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Lady Malevolende

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Lady Malevolence

Lady Malevolence's finely penciled dark eyebrows arched, Her scarlet lips smiled widely in anticipation and She turned around, slowly,

Telling a male to do this in such detail always excited Her. This was a very special pleasure that She found an exquisite satisfaction in - having an obedient naked male on his knees, recently and severely punished by Her, thoroughly dominated by Her, brought under Her total control, and then ordered in explicit detail to pleasure and worship Her, whilst humiliating himself even further, by thoroughly worshipping and licking, Her most secret and intimate Ladies place.

The unbelievably intense sensations that She was now going to experience and revel in - to have a man worship Her bottom and then Lick-Her, as She spread Her soft, rounded cheeks and pressed Herself into his face, drawing his tongue - and him, into Her, were, for Lady Malevolence, possibly the ultimate in physical sensations of pleasure a mere male was capable of performing.

Aside, that is, from using a man's face to sit on for hours at a time as She worked at Her desk. Enjoying the very different experience, of the slow build ups to repeated climaxes.

Indeed, Her most lucrative business transactions had been negotiated and achieved whilst working like this.

However, Lady Malevolence found that the acute sensations of having Her bottom thoroughly worshipped, lasted much longer, lingering on for almost an hour afterwards.

Which was exactly what and how She wanted to feel, as She issued Her ultimatums during the meeting with the two male executives, whose business She was taking over, that meeting scheduled to take place immediately after this morning's 'Coffee and Lick-Her' break.

Lady Malevolence reached down to the sides of Her black skirt, and slowly raised it up. The fabric glided with a sensuous sussurating, feminine sound, up over Her black silk stockings, up over the darker stocking tops, held in place by a black lacy suspender belt, up over the creamy white flawless globes of Her bottom, only partially covered by almost transparent, black silk, lacy panties, and up to Her waist.

The male servant felt his penis stiffen even more at the unbelievably beautiful vision of femininity - for the second time in less than twenty-four hours, only inches from his upturned face!

(Last night at Lady Melissa's soirée, She had had him naked, on his knees, behind Her, but had ordered him, in great detail, exactly how to Lick-Worship Her Womanhood. She had orgasmed heavily onto his face and into his mouth, filling it with Her Lady's nectar, all of which he had swallowed- exactly as She had ordered him to).

As soon as Lady Malevolence had fully raised Her black skirt, he immediately leaned forward and started to worship Her bottom with rapid, brief kisses all over the perfect, satin like twin cheeks, and then with long, slow, up and down licks, covering every square millimeter, just as his Mistress Melissa had trained him to do, when he performed - every morning, the ritual worship of Her bottom.

After five minutes of this adoration and worship of Her bottom, Lady Malevolence placed Her feet widely apart, either side of Her servant's knees, and bent over from the waist. Her left hand moved down onto the coffee table, to steady Herself. Reaching behind Her with Her right hand, She pulled aside the filmy panties, pressing Her fingers into Her skin to widely stretch open the cleavage of Her bottom.

Lady Malevolence selected a rough sugar cube from the coffee table in front of Her, and reaching back between Her thighs inserted it into the open mouth of Her anus.

She gasped loudly with pleasure, and then inserted two more, pushing them all deeply inside Her.

She felt the male's warm, wet tongue lick slowly between Her bottom cleavage, all over the deliciously sensitive, newly exposed, secret skin. The hard sugar cubes deep in Her anus were moved around, like Chinese-balls, as his tongue licked around and over Her sweet, puckered lips.

"Press your tongue harder, and faster, around my ring boy!" Lady Malevolence loudly ordered him, Her voice hoarse and full of arousal, Her head back and Her eyes closed as the intense sensations of the three cubes were oscillated by the pressure of his tongue running firmly around Her anal ring. All too soon She could feel them dissolving, as the pleasure intensity subsided.

She pulled Her cheeks further apart, and felt the warm syrupy liquid seep out of Her, pushed Her upturned bottom fully into his face, and writhed Her anus over his licking mouth.

"Ah, yes! Now lick inside me, clean Her out - 'Lick-Her', boy!" She shouted at him.

The warm, sweet syrupy nectar flowed over Her Lick-Her servant's face as he frantically swallowed and licked Her clean. Her widely stretched bottom smothered his face, as She ground Herself onto his open mouth.

Lady Malevolence's scarlet lips stretched widely over Her pearl-like teeth in an act of almost unbearable pleasure. She moaned loudly, then louder and louder, culminating in a long, feminine, guttural scream of pure ecstasy.

With iron willed discipline She resisted the overwhelming temptation to orgasm. Instead, using both hands, She pushed Her bottom cheeks tightly together, completely trapping Her servant's face, as She willed Herself back down slowly, from the pinnacles of exquisite pleasure.

Reluctantly She released him.

Her bottom peeled stickily from his face.

As Lady Malevolence slowly stood up, She heard the servant rapidly gulp in the air that had been denied to him as She had his face fully trapped in Her bottom. Eyes closed, smiling now with pure delight, She raised Her arms high above Her, and stretched, fingers spread, Her head back, shuddering in the powerful surges of that pure delight coursing through Her.

The Lick-Her servant looked up with adoration from his knees, at the unbelievable vision of this Lady, this Goddess, whom he knew he had been honored to give such pleasure to. She seemed to tower even higher above him. On his knees behind Her, he too, was in his own ecstasy.

This moment was his joy, to be naked and on his knees, having served, having pleasured, having worshipped, a Lady - a Goddess.

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