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My first gay experience pt.1

When I was 18, i had a friend who I used to walk home with. We had been friends since high school and we were always in the same classes and even in the band. His name was Robert and he was a very confident and outgoing kinda guy. We weren't the popular k**s but we got along with everybody, girls especially. Sometime before winter break, we came to my place and we were talking about girls and pussy lol so i came up with the awesome idea of putting on a porn dvd just so we could fantasize. There was this one scene where it was a threesome, 2 guys and a girl and man these 2 guys were just fucking her silly in all these hot ass positions. I knew as well as he that we both had hard ons and i could already see in through his skinny jeans, that cock of his was dying to get out. So i told him i would be back as i went to the bathroom. When i came back, there he was all naked in my bed, nice big dick pointing to the side with a blushing smile. I looked at him with a red face and a smile, i shook my head, pulled my shorts down and hopped on in bed.

He was like what ever happened hear stays here ok? I agreed and we explored each others bodies. I ran my fingers through his nipples then i worked them down his belly through his little treasure trail. I wrapped my legs around his left side and we started to kiss. Man he tasted so good, i've kissed girls before but when i kissed him i felt electrified. I got hard as a rock and our hands found their way onto our dicks. He had a bigger dick than me, he had me beat lol i rested my head on his tummy and i started to lick around there, my tongue made it to the tip of his throbbing dick and i started to wrap my lips around it. It was the first time i ever had a guys dick in my mouth and he was enjoying it. I loved the way he felt up on my ass running his fingers through my crack and tickling my balls. I eventually worked his shaft into my mouth and i tried to put all of him inside, i gagged and he giggled. I came up again and we started to kiss again, i still remember how tight we hugged up. i was like dam b*o, never knew you liked this then he tells me that he never knew he liked it too! I went down on him again and this time i gave his balls a squeeze as i sucked. I noticed his hips were thrusting and out of nowhere thick white gobs of his spunk shot into my mouth. I swallowed some and it felt weird then the taste hit me, sweet at first then a little salty. He gave me a big smile and he kissed me again.

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