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My first time., part 1

It was the summer of 1998, my older s****r had just got married and the reception was just getting started, there was about 90 or so guests milling around between the house and the marque in the back garden, and i was trying to find a quiet moment to myself so i could have a cigarette without my f****y finding out that i smoke.

As i squeezed my way through the overcrowded kitchen, i bump into my new b*****r in-law, and his housemate who is renting the attic room in there house. I say my hello's and try to squeeze past them so i can get to the front door where i know i can have my cigarette, but as i squeeze past, i overhear the house mate say to my b*****r in-law, " what a sexy little bitch " my b*****r in-law reply's " if she is half as dirty as her s****r, she would be a great little fuck " i look back in disgust and was about to scream at them at the top of my voice, but just then my s****r arrives and i loose the moment.

My s****r looked so happy, she was also six months pregnant and i figured that if it happened again i would say something. I eventually managed to slip out the front door and light the cigarette i had been waiting all day for, i hide myself between the garage and the many cars that were parked outside, i began thinking about what my b*****r in-law and his housemate said about me, i couldn't believe it, it was the first time i had met the housemate, but i had known my b*****r in- law for over a year and i thought he was a nice guy. He was much older than my s****r, she had just turned 19 and he was 44, i figured the housemate was in his mid thirties at least, i myself had not long turned 16, how dare they speak about me like that.

I was so angry i decided to have another cigarette to help me calm down, after all it was my s****rs day and i didn't want to spoil it by kicking off with anyone especially the groom and his mate. As i finish the second cigarette i look at my reflection through a car window, and adjust my makeup, then i see the house mate walking in my direction, i quickly flick the cig away and pretend to adjust my dress, " caught you " he said as he came around the cars, i didn't want to speak to that ugly perv so i tried to walk past him.

He blocked my path and said " hey whats the rush beautiful " " don't worry i won't tell anyone you were smoking, here have one of mine " "no thanks i said i don't want nothing from you " i tried to get past again but he still wouldn't let me pass, " whats wrong with you " he asked, so i told him what i had over heard.

He smiled and said that other girls my age would take that as a compliment, and to ignore the b*****r in-law because he was a bit d***k, he apologized for offending me and said that if i forgive him, he would keep my smoking a secret, he seemed genuine enough so i accepted, " can i get past now please " he moved to the side so i could pass but it was a very tight squeeze between the two cars, as i squeezed past i could see him looking down the top of my dress, i wasn't wearing a bra because it was a off the shoulder corset dress that didn't fit properly. " do you mind i said " " sorry " he said i can't help it your very beautiful, you should be proud of your body " he moved his body to allow me to squeeze past but as he did my hand brushed past his upper thigh, and i felt the huge bulge of his cock in his loose trousers, he was much taller than me so it was hard to avoid, i felt my stomach and clit tighten and my breath was taken aback, "im sorry i said" " i didn't mean to..." its ok, go on people will be wondering where you are, i moved past and felt my face blushing bright red, i had got to the front door and he shouts "my name is pete by the way" still blushing i reply, my name is Fay.

As i stood behind the closed door, i looked a the hand that touched his dick, his bulge felt huge in my tiny hand and my clit tightened again, just then my s****r comes through and asked me to help her change out of her wedding dress, she noticed my flushed face and asked if i had been drinking, " no " i said im just a bit hot, you should get changed as well she said, its roasting in that marque. I helped my s****r change, and suggested she return to the party, i told her i would not be long and would join her for the cutting of the cake, after she left the room i locked the bedroom door an began to undress, my body was damp and sweaty from the dress, so i allowed myself to cool down in front of the fan, i looked at myself in the full length mirror on the wall and ran my hands gently across the slender curves of my hips, and up across my still developing breasts.

The chill from the fan had made my nipples stand as erect as iv ever seen them, and i cupped and squeezed both breasts, pinching the nipples and pulling them even firmer. My hand that touched his cock felt warm and i slid it from my erect nipple towards my open legs, my pussy was soaking wet, and i imagined holding Petes huge cock as i rubbed my swollen clit, Pete was right i am beautiful, and i am a dirty sexy bitch, i admired myself masturbating in the mirror, quietly moaning thinking of how my first time would be, and how i would want a cock as big as petes for my first time. I stood there touching my slim firm body almost ready to cum when there was a knock on the door "Fay are you coming or what? we are about to cut the cake" i smiled and said i would be right down, there wasn't time to finish, it would have to wait till tonight when i could be alone. little did i know that tonight would be my first time.

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