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Star Trek : Lonely Major Kira.

I walked in to Quarks, the place was jam packed with people drinking and gambling. I had only just been reassigned to Deep Space Nine and didn't know anyone on the station. Walking over to the bar I took a seat next to a Bajoran woman. Her hair was dark red and her body thin with curves all over. I suddenly realised that the beautiful woman I was sitting next to was Kira Nerys, the new Commander of the station since Captain Sisko has disappeared on Bajor.

She glanced over at me and smiled a little bit, I could see a sadness and loneliness in her face as she smiled. Almost like she had lost someone close to her. I extended my hand and introduced myself. “I'm lt.Mac , new engineer” she introduced herself back and smiled. “Can I get you another drink Captain?” I asked. She nodded and accepted. I bought her one and we kept talking, she told me about how she had lost her long time boyfriend who was the stations head of security and how a lot of her oldest friends had moved on with their lives away from the station.

Hours past and we kept talking, she was drinking heavily and you could tell she was becoming intoxicated. Quark finally kicked us out of the bar and I helped her back to her quarters in the habitat ring. When we got there she invited me in, a little d***k now aswell I accepted and followed her, her quarters were very big and well decorated. Lots of Bajoran art and religious badges all over the walls. I noticed her amazing ass as she bent down to get more drink out of a draw, my hand just reached for it without my brain even knowing and squeezed it firmly. “Oh I'm sorry Captain” I said as my face went red. She turned around with a grin on her face and said. “ You like my big Bajoran ass then I take it?” She pushed me down on to a chair and then sat on my lap. I wasn't expecting it at all. She sat on my lap and turned away from me, her big ass placed on my cock. She suddenly started grinding against me; my cock beginning to grow bigger and bigger threw my uniform. Precumming already as she kept going, my hands firmly placed on her hips. “You want to fuck me don't you Lt?” she asked, I replied by simply leaning forward and kissing her neck, my hands already moving up her body and unzipping her red uniform from behind and pealing it off slowly. Once her uniform was unzipped she stood up and let it fall to the floor, she undid her red bra and revealed her perfect little tits, her nipples bright red and rock hard. She walked over to me in her red thong and slowly pulled of my clothes. My cock was as hard as it has ever been now as she ran her smooth soft hands down my long thick shaft; she got down on her knees and slowly placed her gentle lips on the head of it; sucking gently and licking around the tip with her tongue. I tilted my head back in pleasure and grunted a little as her mouth began to take the whole length of my cock inside of it. She sucked my cock with such passion and desire, getting every little bit of precum swallowed as she went before I finally shot my load over her face and down her tits after 5 minutes. I was surprised I had hung on for that long to be honest.

Now came the fun part. I helped her up and led her to her see threw table in the centre of the room. I quickly bent her over it and spank her large ass with the full palm of my hand leaving a red hand print across it. She yelped a little in pleasure as I slowly pulled down her red thong revealing her beautiful shaven pussy. My cock already hard again now and covered in her saliva and my own cum was lubed up perfectly. I rammed my cock without and mercy in to her tight little Bajoran pussy and started thrusting in her like there was no tomorrow. She yelped and moaned in pleasure as I fucked her from behind, her tits pressed up against the table as my hands kept spanking her big ass. I noticed her reaching forward and then grabbing something before passing it back to me. It was a large glass dildo. She screamed at me “ in my ass...put it in my ass!!” Not wanting to disappoint I did as she said and spread her big ass cheeks wide apart and slowly rammed the dildo up her ass as my thick shaft continued its fucking of her tight wet dripping cunt. I reached kept fucking her with ruthless pace for another 5 minutes, my balls slamming against her ass as the dildo moved further and further in. Eventually she let out a huge moan and yelp before squirting all over the table and my cock. I kept going until I was finished and the shot my load deep inside her juicy wet cunt.

We both managed to get to her bed, she had a bit of a limp but seemed quite happy with what had happened. Are bodies both covered in sweat and our own juices we both relaxed and kissed for a while before falling asl**p in each others arms. The next morning I woke up and she had already left for her shift in Ops. I lay in her bed for a while and thought about the night I had spent with her hoping it would happen again one day.

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