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My First BBC Threesome at 62 Years Old!

Wow, what a night to remember. Tim, the young man who gave me my first mouthful of cum the other day came over after dinner last night. I was wearing a nice but revealing dress but no panties per Jim’s (hubby) orders. Jim had several bottles of wine opened for Tim’s visit. He came in, greeted us, and we all had several glasses of wine.

Within an hour I had to pee and tried to excuse myself. Jim stopped me and told me to step into the walk in shower, pull up my dress and stand and pee in front of the two of them! I was so humiliated yet my pussy was soaked as I did what I was told.

After I finished peeing Jim asked Tim to “remove the dress from the whore” which he did. I was now completely naked in front of these two and tried to cover my breasts and pussy with my arm and hands…Jim spun me around and gave me three hard swats on the bottom. He then made me tell Tim that I’m a dirty little whore. Tim was being such a gentleman and Jim told him to “feel free to feel the whore’s tits and cunt” which he did.

Jim then ordered me to get on my knees and beg Tim to allow me to suck his big black cock. Of course I did so. I pleaded with him to drop his pants. Once again my face was just inches from that big cock and once again I was compelled to take him in my mouth and suck. (He made me kiss it first all over). Jim pushed me on all fours and entered me from behind – Jim’s cock is big but Tim’s is a monster. I was soon cumming hard. Jim made me cum twice and then roughly pulled me by my hair from Tim’s cock, thrust his cock in my mouth and unloaded an unusually large load of cum…I swallowed every bit and of course thanked him for cumming in my mouth.

Jim then told Tim that whores needed to be fucked and since he was spent, Tim would have to do it. Tim, now more aggressive, said¸ “on the bed white whore and spread your legs wide bitch.” His cock looked huge and I
was worried. I asked Tim to please take it easy and for that remark Jim flipped me over on my tummy and told Tim to spank me. He spanked me hard until I’m sure my tush was red then flipped me over and put that monster inside my little pussy.

It actually took my breath away to have that huge cock inside of me but I quickly recovered and started cumming immediately. However, Tim was not through with me yet. He held me down, fucked me and fucked me until I screamed and then withdrew, whipped off the condom, titfucked me and sprayed my face and titties with his load (and it was quite a load). He finished by slapping my face with his big cock! Jim ordered me to get them more wine but made me serve with my face and titties covered with Tim’s cum! He then ordered me to take a shower while they relaxed.

I thought that was it for the night and believe me I had enough. Jeez! Jim is still great at 59 but he doesn’t recover as quickly as he did when he was younger. Not the case with young Tim. I had another glass of wine
and really felt the effects of the alcohol at that point. Tim said that he had to be going soon and thanked us for such a great time. Jim said that we thanked him for coming over and that “Diane would like to thank you
as well.” I obediently said thank you but Jim slapped me hard across my ass and it really stung. He said, “that’s not how you thank the young man, whore.” I immediately removed my top and got on my knees. Tim
again dropped his pants and fed me his swollen cock. I sucked and sucked and finally he released another big load but this time in my mouth. I was very grateful and thanked him for cumming in my mouth. Jim says a good whore should always thank a man for giving her his cum.

Jim told Tim that in the future we would like to do this again but of course he always wants to be present. Jim hasn’t actually said so, but he enjoyed watching me suck Tim’s cock and he LOVED watching Tim fuck me!

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