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Experiment with mom's friend becomes more

Once I had tasted a woman for the first time, I was never the same. I haven't looked at women the same since that night. And it didn't take long for my first experience to lead to my next. My mom's friend, Margie, was only too happy to insure that my young pussy stayed wet. The first weekend after I first tasted her breast, Margie was ready to expand my horizons.

Sara and I had grown accustomed to her sl**ping over, though my mother and her were never overtly affectionate in front of us and never declared themselves to be lesbian lovers. Sara and I never asked, and they never told. So it was not unusual to see Margie at the breakfast table in the morning. What was unusual was her attire that Saturday morning. She typically wore very large, loose-fitting t-shirts in the morning that left everything to the imagination. But this time, she was wearing a negligie that hugged her breasts, was partly see-through and cut off at the top of her thighs. Sara whooped as soon as Margie walked into the kitchen, teasing her, "Oh, sexy! Who let this beauty into our house?!" She giggled playfully and reached out to smack Margie's bottom. Margie spun, "Oh you want some?" she laughed, sidling up beside Sara and pulling her face into her tits. Sara was laughing hard. I wasn't sure what to think. Had Margie fooled around with Sara before? Was she coming on to her? But even with those thoughts, I couldn't help but smile. It was funny. Margie looked over at me and caught my eye as she was pushing Sara's face into her tits, and broke into a mischievous smile. "See what you're missing?" she asked as she pulled away from my s****r, smiling playfully. "My loss," said Sara, smiling. My mom entered the kitchen and shoo'd Margie off to get into something more appropriate. My mom is conservative like that and was less amused by Margie's attire than Sara and I. Margie returned a few minutes later in a button down and slacks. We all had a pleasant breakfast of fruit and bagels. My mom and Sara then gathered their things and left for the afternoon, leaving me at home with Margie.

As the door shut behind them, Margie turned to me. "Last night was very special for me, Alli." I didn't know what to say and just smiled sheepishly. It had been special for me too, but I was still trying to sort out my feelings. "Did you like it?" she asked, already reaching for her top button. My mom and Sara were still in the driveway as Margie worked her way down the buttons on the front of her shirt, popping them open one by one. she reached the bottom of her shirt and let it hang, stepping towards me. She reached down and took my wrists, lifting my hands to her upper chest and placing them there. "You don't have to be shy, Alli," she whispered. "You weren't shy last night. I know what you want." But this was different. For starters, there's something secret and hidden about the darkness of a bedroom at night, but here we were in the middle of the living room in broad daylight, standing right in front of a bay window. I could see her face, see her wrinkles, was made acutely aware of our difference in age, which both excited and disturbed me. Margie was standing in front of me, her shirt open, her breasts swelling inside a lacy bra just inches from my hands. Her eyes stared into mine. It wasn't a dream in the darkness of night. This was real. Margie had already determined my feelings and didn't need me to agree. She took my wrists again and slid my hands downward, over her breasts so that they filled my palms. She slid her hands off my wrists and pressed her hands on top my mine, pressing my hands against her breasts. "Mmmmm," she moaned. She slid her hands off of mine and let her shirt slip off her shoulders and fall onto our living room floor. She stood in front of me in broad daylight. Her skin was milky white, and seeing the curve of her 38DD breasts in broad daylight took my breath away. "Come sweetie," she said softly, "taking the bottom of my nightshirt in her hands and lifting. I raised my arms reflexively as she lifted my shirt off. I was wearing only panties. Margie moaned softly to herself and stepped closer to me, pressing herself lightly against me. She was taller than me by more than a few inches - more than I had realized - and the soft, cool bra that covered the bottom of her breasts touched the top of chest. She ran her hands through my hair, over my shoulder and down my upper arms. Her hand slid to the front of my arms and I felt her felt her fingers close around my nipples. She pinched lightly and pulled, pulling herself towards me. She leaned down and her mouth met mine. Our tongues touched. I could feel my legs turn to jelly and my body explode with tingling excitement. Margie took my right breast in her hand began to squeeze it, kneading, almost hurting as she squeezed it hard, pushing her tongue deeper into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue. My legs gave out and I fell back onto our living room couch. "That's my girl," Margie said, as she climbed on top of me. We continued kissing deeply, passionately. Margie overwhelmed me with her passion, her energy. I still felt tentative, but she was unabashed, determined to bring out my wild side. Her hand cupped and squeezed and pulled at my breasts and nipples. She grinded against my thighs. I could feel her wetness starting to seep through her panties onto my thighs. She moved from my mouth, down my neck to my breasts. Her hands cupped and squeezed as she kissed and sucked and pinched my nipples. "Do you like, baby?" she asked. I could only whimper my assent.

Her hand slipped inside my panties, something she hadn't done in our first encounter. She started circling my clit with her fingertips. I could feel me clit hardening and my pussy, which was already wet, was turning into a lake. Margie raised herself up on her left elbow and her right hand stimulated me to ecstacy. She leaned forward and kissed my forehead, her breasts touching my chin. I lifted my hands to cup her enormous breasts. I pulled down the bra cup to expose her right breast and lustily latched onto her nipple, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could fit. It wasn't much. Margie was instantly excited and was only too happy to suffocate me with her breast. "Good girl," she coo'd, cupping her own breast to feed me her enormous nipple. I sucked hungrily as her fingers circled the clit of my ever-wetter pussy. Her nipple was much bigger than I remembered from the other night, almost filling my mouth, especially now that it was swollen and hardened from my sucking. I bit it gently, running my tongue over its tip, then sucking hard again. I was sucked as hard as I could. I released it and took it into my hands, squeezing and massaging, amazed by how big and heavy her breast was, how long and thick and red her nipple now was. As I admired her breast, Margie slipped her finger into me. I squeeled in shock, and immediately turned my squeel into a groan as my shock turned to pleasure... be continued...

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