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A Nice Tight Taboo Ass! His Birthday Present pt.1

Ah,The Obligatory Office Birthday Party. What a way to fuck-up a perfectly good day! Every Employee's Birthday We go through the same old shit. We are f***ed to endure the speaches peppered with stale jokes,lousy pot-luck food and even lamer gag gifts. We are trapped like livestock,in an overcrowded,overly warm Staff room filled with virtual strangers and the reek of clashing perfumes,colonges and bad breath!

It's Public humiliation at it's finest! Is it not?! But,there is One good thing that comes along with putting up with all of that shit. Where I work,My Office Manager gives you the next day off! WooHoo! It may not be paid,but at least it's a Day Off!

Now,being the Office Manager's Assistant,I grinned and put up with the half-hearted pats on the back and the sycophantic smiles,as I counted down the minutes till closing time. I couldn't wait to get the fuck out of there. All I wanted was for the day to end,smoke a bowl of really fine weed,and pound a drink or two.

Yet,as luck would have it,I left the office just in time to find the traffic at a stand still. So,when I saw a sign for the bar down the street I decided to pull in for a couple of beers. One hour and fo ur beers later,I looked out the window and noticed that I was finally going to have an easy drive home.


When I walked through the door something felt a bit off,but I figured it was probably the beers I drank. I mean,I Was buzzing pretty good. So I went to my bedroom,shed my clothes,took a hit from my pipe and climbed into a nice, relaxing warm shower.

I don't know about You Gents,but My cock always gets hard while showering. So I was giving my pecker a few long,slow strokes with my soapy palm,when I decided to save the jerking off till later. I was dying to bust a nut,but there was a new porn site a friend had told me about this morning,and I wanted to see if it really was as deviant as She said it was.

Winnie,my friend,insisted that I needed to check it out before the site dissapeared. She gave me Her Password,the web address,and then went on telling me how a friend of hers had built it. Supposedly,this "Hidden" site featured the finest/worst kind of Taboo sexual acts imaginable,and I thought,what better way to unload my balls after not popping a wad for a week?!

I was walking to the kitchen when I got that feeling again. You know,the one that makes You feel like You aren't alone? So I crept down the hall,my beer belly and hard cock leading the way,grabbed the rolling pin from the counter and burst throught the kitchen door into the darkness of the livingroom!

"Happy FUCKING Birthday!" A chorus of voices shouted all around me! If my dick wasn't as hard as it was,I probably would have pissed a little!

The lights turned on blinding me. I blinked in confusion,and after My eyes adjusted,I looked around at the people gathered there. Thank God I wasn't the only one standing there naked! I held the rolling pin in a threatening manner, but smiled wide as my Best Bud,Chris,walked over and gave me a hug. Our cocks rubbed against each other's and He pressed closly,pinning my dick against his drum tight stomach,so I could squeeze his ass.

The next several minutes were happily spent pressing naked flesh to naked flesh. Twenty nude men and women filled the livingroom parading back and forth for my viewing pleasure! It had been a long time since I was treated to the feel of soft,moist pussy lips and hard cocks sliding along my dick shaft,or a man's cock grinding against me and rubbing our cockheads together! After such a wretched day,I was thankful and suprised at what a wonderful night this was turning out to be!

Soon,the air was heavy with the smell of cigarettes and pot smoke as booze was freely being consumed.

I glanced over at the wall mounted,Large Screen TV. and was shocked to find someone,Chris probably,had put on one of my old Home Movies. The screen showed the image of my late Grandmother's wrinkled,red lips sucking my cock while She begged me to cum in her mouth.

"How Hot is That?!" My friend Gina whispered in my ear,as She came up offering me another toke. "Look at how Young You are! All that hair! What? Were You in like the si xth or seve nth grade?" she asked,while standing close and tickling the underside of my cockshaft with her fingernails. A Tingling sensation exploded down my spine!

I had just enough time to say "The summer before I started the Sev en..." when she blew me a shotgun,got down on her knees and started sucking my cock.

"Nuh,Uh Uh!" Chris said while shaking a finger at her and walking over. "There'll be none of that,Gina! You know We have plans for Him!" He laughed.

"Oh for Christ's Sake! Keep Going,Gina! Suck that Cock!" I yelled,grabbing onto her ears,but Gina pushed my hands away,stood up,licked her lips and wiggled her tiny ass at me as she crossed the room. A loud "Grunt" caught my attention,so I looked back at the T.V.,along with everyone else,just in time to watch as an 11 year old Me came into my Gramma's,open mouth and across her face. A cheer went up from everyone,so I took a bow!

Now,This Party is more like it! I mean,Who Can Not Have Fun in a Room Full of Naked People offering to have sex with You? I admit,they weren't Gym Rats or Runway Models,they're just regular old folks,but hay! It's the thought that counts! Right?! And what Naughty,nasty,depraved thoughts they were! Plus,Chris was now covering the head of my cock with kisses of His Own!

We all agreed that opening the gifts could wait till later,because now it was Party Time! Chris had put the second of that evening's many movies on. This one showed some little Romanian twink getting fucked up the ass by a pony. All of the women,and most of us guys,were ooohhing and ahhing knowing how wonderful that Stallion's huge cock thrusting up into his ass must have felt! And when it came? Everyone applauded! Oh My God! The amount of cum pouring out of the Twink's gaping ass was astounding!

Gina shouted "I'll drink to that!" and filled her mouth with tequillia and ice then went down on Betty's cunt! Chris winked at me and began sucking on William's cock while Leslie squated over Karen's face as She gave Ed a sloppy blow job! Jerry was sucking Robert's huge knob,as his wife,Mandy,fingered herself in front of a video camera. Things were starting to heat up!

At Walt's urging they took a break from their festivities to watch a compilation video He had made called "Puppy Love and Mare E Christmas!" That guy's dick is huge and He can cum in buckets. It's no wonder his "Ladies" Rhonda and Yevette love him like they do! In fact,We All love taking that big,arm like cock of his! I have to admit,there have been many times when I wanted him to put a bridle on Me and fuck me like Yvette,or roll me onto my back and give it to me like that Bitch,Rhonda!

Then came the Young vs.Old stuff,both straight,lesbian and gay. Not an eye wandered from the T.V.,since these featured the people in the room. We all clapped and said our "Well done's! and Congratulations!" after each one.

Granted some movies were hotter than others. Like when Gina was shown eating her niece's and adolescent daughter's pussy,or when Fred and his Wife Chastity were "caught fucking" by their k ids. We all laughed at that one,because of the poor acting,but We were also majorly impressed and turned on,with how well those two were learning their lessons! I can honestly say,I have never seen a girl that age give such an awesome blowjob,or a boy that size take Fred's fat cock and beg for more the way He does! In fact,I set up an appointment for next my B-Day gift! Now,That's a generous fa mily!

It was after Fred's video when Helen,my nextdoor neighbor who's cuckholding her Hubby,with Jerry And Mandy from up the block,took Jerry's cock out of her cunt long enough to stand up and announce that it was present and game time!

Another round of bowls and shots were passed as they lined up in a row. I sat there on my chair,like a King in his cups,holding court and bid them each to come forward.

After the gifts were passed out,I jokingly said that I now have more dildos,of assorted shapes and sizes,than most porno shops carry! I also received several movies covering every Taboo subject (excepy s**t and blo od sports)that there was. And I do mean every Taboo topic. I also got a ball-stretcher(with 5 lbs.of weights),speculums,lubes,and of course the ever popular "Free Pussy/AssFuck and/or Blowjob" voutures. Chris even bought me an E-Stim machine! I was So Looking Forward to a prolonged weekend of edging and playing with myself very soon!

After the gifts were passed out,We decided on what games we should play.

Now,before anyone freaks out,everyone involved has beed tested for STD's. Only people that are "Clean" had been invited to this party. In fact,since We all Swing together,no-one is allowed to have sex with,or bring anyone new into the circle,until they have been tested! We All agree and accept this fact. A Very Smart Practice for Who and What We Do!

The first game was "Guess Who's Lips". This involves a man standing blindfolded,with his hands tied behind his back. One by one We would then come up to him and begin sucking on his cock. If after 30 seconds He guessed who it was,you got a slip of paper telling you when and where you were to meet him. He could then have his way with you. No matter what! T wo of the guys,James and Walt won that round. James won with Betty and Walt won with Karen.

Now,since it was my Birthday,I could suck on their cocks,but I couldn't get mine sucked. I thought it unfair,but Chris said it was because I had another present coming later,and He wanted Me to take full advantage of it.

The next game was "Tap That Ass!" It was very similar to "Guess Who's Lips" except this game had a Guide. We all spent the next few minutes lubeing up eachother's ass holes. Naturally a few of us took our time with a couple of our favourite friends,but all in all it went fairly quickly.

Everyone then assumed the position,heads resting on the floor,asses stuck in the air and hands spreading our ass cheeks wide open. The contestant was then lead,once again blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back by the guide,to each eagerly waiting mount. A condom was then placed on his hard cock and he was guided in until the head of his pecker pressed against our anal ring. He was got 30 seconds to 1 minute to fuck us as He saw fit. If He guessed our name correctly He got to watch the next round. If not? The blindfold was taken off and he had to join the line!

I loved it! I had my ass plowed by seven men,one right after the other! Ah,Cock! I Love it,Love it,Love it! I have since I was in Grade School! But once again,I wasn't allowed to do any of the fucking. Damnit! Oh,well. At least none of the guys won!

Chris kept winking at me,so I started to wonder if the game was fixed.

Then came the final game. "Pummel That Pussy!" We totally bypassed "Taste That Twat!" all together,which I Really wanted to Play,but once again I was overruled. "This better be one awesome,fucking Birthday present!" I thought to myself,because as much as I adore a big hard cock up my ass,I love eating pussy!

"Pummel That Pussy!" is the same as "Tap That Ass!" and since It Was My Birthday,I got in line with the rest of the girls. My gaping hole was right in the middle of the line,and I wanted to see if these d***k bastards could tell the difference!

Everyone laughed when the first dude to fuck me was Jerry. He buried his big dick nut deep and fucked my ass harder than any pussy yet! It was when He said "Gretel?", that We were falling over the place because there is no "Gretel"!

No-one won that game either so, as the Birthday Boy,I got the Grand Prize! I got to be fucked by all of them!

I was back on my hands and knees like a shot! I watched as Gina shoved Winnie's pussy in my face and had my tongue snaking around her clit,before her ass hit the floor!

As I was eating Winnie's cunt Walt steped up behind me and rammed His big Bone Home!

Lights exploded in my head and I nearly wept,as He began driving His 10 inch cock into my bowels!

end Part 1

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