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Jackie's Purple Satin Panties

It was later then he expected, as he couldn’t get away from his day, now finally home Michael quietly pushed the front door shut behind him not to wake the k**s. To his left he could hear a slight whisper and see the flickering of a turned down television.

He moved to his right first, making his way up the stairs to check on his two sons. He pushed the doors open just a crack, listening to the soft slow breathing of each, before pulling the doors shut. He turned then and went back down the stairs.

He walked into the living room, looking at his watch as he did so, noticing that he was almost 30 minutes late. The year-end paperwork had seemed almost endless tonight, but after two long days, it was finally completely done… at least until next year.

He looked up, fully expecting to find the babysitter, Jackie, with a stern look on her face. Instead she was lying on the center couch, her face facing the television but with eyes completely closed. She was also dressed differently than she had been earlier today, no longer wearing a green t-shirt and pair of jeans, but instead the top and skirt of a cheerleader's outfit.

He started walking again, towards her, to wake her so he could drop her off at home. He slowed, then stopped, however, as he neared her. In her sl**p she had pulled her left leg up, which in turn pushed her skirt up, giving Michael, from where he was now standing, and a view up her skirt flashing her panties. While he had seen many pairs of women's panties when his wife left, this was the first pair he'd seen on a woman for over 4 years. Not that Jackie was completely a woman, of course, but she was in her first year of college, and had a smoking hot nineteen year old body.

He shook his head, not letting himself go any further down that path. Unfortunately, despite his intentions, he found himself once again looking at Jackie's legs, following them back up to her sexy little panties.

They were small, satin, dark purple, with spaghetti strings connecting the front and back panels. They were bikini style panties, which covered a good portion of her backside, which allowed for a generous amount of leg and ass on the side. Whether because of the way her leg was positioned or because of the size of her panties, they snuggled tightly against her ass.

"Hi Mr. Harris."

Michael moved his eyes quickly to the left. Jackie was slowly rubbing her eyes. After a moment she stopped and smiled. He found himself giving what he was sure was a sheepish grin.

Michael gestured towards her. "You seem to have changed your cloths since this morning."

Jackie pulled herself towards the end of the couch, straightening her legs and moving to a sitting position. She looked down at herself and straightened her skirt further.

"I was watching Tommy when he was taking a bath. I asked him a couple of times to finish up, so when he still didn't I started to pull out the plug. He started splashing hard, so I pulled back as if he had won. He started laughing and then Robert, who was sitting on the edge of the tub, well, he must have got bumped by Tommy because he started to fall in the tub. Which was when he threw his milk cup at me."

Michael smiled.

"That splattered my shirt and my jeans. Since I had my cheerleader's outfit from practice this morning, I decided to just change into that and wash my clothes. They dried a little before they went to bed, but since they liked seeing me in my cheerleader’s outfit, and were behaving better, I left it on. I must have fallen asl**p; do you know what time it is?"

Michael looked down at his watch. "Almost eleven." He looked back up. "Sorry, I'm late."

Jackie smiled, and then looked around the living room. She got off the couch. "That's okay. I'm going to go check on my clothes."

Michael nodded and took a seat on the couch as Jackie left the living room. He lay back, looking up at the ceiling.

After a moment he heard a pair of footsteps in the hall, and then Jackie leaned into the living room. "It's okay if I let them tumble for a little bit, right?"

"Of course."

She stepped into the living and headed towards the couch, sitting back at the other end, before standing back up. "Sorry, I meant to clean up before you got home." She walked towards a toy, directly in front of Michael, bending at the waist to pick it up.

Michael once again found himself looking at Jackie's panties, although this time he was looking at her gorgeous panty covered ass straight on, and her legs were placed slightly apart, giving him a much better view not only her ass but the lower section of her crotch. He drew his eyes away before she started to straighten. However, after she had taken a few steps forward and once again bent to pick up a toy, he found himself once again looking at her body, looking at the full length of her legs. Jackie straightened again, moved to another toy, and bent down, but this time Michael watched her the entire way. As incredible as it seemed, she seemed to want him to watch her. She hadn't said anything about catching him looking at her, and she was now bending over, giving him a clear view of her body.

"So ... you said they were better after the bath?"

"Yeah" she straightened and turned towards him, smiling. "I think Tommy just liked how my skirt flowed," she rotated her waist a few times, making her skirt swing back and forth, "but I'm pretty sure Robert wanted to get a look “up” my skirt." She grinned.

"Oh? Why do you say that?"

As she spoke, she walked towards Michael; "because the whole night he tried to convince me to give Tommy a horse ride." She stopped. "Not that Tommy wanted one, as hard as he tried, but he still thought I should give him one."

Well did you give him one?

Yeah I did, it was the only way to get him to quit asking. I’m sure he got a great peek too.

Michael smiled and giggled, “well boys will be boys!"

She grinned again. "True." She looked up at the ceiling, then back down at Michael. "I mean, can you imagine? I guess I didn't realize that 6 year old boys would be thinking about women’s body parts or even their panties at that age."

Michael leaned forward, putting his elbows on his knees. He shrugged. "It's only natural I suppose."

Jackie shrugged, and then walked over to the last toy, bent to pick it up, and straightened. She walked over to the corner, dropping the toys into a bin. She turned back towards Michael. "I'm going to go grab my clothes."

Michael nodded and leaned back against the couch. After she left he found himself thinking back to what she had said. With Jackie on her hands and knees, the weight of his younger son would have pushed her stomach towards the floor. She would have stuck out her chest and her ass. Tommy had a thing for flailing about when he was given horsey rides, as he called them, so it would have been entirely possible that her skirt would have been flipped up, or pulled up higher giving anyone watching a truly wonderful unobstructed view.

He was still thinking about it a short while later when Jackie turned the corner and entered the living room. She had her jeans and t-shirt over one of her arms. Michael stood quickly, then immediately sat back down. He had developed a full raging hard-on over the course of the last couple of minutes thinking of Jackie’s panties. The way he had sat, and then leaned forward, had moved his pants such that when he stood he had little room.

Jackie let out a laugh before clapping a hand to her mouth and looking over her shoulder. They both listened for a moment, and then she turned towards him and stepped further into the living room.

"Mr. Harris?"

He could feel himself blushing. "Yes Jackie?"

"Do you have a thing for my panties?"

He raised an eyebrow, and then realized he probably couldn't pull it off if his face was as red as he thought it was. "What do you mean?" was all he could muster.

Her smile grew wider; "I mean that I think you've been looking at my panties since you got home."

Michael cleared his throat.

Jackie was nearing the couch now. She paused and tossed her jeans and shirt onto the couch next to him, then walked a few more steps until she was right in front of him, looking down at his face. He looked down, then after a few moments drew his eyes up.

"Do you want to touch my panties?"

Michael could feel his eyebrows as they slammed up his forehead. Jackie smiled, and then opened her mouth as she looked down and took hold of his right wrist. She moved his hand up slowly, pulling it back behind her, then pulling it up, pushing her skirt up as she did so, before pushing his hand up an onto her sexy little ass.

At first Michael kept his hand and fingers straight, but after a few seconds, without even realizing he had moved them, he felt his fingers rubbing against the soft satiny material of her panties.

She looked into his eyes and smiled.

She turned after a minute, and Michael let his hand drop away from her body. With her back now towards him, she moved both her hands behind her and pulled her skirt up above her waist giving him the best possible view of her dark purple satin bikini spaghetti string panty covered ass. She took a step forward and then slowly dropped to her knees. Keeping her knees bent so that her ass remains in the air, Jackie leaned forward lying her chest down on the floor. Her hands, still holding onto the end of her skirt, pulled the material further up, letting it drop against her back. She moved her hands, then, placing them above her head, against the floor.

Michael leaned forward, looking down at her, his eyes moving up and down her sexy nineteen year old lower half of her tight and fit little body. After a moment she looked over her shoulder, up at him. "Why don't you come down here?"

Without thinking Michael slide off the couch onto the floor. He moved his hands immediately to her sexy little ass, rubbing his palms against each panty covered cheek, moving his fingers along the spaghetti stings on each side until they reached around softly rubbing the front panel of Jackie’s purple satin panties. He preceded to move his hands down her legs and across her back a few times, but otherwise kept his hands on the front and back panels of her panties over her lady parts feeling her up for the next few minutes. His pants continued to feel smaller and smaller as he touched her body.

As if sensing his discomfort, she turned towards him once again after a few minutes.

"Why don't you try rubbing your cock against my panties Mr. Harris?"

He looked up at her smiling face, her eyes partially closed. He moved a hand to his pants, and then reluctantly moved his other hand after a second of fumbling. His button came loose and his zipper went down. He worked his pants down to just above his knees. He looked up, putting one hand on her panties again, and looking at Jackie's face. She had lifted her head slightly, giving herself a better view.

As Michael reached down his underwear and pulled his dick out, Jackie's eyes opened slightly, before going back. He pushed his underwear further down, then moved his knees towards her and dropped his body down. After a moment he began moving his hips as he slid the bottom of his cock between Jackie's ass and against her purple satin panties. A few times he lifted himself up, moving a hand towards his cock and holding it down against her panties so he could get a better look. Other times Michael would place the tip of his cock against the folds of her gusset covering her pussy, and hold it there while he slid his hand up and down his shaft (in a jerking motion) purposely tapping and stimulating her clit with each stroke.

After a few minutes Michael pre-cum had saturated the crotch of her panties and he could feel himself starting to get closer. He moaned a few times, and then Jackie started to get up. He found himself pushing her down for a moment, not wanting her to move.

He moved his hands to her sides, grabbing the waistband of her panties and pulling them down her legs while the tip of his cock was pushing her panties between the opening of her pussy. With the panties now past her waist dangling loosely alongside of her legs Michael reached under her wrapped the panties around his rock hard cock and began pushing his panty wrapped cock deep into her unprotected pussy.

He rubbed his thumbs into the material of the panties, then paused and pushed them into to her. She met his eyes and shook her head. She opened her mouth then closed it, sucking her lower lip into her mouth and putting her front teeth down on it. She whispered. "Cum all over my panties! Cum all over my dirty little panties!"

Michael sighed, and then moved his hands quickly, pulling the front of her panties against the tip of his cock while they were nuzzled deep within her. Still on his knees he started jerking his hand and hips, one hand holding the panties tight, the other squeezing her sexy little ass. He was looking down at her face stared right into her eyes and blasted his seed onto her panties probably saturating them so much; that it would seep through them and into her unprotected pussy. He jerked sporadically, before falling onto Jackie.

With the last spasm having left his body, he loosened his hand, pulling his cock and the panties out of her. Jackie moved a hand, pulling her panties off of Michael’s softening cock and opened her panties giving her a and Michael a view of how dirty they have become. He looked up and saw her smiling. She moved her eyes up to meet his stood up and slipped her panties back on.
“Oh these are so wet and warm, I think I wear them until morning”, but it is late and you should probably take me home now."

“Will you need me to watch the boys again tomorrow Mr. Harris”?

“No Jackie, but I will on Saturday night.”

“OK then it’s a date… um I’ll see you Saturday night”.

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