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When i became sexually actave my first time .

i back when i was a little inosent girl , i was around 9 i guess when i began to become boy crazy noticing who i felt , my gfs back then showed me pics of naked boys, and commented on there butts and there privates , at that age , i didnt have breast and my pussy was hairless, my gf suzi and linda they were in there teens 12 and 13 , they showed me things like how to kiss and french kiss with met lips taught me alot about boys and there body , they already at there age were touching boys privates jacking them off and licking and kissing there tools, they showed me how to with a vib they borrowed fromthere older s****r we stroked it and licked and kissed it ,then they showed me how to suck on it and not gag i practaced every chance i had they taught be to deepthroat it and suck , one day a guy freind was over helping me with my home work, he was 15 if i rember right at that time i just turned 12 itwas a few yrs since my gfs showed me about giving head, we were on the floor he was helping me with my math, i had on a short skirt just about a 6 in from my rear had on my panties i took off my bra , i had on a white silk shirt which exsposed my little percky bobbs i had my blouse open just about breast level, had on my flat my face was made up a little mostly eye liner blush and red lip stick , was wearing tommie boy perfume, i as we began to study i was sitting on my kness and trying to consentrate about ahalf hour latter i was bending overwritting something , but i looked up he was straing at my breast they were visable my legs were kind of open he saw my painties i noticed his croach it was bulging in his shorts , i smiled at him licked my lips and leaned over and kissed his lips my lips were wet and my mouth was very moiste , he grabed me and jissed even more wefrenched kissed i sucked on his toung , i put my hand on his croach omg it was big like 10 in maybe and hard i messaged it and he reached over and grabed my breast my nipples were errect sticking out like to red strabeerys i unbottoned his pants and unzipped them reached in his pants and felt a monster in side it was fat and long it felt like a piece of steel, i meassaged it then i pulled it out , god it scared me but excitted me my first ever cock , i lowered his pants to his feet he sat on the bed i swatted in front of him his cock stuck out i licked it then filled my mouth with saliva i opened my mouth and took it in slowly streching my jaws i sucked as best i could but slowly i took more of him in my mouth i realxed my jaws and bobbed my head up and down saliva poring out of my mouth my face chin were covered i sucked and went up and down slowly taking more of him in my mouthhis hands were around my head pushing me father down his cock i had my mouth full of cock , soon my face was touching pubic hair i gaged and choked but i soon relaxed my throat and began bobbing faster you could here my sucking slurping up and down him and he began to sweel i began to rub my hairless swoolen wet pussy i was dreanced my panties were soaked i began to get really close to cumming thenme said omg im cumming i wanted to see what it felt like to have a guy cum in my mouth and down my throat he cam really hard i felt a warm thick salty seamen hit the back of my throat i gulped it down he keep cumming swooled it as fast as i could some of his seamen was over flowing over my lips and down my chin i countinued to swoolow and suck he finally was finished he removed his shinny cock from my mouth i savered the taste and tester of his seamen it was verysalty and thick as it ran down my throat i wipped my face off and licked it off my hands i was still rubbing my pussy i then began to sum i was moaning kind of loud he put his hand over my mouth i was sweaty shakking and felt like i was being electrocted but without the pain i finally collapesd on the floor after a few min i got cleaned up and rebuttoned my top i had to take off my panties there were dripping wet he asked if he could have them i said i guiess and after a bit i went home and took a shower still tasting his cum after that day i was hookedon giving guys head and swooling there cum i became very good at it . next time ill share when i lose my virenity and my first anal sex huggss

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