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Summer Country Club Job Part II

I then realized that most of these wives want to do what they can't do with their husbands- only maybe to the extreme.
The next time I was with the black wife I decided to push thing seven more.
As we entered her bedroom I stripped quickly and sat in the chair in the room.
"Dance for me"
"What" she exclaimed
"Dance for me like you work at a club"
She gave me a dirty look that turned into a smile
She still had her bra and panties on.
She walked over to her radio and turned on some dance music.
"Like this?"
She moved just like one of the dance team at the basketball games. I suspected she had done that
She danced for a good 5 minutes and then took off he bra in a seductive move. Her hard titties bounced as she kept going
"Take it all off" I ordered
She smiled and slid off her cute little panties.
She kept going and I watched her wiggle her ass and titties.
"Now come here"
She walked over and stood in front of me.
I grabbed my member
"Suck me"
She got on her knees and took me in. As she gave me her regular good blow job I called her names. This made her suck harder.
I exploded in her,
"Take it all"
She swallowed everything I had given.
"Now pose some more"
She moved around her bedroom stopping to pose in various classic nude positions. I got hard again.
I sat on the edge of the bed
"Come here"
As she came close I grabbed her arm and placed her face down over my legs, her ass up
I spanked her ass gently, she squirmed.
I spanked it again harder.
I spread her cheeks and looked at her pussy and anus
"I want everything shaved"
"I can't, James is very conservative"
"Then shave the stuff between your pussy and your anus"
"I can do that"
I worked my finger in her pussy and then slid it in her ass
"No I can't do that" but she didn't resist
I worked her ass with my finger until she came again
I realized that James never let her suck dick either
"On your knees again"
I pulled her face into my dick and she knew what to do
I stared down at this beautiful black women enjoying my dick. I came quickly.
The next time with Mrs. Andersen I wanted to try one more thing. I told her I expected Jill to be present again.
AS we entered her bedroom the scenario played out like it had before.
Jill sucked me as Mrs. Andersen watched. I licked Mrs. Andersen and then Jill did. I told Mrs. Andersen to watch as I fucked Jill. I rolled her on her stomach and entered from behind like before. I stopped after a couple of minutes I pulled out. Jill was curious and Mrs. Andersen was watching as I slid my finger in Jill's ass.
"Oh no you're not going to" Jill said but she did not resist
I worked her ass fro about two minutes and then pulled out my finger.
Jill flinched and quivered as she knew what was coming.
I slowly eased my dick in as Mrs. Andersen watched
I didn't push all the way in, Jlll's ass was tight. After a minute I slid in all the way, She moaned.
I slowly started stroking her ass, I dpn't think I've ever fucked anything so tight. I looked over at Mrs Andersen and she was watching very closely.
"You're next"
As Jill started pushing back I exploded in her ass. I kept pulsing and coming.
I pulled out slowly and collapsed.
Jill moved slowly and headed to the bathroom. I could hear her cleaning up.
When she came back into the bedroom I told her to get Mrs. Andersen ready
"What do you mean/"
"Give her a good licking"
Mrs. Andersen gave me a great smile as Jill did her thing. As Mrs. Andersen got close I told Jill
"Give her ass a good prep job"
Jill moved Mrs. Andersen's legs over her shoulders and slid her tongue down to her anus.
Mrs. Andersen looked over at me and came violently.
Jill slid away and Mrs. Andersen laid there and heaved.
Before she could move I grabbed her leg and turned her over. I slid a finger in her ass
"No" but she didn't resist either
Just like Jill I worked her ass for about two minutes and then started moving in with my dick
Mrs. Andersen was tighter then Jill even
When I was eventually able to really start fucking I Looked over as Jill watched.
This was more than I could take and I exploded. I came buckets again.
As I pulled out I thought I had hurt Mr\s. Andersen. She couldn't move.
She slowly rolled over with a great smile.
She then saw the clock and panicked.
"It's getting late"
Sh didn't have time to drive me back to the club. I had to call a friend from a nearby shopping center.
I didn't mind

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