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That one time in the bushes next to school

This, like all the stories I post on here, is a true story.

I studied arts in high school, which basically meant my school was a melting pot of stoners, hot alternative chicks, emo k**s and a bunch of teacher’s still thinking they’re 16 years old. The school was one giant orgy: over the four years I attended it, I must’ve fucked about 30 to 35 girls, including all of my female classmates but one. I have so many stories to tell about my time there, but I’ll start with just one.

That time in the bushes.

At one of our school parties, I’d made up with this girl who was a year younger than me, let’s call her Mary. She was a cool chick, we’d been friends for a while before we first kissed. She was somewhat of a tomboy, hanging out with us guys when we were smoking pot and drinking whisky (you know, just to be cool) outside of the school grounds. Girl had been around, we shared a bunch of sex stories together.

After that d***ken kiss at the party, our attitude towards each other changed. We winked when we passed each other in the hallway. When a bunch of us were sitting in the yard, she’d lean against me so I could caress her neck. This wasn’t unusual: all of us were that at ease with each other. Only with Mary, I’d start sliding my hand over the side of her torso, too. I’d make sure my fingertips stroked the outskirts of her perfect breasts, then I’d work my way down to her tighs and pinch them gently. It was obvious we were going to fuck.

Question was: when and where? It was a boarding school, but the boy’s and the girl’s sl**ping quarters were like 15 minutes apart from each other and the girl’s dorms were very highly protected. And in the weekends, she had to go home, where she had a boyfriend. Not that having him was stopping her to have fun during the week.

I was still trying to figure this out when we ran into each other on Friday afternoon, school was just out for the week. We talked for a while when everyone was saying goodbye to each other. She mentioned she didn’t have to be home until a while later. When most of our friends had left, she swiftly changed the tone of her voice.

“Do you know where the G-spot is?”

- “Of course”, I replied. (For the record: I don’t believe in the G-spot, it’s scientifically impossible, but what’s a boy to say when asked that question, right?)

“Well, do you know where mý G-spot is?”

- “Not yet.”

“Wanna find out?”

I started poking her belly. “Is it here?” I playfully asked. “Or here maybe?” I caressed her neck.

“Don’t be silly”, she said. And then: “Not here.”

Even though she was a year younger, she really took charge. She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the bushes next to our school’s main entrance. There were a bunch of trees there to hide under, but if one really looked in our direction, one could definitely spot us. And by “one”, I mean the group of teacher’s that was still hanging around the school entrance.
Mary didn’t waste any more time. She started kissing me with power, truly jamming her tongue in my mouth. “This has taken too fucking long”, she said, breathing heavily. “I know babe”, I replied. Then I unbuttoned her pants. I pulled them down as she was laying on the grass, leaves and dirt. Her white panties immediately get dirty, but she didn’t care. I put my face on her pussy, with her panties still on and hummed. Teasing her. She lost it, pulled her panties aside and pushed my face in there. I licked her pussy, which was already wet. I tickled her labia, sucked her clit and gently put one finger in her. Then a second. I fucked her with my two fingers while licking her clit. It didn’t take her long to come. Her moaning was muffled, she knew all too well teachers could hear us. With my other hand, I’d been caressing her tits with it, I stroked by her mouth. She bit me. This was too fucking hot.

“Suck it”, I said, while getting up on my knees and pulling down my baggy pants. She didn’t reply, but looked at my erect penis with awe? Then she started wanking me very, very hard. She put my dick in her mouth and sucked on it like her life depended on it. She was sitting on her ass in the dirt, looking a like a total slut. A hooker, even. For some reason, this turned me on even more. I pushed her down and climbed on top of her. Her pussy was still very wet. I started fucking her with f***e, holding down her hands and licking her entire face. We still needed to keep quiet. I remember looking to my right while fucking Mary and seeing three teachers talking to each other next to us, maybe 20 meters away. That was so fucking hot I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I buried my hand in Mary’s neck and bit it as I came inside of her. She whispered one thing: “don’t worry, I’m on the pill.”
Silently, we pulled our pants up. I cleaned my dick, soaked in cum in pussy juices, with my handkerchief, then I threw it away. I might still be there, in the bushes.

We both got up and walked out of the bushes. We didn’t look at the teachers, but turned right down the entry way and giggled as we hurried away from the school. I walked Mary to her bus stop, kissed her one last time and said goodbye. Later, walking to a friend of mine, I smelled my fingers and smiled.

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