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Caught Masturbating...PART 4

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Over the next week or so, Tara and I had several masturbation sessions where both of us were completely naked and watched each other. We would usually start by looking at some porn on my computer, and soon we would strip off our clothes and she would watch me jack off while I gawked at her fingering and rubbing herself. Sometimes we would even get into different positions, based on what turned each other on. Tara liked to lay on the couch with her legs spread while I got on my knees in front of her; I liked her to get on her hands and knees so I could look at her from behind. Every time I was careful to catch my semen with my left hand at the last second when I ejaculated and keep it from hitting her. We never came out and said it, but each session was becoming more intimate and more kinky – we were now openly pleasuring ourselves to each other’s bodies. I wondered how far it might go.

Our relationship was becoming more intimate in other ways, too, even around my wife, Samantha. Tara used to wear a pair of boxers under her nightshirt over panties: she stopped wearing the boxers and just kept on her skimpy underwear. In the evenings, when the three of us would sit down to watch some TV, Tara would sit on the couch with only a pair of panties on underneath her nightshirt. Sometimes, as she curled up on the couch and pulled her knees up, sometimes to snuggle with me and my wife under a blanket, her nightshirt would hike up, and I would get a nice view of her hips and even between her legs with a few stray pubic hairs peeking out the side of her panties. My wife either didn’t notice, didn’t care, or didn’t think it was all that inappropriate, because she never said anything about it. In fact, my wife eventually stopped wearing HER boxers underneath her nightshirt, too. Sitting on a couch with my wife and her s****r with only a shirt and panties on – and surely no bras – was very exciting. I started to fantasize about being married to both of them and sharing our lives together- including our sexual lives. But it was only a fantasy…

There were other things. Every night after her shower, Tara now casually walked from the bathroom to her bedroom with her towel wrapped only around her waist – her pert breasts in clear view. She was careful to never do it right in front of my wife, but I knew she did it in front of me on purpose. I would just act normal when she did, although I couldn’t help staring at her wonderful tits.

In the mornings, I stopped putting shorts on when I got up to make coffee and lounge around the TV. I began to only wear my boxers, much as I did before Tara came to stay with us. It turned me on to be so open and free around my wife’s s****r, and I kept wanting to push the envelope and see how much more we could share. My wife also didn’t seem to care that I was spending time with her s****r with both of us in our underwear. I was sure I could get the three of us to a nearby swimming hole one day and convince them we should all go skinny dipping together. After all, how innocent was that? Surely my wife wouldn’t suspect anything, and I could see both my wife and her s****r naked together. The thought sent chills up my spine and was the image of many fantasies I had while masturbating.

* * *

One afternoon, during another masturbation session with Tara, we finally pushed the limit a little more.

We were both on the couch, looking at pictures on the big screen TV. We had found a photo set of a man and a woman together. The man had a nice-sized erection, and the woman sucked and stroked it while showing off her hairy crotch and large breasts. Tara pulled her pants and underwear off in one motion, then sat back on the couch with her legs spread and her hairy vagina exposed. I was now comfortable with openly staring at her, and turned my body around so I could have a better view of her as she rubbed her crotch. She was very sexy sitting in the couch with a t-shirt on and no pants, the shirt resting just above her pubic mound.

I pulled my shorts and boxers off and my erection stuck out at attention. Tara looked over and smiled. “I’m amazed you can get hard so quickly,” she said.

“Yeah, it takes some effort, though, to keep from getting too excited around you. You look so hot sitting there.” I took off my shirt so that I was now totally naked. I grabbed my erection and began to squeeze and fondle it, making sure to let Tara get a good look. I used my left hand to grab my ball sack and massaged my testicles while rubbing the glans of my penis with my right hand.

The model in the pictures was now having sex with the man in the cowboy position. The photos gave us a good view of her large breasts as she leaned back, and the pictures had some nice still shots of her as she pulled her hips up so only the tip of his penis was inside her.

I looked back over at Tara. She stopped rubbing herself and pulled off her shirt. Her white breasts rested inside a black bra and looked luscious. She unclasped the bra and slid it off. I never got tired of looking at her perfect breasts and nipples. I started to jerk myself harder looking at her full nude body. She went back to rubbing her right middle finger against her clit, her labia puffed out around her finger, and looked me straight in the eyes as she did so.

Now the model on the screen turned her back to the guy, and he began to shove his erection into her ass. We both looked intently at the anal sex pictures on the TV and I could tell we both got a little more turned on. It was the first time we had come across porn with any anal, and we hadn’t talked about the down-and-dirty sex acts yet. So far, it had been just average porn and sex – nothing taboo.

I wondered how Tara would react to watching the anal, and I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Do you and my s****r have good sex?” she asked. The question threw me back a little bit, but I decided to answer honestly.

“Yeah, though I’d like it a little more – more frequent and more kinky.”

“Is my s****r kinky?” Tara asked.

“Sometimes,” I said. “But not like you,” I added with a smile.

“I know you guys haven’t ever looked at porn together before. But what else have you done? Does she give you blowjobs?”

“Yeah, pretty regularly, actually,” I said. “And she’s pretty good at it, too.”

“Do you go down on her?” I noticed that Tara was rubbing herself a little faster and she now has goosebumps on her legs – the subject matter must have been making her more excited.

“Yeah – I love to lick her. I do it quite often.”

“Do you guys have anal sex?”

“No, never.”

“Really? You’ve never done the nasty with her, even a little?” Tara was surprised. “I thought for sure my s****r would like that, but…I guess to each their own.”

“Why? Do you like anal sex?” I asked.

Tara nodded with a smile. “I love it, if the guy and situation is right.”

“What makes it ‘right’?” I asked, curious and thinking about some guy sticking his dick in her beautiful ass.

“He can’t be too big, for one,” she said, “or it hurts. And he has to go slow, and, you know…build up to it.” I loved the conversation, and stared at her as we both masturbated and shared secrets.

“Build up to it? How?”

“Well, you can’t just stick it in. You have to, you know…stretch it out a little first. With your finger and stuff.”

“Finger and stuff?” I repeated. What is ‘and stuff’?”

“Maybe his tongue!” Tara said laughing. “I LOVE it when a guy licks me there…”

I imagined sticking my tongue in her ass crack with those few dark hairs. I wondered if I would ever get the chance.

“When you masturbate with me, what do you like seeing me do the most?” Tara suddenly asked.

Hearing my s****r-in-law say those words while she sat naked and rubbed her pussy was one of the best things I had ever experienced. I thought back for a moment to the other day when she had accidentally walked in on me jacking off, and was amazed and how such a potentially embarrassing situation had become so wonderful. Here I was – masturbating with my beautiful s****r-in-law on a regular basis…having kinky discussions, sharing my pornography collection with her, and now she was asking me what she did that turned me on the most.

“Well,” I said thoughtfully. “I think watching you from behind as you finger yourself. You have an amazing butt, and watching you…wow. That’s all I can say.”

“What do you think about when I’m doing that – I mean, when I’m on my hands and knees and playing with myself?”

“I-uh…I imagine that I’m having sex with you,” I said, unafraid to be honest. We had shared so much, I realized there was very little that Tara wouldn’t tell me, and not much that I could say that would offend her.

“Having sex? Or fucking me in the ass?”

I loved how frank she was with her language. “Well, if I had to be honest, I guess both. Why, what do you think about when you have me get on my knees in front of you while you spread your legs?”

“Same thing,” she said, now rubbing herself lightly and slowly. “That you’re fucking me. One way or another.”

The “one way or another” comment caught my attention. I figured it meant that she had thought about me fucking her in the ass, too. The idea that she fantasized about me having sex with her gave me confidence.

I got onto my knees on the couch and came closer to her. She instantly shifted and moved, laying back with her legs spread. I carefully got between her thighs so that my cock was just a couple of feet above her pussy and her swollen labia that protruded out of her dark patch of hair. I pushed my erection down so that it stuck out at a 90 degree angle and began to stroke. I squeezed and my penis head swelled and turned purple.

Tara began to rub herself, and as she did, her tits shook up and down. I watched as she was now inserting her middle finger deep into her vagina. She used her left hand to rub a finger against her asshole, and began to spread her cheeks a little. I slowed my stroking down to avoid cumming too soon.

Tara bucked her hips up, so that her hairy crotch was now just a few inches from my cock. She thrust a second finger deep into her hole and closed her eyes, moaning in ecstasy. Within a few seconds, she laid back on the couch and withdrew her sopping wet fingers from her pussy.

I sat back on the couch, amazed at how close we had come to touching. I was eager to finish and shoot my load, but then Tara stopped me dead in my tracks with what she said next.

“Do you want me to finish for you?” Tara asked.

I couldn’t believe my ears. It was what I had been waiting for – the next step. I wasn’t sure what she meant exactly by “finish for you,” but I assumed it meant more than just me jacking myself off.

“Uh…if you want,” I said. I moved my hand and sat there with my legs spread and my erection sticking up against my stomach. I waited for her to make a move, wondering what she might do.

Tara sat up and leaned toward me, getting on all fours. Her breasts hung from her chest as she moved between my legs, and then she settled in and sat between my thighs. My penis twitched and moved in anticipation. Tara reached for my crotch with her right hand and touched underneath my balls, running her hand from my taint until she was cupping my sack.

Her touch was electric. My erection bounced and moved and I thought I might cum right away. Her soft hands caressed my sack and tickled my taint. I had always shaved underneath my balls, so it was very sensitive to her touch. Then she moved her hand up until she slid it up my shaft. She spread her fingers and grabbed my cock, sliding her hands up and down softly without stretching the skin, moving from my glans down to the base of my shaft where it pressed against my pubic hair. She aimed my cock straight out so that it was almost pointed at her face, and grasped a little harder. Now she was jerking the foreskin back and forth, and she used her left hand to reach under my balls again.

Then she moved her left finger down below my taint and gently brushed it against my ass. I flinched and moaned, unable to control myself. Seeing me enjoying her touch, she moved her finger back against my asshole and massaged it, working it between my ass cheeks. I was so turned on that I hardly noticed the porn photos on the TV – I was too focused on my s****r-in-law between my legs.

Tara stroked harder and faster, watching my cock intently. I spread my legs a little more and lifted my hips. She lifted her left hand and licked her middle finger, then put it back and stuck it up against my asshole. She pushed gently and I felt the tip of it penetrate my anus just a little.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good,” I said. “Keep going.”

Tara did as she was told. She pushed her middle finger a little deeper, and stroked me harder while squeezing my shaft more. She started to push the tip of her finger in and out of my ass in rhythm with her stroking, and I felt myself ready to have an orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” I warned her. I knew it would be a big one, and I wasn’t mistaken.

The first ejaculation of semen shot straight into the air and nearly hit her head. It landed on my stomach. She pointed my cock away from her face a little and kept pushing her finger into my ass. I felt her push hard and she now had almost her entire middle finger deep into my anus. I looked down at her – she was still intently watching my cock, but her beautiful tits were hanging out for me to see right in line with my crotch.

More cum shot out, and gobs landed on my chest and even on my neck. She kept stroking and thrusting her finger into my ass, and more semen followed. It mingled with my dark pubic hair and ran down off my stomach and hips onto the couch. I was now grinding my crotch against her hand as the last of the cum squeezed out onto my stomach.

Finally, she slowed her stroking, pulled her finger from my ass, and let my cock rest on my stomach in a pool of cum. She sat back up on the couch, right between my legs. I felt her plump hip resting against my inner thigh. She had thick cum all over her hand and fingers, which she didn’t seem to mind. She just rested her hand on my thigh. It felt amazing to be sitting there naked with her and our bodies finally touching, even if just a little.

It was one of the best handjobs I’d ever had. It wasn’t just that it was with my gorgeous s****r-in-law, either. My wife never played with my ass like that, and it seemed that Tara’s lack of inhibitions paid off when it came to sex. I couldn’t imagine what kind of a partner she would be in bed with her boyfriends.

“Fuck, Tara…” I said, finally now able to breath again. “That was amazing.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that all week,” she said, smiling at me. “I hope I didn’t cross a line. I know technically we’re no longer just masturbating together…but, I mean…I just wanted to make you feel good. And I wanted to touch you, to feel you.”

“It’s okay – I’m glad you did it. I’ve been wanting you to do something more, too,” I said.

“Good,” Tara said, winking at me. “Tomorrow you can make it up to me.”


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