. “Damn You suck some Mean Nasty Cock miss Peach.” She looked at up Jordan long enough to say. “I love suckin’ a nice Big White Boy Cock motherfucker.” Jordan threw his head back and moaned as Peach took his cock back into her hot ebony mouth.
Lee looked around “Freak House” before he spoke. He thought he eve saw Pepper Vargas sucking some dick, and that was even rarer than Peach Cream fucking around! He looked around the “Playpen” and saw all of the Blaze’s special guests getting into their own little threesome and foursomes. “Damn. How and when Kiki and Ty will top this, cuz they surely will.” he thought to himself.

“Hey Freak House”, he said into the mic. “Have we got us a hot fucking night going on or what?” The house erupted into applause and moans.
“Hmmff.” Lee thought to himself. “Even if they don’t top this, it’ll sure be fun watching them try.” He scurried back to Peach and Jordan, and saw Ben now fucking Peach, who was still sucking Jordan. Before he could react, Jordan called him. “Hey Lee let me suck that pretty cock for a while.” Lee happily stepped up and fed his hard cock to Jordan,
Who rammed two fingers right up Lee’s tight asshole, making him moan.
Jordan looked up at him. “Your asshole is my next target for my cock.”
Lee moaned, and thought to himself. “It is going to be SO much fucking fun watching them try.”.......

The End of Part 2

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