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Tranny's First BBC

Sitting on the lounge at my local sex club I was watching the guys go by. You get to notice certain guys going past trying not to look like they are checking you out on the sly (and vice versa) thinking how they can approach me.

Normally it’s just the usual crowd of guys but several weeks ago a big muscular type African guy in his mid 30’s kept going past me and looking at me out of the corner of his eye. After about his third walk past I gave him a little smile. When I could see him coming down the hall the next time, I got up and slowly walked around the corner into the next hallway so he could catch up. I stood against the wall and waited. He came round the corner and walked towards me. He smiled and said “Hi”. I responded by saying “Hi cutie” and that I had noticed him walking by a few times and thought he might want to meet me. It was his first time at the club and he really didn’t know how to approach people. I told him not to worry and I reached down just to rub the front of his pants. (He was too shy to wear a towel).

He was semi hard and really impressive even then, and getting rapidly harder. I said that we could go into a room if he liked. He was nervous and I took his hand and led him into one of the rooms and locked the door. He said that being with a t-girl had long been a fantasy of his (nothing unusual there). He had asked someone else at the club about who was a good t-girl. Who would treat him well and they had described me to him.

As we stood facing each other I put my arms around his neck. He was about 6” taller than me and I started to kiss him gently and asked him if he liked it. Although I knew the answer because I could feel his cock getting harder against me. I started to kiss him deeper and putting my tongue into his mouth and he started to reciprocate. My hand started to wander down unbuttoning his shirt then rubbing my hand across his large chest.

We moved towards the bed and I took off his shirt then started to place kisses down his neck and down his chest, licking and sucking on his nipples and moving down kissing his stomach and feeling his six-pack. I sat down on the bed and unbuckled his pants and reached in.

Holy Crap he was huge! Probably close to 12” cut and really thick as well and very dark skinned. My eyes bulged out so much I almost lost my contact lenses. Now this was going to be a challenge. I looked up and smiled and started to work it with my hand. I started by kissing the head. He had pre cum already and was rock hard. Moving down his cock I started to lick and kiss down towards his balls. I place his ball sack into my mouth and started to suck and running my tongue gently around them with my hand moving up and down his cock at the same time. I could feel his cock throbbing already. I stopped sucking his balls and put a bit more pressure on the base of his cock as he was getting ready to blow already. I started working my way back up his cock again putting little kisses up all the way to the head.

I told him to lie down on the bed and got down between his legs. Taking his cock in both hands I lowered my mouth over the tip and rolled my tongue around the top and started to push my head down. This thing was so thick I had trouble stretching my mouth wide enough (and I can often suck two cocks at once)! Working the bottom of his cock with my hand I angled my mouth so I could get his cock right down into my throat. It was filling my mouth and throat so much I could barely breathe. We started to get into a rhythm and he was pushing his cock deeper and deeper down my throat.

He reached down and lifted my head up and asked me if I would do anal?

I really wasn’t sure if I could take it all. After a hesitation I said “o.k.” but this was really going to take a lot of lube. He got up and I moved to the side of the bed and presented myself doggie style to him. I felt his hands moving over my stockings and lifted my skirt over my hips. He started to rub my ass and pulled down my black lace knickers. I asked him to use his fingers he and started to lube me with the oil by my bed. At first it was just a single finger but I asked him to put more into me. Lubing me up more and more he put in 2, 3 then 4 fingers up to his knuckles stretching me wider and wider. It was time for the main event! I groaned and told me to “fuck me now I want your black cock inside me”

I guided him into me.

Even with all the all the lube it was such a tight fit and started to stretch my hole wider and wider and the tip of his cock penetrated me. I let out a gasp and he pushed deeper inside me. He put his hands around my hips and pulled me towards him pushing ever deeper. I have never had a cock so deep inside me before I was starting to shake with my own internal orgasm and his cock rubbed back and forth along my prostate. He was now pushing so deep inside me I could feel his hips banging against me. I had all 12” inside me!

He pushed me down onto my stomach put his full weight on my leg's. I was spread wide open and he started to pound me harder and harder. He asked me if I liked it. My head was shaking back and forth and I was screaming for him to “fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me harder" and pounded me even more.

His body was starting to spasm and I could feel him getting ready to cum.

He laid on top of my back and held me down. His leg was really shaking now and he was breathing hard. I felt his sweat making our bodies slip as he started to fuck harder and tightening his ass. Then he stopped moving and I knew he was breeding me. I felt his relax and his cock was so deep. He laid down on me and I felt his total weight. I was in heaven.

He got off me stood beside the bed watching the cum dribbling out of my ass. I asked him when he had cum the last time and he said that he hadn’t jerked off for almost 2 weeks. I said that I had hoped to fulfill his fantasy and he said that it was even better than he had imagined and was surprise that I had taken it all.

He thanked me for such a great time and got dressed. I laid on the bed for a while totally exhausted from the pounding I had received and I’ve got to tell you I was walking funny for about a week!

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