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My s****r Kay catches me red handed....

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My s****r caught me red-handed and red faced this morning. But I will have to say, I am not complaining!!

You see, Kay graduated from college this past spring with a degree in athletic training and dance. In the four months since, she was unable to land a job (go figure!). Well Mom called and asked if she could come and stay a while with me and my wife Barb while she looked for a job. I should have said no. Things were not going well with Barb and I and they still are not.

You see, Barb has always wanted a big f****y and so soon after we got married, she went off her birth control. Six months later, still no news. We went to an army of doctors and I beat off in more offices while she got prodded by strangers in places I barely got to see! Long story short, she could not have k**s. There was a surgeon who said that he knew of a process that in about 10% of patients was successful, but it was painful and expensive. Barb wanted to do it, I took one look at the price tag and said, “Hell no.” That is how the fight started.

Barb had just declared to me that if I was unwilling to fork over the money, she was not willing to let me have sex with her, when Mom called. In my stunned and completely overwhelmed state, I told Mom “sure, I guess” and she was so excited that she hung up before I could recant.
So Kay moved in with us about a month ago. She could tell right away things were not good, so, to her credit, she tried to stay out of everything and got a couple part-time jobs, but nothing near what she needed to live on her own in the city.

From the first day she walked in the door, I started having lewd thoughts about my s****r. I mean, she is tall, about 5’10” and in superb shape with a golden tan and a beautiful smile. She got Gran’s fiery red hair and blue eyes that gave her the look of your classic Irish beauty with the typical Irish temper! She is not overly well endowed, probably a B or C cup, but because she is so willowy with long limbs, they look larger.

Kay tried the first week to thaw my wife’s frozen attitude, but without knowing what was going on, made no headway whatsoever. So it soon started to feel like it was Kay and I that were living together and not Beth, though Beth and I continued to share the same bed.

I am a normal 28 year old, hetero-sexual guy. It was hard enough, living with my wife and not getting any sex, but having another beauty living and relaxing in my house about drove me crazy. I found myself locked away in the master bath more and more “taking matters into my own hands” and thinking about Kay as much as Beth!

Then about two weeks ago, I took a load of laundry down to the basement and was just heading upstairs when my eye caught a glimpse of a triangle of red silky fabric. I picked it up and knew without a doubt that it had to be Kay’s. I picked it up and started back to the washer and then…. I cannot explain why, but I sniffed it.
I have always enjoyed eating a woman and sucking on their breasts! I guess there is some sort of oral fixation in me, or something, but for a long period of time in my teens, I would rather 69 with a girl than screw her with a condom!
Anyway, my s****r’s scent was perfect! I could smell her! I could imagine the soft curls of red pubic hair that had nestled against the sumptuous fabric! Her pink cleft, would have been nestled right there in the middle, and I held the spot to my nose and gathered in her scent.

I was hooked. My cock was hard, my mind had banished all other thought and I dropped my pants right there in the basement and wrapped the silky red triangle across the sensitive tip of my cock. The sensation was electric! In my mind, I had my s****r pushed up against a wall and I was sliding my cock up the opening in her shorts and under the red cloth. I rubbed it down my shaft, envisioning her passage opening to the thrust of my cock deep up into her. Slowly at first but gathering in both speed and v******e, I flogged myself right there in the middle of the basement floor until I shot string after pearly string of cum over my hand and all over her underwear. It turned from the dark red to almost a black, with my moisture and I thought it was the perfect metaphor for my lust for her. We had been bl**d b*****r and s****r, but not the darkness of my heart called out for us to be something much darker!

Over the next few weeks, I chose to do the laundry more and more often whenever the house was empty. Each time, I would seek out a piece of my s****r’s clothing and use it to focus my thoughts. I could imagine her breasts squeezed together to form a passage for my cock or holding her jeans I shot a load into her back pocket, wishing like hell I was in the perfect cleft of an ass that I admired each morning and evening when I saw her around the house!

Of course, Beth noticed me staring at Kay all of the times and told me that if I did anything with my s****r, she would tell the whole world in open court just what a sick bastard I am and that I should be locked away. She started hinting to Kay that it was time for her to find either a place of her own or another city if she could not afford this one.

I told Kay to pay no attention to her, and I was glad to have her there. If she only knew how glad I was!

Then this morning, I was home alone. Beth was working an extra shift at the hospital and Kay had left a few minutes later, saying she too had a job to do. Once I heard her car leave the drive, I got up from the kitchen bar and went to get the dirty clothes to do a load.

It was my lucky day. The same pair of red panties that I had first whacked off with was lying across the top of the pile, and as I gathered the clothing to me and against my body, I caught the musky scent of her sex as the soft fabric teased me from a scant few inches away. In a minute, I was down the stairs and loading the clothes into the washer. Then I carefully picked up those hypnotic red panties and I rubbed them to my cheek. I imagined her face pressed to mine, so soft, so loving.

I brought them around so I could breathe in the strongest place of her scent. It was heaven! She had evidently sprayed them with her favorite perfume, because its tantalizing aroma filled my mind hypnotically and I tentatively stuck my tongue out to taste her!

I dropped my pants to my ankles and leaned my bare ass against the dryer. I knew there were some jeans in there from the night before, so I turned the dial and started it and felt it soon rocking me in a rhythm that was hypnotic and warm. I slowly ran her panties over my belly and then my thighs, allowing the anticipation and lust to build not only my desire, but also my cock to its fullest. It felt so damn good and so bad at the same time, and the dichotomy of the moment heightened my lust all the more.

I encased my cock in her silk and closed my eyes as I held it there. The soft rocking of the dryer, the heat rising not only from it, but from my need transported me from the reality of my basement back to when we were k**s.

I remembered watching her skinny dip with some of her friends when I was home from college. She never knew I had seen them, but I had. I had almost yelled at them to get out of the creek and get dressed, and then she had waded into the shallows and bent over to remove something that had wrapped around her ankle.

From where I stood, maybe 20 feet away, I thought of my s****r as a woman for the first time. She was not just some k**, she was a woman! I had ducked back around the tree and tried to process what my mind had seen before making the decision to whack off. I told myself I was doing it while watching the other girls, and a couple of them were definitely worth watching, but it was the curves of Kay that finally sent me over the edge.

And that was when I heard the fifth basement step creak. My eyes flew open and there was my s****r. She was staring at me with a look somewhere between disapproval and curiosity.

I quickly dropped to pick up my pants, saying some lame ass excuse and basically babbling like an idiot as I tried to zip up my pants only to discover that her underwear had jammed the teeth! I looked up and she was standing just five feet away from me.

I shut up and we both just looked at each other. Finally, I said, “Please don’t hate me!”

I saw the smirk come across her face as she said, “I could never hate my big b*****r… but I do pity you.” I started to say something but she held up a hand to stop me. Slowly she stepped toward me and said, “I don’t hate you. I could never hate my big b*****r.” She had drawn herself up to look me straight in the eye from less than a foot away.

She continued. “I pity you; married to a sexless bitch like Beth. That cock of yours deserves a woman, even if the rest of you do not.” There was an evil smile curling up at the corners of her mouth and her ice blue eyes flashed with an intent that I had never seen there before. I looked down at the floor. I could not look her in the eye, not after being caught beating off on her panties.

“I’ll tell you what. Your little secret is safe with me, big b*****r. But the rest of you is going to be at risk! I have not met the type of people here that I did in college, so you are not the only one that is, shall I say, frustrated. So I’ll tell you what. I won’t tell your witch of a wife as long as you agree to be my slave when she is not here with us. You really don’t get a choice in this, so, get my panties out of your pants, and then take your clothes to your bedroom. I want you in my room in exactly 15 minutes. Naked!”

She turned and walked to the stairs and up without even glancing back at me. I looked at the clock on the wall as I tried my best to comprehend what had just happened. I kicked my pants off and worked my zipper off of her panties without ruining them and then turned around and turned off the dryer. I could not think of what else to do. I threw her panties in with the half done laundry and made my way up to my bedroom and sat and watched the clock for the 15 minutes to expire.

I walked to her door and since it was open, I walked in. At the same moment, she came out of the bathroom off of her room dressed in a body stocking; her hair gelled down tight to her head and pulled back into a pony tail. She was walking in platform shoes of at least 5 inches in height and was taller than me! The most startling thing were here eyes. She had applied heavy makeup of a dark color near the nose and feathering back into a glistening white that faded up toward her hairline! A black line stretching from the edge of her eyebrow set the upper boundary of her makeup. It made her look evil… and oh so exotic!!

“Get on your knees, you pervert! If you are going to stare at me, at least you should be staring at the right place!” I quickly dropped to my knees and then she walked over and attached a dog collar to my neck and then a chain to that. She led me “at heel” to her bed and had me lay my body across her bed and reach for the other side, while keeping my knees on the ground.

My mind was reeling by this time. I had no idea what my s****r was doing, but I knew number one it was not a thing like anything I had ever done before and two, it excited the hell out of me!! As I “bellied up” on the bed, I wondered what she was going to do next. I did not have to wait long.

I felt a sting and heard the crack of a paddle landing firmly on my right ass cheek! I cried out and started to whirl around and ask her what the hell she thought she was doing when she jumped onto my back and hissed in my ear. “You have been very bad. A divorce court judge would give that hag you call a wife your balls!! All I have to do is tell her what you have been doing! Now you choose! My way… or hers!” Then she nibbled on my ear and flicked her tongue into the spot just below and I shivered.

“Good slaves count for their Bitches. Count for me.” Then I felt her stand up and then the paddle came down on my left ass cheek, nearly driving the air from my lungs as I heard myself say, “One.” She took her time, landing alternating blows to my burning ass while I concentrated on not crying out and counting. The last four strikes landed harder on my bottom and I felt my eyes watering.

Kay reached down between my legs and grabbed hold of my stiff cock, nestled against the mattress. “Well well, it seems that you might be of some use after all. I think I now have a new reason to call you, “Big b*****r!”

My cock was aching for release. There was something about being helpless and punished, something about being completely vulnerable that was so arousing. And now, as she ran her thumb over the head of my cock and gripped the shaft in her hands I felt she could bring me off with just a couple quick strokes.
Instead,, she released my aching cock and dug one set of short but sharp nails into my balls while with the other, she began raking my back. I was not prepared for this mentally and I began to jerk away, which resulted in her slapping my ass one more time with her bare hand.

“You will learn, you pervert. You will learn or you will lose these.” She spoke in a quiet, menacing voice as she squeezed her nails into my sack! Don’t fuck with me,” she threatened, and then with a laugh added, “at least not until I tell you to!”

She soon tired of sharpening her claws on my back and ordered me to get up on the bed and on my back. I did it in a hurry and I caught just a hint of a smile cross her face. It meant surprisingly much to me. Then she started reaching across the bed to inspect my cock. She raised it, pushed it, dug a nail into its slit, tasted a drop of my precum…. All the while, I was watching her sleek body poised over me, her breasts moving easily inside the shear fabric of the body stocking.

Then she moved to her night stand, pulled out a liquor bottle and raised to her moth and poured a large amount into her mouth. I was just staring at her as she put the cap back on the bottle, turned and walked to the foot of the bed, where my head was and opened my mouth. Then she leaned over me and at first dribbled, and then spit the whiskey into my mouth as I struggled to swallow it while lying down! She just laughed and said, “There, we just killed all the germs in each of our mouths, so now it is time to put yours to work.

And with that, she climbed up on the bed and straddled my face with her shaved pussy, and with her hands she opened herself up and then sank down on my mouth! As I said earlier, I have always had an oral fixation and her wet pink flesh opened wide over my mouth and chin, combined with the rush of alcohol sent my mind spinning. Quickly, I gained my wits and began working my tongue up into her flesh and I was rewarded by hearing her first moans.

She leaned forward and put her hands on either side of my hips so that my tongue could reach her pearl button at the top of her sex. She began to aggressively hump my chin and tongue and I did my best to keep from biting my tongue off!
Then she began slapping my cock and saying things like, you are so bad, wanting your s****r like this. I cannot believe you are such a good cunt licker. Ooo yeah, suck that clit, eat me you pervert! Eat my pussy and I’ll fill your mouth!!” Meanwhile I felt her reach for something and then I felt the first drops of candle wax splash on my thigh and then my belly.

I began to frantically work, hoping to forestall what I knew was coming. But it was in vain. The first drops of hot wax hit my tender cock flesh and made me want to scream, followed almost immediately by an equal need to cum and cum hard!! I felt the dribbles increase and begin running down my flesh and I whimpered as I did my best to not stop licking her clit. In a wild effort to get her to stop, I sucked hard on her clit, pulling it between my lips. Immediately she shuddered and screamed, the wax suddenly pouring over my cock and balls in a sheet!! I raised my face up so hard into her sex I nearly lifted her off of the bed

I continued to do my best to lick as I fell back to the bed and she rapidly ground her sex into my face. Her scent was overpowering and whether it was from oxygen deprivation or sensory overload, I suddenly realized that the roaring I was hearing was coming from deep inside of me as my cock exploded time and time again!!!

Kay suddenly threw herself away from the assault of my tongue and we both lay on our backs panting as if we were just finished sprinting from the edge of the world!! Then Kay began to giggle and she reached over to my now flagging cock. She gingerly began to peal flecks of what I could now see was red candle wax from my privates.

“I guess I wasn’t the only one that needed that!” she giggled. I just groaned, too spent for words. She then cleared her throat and said, “Umm, Mister, you still have some work to do… You made a mess all over my tits!”
I rolled my head to the side and saw the sticky puddles and cum tracks on her and I slowly pulled myself up to her chest and began sucking and licking them away. With a chuckle she said, “I would have been happy for you to have gotten a towel, but if you insist….!”
And I did!

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