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For as long as I can remember, the subject of i****t was a huge turn on for me. I am really just your average hard working 38 year old male. I have a great job, wonderful f****y, and a beautiful home in the San Francisco suburbs. Nobody would ever suspect I had this crazy little fetish, and of course I hid it well, especially from my wife. The thought of i****t in real life wasn't so much a turn on for me, but rather the fantasy aspect - the Taboo movies, the erotic stories I read online, the f****y-themed letter magazines I would sneak into the bathroom with me. I suppose this fetish started back when I was 18 and my s****r was 19. We never had sex or anything, but occasionally she would allow me to watch her change clothes, and for such a late bloomer like myself, it was an incredible thrill. The most vivid memory I have of us was the time when I was in her bedroom and she decided to start changing into her pajamas. It was nothing new for me, as she had done this many times before, but suddenly I decided to test the waters a little. She removed all her clothes except for a pair of little white cotton panties, and began to head to her dresser drawer to grab her pajamas. Just before she was about to throw her baggy t-shirt on, she paused and stood there with her lovely c-cup breasts pointing right at me.

"Do you think I have nice boobs?" she asked me with complete sincerity. "Be honest."

"Are you k**ding?" I replied. "They are perfect."

"They're alright. They're not perfect, though." she replied as she lifted them both up with her hands.

"What do they feel like?" I asked innocently. "Are they squishy?"

"Not squishy..." she replied laughing. "I don't know... they are more on the firm side, I guess."

"Can I feel?" I bodily suggested as my boner was on the verge of exploding.

"I don't know." she said with a debating look on her face. "You don't think it's weird?"

"I just want to see what it feels like, that's all. I never got to feel one before."

"Alright." she agreed. "But just really quick."

She approached me as I sat on her bed, and knelt down on the floor in front of me.

"Here, give me your hands." she said as she grabbed both my wrists.

She placed each hand on a boob and let go allowing me to explore by myself for a little while. They felt amazing. Firm, like she said. I roamed my fingers over her nipples several times and cupped her entire breasts with my hands and gave them several soft squeezes. It was incredible to have these beautiful breasts in my hands. As my hands roamed, I was so caught up in the moment that the reality of me playing with my s****r's tits did not even phase me.

"Okay that's enough." she said.

I took my hands off of her and watched her put her pajamas on. I headed back to my room and immediately took care of my boner that refused to go down. I stroked myself as I thought about what I had just done. Less than a minute later I was shooting loads of cum all over my belly. I have never had an orgasm this intense before. Although that was the only time I ever got to touch my s****r's body, the thought of that day became the source of most of my masturbation fantasies for the longest time. It was just so taboo, so wrong, so....HOT.

That's how it all got started. And now here I am many years later, happily married to my beautiful wife who has no idea about my secret fetish. We have an amazing sex life and are both very open with each other sexually, but this was one thing I would never let her find out about. I could only imagine what she would think if she found my hidden collection of f****y Letters magazines, Taboo DVD's, not to mention all my internet history. I am a faithful husband and am always honest with her, but this was just one thing I needed to hide from her.

It was a quiet autumn evening as my wife and I sat on the couch watching TV. Our 18 year old daughter Kelly was out with her friends, so we had the house to ourselves. As my wife was caught up in some talk show, I booted up my laptop and began to browse the web. I position myself so she couldn't see my screen, and began to search for some erotic stores. I found one with a title that caught my attention, and I began to read it. I was getting more and more turned on as I read and desperately needed some release.

"I'm going to go take a shower, honey." I said to her as I began to get up off the couch.

"Alright." she replied. "Don't use up all the hot water, because I need to take one too."

"Kelly's not home tonight... want to have a little fun in the shower?" I teased.

"Okay, got ahead and get started. I'll be there in a sec."

I got undressed and turned on the water. Just after I got in the shower, my wife entered the bathroom and began to take off her clothes.

"Mmmmm, nice and hot, just how I like it." she said as positioned herself under the shower head next to me.

I stared at her naked body. I could never get tired of it. Like many Asian women, she had small, but beautiful perky breasts and a petite frame. I absolutely adore Asian women - their beautiful black hair, soft skin, and intriguing eyes never fail to get the attention of white guys like myself. It wasn't just that though. She was an amazing woman and we were perfect for each other. Plus she had a really strong appetite for sex. As we showered together my hands roamed all over her beautiful naked body. I ran my hand down her wet back until it landed on her little ass as I gave it a squeeze. I moved my hand to her other butt cheek and gave it a squeeze too before giving it a playful slap.

"Mmmmmm." she responded after I slapped it.

I did it again, only this time a little harder.

"Mmmmmm, that's good." she replied.

I reached my hand back even further and slapped her cute little ass so hard it began to turn red.

"Ohhhh yeah. That's such a turn on. Do it again." she replied.

I did it again, and again, and again. I don't know why, but we have never tried spanking before. If I had known it would turn her on this much, I would have done this a long time ago.

"You like that? You like when I slap you ass?" I said as I hit her butt cheeks a few more times.

"Mmmmm yeah. I''m so turned on right now." she responded.

My cock was straight up now.

We gave the spanking a rest for a while as we began to soap ourselves up. As I glanced down at her ass again, I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly gave her a huge slap while I jokingly said "Whose your daddy???"

She began to giggle while slightly pushing her butt even closer to me. I slapped her butt again, this time a little softer.

"Whose your daddy?" I said again.

"Oh yeah, I am getting so wet. Do it again." she instructed me.

I nestled my cock between her crack and gave her ass another soft slap.

"Whose your daddy?" I said again.

"You." she whispered quietly.

Did she just say what I thought she did? I honestly wasn't sure, but my cock was ready to explode. My hand gave her ass another slap, this time incredibly hard.

"Whose your daddy? I asked in a firm authoritative tone.

"You." she said even louder this time.

"Your like getting your ass slapped, huh?" I replied.

"Mmmmmmmm yeah." was all she could say.

"Whose your daddy?" I continued. I could't get enough of this!

"Your are..." she said even more confidently.

I couldn't believe she was playing along with this. I wondered how far she would go, but I needed to be careful about what I said to her.

"Whose your daddy?" I asked again hoping she was still willing to keep this going.

"You're my daddy..." she whispered with her voice cracking from nervousness.

I was in total shock. I couldn't even let the shower water touch my cock for fear that I would cum too soon. After all these years of marriage, I never suspected my wife would talk like this.

I hit her ass again. "You like that? You like getting spanked?"

"Yes, I've been really bad." she replied.

"Do you promise you will be a good girl for now on?" I continued.

"I promise." she replied.

"I can't hear you." I said firmly.

"I promise I'll be good, daddy." she said innocently.

We exited the shower, grabbed our towels from the rack, and headed right for the bedroom. We were so overcome with sexual energy. My wife lay her still wet body on the bed and spread her legs for me. Her beautiful pussy looked incredibly wet and inviting. I ran my hand along her sexy soft Asian bush while the other played with her pinkish nipple. Her body looked amazing in our dimly lit bedroom as my fingers stroked her silky pubic hair. I absolutely loved her bush. She used to keep it completely shaved for the longest time, but one day I asked her to grow it out and I have been in love ever since. Her pubes were so smooth and soft and she would always keep her bush shampooed, conditioned, and even combed. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but with all the craziness that went on in the shower, I knew I wouldn't be lasting long. I had to keep this fun going for as long as I could.

"Turn around." I instructed her.

She rolled onto her stomach as my hands began to caress her ass again.

"Have I been a bad girl again?" she asked innocently.

Excellent! She wanted to play this little game again!

"Very bad." I continued as I hit her right butt cheek.

"I promise I won't do it again." she responded.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes daddy." she said nervously.

I hit her ass again. "Are you sure?" I asked even louder.

"Yes, daddy, I promise!" she said boldly.

I couldn't take it any more. I flipped her back over and shoved my cock into her tight Asian snatch. She was so incredibly wet that I could barely feel her. I began pumping in and out and a mere sixty seconds later I pulled out my dick and shot my cum all over her stomach.

"Wow, that was fast!" she observed. "Somebody was getting really horny there!"

"I know, sorry. I got a little too turned on." I apologized.

"It's alright. I love when you get really turned on like that." she said to me as we began to fall asl**p cuddling.

We didn't get much alone time the next few days, and nothing was mentioned of our dirty talk. I couldn't wait to get her naked again and do our little spanking game. I wondered if she would be willing to do it again, or if she was feeling any regrets. Finally, Kelly made plans to go with her girlfriend to see a movie, so my wife and I would be able to be alone in the house for a few hours. As soon as Kelly and her friend left the house and the car drove away, I began to get frisky with my wife. She reached down and grabbed my already hard cock from outside my pants.

"Somebody's horny?" she asked me.

"Very!" I replied.

I began to feel her breasts though her shirt as I gave her a long passionate kiss. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it as I began to unbutton and unzip her jeans before sliding them off. She sat on the sofa in her bra and panties and my hands began to roam all over her soft skin. I had her lay down on her stomach on the sofa and started to massage her shoulders. My hands lightly caressed her back woking my way down to her butt. I ran my hands over the soft lace of her white panties, then slowly pulled them down to her knees. Without warning my hand slapped her ass again.

"Mmmmmmm yeah." she responded. "Now were talking!"

I hit it again. "Whose been a bad girl?"

"I was, daddy." she replied feeling a little more comfortable with this new dirty talk we've been trying.

My cock was like steel now. I hit her again.

"Are you going to get straight A's for now on?" I asked.

"Yes daddy. All A's. I promise." she continued.

This was absolutely incredible!!!

My hand softly started massaging her butt.

"You like when I do that?" I asked her. "Does that feel good?"

"Yes, daddy. It feels really good." she replied.

"Wan't me to keep doing it?" I asked.

"If you want, daddy." she continued.

I rolled her onto her stomach and began to run my hand though her bush before landing it on her pussy lips. He pussy was absolutely drenched. I had never seen her this turned on before.

"How about this? Does this feel good?" I asked as my hand lightly explored all over her outer pussy lips.

"Mmmmmmmmm, that feels so good, daddy. I am getting so wet for you." she said in an incredibly innocent yet sexy voice.

I couldn't take it any longer. I had to fuck her now. I took off my pants and boxers and slid my cock up her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeah!" she exclaimed. "Fuck me good."

I did as she asked. I began pumping in and out of her at a nice steady pace. I then leaned my head toward her and whispered in her ear.

"You like that?" I said quietly in her ear.

"Yes." she whispered back.

"You like being fucked?" I asked again.

"I love it... I love your cock." she replied.

The tension was building. I wanted so bad for her to say the magic word again. The word that would make me cum so incredibly hard.

"Who has the best cock?" I asked trying to steer her in the right direction.

"Mmmmm, you do, daddy!" she answered.

I pumped harder and harder as her body began to tense up and her fingernails dug into my back.

"I'm almost cumming... don't stop." she ordered me.

"You like that, you bad girl? You like getting fucked?" I continued.

Her orgasm was getting really close now.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, daddy!" she replied.

"You like when daddy fucks you?" I asked bodily.

"YES!!! I love it!"

"You like your daddy's big cock inside of you?" I said trying to get the taboo talk even more heated.

"Yes daddy, I love your cock. I love fucking my daddy!" she said seeming so caught up in the moment.

As those words left her mouth she had the most intense orgasm I have ever seen. Seconds later I pulled my cock out of her dripping wet pussy and came all over her stomach again. I lay next to her on our bed, as we tried to catch our breath. I couldn't believe how turned on she got by this "daddy" talk. It was like a dream come true for me. I was getting to share my favorite fetish with my wife, and she seemed to be just as turned on by it as I was. Who knew?

After a minute of silence, she finally spoke.

"Somebody got really turned on by that dirty talk." she told me.

"Yeah, that was so hot, honey." I replied. "Seemed like you were liking it too."

"It's okay. I like it because it turns you on." she replied.

"Am I weird?" I asked.

"Of course not. We're just playing. It's normal." she assured me.

"Well, I don't want to say anything that would freak you out." I admitted.

"Trust me." she replied. "I can handle it. I don't think you will be able to freak me out. We are a married couple and should be able to have any kind of fun we want with each other. It's important that we are open with each other, especially when it comes to sex."

"You're right." I agreed.

"If you say something while we are playing around that I don't like, I will let you know, ok?" she told me. "How about this... let's have a safety word. If either of us says something that the other person doesn't like, you just say the safety word so the other person knows.

"Okay, perfect." I responded. "What word should we use?"

"How about butterfly?" she expressed.

"Butterfly it is." I agreed.

A few days had passed, and again nothing was mentioned of our new found sexual adventures. I returned home from work a little late and noticed Kelly's car was not in the driveway. As I entered the house through the garage door, my wife was in the kitchen getting dinner ready for me.

"Hi honey." she said giving me a kiss as I gave her a squeeze.

"Kelly's not home?" I asked.

"No she went to her classmate's house to study for finals."

"Oh really???" I said in a flirty voice.

"Yup. Maybe if you are good you'll get lucky tonight." she teased me.

I instantly became overcome with excitement. I couldn't wait to get my wife into bed and do our little taboo dirty talk again. I quickly finished my dinner and headed upstairs to take a shower. After showering, I entered our bedroom with just a towel on as my wife was there changing into her nightie. I moved over to her as she stood there in her bra and panties and started caressing her shoulders.

"Somebody want's to get lucky?" she asked.

I took her body and thew it onto the bed while I passionately kissed her neck. She removed my towel exposing my huge hard-on and began to stroke it.

"Mmmmmm you have such a big cock, daddy!" she said without hesitation.

I was thrilled she wanted to keep out dirty talk going as much as I did. I moved my cock over to her mouth and began rubbing the shaft up and down her lips.

"You like daddy's cock don't you?" I asked.

"Mmmmmmmm so yummy..." she replied.

Before things got too heated, I reminded her of our safety word.

"Don't forget, honey. Butterfly."

"Yup. Butterfly. I remember."

I began to slap my cock against her lips and started up the dirty talk again.

"How does daddy's cock feel?" I asked.

"So big and smooth." she replied. "Can I taste it daddy?"

"Okay, just a little." I replied.

She took the length of my shaft in her mouth and then ran her tongue up and down it maintaining eye contact with me the entire time.

"You like that, daddy? Do I do it good?" she asked.

"So good, sweetie." I continued.

"Do I do it better than mommy?" she preceded.

Wow, she was really getting into it now! My cock wasn't going to last much longer.

"Much better than mommy?" I played along.

"I bet you never though you would be getting a blow job from your own daughter." she stated getting really caught up in the moment now.

"Never in a million years. I love seeing my little girl's mouth all over my cock." I replied, secretly hoping I was not going to hear the word "butterfly" anytime soon.

"Want to taste my pussy, daddy?" she asked.

"I'd love to sweetie." I answered as I began to slide her panties off.

I started to run my fingers though her pubic hair. "Mmmmmmm, bushy. Just how daddy likes it."

I spread her legs apart and began to tease her clit with my tongue. She was getting so wet as she kept talking dirty while I ate her out.

"Mmmmmm yeah. Lick you little girl's pussy. Lick it like you lick mommy's." she ordered.

After a few minutes, she f***efully pulled my head off her pussy.

"I need you inside me right now!" she exclaimed.

I shoved my dick up her tight hairy snatch and began to fuck her nice and slow.

"Mmmmmmm fuck your little girl." she started up again.

"How does it feel to have your daddy's cock inside of you?" I asked.

"Mmmmmmm it's a perfect fit." she responded.

I increased my pace as her moans grew louder and louder.

"Yes, make me cum daddy. I want my pussy to cum all over my daddy's cock." she continued.

I was panting so hard I could barely speak. I let her do all the talking.

"You like that, huh daddy? You like seeing your cock inside of your daughter's pussy?"

Her body was really beginning to tense up now as her hands started squeezing hard against my sides.

"Your such a horny bastard, daddy. You like fucking your own daughter. You like having your daughter's naked body in front of you with her legs spread???"

That was it. Floods of her pussy juice began to stream out of her like a river. Her pubic hair and the sheets below her were soaked with her juices. I pulled my cock out of her and she started to suck me off.

"That's it. Now it's daddy's turn to cum." I said looking down at my beautiful Asian wife's face as she fucked me with her mouth.

She took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me. "Cum for your little girl." she said.

She began stroking my cock with her hand while she continued to talk dirty for me.

"You want to cum on me, daddy?" she asked in her innocent girly voice.

"Mmmmmm yeah." I replied.

"Okay, daddy. I'll let you cum on me. Just this one time, and don't tell mommy."

"I won't tell sweetie." I responded.

I was almost there. She was getting really good at this role playing.

"Mmmmmm, daddy. I want to feel your hot cum on my body. Where do you want to cum?"

"Wherever you want me to, sweetie." I replied.

"No, daddy. I want you to be happy. I'll let you cum anywhere. You pick where on your little girl's body you want to see your cum."

My orgasm was starting to really build up now. I had the best wife in the world!

"Well, daddy? Where would you like your cum? On my titties? On my belly? On my face?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, sweetie. Daddy wants to see his cum all over his daughter's face." I said REALLY hoping not to hear the word butterfly next. And I didn't. She kept stroking me as the thought of giving her a facial was turning me on like never before. She had only let me cum on her face a few times before, usually on special occasions like my birthday. I really hoped she meant it this time and wasn't just playing.

"You want to come all over your little girl's face?" she asked.

"Mmmmmmm yeah. That's always been my dream." I continued.

"Okay, daddy. Shoot your load all over my face." she expressed.

Soon the cum began to rise and streams and streams of it flew at her, landing on her forehead, nose, cheeks, and even dripping down her chin.

"Wow, that was a lot of cum, daddy." she said as she lay back down on the bed with her face a complete mess. "What do you think? Do you like seeing your daughter's face covered in your cum? Want me to stay like this for a little while?"

I went over to her and gave her long French kiss. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have a wife like her.

"How was that, honey?" she asked me breaking out of our role playing.

"That was the best sex we ever had." I admitted.

"For me too. And nobody had to use the butterfly word." she said laughing.

"Come on." I said. "Let's go take a shower and get you cleaned up."

From this point forward our sex life was, simply put, incredible. Every time we got the chance to have sex, we would get into our roles as daddy and daughter, always trying to push the limits of how far we could take the dirty talk. Never once had we ever had to use our safety word. My wife was just as much of a freak as I was. I even introduced her to the Taboo movies and the wonderful stories you could find online. I no longer had to hide this secret fetish I had, but rather got to share it and embrace it with my wife. I was one lucky husband.

It was another quiet evening at home. Kelly was at her friend's house, so I was hoping we could have a little fun again. My wife and I were sitting on the sofa - her watching TV, and me on my laptop. I was browsing thorough some erotic stories, this time not having to worry about getting caught. I settled on a hot one - something about a cheerleader whose daddy helps her practice her cheers.

"You're pretty quiet over there." my wife said. "What are you reading?"

"Stories." I replied nonchalantly.

"Horny again?" she asked.

"A little." I replied.

After finishing the story, I put the laptop down and began kissing my wife's neck.

"Wow, must have been a good story." she told me. "Want to go to the bedroom?" she asked.

"Let's go." I said getting up off the couch.

She lay on our bed as I began to unbutton her yellow blouse. I removed her blouse and slid the straps of her bra down exposing her nipples. As my hands exposed my wife's sexy Asian titties, she looked up at me.

"So what was the story about?" she asked.

"It was about a cheerleader." I replied.

"And?" she said wanting me to elaborate.

"And her dad was helping her learn her cheers." I continued.

"Mmmmm, sounds hot." she said. "You like cheerleaders, don't you?"

"Most guys do, I think." I replied.

"Want me to be your cheerleader?" she asked laughing.

"Mmmm yeah." I replied. "We should get you a cheerleader costume. That would really turn me on."

"I think we have Kelly's old high school one in the closet. Want me to get it?"

"You really want to?" I asked getting excited.

"I think it would be kinda hot." she replied.

"Ok, let's do it." I said.

We headed to the closet and pulled out a box filled with old clothes.

"Here it is." my wife said. "What do you think of your wife wearing this?" she asked as she held the black and white uniform against her body.

"I'm already getting turned on." I answered.

"Okay, go to the bed and wait while I change." she said.

A few minutes later she emerged wearing the cute black and white sweater with Kelly's high school logo and matching little black skirt.

"Wow, you look so hot, honey." I told her.

She lay down on the bed next to me as my hands caressed her thigh, just below her mini skirt.

"Whatcha doing, daddy?" she began.

"Nothing, sweetie. You just look so cute in your cheerleader outfit." I replied.

"Thanks daddy." she responded as my hand began to roam under her skirt.

"Sweetie, you can't go to the game without any underwear on." I said as my hands landed on my wife's bare bush.

"Why not, daddy? It feels so much better like this."

My wife's pussy was getting increasingly wet as we continued to talk.

"Can daddy see your pussy?" I politely asked.

"Hmmmm, okay, just for a second though." she responded lifting her skirt over her bush. "What do you think, daddy? Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful, sweetie." I responded as my fingers slid into her soaking wet snatch.

"Mmmmmm that feels good, daddy. Want to play with my boobies too?" she asked as she lifted her sweater over her bare breasts.

My cock was rock hard now. My wife looked so amazing is this outfit, and adding the dirty talk on top of that was almost too much. I removed all my clothes and began to tease her clit with my tongue as my wife's body began to tremble with sexual energy.

"Mmmmm yeah, daddy. Does your little girl taste good?" she asked.

"Best pussy I ever tasted." I answered.

"I want to feel you inside of me, daddy. Put you cock inside of me..." she instructed.

"No, that's so wrong, sweetie. We shouldn't. It's i****t." I told her.

"I don't care, daddy. I need you inside of me right now. Pleaaaaase!"

I ran the tip of my cock along her outer pussy and slowly started sliding it into her. My wife let out a deep sigh as I pushed it all the way in.

"Mmmmm yeah, daddy. Fuck you daughter. Fuck her in her sexy cheerleader outfit." she said getting really passionate.

"You like that sweetie? You like having daddy's big cock fucking you?" I continued.

"Oh yeah! I bet you always wanted to fuck me. I bet you always wanted to put your cock inside of your sexy cheerleader daughter's pussy?"

This was getting really good. My wife was getting into the role playing like never before.

"You always wanted this, huh daddy?" she continued. "You always dreamed about fucking your own daughter."

"I have." I said quietly. I could hardly speak again. I was trying to make the fun go on forever, but my wife was driving me absolutely insane!

"You like your daughter's beautiful little titties too? You like when she wears those little tank tops around the house? It turns you on, huh?" she proceeded.

"Mmmmm yeah. I get so turned on by that." I was barely able to reply as my cock moved in and out of her soaking wet hole.

"Do you want to see your beautiful daughter's naked body? Do you want to see what her little titties look like?" she continued.

"Mmmmmmm yeah." I responded.

"Do you want to touch your daughter's sweet little pussy? Do you want to suck on her nipples?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck this is so good!" I said trying to encourage my wife to keep going further.

"Do you want to fuck your own daughter? Do you want to put you cock inside of your very own daughter's pussy?"

"Yes, I do." I replied. "I really do."

She was getting so close to cumming now. I pumped faster and faster as my wife's moans grew extremely loud.

"Tell me you want it! Tell me how you want to fuck your daughter!!! Tell me you want to fuck your daughter while I watch!!!" she said as we were both completely out of breath and sweating.

"Ohhhhhh yeah, I am almost cumming!!!" she continued nearly blacking out.

"Tell me!!!" she screamed. "Tell me you really want to fuck your beautiful little girl!!! Tell me you want to fuck Kelly!!!

My hands began to tremble with nervousness. This dirty talk was getting way too crazy, I thought about the butterfly word, but my wife was so close to cumming and so caught up in the moment, I had to continue. I had to make her cum.

"I do... I do..." I replied quietly. "I want to fuck her..."

I then put my mouth up to my wife's ear and whispered "I want to fuck Kelly."

"Mmmmmmm yeah. That's sooooo good. Keep talking! Don't stop!!!" she continued as her pussy began to explode with juices.

Suddenly all these thoughts went racing through my head. What were we doing? This was all so surreal. As I looked down at my wife's incredible body in that sexy cheerleader outfit, I thought of how Kelly used to wear it. I thought about how Kelly's body is just like hers. How she had the same long black Asian hair as my wife, and even those cute perky breasts that pushed through her little tank tops. As I continued to move in and out of my wife, suddenly my focus was on Kelly, and apparently so was my wife's.

"Ohhhhh yeah. Don't stop talking! I am starting to cum! Talk about how you want to fuck Kelly!!! Talk about how you want to fuck our gorgeous daughter!!!" she continued as her pussy released the biggest orgasm I have ever seen from her.

No sign of the "butterfly" word as my wife settled down from her orgasm.

"Cum for me now..." she continued as my cock kept fucking her drenched pussy.

"I'm almost there." I said.

"Want me to keep talking dirty?" she asked.

"Please!" I begged her.

"Should I continue with the same talk?" she asked making sure I was still ok with it.

"Mmmmmm..... yeah!" I said, running out of breath.

She continued to talk as I fucked her fast. "I want you to cum... I want you to cum thinking about Kelly. Cum thinking about Kelly's little titties and tight little pussy. Imagine sucking on those tits... Imagine tasting her sweet pussy... Imagine your cock in her warm mouth..."

My orgasm was really starting to build now.

"Imagine fucking Kelly... Imagine being inside her... Imagine it's not my pussy, but hers you are fucking right now..."

"Fuck, this is soooooo good!" I responded.

"Mmmmmm... I know what you want... " she continued. "Imagine your cum all over our littlle Kelly's face!!!" she proceeded.

That was all I could take. I barely got my cock out in time to shoot my load all over my wife's messy bush. We finally settled down in a spooning position as I ran my fingers over her shoulder. It got quiet for a minute before she finally broke the ice.

"You didn't use the safety word." she said.

"You didn't either." I replied.

"What did you think?" she asked me. "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah, I got really turned on. How about you?"

"My pussy was on fire?" she replied.

"I noticed." I responded.

"You didn't feel weird about what we were saying? You know, about Kelly." she courageously asked.

"At first it was a little shocking, but then I really started getting into it. It ended up being really hot." I told her.

"Have you ever thought about that before?" she asked me.

"About what?" I said trying to be really careful what I say now.

"About Kelly. She's really cute. Every have a fantasy about her?"

I thought to myself about one time a few summers ago when is was over 90 degrees. Kelly was walking around the house in her infamous little tank top and no bra. She bent down to grab the TV remote off the floor and I caught a quick glimpse of her nipple. I thought nothing of it until later that night when I was trying to fall asl**p, I kept thinking of it. Soon I had this huge boner and I couldn't get it to go away. I began stroking it with my wife sl**ping beside me, thinking of Kelly's little tit peaking out from her shirt. After I came I felt so guilty, I never thought about her again.

"I think I did once a long time ago." I said vaguely.

"What about you?" I asked with curiosity.

"Yeah, once or twice." she said vaguely as well.

I began to get really curious.

"Really? What did you think about?" I asked her.

"I don't want to say. It's private." she replied.

"Please...!" I begged. "I promise it will be between just me and you. Plus, you said we should always be open with each other."

"Ok, but not a word to anyone." she ordered.

"Okay." I agreed.

"Well... lately I've been kind of having this fantasy of us fucking while she is in the same room."

"Really???" I responded happily.

"Please don't tell anybody." she reminded me.

"I won't. It's no big deal. So that's it?" I said.

She began to speak really softly now. "Well, in my fantasy... it's Kelly lying naked in her bed in the dark... and the door opens... and you and I enter her room... and you approach her bed while she sl**ps and begin to touch her naked body... I stay in the corner and play with myself as your hands gently explore her entire body as she sl**ps... then you get so turned on by touching her that you fuck me right on the floor of her room..."

"How's that for a fantasy?" she inquired.

"Ohhhh wow that just turned me on so much." I admitted.

"Really?" she said looking surprised.

"Yeah, I love that my wife has such kinky thoughts like that." I told her.

"Your pretty kinky yourself, honey." she reminded me.

"Imagine if Kelly knew what we were talking about." I said to her as we both chuckled.

Around 2AM the next morning, I woke up from a deep sl**p because the bed was shaking. I opened my eyes and glanced over at my wife. She was wide awake and breathing heavily.

"What's the matter, honey? Can't sl**p?" I asked.

"Mmmmm, no. Sorry I woke you. I was playing with myself a little so I could fall back asl**p." she admitted.

"Really?" I inquired. "What are you thinking about?" I asked, hoping for a really good answer.

"I was having that fantasy I told you about earlier." she expressed.

"Mmmmm, now you are getting me horny. Speaking of Kelly, did you hear her come home tonight?"

"Come to think of it, I didn't. We better go check on her." she replied.

We headed down the hall and saw her door partially open. My wife pushed it all the way open as we entered her room. She was asl**p in her bed wearing a pair of white shorts and a t-shirt. My wife stood there in her black silk nightshirt and black panties gazing at Kelly sound asl**p.

"Just like your fantasy, huh?" I whispered in my wife's ear.

My wife reached down and grabbed my cock from outside my boxer shorts.

"Somebody is horny again?" she asked me quietly.

"A little." I whispered.

She reached into my boxer shorts, gripped my shaft, and began stroking it.

"You like that?" she asked quietly.

"Mmmmmm yeah." I responded.

She then put her mouth up to my ear and whispered "You like that, daddy?"

I was getting really aroused. This was so risky, so dangerous, yet so much of a turn on!

"You like Kelly's sexy body?" she continued to whisper. "I wonder what that pussy looks like under those shorts. Think it looks like mine?"

I couldn't believe this. My wife was a total freak!

"Come here." she said as she released my cock from her hands.

She slowly approached Kelly in the bed as she remained quietly asl**p. My wife carefully lifted Kelly's t-shirt up over her navel without disturbing her.

"Come closer." my wife instructed me.

I approached closer with my boxers still around my knees and my cock pointed straight upwards.

"Give me your hand." she asked me.

I gave it to her and she quietly guided it until it landed on Kelly's bare stomach. Her skin felt so amazing, and I could see my wife really getting turned on now. She let go of my hand while I kept it lightly pressed against Kelly's belly.

"Try to go a little higher." my wife whispered.

My hands trembled as it slowly slipped under her raised t-shirt. Kelly didn't move and appeared to be in a really deep sl**p.

"Go a little more." my wife instructed.

I carefully inched my way a little higher until I could feel the bottom her her right breast. My wife began to slide her hand down into her panties to play with herself.

"Try to go a little more. She won't wake up." my wife assured me.

I crept up a little more until my middle and index finger landed on her nipple. I was there! This was crazy!!!

"How far are you?" my wife asked.

"I am touching her nipple now." I told her.

My wife let out a soft moan and began stroking herself faster. I let my hand stay cupped on Kelly's breast as I watched her calmly sl**ping while my wife played with herself. Suddenly my wife whispered in my ear.

"How does it feel?" she asked.

"It's feels really nice. It feels just like yours." I replied. "I can't believe we are doing this."

"Mmmmmm... Keep it there a little longer." she pleaded with me.

"Okay." I agreed as my hand remained on my daughter's breast for another minute or so. Soon my wife let out a long sigh as she pulled out her soaking wet hand from her panties.

"Want to cum?" my wife whispered.

"Mmmmm yeah." I told her.

"Here, stand up." she said.

I carefully slid my hand out form under Kelly's shirt and my wife positioned my cock over Kelly's body and began stroking it. She started whispering in my ear again.

"Did you like feeling your daughter's tit? Did you like having your hand on your little girl's boobie?" she asked me.

I was ready to explode!

"You want to cum on Kelly?" she asked. You want to put you hot cum on her?"

I could feel the cum beginning to rise.

"I'm really about to cum now, honey." I warned her.

She began to stroker even harder as she put her mouth to my ear again.

"Cum on Kelly's belly." she whispered.

I couldn't believe it. We were really crossing a line now, yet we couldn't stop ourselves. My wife gave me a few last strokes as I warned her it was starting to come out. She pointed my cock directly at Kelly's bellybutton and I fired streams and streams of cum all over her stomach. After I was finished we stood there watching her sl**p with my cum dripping from her sides down onto the sheets. My wife quietly went into the bathroom to get some tissues. She gave me a strong kiss on the lips as she carefully patted Kelly's belly dry.

The next morning we woke up unusually early. We sat at the kitchen table quietly sipping our coffee. Neither of us brought up the the crazy thing we did last night. I wondered if my wife was having regrets. Soon Kelly entered the room and poured herself a cup of coffee. She was wearing the same shorts she slept in, but changed into her little tank top. I gazed at her bare shoulders and she prepared her coffee. Her skin was so nice. She proceeded to sit at the table next to us.

"sl**p good, sweetie?" my wife asked.

"So, so." Kelly replied. "I don't know. I keep waking up at night. I think I am just stressed because of finals."

My wife and I briefly looked at each other.

"Don't worry sweetie. Your mom and I are really proud of how well you are doing in college, but don't get over stressed about it."

As I said this I got up off my chair and put my hands on her shoulders.

"Wow you are tense, sweetie." I told her as I began to massage her.

I had done this for her many times before, but this time was different. This time I was overcome with sexual energy as I glanced down her shirt.

"Mmmmm, that's helping dad." she said, letting out a sigh.

I looked over at my wife who was smiling at me.

"Come to the living room sweetie. Let me get this knot out." I told her.

I sat on the sofa while Kelly sat on the floor in front of me. I worked her shoulders and neck really well while my wife sat next to me and watched. Kelly became really relaxed and I could feel her muscles getting nice and loose now. I glanced down her shirt again which was nearly exposing her nipples and thought about last night. I actually felt them. I actually touched her breasts. If she only knew. Her eyes were closed as I ran my hand softly along her arms. I could see her skin becoming covered in goosebumps. She was so relaxed now. My hands proceeded to go back to her shoulders as my fingernails softly pushed one of her tank top straps down the side of her arm. She continued to keep her eyes closed and remain relaxed. I did the same thing to the other strap, but she didn't move. She must not have known. I ran my hands down her arms again pushing the straps down a little further. Her entire back and arms were covered in goosebumps. As the straps fell nearly to her elbows, I placed my fingers back on her shoulders and began softly rubbing my fingernails over her shoulder, neck and collar. She was breathing really heavily and kept her eyes closed the entire time. My hands softly ran down her chest and pushed her tank top down just below her nipples. Her breasts were fully exposed now, and I began to get really nervous. I moved my hands back up to her shoulders just to play it safe. I caressed her neck a little more, all the while staring at her beautiful breasts. My wife remained looking on as I slowly began to run my fingers down the sides of Kelly's arms again. My right hand lightly brushed over Kelly's nipple, as I waited for some reaction, but there was none. I did it again, then again, then again, but no reaction. I finally got bold and cupped my right hand right on her tit. She just stayed there, not moving and inch. Soon both my hands were exploring her breasts as my wife and I looked at each other in amazement. I kept them there, playing with my daughters beautiful little b-cup titties as my cock became rock hard. A few minutes passed by when suddenly Kelly's cell phone ran from the other room. She opened her eyes and began to stand up. She pulled her tank top straps back over her shoulders as she made her way to the other room.

I looked at my wife.

"Can you believe that?" I said.

"I am in complete shock." she replied.

"She was actually letting me play with them! Think she is going to get mad? I asked.

"No, she wont. I think she was liking it. I know I was!" my wife replied laughing.

Kelly returned from the other room and began to head upstairs. "Going to shower and go out." she said.

"Okay sweetie." my wife shouted back as if nothing just happened.

After Kelly left the house, my wife and I immediately headed up to our bedroom and fucked like a****ls. All our dirty talk was focused on Kelly now. As I fucked her, she would bring up everything that had happened.

"You like Kelly's titties?" she would say as I pounded her. "You like playing with your daughter's nipples?" "You like cumming on your daughter's stomach???"

It was the most intense sex we have had so far.

After a nice long round of fucking, we headed down to the kitchen naked to grab a glass of water.

"I must say, I was really surprised that Kelly let you do that to her today." my wife brought up.

"Yeah, me too." I said. "She must have just gotten so relaxed that she didn't realize what was happening. Like hypnosis."

"No, I am a woman. I know how women are. She knew what was happening." my wife responded.

"So you think she was just okay with it?" I asked.

"Maybe she was. At least at the time." my wife replied.

"I wonder what would have happened if her cell phone didn't ring. I wonder how far it would have went." I questioned out loud.

"Who knows?" my wife said. "Maybe she would have let you go even further."

"You wish." I said.

She began to laugh. "More like you wish." she said to me.

"Let me ask you something. An be honest." my wife asked sounding serious.

"Go ahead." I said.

"If Kelly let you, how far would you go with her. Not in our fantasy world. I am talking real life here."

"Wow, I don't know." I replied.

"Well, you already felt her boobs. Would you touch her pussy if she let you?" she asked.

"Yeah, if she let me, I would. And of course if you would let me too, honey." I replied.

"Would you... I don't know. Suck on her boobs?" she continued.

"Yeah, why not?" I responded.

"How about Kelly's pussy? Would you lick it if she let you?" she asked me sounding really curious. "Remember, not in fantasy. In real life."

"Hmmmmmm. Yeah, I guess so. I don't think I would be able to resist that." I admitted.

"Wow!" she replied. "You are a horny bastard! Well, I guess I may as well ask this too. Would you... you know... go all the way with her? I mean, if she was willing to let you."

"You know." I replied. "I think that's where I would probably draw the line. I think that might be a little too weird."

"Yeah, I guess so." she replied.

"So you would really want eat her pussy?" she asked.

"At this point I would be happy just to see it." I joked. "But, yeah, I would love to see what she tastes like."

"Well, you don't need my permission, honey." she answered. "You know I would love to watch that!"

"Yeah, getting Kelly to do it is the hard part." I told her. "Although, after this morning's events, who knows."

"There must be some way we could talk her into having a little fun with us." she said thinking.

We sat there quiet, contemplating. Suddenly my wife got excited.

"I have an idea!" she exclaimed.

It was 12:30AM. My wife and I sat on our sofa in the living room drinking lots of wine, yet feeling a little nervous. Kelly's curfew was at 1:00AM so she was going to be home really soon.

"You sure you want to do this, honey?" she asked me.

"I'm sure." I replied.

"We better start taking our clothes off then." she suggested.

We both got completely naked and sat back down on the couch. My cock was rock hard now, and I leaned over to feel my wife's dripping wet pussy. We dimmed the lights in the living room as I glanced outside through the curtain.

"Nothing yet." I told her.

She came over to the window with me and peeked out the curtain herself. "It's 5 minutes until 1:00 now. She is going to be home any minute. You know how good she is with her curfew." my wife reminded me.

Soon headlights began to light up the street. I could tell it was Kelly's car.

"That's her! You ready?" I said with anticipation.

"Hurry, let's go!" my wife replied.

My wife put her naked body down on our hardwood floor as I positioned myself between her legs and started stroking my cock.

"Are you wet?" I asked.

"Very!" she replied.

I slipped my cock up into her wet snatch and began to fuck her. We heard Kelly's car door close as my cock moved in and out of my wife right near the front door. We continued to fuck harder and harder, and soon we could hear Kelly's keys begin to turn the top lock.

"Mmmmmm yeah, fuck me." my wife said.

I kept at it as Kelly's keys began to turn the bottom lock now. This was it. There was no turning back now. The door began to open and Kelly entered the living room, seeing us right underneath her fucking like a****ls.

"Ohhhh yeah. Fuck me! Fuck me hard daddy!" my wife said with her voice trembling. Both of us pretended to be so caught up in the moment that we didn't realize Kelly was there.

Kelly just stood there frozen for a second as my wife continued.

"Mmmmmmm, have I been a bad girl daddy?" she said hoping Kelly could hear.

Kelly quietly closed and locked the door, and began to tip toe towards the stairs. Did she really think we didn't know she was there? My wife didn't want her to leave and began to get louder.

"Fuck me daddy! Fuck you little girl!" she said loudly.

Kelly paused at the bottom of the stairs and watched. My wife continued with the daddy talk - hoping that maybe, just maybe Kelly would want to have a little fun with us. I continued to fuck her hard while Kelly stood there and watched. I finally lifted my head up and made eye contact with Kelly. I gave her a quick smile and began to fuck my wife faster. I was so turned on now that I joined my wife in the dirty talk.

"You like fucking your daddy? You like your daddy's cock in your pussy???"

Kelly began to walk towards us then stood right in front of us as we paused the sex for a bit and looked up at her.

"Sorry I walked in on you guys." she said as her eyes glanced over our naked bodies .

My wife looked up at her. "It's alright, sweetie. You dad and I were so caught up, we just couldn't stop ourselves when you came home. I hope you aren't freaked out by what you saw.. or worse, what you heard."

"It's cool." she replied. "Go ahead. I'm just going to grab a glass of water and go up to bed."

We starting fucking again, but this time my wife letting the daddy talk really fly.

"Ohhhhhh yeah, fuck my tight wet pussy, daddy. Play with my titties too, daddy!" she said with Kelly still standing right there.

"Did you like your little girl's titties? Did you like playing with them?" she continued.

"Mmmmmm yeah, they are so nice." I added.

"Did you like sliding off your little girl's tank top and putting your hands all over her boobs?" she continued.

"Ohhhhhh yeah! I loved playing with my daughter's nipples. They felt so good!!!" I proceeded.

My wife grabbed onto the bottom of Kelly's jeans and began to tug her down towards us. Kelly sat on the floor next to us as my wife began to unbutton the top buttons of her blouse. Kelly preceded to unbutton the rest, letting her shirt slide down her shoulders. She then reached around her back and completely removed her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts to me again. I ran my fingers over her nipples as my cock continued to move in and out of my wife. Soon my wife reached for the button of Kelly's jeans and began to unfasten it. Kelly helped by pulling her zipper down and sliding her jeans completely off leaving her panties on. I ran my hands all over her chest, arms, legs, and squeezed her butt. I then took both hands to her sides and began to slowly slide her panties down to her knees. She had a beautiful bush too, exactly like her mom's. I ran my fingers though her soft pubic hair while my wife moaned in ecstasy. Finally I took my dick out of my wife's pussy and gave her a long French kiss.

"You ready?" I whispered in her ear.

I moved over to Kelly who was on her knees, completely naked. My hands roamed all over her back as I took her nipple in my mouth. I moved to the other nipple, licking, sucking, and kissing like there was no tomorrow. I then guided her to the floor, staring in amazement at her incredible body. My wife cuddled up next to her and gently ran her hands through Kelly's soft bush.

"Mmmmmmmm, nice and bushy. Just how daddy likes it!" she observed.

I ran my tongue through her bush for several minutes, then I looked over at my wife who was intensely rubbing her clit. I spread my daughter's pussy lips apart and began to suck on her clit. She tasted just like my wife, and she got incredibly wet like her too. After several minutes of intense pussy eating, Kelly finally spoke.

"Want me to do you now, dad?" she asked politely.

"Please, sweetie!" I replied.

I lay on the floor as she took my cock in her mouth. My wife scooted closer to me and whispered in my ear again.

"Did her pussy taste as good as you thought it would? she asked.

"Mmmmmmm huh." I replied looking down at my beautiful Kelly's mouth on my cock.

"How far are you going to go with her, honey?" she asked.

"I don't know. What do you think?" I whispered back.

"Do you want to go all the way with her?" she whispered again in my ear.

I nodded my head yes.

"Go ahead, honey." she whispered. "Guide her pussy toward your dick and see if she will let you put it in."

I lifted Kelly's head off my cock and guided her toward me. She knelt over my body with her pussy hovering right over my cock. I lifted my cock toward her pussy so it touched her outer pussy lips and gently ran the tip along the outside. She then grabbed my shaft and put the tip right outside her hole. I spread her pussy lips apart and began to slowly push my cock inside of her. Her pussy was so tight that it was not going in as easily as I wanted. She helped by pushing her pussy down even further, and pretty soon I was all the way inside of her. She started bouncing up and down as my hands gripped her tiny waist. She fucked me slowly as her mom looked on. My wife began stroking her clit faster and faster as she watched her husband have sex with his daughter on the floor of the living room.

"Fuck your daddy!" My wife told Kelly. "Feel your daddy's cock inside of you!"

"Mmmmmm yeah, this feels so good!" Kelly moaned.

"You like fucking your daddy, Kelly?" she asked.

"Mmmmmm huh." she replied.

"You like when daddy played with your titties?" she asked.

"I did!" she replied.

"You want daddy's cum?" she continued.

"Yes, I want to make him cum really hard!" she replied.

I could feel my orgasm starting to rise. I wish I could have lasted longer, but this was too much for me to handle.

"Mmmmm, daddy, you like this don't you? You always wanted to fuck me, huh???" Kelly asked as her tight pussy slid up and down my shaft.

"You always wanted to have my pussy, and now you get to! Look at me, daddy... Look at your daughter fucking you. Isn't that hot??? Isn't that much better than reading i****t magazines???

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeah!" I replied as my cum began to rise.

"Cum for your little girl, daddy." Kelly continued. "Give your daughter all your cum."

With that, huge streams of cum shot deep into Kelly's pussy. She continued to move her pussy up and down my cock making sure to get all my cum up inside of her. She got up off me and lay on the floor between my wife and I. I put my hand on her pussy and could feel my cum starting to ooze out of her. I looked over at Kelly's innocent face and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

"You alright, sweetie?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I feel good, but in a weird way. I have this sort of nervous feeling in my stomach, but it's a good nervous. Like how you feel when you have a crush on somebody. Like butterflies..." she replied.

I ran my fingers gently up and down Kelly's naked body as my wife lay on the other side of her. My wife then pushed Kelly's long black hair away from her face and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"We love you sweetie." she whispered as she began to reach out for her her daughter. She gave Kelly a long hard squeeze and I watched as their beautiful breasts pressed together. I was still in shock about the night's events and wondered what would be next for us. It didn't matter, though. Right now I had the most beautiful women in my life laying naked next to me. It didn't matter where we went from here. This night was all I could have ever dreamed for.

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