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When i saw my friends mom naked .

growing up for me wos good i had looks and finding a girl friend was no problem . im a stocky build good looking , found it really hard to stay in a relationship . that was because i needed more fun .

iv got a mate called sam live a few streets down from me . i spend alot of time at his house . one day he ask for me to stay over me being lazy i tort its a weekend been drinking no harm can be done . we got to sl**p around 2 we when to bed . he slept on his bed poor old me was on the floor . after a lil while i couldnt feel my back need to hit a bed or a sofa i desided to go downstairs i the liveing room i had just my boxers and t shirt on . laying down could not sl**p so i whent in to the bathroom wash my face . trying to find a way to sl**p noting was working . as i walkt out sam mom open her door her gwjus boob were hanging naked body i just froze she was half asl**p she look at me in suprise the way i wos looking at her . i didnt move i didnt nw what to do as she walk past me she rubed herself against me and kisst me on the neck by now i had the biggest bonner ever . she pulled me in the bath room shes a lady of around 47 im 23 shes kissed me in ways iv never been kisst . holding my cock in her hand felt so nice . i got down and i gave her the best part of my tounge . i lick it like there is no 2moro . she wos getting hot i was at boiling point . i couldnt stop she started sucking my cock up and down her sexc lips were over it . all wet then she bent over i put it in her i knew i had to make her proud she was a bit fast going for me i had to keep up it felt so good and so right i knew this is what iv been missing in my life .

as i began to fuck her deep in her pussy she was loveing evry bit she tryed her best not to make no noise . i couldnt hold it in any longer i burst right in her all that warm cum in her even thinking bout it still turns me one .she turned around suckt my cock and starting kissing me . we been in the 2 long so we left she whent in to her bedroom i when downstairs i got to sl**p . best sl**p i had in a long time . when we woke up she come down first she kisst me i woke up she said we can do this again i felt upset i loved it . after that day i have met her for sex in her car ad hotel rooms still good nutting beat the first time sam still a close mate . i can never tell him . and his mum shes a star .

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