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My Real Fairy Tale!

I want to tell my "Fairy Tale Story" that when I was in 12th STD, I was in single side love within one of my female lecturer.

She was no pretty and slim that I used to dream about her each night and used to fuck her in my dreams..

She was my favorite, even she had knew that I'm on of her biggest fan, as I used to offer a Chocolate bars after the class. Unfortunate, our church authorities sent her to different organization where she had become Nun.. :( ..

After 3 years, when I was in final year of college, she was back to our college and her age was 32 and I was just 21.. I met her in market and was shocked to see her in Nun's outfit, but she was able to recognize me, and we chatted very well..

All my dreams was back, but she was turned into Nun, but still I kept contact with her by chatting or calling via Phones. It was college college fest day and all were busy in that, but my favorite lady was missing. As it was my last year of collage and few months left to be in the campus, I went in search of her to the stay home.. There was no one, and when I though to leave from there I saw my favorite lady and she just came near me inquiring of my presence.

When I told her that I came in search of her, she started to laugh on my craziness.. We went to garden of trees and was chatting of old collage days, 12th STD when she was my lecturer. Also, told her that I was in crush with her at 12th, she started to laugh loudly and said "CRAZY BOY".. When she was laughing, just noticed that the night gown that she was wearing was too transparent and could see a glimpse of her black panty and bra which made my dick to erect.. She stopped laughing and said that it is last day in this church and she was transferred to different one so was packing the bags...

By hearing that I just hugged her as we were standing so close, and she dint opposed me for that, and she was so near to me that couldn't control and had french kiss.. She was shocked with my action and pushed me away and she steped back..

She was tempted and able to notice my dick's erection which was pooping from my pant.. All of sudden she put hand into her gown and pulled her black panty out and laid on garden. I just took off my pant and inner-wear and straightly slept on her pulling her gown up.. I just fucked her like a man and cummmed into her..

This was my first SIN as I was only 21 and she was 32....

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