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The training of June Pt. 13.

The train gave a tiny jerk as the electic motors kicked in and then it glided out of the station on a south bound line taking out off Paris heading into the open country side. June pulled the curtians and opened her coat and let it fall from her tits that had been squashed into it. She wondered what might happen next on her adventure. She lay back on the bench seat and let her legs fall open. She smiled to herself as she remembered the look on the taxi driver's face as she pulled his cock free and began to suck it. Her hand found it's way between her legs, which now seemed usual for her. Her pussy was wet the whole time and she really liked to tease her clit whenever she could. She began to daydream about the life of the slave and was working herself up to yet another orgasm. One hand in her pussy the other pinching her nipples as hard as she could. As she was cumming the door slid open and the conductor stepped in to the compartment. June was lost in herself and didn't hear him. He stood there he's cock growing very stiff as he watched June's head rolling from side moaning pleasurefully as her orgasm washed over her. June opened dreamy eyes and saw she was not alone, but it was like she had just woken from a sl**p and it took her mind a while to prosses what her eyes was seeing. She looked up into the conductor's face and smiled at him saying, "Hello". The poor man was lost for words and couldn't answer her. June looked at the bulge in his pants and reached over and rubbed it, feeling his big hard cock thru the materail saying, "My you have a very impressive cock, would you like to take it out and use it on me". He had a puzzeled look on his face and June realised his english was not so good, so she gripped his rock hard cock and motioned to her pussy with her other hand, pointing her finger to her wet lips. The man just nodded. June stood and the coat fell off altogether leaving her naked down to her ankles, she kicked off her high heels and locked the door and turned to him. Her hand flew to his belt and she undid it and dropped to her knees before him, pulling down his zip then his pants. His cock was trying to fight it's way out of his underpants to get at her. June kissed it and and noticed the little wet spot of pre cum forming on the round the pushed out impresion of his cock, she licked that too. Then she pulled the waist band out and looked in side saying, "Oh my what a big boy you are". June pulled some more and the hard cock freed itself sticking out over his underpants. June the waist band go and his cock was trapped against his belly. She moved in and licked the pre cum from his knob, her tongue preforming a little dance on it as he sighed in total pleasure. Reaching down she fondled his balls as she teased his now throbbing cock. She played with him for a while then she pulled down his under pants. His cock bobbed up and down before her face. June licked her lips saying, "Yes that is a very big cock and I want it inside me". She looked up into his eyes and he smiled stupidly at her. June stood and knelt on the bench seat, grabbing the top of it with both hands she wriggled her arse at him to invite him to take her. He got the message and moved behind her placing one hand on her arse and using the other to rub his cock up and down over her pussy. June purred in pleasure as his cock split her pussy lips and rubbed on her hard clit. The she let out a long slow "Yes", as he pushed all the way into her. June grunted as his bottomed out in her, she could feel the preasure on her womb and it felt really good. His cock was nearly as big as Mary's strap-on and thick too. Her pussy lips were streached and this only added to the pleasure. He held himself full into her and June reached back between her legs with one hand and played with his balls. Then he began to fuck her slowly, going all the way in and out. June could feel her pussy caressing every inch of his cock as it moved in and out. Then he built up speed pounding hard off her arse. June grabbed the seat back with both hands and her hanging tits were bouncing and wobbling as she was slammed hard from behind from behind. He slowed and stopped, he pulled his cock from her pussy and June let out a little groan at the lost. He slapped her arse hard and she yelped. He spun her round dropped her down on her back pushing her legs up and apart as he dropped to his knees between her legs. June gasped as she felt him push his still very hard cock to her tight little arse bud. Her body betrayed her and her arse popped open to let in the offered cock. June wriggled and squrimed on the seat as the huge cock was f***ed up her arse. She was pantting for breath as her arse was filled to the limit. He pushed all the way into her and June was puffing and blowing trying to deal with the preasure. She had both hands pressed down on the seat trying to lift herself off him, but it was no use, he had her legs held high and she could not escape. June resigned to it and dropped down to take the fucking that was coming to that would no doubt leave her sore for days to come. He had a grazed look in his eyes as he started to pound her arse. He grunted as he rammed hard off her. June's tits were flying all over the place and her whole body was lifing off the seat with every stroke. After what seemed like forever to June his eyes rolled back in his head and he let out an a****l like groan as he came deep in her arse. June could feel spurt after sprut of sperm pumping into her arse. Finally he held still and June could still feel his cock throbbing inside her as his balls emptied into her arse. He held her legs up and pulled his cock slowly from her arse. He watched as it twitched open and closed. Eachtime his cum dribbled out of her, it ran down her between her arse cheeks and pooled on seat. Suddenly he dropped her legs, they fell draging June down onto the floor with them. She just sat there propped against the seat gasping for breath. The conductor stood and pulled up his underpants and pants, fastened them and then reached up and pulled a case from the rack overhead. He left it on the seat beside June saying in bad english," This is for you". He turned slid the door open and left. June stayed on the floor, her arse on fire and tears filled her eyes. She was thinking, it was so nice when he had it in my pussy, but why did he have to **** my poor arse. June pulled herself to her feet and and stood on wobbly legs, cum was still dripping from her arse and it felt like it had been ripped apart. June got her breath back and opened the case. On top sat a letter. She picked it up and opened it to read what was inside.

Writen by hand in a wonderful script was a letter from Mater Janus.

Hello Little one.
By now you are not far away from your new life
as my slave. I do hope you are enjoying the trip
so far. I find the French countryside so lovely
at this time of year, take time to enjoy it litte
one. Now in the case you will find what you must
wear for the last part of the journey. Take care
to make yourself nice for me, as I have some friends
staying and I want you looking your best when you
arrive as they will surly want to see you.
There will be a car and driver at the statoin to meet
you. Don't worry about the case, leave it in the compartment.
The conductor will colect it after you're off the train.
The car will be waiting outside the station for you when you
get in. You cant miss it, it's big and old, there wont be
another like it around.

Till we meet little one.

Master Janus.

June reread the letter thinking to herself, you don't get much time to look at the country side when you're having your fucking arse ripped apart by mister monster cock.
June pulled the first item from the case. A dressing gown with a note attached reading. For your visit to the bathroom, you may need to get cleaned up after your meeting with the conductor!.
June was thinking, so if I hadn't came on to him he would still have had his way with me. June found a toilet bag with some wash cloths in and soaps. Next she took out a long fine leather coat in black. Then she hooked her finger into a chain and leather belted body harness. She studied it for a bit. You seemed to have to step into it and pull it up over your upper body,leaving a cold chain to split your pussy lips and run between the cheeks of your arse. Then she pulled out the strangest thing she'd ever seen. A gold chain in the form of an X. On each end were Ladybirds. June played with it and found that if you pressed on the birds wings it spring loaded legs came apart and clamped closed again when you let go. June picked up another note reading. The ladybird chain is to be attached to each nipple and the other two to your pussy lips one on each side. June snapped open a ladybird again and set her little finger between the legs. She let go and squeeled as the tiny sharp pin like legs bit into her flesh. June opened it and removed it from her finger, noticing the little pin pricks of bl**d forming, four on each side one for each tiny legs. June shivered at the thoughts of putting this little torture device on her nipples and pussy lips. Next she found elbow length finger less silk cloves. Then again silk, hold-ups. Thankfuly this time the high heels were not so high. Then again a black choker with a sparkling stone at the front.

June pulled on the dressing gown and looked out of the compartment to see if anyone was around. She found the coast clear and dashed into the toilet two doors down. She washed away the now drying and crusting cum from between her legs and bending over to wash her abused arse she found bl**d also on the cloth. Her arse was so sore when the wash cloth rubbed on it she could feel the stinging. She took a fresh cloth, wetting and soapping it she washed between her legs, and very carefully cleaned her burning arse hole. She then washed her face and brushed her hair, applied a bit of make up, not too much, just enough to bring up her lips and shade her eyes. The June felt weak as the most awful thought crossed her mind, What if I shit myself????. My arse feels like it's open by two inches!!! June f***ed herself to bent over she put her hand back between her legs and stuck a finger slowly into her arse. No resistance at all her arse was gapping open. Oh fuck she thought, my arse has been distroyed, what am I going to do now if anything comes it will just fall out of me. June stood thinking what to do. Then she had an idea, she had brought some tampons with her, she would insert one in her arse. June soaked one of the wash cloths to help expand the tampon when she pushed it up her arse back in the compartment. She pulled on the dressing gown and rushed back to her compartment locing the door behind her. She found the tampom and wrapped it in the wet cloth for a minute, then bending over she pushed it into her arse. It stang like hell but she felt better when it expanded and seemed to hold. She tried to stand stright but she found it very sore and painful. That bastard, she thought to herself, if I ever get the top of his cock in my mouth again, I'm going to bite it off. June squrimed around a bit and the tampon seemed to settle into place. She gritted her teeth and stood stright, after a minute things seemed better. The anouncment that the train would be ariving in the station in ten minutes came in three languages. June pulled stepped into the body harness and pulled it up over her full breasts. The chain between her pussy lips felt weird and her sore arse was also not thankful for it, but it fitted really well round her tits. Then she placed the choker round her neck fastening it at the back. Next came the hold-ups. She rolled them up her legs and got then sitting right. She slipped on the shoes and they fitted really well too. For the torture chain as she thought of it as. She couldn't make up her mind, pussy lips or nipples first. She decided on the nipples. She pinched a nipple really hard to numb it a bit before she lached on the ladybrid, but still when she let the pressure off and the tiny legs clamped close over driving the pins into her flesh it she squeeled in pain. Breathing hard she did her other nipple. Then she bent over bowing her legs looking at her pussy lips, she took one and pulled it out and drew in a deep breath and let the little monster close around it. It took a moment for the pain to reach her brain and then her head grew light. She swooned and had to steady herslef with one hand on the seat. The stinging pain was awful. Before it got too bad she did the other lip. June felt faint she was sure that the little legs had passed each other and went out the other side of her pussy lips. No such luck with her nipples. They were now bigger than she had ever known and the fucking little ladybirds were feasting on her bl**d. She looked down at them and found to her shame that she was turned on by seeing the little lines of bl**d moving down over her swollen breasts. She smered a finger in it and tasted it,,slatly but nice. She thought to herself,,,June you really have turned into a slut whore.. The train slowed as it reached the platform and jerked to a stop. June put on the coat, fastening it she left the compartment and deboarded the train. Looking around she found the exit and headed for it. She walked out into afternoon warm sunshine. She looked around for what she was told she couldn't miss, and sure enough there in the car park was a big old vintage Rolls. June headed for it with her head held high, tampon in her arse which was on fire, bl**d leaking from her nipples and pussy lips, chain harness encasing her upper body, but she had never felt more free in her whole life. As she reached the car the driver stepped out and bowed to her saying, " Welcome Miss June, today is the first day of the rest of your life". He held the back door open and June climbed in and sat bolt upright in the middle of the back seat. The driver slid in behind the wheel and they were off for June to meet Master Janus.

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