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When a woman needs a woman - Part I

Angela was ready to take the plunge. She had been thinking about making love to another woman off and on for months now. It was filling her daytime thoughts and keeping her awake at night now as she lay next to her snoring husband, unfilled as usual after his feeble attempt at making love. ‘At least he’s satisfied’ she thought crossly as she lay in the dark, her unfulfilled need gnawing at her. She let her fingers drift across her tummy, still firm after the birth of her two. At 33 she had kept her figure and her looks she thought; she felt sexy and attractive but something was missing; men didn’t turn her on, even though she was often pestered.

She shut her eyes and imagined once again a little scenario that she had developed. It started with her arranging a night away for just herself in a posh London hotel, and meeting a sexy and sensual woman for dinner. After much flirting, they would go to her bedroom and make love slowly, learning about each other’s bodies, being pampered in ways she could only dream about. She wanted this. Her fingers slid lower down between her legs and she felt for the magic spot that her husband had no inkling of, which she had had to resort to more and more lately. She came silently, imaging what a woman’s tongue would be like licking and probing, and made herself be still as she orgasmed. She determined at that moment to make the dream come true.

Next morning when she'd done the nursery and school run, Angie settled down at her computer with a cup of coffee. First she found a hotel. She had been left some money by her parents and it was in her own account that her husband couldn’t access and rarely asked about. She would use these funds and indulge. And so she booked a suite for one night in the following week at the Dorchester Hotel, complete with Jacuzzi and a home entertainment system. This done she started to trawl the agency websites, looking for those that were at the ‘higher end’ of the market. Sophisticated women, who could converse as well as looking good. She wanted a younger woman, but she had to be beautiful and sensuous, as well as professional in looking after the needs of her client and of course specialised in entertaining other women. There were lots to choose from but none that really caught her imagination, until after an hour or so she came across a small, discrete site that had a couple of girls who caught her eye. They were marketed as postgraduate students, in the UK to pursue their studies but working in the evenings and nights. The one that Angie was most drawn to had big doe-like eyes, long chestnut hair and a full sensuous mouth. She was called Clara. She found her hand between her legs pressing on her clit as she read Clara’s CV and looked at some of the pictures. This was the one.

Her hand was trembling as she picked up the phone and dialled the number given. A business-like woman answered the phone and took down her details before asking her what she wanted. In a faltering voice Angie said out loud the words that she had said in her head so many times, ‘I want to book Clara for an evening on the 25 May.’ There was silence at the other end of the phone save for the turning of pages, and Angie could feel her heart beating fast. ‘Yes, she is free,’ came the reply eventually. ‘Do you know the fee? It’s £1500 per evening paid up front. Anything extra is a negotiation between you and the girl on the night. Are there any particular requests?’ Angie didn’t know what to think, her head was in a whirl. ‘Like, how she’s dressed,’ eventually came an impatient response to her silence. ‘Oh, oh yes of course,’ stuttered Angie, ‘well, she needs to be smartly dressed for dinner at the Dorchester, a simple cocktail dress or smart trouser suit,’ she said. ‘Perhaps stockings and heels, and… and some nice lingerie,’ she continued getting into the swing. ‘She should look sexy and sophisticated, and well made-up. I don’t want her looking like a hooker.’ I understand’, said the woman; ‘a sensual and sultry femme. Clara is well used to playing the successful young niece-about-town for her aunt from the country.’

They continued to deal with the financial transaction and then Angie put the phone down. She was trembling; what had she done. She stared at the picture of Clara on the website and saved it on her laptop. She imagined how the evening would go and what they would do. The woman was beautiful she decided, if only she is like that in real life. Her fingers stroked her pussy through her jeans as she daydreamed, feeling Clara sensual mouth browsing on her neck. She slipped a hand in through her blouse and under her bra, feeling her nipple hard as she pressed rhythmically on her clit. Oh God she so wanted this, but a whole month to wait!

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