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Babysitting Adventures

Baby Sitting

I used to babysit for my neighbor, Claire. She had a little 5 year old girl named Jennifer. The job was always super easy so I was happy to do it. Claire was a stripper at the local strip club, “The Men’s Club”, and she went into work at 8:00 PM and worked till 2:00 AM Wednesday through Saturday. Jennifer’s bed time was at 8:00. So I would come over at 7:30, give her a bath, get her ready for bed, tuck her in and then settle in for a nice and quiet night of reading. Like I said Easy job, I would usually fall asl**p in Claire’s bed and she would wake me up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning depending on what time she got home. Then I would sl**pily walk next door to my house and go back to sl**p. I usually didn’t even bother to change out of my pajamas for the walk home.

Some nights Claire would bring home friends of hers, sometimes it would be a guy that tipped her really well throughout the night, but sometimes it would be another dancer in tow. There seemed to be a couple she played with regularly, sometimes they were starting before I was even out of the room. More than once her friend, Tanya, had asked me to stay, which I never did. I had to admit though I was somewhat curious about it all, whenever Tanya was over for the night things got noisy in that house and Claire always looked so happy the next day. I had dated a few guys but found it was more of a hassle than it was worth. And the sex was so-so overall. I could usually do a better job with my pulsating shower head and a spare 10 minutes. I guess my shower head always made me happy.

One night when Claire got home at 3:00 she woke me up and asked how the night went. I said “it was fine and uneventful; Jen fell asl**p right away, and hasn’t made a noise.” Claire thanked me and paid me. I asked how her night went, and she groaned. Claire turned and said, “It sucked so bad, this d***k kept try to stick a finger in me, and then started a fight with one of my regulars.” “The bouncers tossed him, but it screwed up my night.” I said, “Oh, I am sorry to hear that honey, so nothing good happened tonight.” Claire suddenly looked thoughtful, “Well, There was a bachelorette party that came in and I got to give a lap dance to the soon to be bride, that was fun.” I was a little puzzled, as I did not see how the lap dance would work for another woman, so I decided to ask. “Okay, I don’t get it, how do you get a girl off with a lap dance?” Claire looked at me and giggled, “Well that’s because you haven’t played with me before, girl.” “Don’t you know, I got the hottest ass in town?” Now we both cracked up laughing.

Then Claire came over to the couch and said, here let me show you. Before I could utter a protest Claire had her butt in my lap and was rubbing it around. She had on a tight pair of spandex pants and a sports bra. She always looked beautiful; I had never seen her without her makeup on. Her hair was long, straight and black; it had the perfect amount of volume. She was tiny and in really good shape, her’ abs were tight, along with her legs. They looked really muscular and her butt had just the right amount of bubble to it. Her boobs were awesome, they were round and big which was further emphasized by her small frame. And here she was rubbing her butt on me. I was slightly embarrassed and I cracked up, saying I wasn’t paying for this. Claire giggled and said, “The fun comes from the strip tease.” With that she stood with her back to me and started to pull her pants down slowly bending forward at the hips, till all that was between my face and her pussy was a thin pair of black panties. Claire wiggled her fingers at me while looking at me from between her legs. I was a bit embarrassed to be caught staring at her pussy like that. She stood up straight looked back at me over her shoulder and smacked her butt, slowly gripping it which pulled her cheeks apart a little bit and then sliding her fingers off of it. Claire then sat on my lap and laid back on me picking her legs up in the air to take the pants off of her feet. She then jumped back up and got on her knees in between my legs and pressed her mouth in to my pajamas right at my pussy and blew hot air through them, making me jump a little. Then Claire rubbed her head and then boobs against me and then started up my body. Claire pushed my shirt up a little and kissed my stomach and then pulled my pajama bottoms down just a little and kissed me just above my pussy. For a moment I thought she was going to keep going, but she started up my body again. I was a little sad, my pussy felt cold after the hot breathe. That is when I realized, I was wet.

Claire jumped back on my lap but facing me this time and she pulled her bra over her head and released her magnificent boobs. Claire’s nipples were hard as she rubbed her magnificent C cups in my face. They were soft and warm on my cheeks. As she passed her nipple across my face I parted my lips letting it slip into my mouth and across my tongue, making Claire inhale sharply. I noticed her eyes were closed as she was grinding her pelvis against my thigh, which was becoming slightly wet as the rubbed back and forth. I realized that she was enjoying this. I had a real mix of emotions going through me at this point, I was uncomfortable with the situation and with my level of arousal, but I didn’t want it to stop. So I stayed quiet and watched Claire. She got down on the floor and placed her mouth over my pussy through my pajamas again and blew hot air on me, I was positive she could feel how wet it was. My pussy had to be getting my thin pajama bottoms all wet, I definitely couldn’t hide my nipples anymore as they were trying to bust through my t-shirt. There was no way that Claire didn’t know what effect she was having on me. I was at a complete lose as to what to do. Then the dance ended and Claire stood up, I was breathing heavier than normal.

Claire Sat down across my lap and said “that is how it is done.” “So what did you think.” I was very unsure how to answer, so I just gave a flustered “uh-huh.” Claire laughed and then looked me in the eyes and slide a finger over my cheek, “You know you are really beautiful, Alexis.” I shyly said, “Thanks, but you are in a totally different league than me.” Claire stared at me and said “No I am not, you get me going.” That made me laugh, “yeah right, I have seen the people you bring home.” Claire then grabbed my hand and said, “No really, see I am soaking wet, that is all you.” Claire pressed my hand over her pussy and then with her hand over mine she pressed my middle finger in between her lips. She was right, she was soaking wet, her pussy was super slick with her wetness. I was mesmerized by it, here I was getting this sexy woman all hot and bothered. I didn’t even realize her hand was no longer on my hand and my hand was still rubbing inside her pussy. I just kept sliding my finger from front to back, she was so wet. Claire kissed me on the neck and I flinched, realizing what I was doing and pulled my hand away.

Claire caught my wrist and sucked my finger into her mouth to lick her juices off of it. She then stood up saying, “I want you to come with me Alexcis.” Very confused and embarrassed I responded with, “Where?” Claire looked at me holding my hand and pulling me to my feet, “To my bed, I want you to stay tonight, can you do that for me?” I pulled back a little but Claire had a firm grip on my hands, “Sweety, your turned on and curious, I can tell.” “You need to understand it is okay, there is nothing wrong with a little pleasure.” “That is what I want to show you tonight, a little pleasure, a little affection.” With that Claire pushed her hand into the front of my pajama bottoms and rubbed a finger through my pussy. My juices were in full effect and her finger slid through without any friction. As her finger slid over my clit, I went a little weak kneed and leaned into Claire. Our heads were pressed together as Claire asked me, “Don’t you want me to help you tonight.” I said, “yes,” without even realizing it and followed her to the bedroom. Half of me wanted to run, but the other half of me kept me there.

Once in the bedroom, Claire turned to me and pulled my t-shirt over my head and began to kiss me full on the lips. Her tongue kept pressing into my mouth and licking my tongue and lips, I closed my eyes trying to get out of my own head. Soon the passion took over, and I kissed Claire back deeply running my hand through her head and pulling her into me. She pulled back and attacked my neck and kissed & licked up to my ears giving my goose bumps. She then pressed down to my boobs and suck in my nipple, making me inhale sharply. It was like an electric shock straight to my pussy; suddenly I was so aware of my clit and the feel of my pajamas against my pussy lips. I was completely caught up in the moment, it no longer mattered that Claire was a woman; I just wanted her to touch me.

Claire pulled my bottoms down to the floor and told me to lie down. I sat on the bed and laid back, my feet still on the floor. Claire got between my legs and started kissing my thighs working her way up from the right knee. When she got to my pelvis I could feel her hot breathe on my pussy again, and this time I jumped as her tongue lightly licked across my lips and then my clit. Claire sighed and pushed her lips into my pussy and started to kiss and suck my clit. I had my eyes closed, enjoying the sensation. My left hand was playing with Claire’s hair, while my right hand instinctively went to my boob and started to press my nipple in a little circle. It felt so good; as I felt myself building I determinedly pushed it back down and let it build again. I wanted this to last forever, I was in heaven. Claire slowly started to run a finger up and down the edges of my pussy lips adding a new sensation. I wanted that finger inside me and whimpered. Then she pushed it in making my back arch in pleasure. I couldn’t hold it off any longer, my pussy started to convulse and I was coming hard. Claire just applied pressure on my clit with her tongue and shoved her finger in all the way. My whole body was shaking with the intensity of my orgasm; my thighs were so stiff the shook uncontrollably. Finally it subsided and Claire gave my lips a final kiss, making my jump and came up and laid on top of me kissing me deeply. As we broke apart, Claire asked me, “So that wasn’t so bad was it?” I replied, “No, it was wonderful.” “Can I do it to you? I want to help you.” Claire leaned in giggling and said, “I was hoping you would suck my clit for a minute or two.”

Claire’s pussy smelled different than mine, not bad just different. As I gave her pussy the first little lick, I was surprised to find it was a tangy taste. The whole experience was erotic, dirty. I felt like I could lick her pussy nectar forever. I slowly sucked on Claire’s clit pushing my whole mouth hard against her pussy. She was totally shaved and it was so smooth. I became lost in the scent and the taste of this beautiful woman that was writhing under my tongue. Occasionally she would buck her hips up into my mouth, moaning with approval. Then I remembered to push a finger into her. It slid in easy and there were lots of fold in there. I found a ridged spot on the front that when I stroked it made Claire’s legs shake. So I kept stroking it and sucking on her clit like she had asked. Soon Claire was screaming she was cumming, giving me a face full of pussy juices. As I brought my head up I had to wipe my chin off as it Claire’s juices were dripping off of my chin. Claire quickly stopped me and started to lick my face off.

We laid there kissing and rubbing each other and I fell asl**p in her arms. The next morning I was awakened by gentle fingers stoking my clit and it was not long before I was cumming again. When I left her house that morning, I felt different somehow. I had allowed myself to experience a true desire; I knew my life would never be the same. After that night, I stayed with Claire most nights that I babysat for her, till she had to move away. I will never forget her.

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