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In the glade

The sun was coming in through the room window next to where I sat, making my white shirt stick to the sweat on my torso. I eased open the top button of my shirt and checked that my tie was up hiding this uniform crime from Miss Willims. Daydreaming away the final minutes of double english I let her voice become a meaningless drone. " But low what light.." she read. RRRRRRRRRRRR - the bell went and the whole class raised slightly as i the bell instilled a new energy into us.
Packing my bag I wandered down the stairs and out into the cooling breeze blowing across from the sports field. Still dreaming I walked up the path that led through the grounds of the old mannor house to the estate where I lived.
I became aware of people round me and glanced round. Sacey and her gang were walking alongside me on the wide path. I walked on expecting them to pass but it soon became apparent that they had taken up their position around me on purpose. They were in a few of my classes because they were a bright bunch but they had a rebelious group identity and liked to play up to their image.
after a while Stacey manoevered herself alongside me and in a tone that implied she was confiding in me she said, " why don't you come with us, we have something to show you"
Curious but not anticipating anything great I nodded and walked alongside stacey up the hill. Where the path turns left for the houses and right for the hotel and golf course the girls continued straight up along the side of the high wall that formed the side of a long gone orchard. one by one the girls ahead ducked through a gap and into the heart of a large Rhododendron tree. I followed, now very intrigued and the last in was Stacey who positioned herself at the entrance as if she was guarding it.
I glanced quickly aound, the trees thick foliage formed a dense covering blotting out the sun and giving cool shade and a sense of seclusion. The floor of the den was bare fo vegitation and trampled hard while a number of branches crossed from the centre at a variety of heights providing a number of natural seats.
The girls formed a semicircle around me and between me and the exit. So I stood quiet waiting for what came next.
Stacey spoke first, " we saw living and growing ( a sex ed film) today"
" yes" I replied a bit uncertain.
"yes, It had a naked man and explained the erection and ejaculation"
"yes" I replied, now not sure where this was going, my mind raced.
"We want to see one!"

I paused, why had they picked me, should I oblige, what would be the repecussions and most importantly what was in it for me.

" You want to see me" I replied feeling tonguetied.
then sue chipped in " Yes, we want you to strip and do it"

"why" I replied "whats in it for me"

the girls huddled together and whispered. and I sensed they hadn't thought this through and wouldn't come up with anything so I chipped in

"OK" they all looked at me " on one conditon" eyebrows raised and I continued
" one of you has to strip too"

more huddling and whispering and then Mary turned to me and asked pointedly
"which one?"

"my choice" I replied, "you agree, all agree and I will pick one of you hey presto"

yet more whispering and then Stacey turned and said " we agree"

I was glad it was Stacey who replied as, her being the de facto leader of the group she also wielded some authority "Which one" she asked.
"You all agree" I said and Stacey quickly said yes
the others all mumbled their agreement except, from the back came Tracey voice,laden with distain " it better be worth it"

I looked from one to the other
Stacey was the driving f***e but as such she was the one who could put the brakes on so she was out.
Next I looked at Mary, short and curvy with straight blond hair, she was nice, shy and studious, I wasn't sure why she hung with these folk but she did nothing for me so she was out.
Next to her stood Caroline, as I looked at her I felt my penis grow, petite and slim with dark long curly hair, she had small breasts and bouncy movements her eyes shone and she had a smile that always made my heart race even though it was never directed at me. I looked at her beautiful face and my cock swelled in my pants. No, the look of diguided dread in her eyes stopped me saying her name
the next two were quickly ruled out, definitely not my type. then I saw Tracey.
She was tall and attractive but she knew it, she was also clever and from one of the big houses at the top end of the estate, I often saw her in the back of her dads flash motor.
she was staring at me like a specimin of something interesting but not exactly pleasant. "Tracey " I said noting her stiffen and step back but I pretended I wasn't even looking in her direction I eased off my tie and started unbuttoning my shirt. I looked up purposefully in her direction to see her rooted to the spot. " Backing out are you" I said buttoning up againg when Stacey butted in " no she isn't " with a stern slightly menacing tone as the other girls nudged tracey to the centre of the group.
I stopped and stared at her as she reluctantly removed her tie and hung it on a branch. as she unbuttoned her blouse I started again to unbutton mine keeping in synch with her.
I dont know if it was the element of humiliation in Traceys obvious embarassment and reluctance or the presence of the audience but my erection was now very full and my pulse raced.
I pulled my shirt out of my belt and removed it, dropping it to the ground at my side I watched as tracey removed her blouse and looking straight at me with heavy resentment she flung it over a nearby branch. Pausing for a monent she then took in a deep breath and rached round to unfasten her bra. It fell down quickly to reveal a very lovely pair of breasts, small and round with very small nipples jutting out and hard, cold, embarassment or excitation I wondered, they were beautiful.
Speeding up now I unfastened by belt and let my trousers drop down to my ankles
very aware now of my erection streatching my pants,I licked of my shoes and eased my feet out of the trousers, and standing upright I pulled of each sock by bending each foot up to me in turn and hooking them off with my fingers.
Stopping again I watched as tracey unfastened the zip on her skirt and bent double as she lowered it and stepped out of it. I paused to admire her, dressed she was OK but her arrogance was offputing but now standing in only her white panties I couldn't take my eyes of her, scanning from her face to her breasts and then to the mound of her pubic bone and the hollows running from her pelvic under her tummy. I glanced down her long slender legs to her delicate oversmall feet.
An impatient murmer from the others brought me back from my visual explorations and I realised I was now at a crucial point. should I go on and what might be the repercussions.
I decided more by instinct than intellect and quickly pulled down and removed my pants exposing my erect penis to six girls I had hardly spoken to before.
"You now trace" said someone and Tracey with a sigh took her panties off and dropped them at her side.

"Ok can I go now " I said bending to collect m clothes.
"No said Stacey, you forgot the second part"
true I had been rather preocupied thinking about nudity and the mention of ejaculating had slipped by. This I would rather do without so I had to think fast.
" I can't just perform, it doesn't work like that, I need a woman." not true as you know but I was playing on their nievity.
" what do you mean, just do it" said stacey

" well I would but Tracey looks petrified, I don't think she has been near a real man before and there is no way she would have the bottle"

this was my play, Tracey thought she was better than us and I was goading her,

she stepped forward and grabbed my penis roughly " I could eat you for breakfast" was the tired cliche she came up with " what do I do with this then" she asked in a tone that really angered me. I spun her round and pushed her away in one quick move that bent her over a low branch
" you don't need to do anything hen, this is mens work" where did that come from? I was spouting crap movie dialogue but I was also acting. I stepped forward after her and placed my right palm on her back holding her as she tried to move upright. my left hand went between her legs and as my fingers parted her lips I moved myself forward so my cock was at the mouth of her pussy. I eased one finger in and slid my cock along the path it opened up. Just at the mouth I paused and movved both hands to her hips. pulling back on ner hips I pushed my cock into her deep until the head felt her cervix brush the top. She squeeled and her whole body tensed. Shit she said under her breath. I paused feeling wonderful. I was standing in the cool breeze with my cock in and attractive woman while my female classmates watched and to cap it all I had taken her virginity.
very very slowly I drew bck the whole length of yer pussy until I felt the mouth start to close around the head as I drew out, just as slowly I pushed back in until my groin touched the flesh of her bottom. I gave a small thrust in to get the full depth and started the slow withdrawl again. repeating this over and over I felt her relax in my hands. speeding up slightly she started to move against me bringing me deeper into her. I gradually picked up speed and then stopped and changed to a few very slow very long strokes, slowly uilding speed again my hands shifted to her breasts I gently gripped her long nipples between my first and second fingers, masaging her breasts and gently squeezing her nipples.
Her movements grew quicker, almost urgent and she started to let out low groans in time to the strokes. I moved my hands back to her hips and increased the speed and depth of my thrusts when her whole body flexed and I felt her weigh fall on my hands as her knees weakened. As the orgasm flowed through her mine built up to the point of no return and I released inside her. An exquisite orgasm I felt my gland streatched as the stream of semen pulsed out of me and deep into her pussy, timing my thrusts to the spurts of spunk I had the best orgasm I have ever had, before or since.
gradually slowing down my strokes I felt her lighten in my hands as she regained control. I stood still, with my cock softening inside her and an awareness of my situation quickly replaced the pleasure of abandonement I had just experiened.
I pulled my softening cock out dripping spunk on the bare ground.
trying not to meet anyones eye I quickly dressed and turned to the others,
bravado was the only tool left to use so I straightened up and with all the confidence I could muster said " shows over girls! for today anyway"
and left.
and the repercussions, well there werent any. Tracey till didn't talk to me, although i sometimes caught her staring at me in chemistry or maths, the two classes we had in common. If the rest of the school heard of our adventure I never found out, and the rest didn't aproach me again. Although I often wondered how the ground under the tree had got so trampled and who their other 'victims' were.
As to the others I seemed to go back to being invisible again and I was quite happy with that sort of closure.
Invisible to all of them except Caroline, she features heavily in my life for a while to come, but thats another story ( lots of stories really)

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