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The pencil test; a story about Tom and Tina

Story #1: The pencil test; a story about Tom and Tina by MaxMon

Part 1: Pretty flowers, pretty Tina

Tina wore a smile reminiscent of surprise as if she had just opened a birthday gift that held her most desired thing; a sense of anticipation fulfilled with glee, and a natural enchantment filled her eyes most of the time. To her every day brought forth wondrous moments she took in eloquent stride. She exuded sincerity that life was a precious thing best experienced in the here and now, to not concern one’s ambition with the anxiety in not knowing the future.

Such an attitude was fiercely reinf***ed by her upbringing. Now, as a young adult she still held a sense of innocent novelty in everything she explored, and it showed on her lovely face as if it were meant for all to see, unadulterated, like the beauty in a sunrise.

Her subtle movements as she walked slowly toward the kitchen also revealed a magnificent command of her athletic body like a dancer who practiced a concentrated poise ever so often, and now it was a natural thing, embellished within her persona like an artist who could express her feelings on canvas with a natural, confident, stroke of the brush.

She said to her guest, “They are so beautiful… let me water them quickly so that they remain fresh and live long to remind me of your kindness.” To Tina receiving a plant as a gift took on certain a responsibility to care for a living thing- a plant no less than her cat. Her waist long blonde hair, finely woven into a single pigtail, trailed behind her, and lent further expression to her confident stride.

Tom knew Tina would love the gardenias. Somehow he had an innate awareness as to which flower to choose from amongst the vast selection, those whom women in his life would best enjoy. The gardenia, with their creamy white blossom and dark green leaves and sweet fragrance quite similar to jasmine, was quite intoxicating to certain women.

He could tell that like the gardenia Tina’s beauty shines brightest in June, and she was most certainly in season. She looked far more beautiful this evening that any flower. He learned all about plants and gardening while working at a large terrarium close to the University while a student a few years ago. He also learned a lot about women during that time, at a point in his life when he didn’t have a care in the world.

Tom said, “I thought you might like them. In fact, after meeting you last week I’ve been thinking about how one of those flowers would look behind your ear- next to your beautiful long hair.”

Tina took notice of Tom’s comment and cut a flower, then delicately placed it nestled between her hair and left ear. She found the aroma erotic and felt herself experience a tinge of arousal, a passing glance like the flutter of a breeze. She though how nice of Tom, to take time to bring her something pretty and aromatic after thinking about it for a while; it showed he had a genuine interest in pleasing her, perhaps a prelude to a more intimate relationship down the road.

She thought Tom was handsome, with a wide face, thick sweeping black hair parted in the middle and clear brown eyes that reminded her of a neighbor she had a crush on while growing up. Since the boys she had known sexually were all athletes, Tina found herself wondering if Tom would be an adequate lover.

He was a bit scrawny, though, when compared to her few previous boyfriends- too thin. He could most certainly benefit from working out and bulking up a bit, but overall Tina thought Tom was attractive in an intellectual way, like she thought about how a young Gregory Peck would be interesting and worth exploring further, if she had lived in that era. At six foot two, he was also the tallest man she ever dated.

She ran into the adjoining bathroom to catch a quick glimpse of her appearance in the full mirror before returning to the living room. The flower did look lovely in her hair, and her diamond earring seemed to accentuate the white pedals. She ran a finger across her blond eyebrow to smooth it.

She noticed, however, the yellow blouse was too sheer, that she could see the outline of her nipples through the garment; now that they had hardened after smelling the luscious gardenias- certain flowers did have that effect on her.

The shirt looked fine earlier when she dressed. Alas, she thought, it was too late to make any fast changes in her appearance now. Besides, she knew she had a killer body, which is as it should be since she was only twenty-four and worked out three times a week. However, that flower looked spectacular, as did the tight jeans that fit her hips like a glove.

Upon entering the room, Tina asked excitedly, “So, what do you want to do this evening, our second date and all…”

Tom interrupted her, “… that flower looks fantastic, Tina. I knew it would show off your silky hair and pretty smile.”

Tina beamed, “I really appreciate the flowers, Tom, and really like the fact that you didn’t bring me roses- it’s like you really thought about me when selecting them.”

Tom said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you this week, Tina. I mean, how could I not- you are so perky and lovely all of the time.”

She sat down next to him, and lightly grasped his hand; “That’s so nice of you to say. I think you are pretty special, too, Tom.”

She removed her hand, sat upright with her shoulders back and proclaimed, “Now that we have reaffirmed our interest in each other, let’s go out and do something fun together- I heard about a gallery down by the river that serves free wine and cheese. We could start by going down there, and then see what we feel like doing from there. How about we do that? ”

Tom couldn’t help but notice by Tina’s posture that she had such full, beautiful breasts, which seemed to strain against her pretty yellow blouse almost as if to accentuate her lean body. Last time they met she wore a dark shirt and a bra that did little to show her ample bosom. He though his eyes might have gazed too long and caught himself staring for a moment, after which he noticed that Tina noticed him gawking.

She said self consciously, “I know what you are thinking… this shirt is too sheer to go out in public- I should have worn a bra, right? I noticed that when I was in the kitchen- let me change- it will just take a moment…”

“Honestly, Tina that is not at all what I was thinking. I was thinking how dumb of me to stare at you like I some k** staring at a bikini girl at the pool. I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

She said, “It’s just that I didn’t think my nipples would show through the blouse, and now I do feel self-conscious about it. You must think I am an idiot or some kind of slut, to dress this way on a date.”

Tom laughed, since until then he didn’t notice her protruding nipples. As Tina stood up he said to her with concern, “No, please stop and sit down. I love the way you look, and you have such magnificent breasts I think it would be a crime to confine them to a bra when you obviously do not need the support. Tina- I’m pretty sure you would pass the pencil test, so please don’t feel uncomfortable with your gorgeous body! You should feel fortunate god has given you such a gift.”

She placed her hands on her hips while standing in front of the coffee table, looked inquisitive and said, “What’s the pencil test?”

Tom stood up, and looked Tina straight in the eye. He said, “You know, the one where you place three pencils under your breast, and that if they stay there you need to wear a bra, and if they fall off on their own accord you don’t need to wear one.”

She said with a slight smirk, “And how many pencil tests have you preformed to collect such knowledge about bra usage?”

Tom laughed again and smiled, “I’ve never actually preformed the test on anyone, but my s****r told me about it. She said just because a woman has big boobs don’t necessarily mean she has to wear a bra for support.”

Tina knew all about the test, but she wasn’t going to tell Tom she knew all about it. He had it a little wrong, though: you use just one pencil, not three. She also knew that even though her breasts were quite firm one pencil would indicate she should wear a bra; she remembered performing this test while in her early teens, when her Mom told her she had to start wearing a bra to school. She wondered if three pencils might hold under her breasts, and though they probably would. The idea of showing Tom her body without even kissing him first excited her, and she considered how she felt for a moment before she continued.

She said playfully, “So, you think I have small breasts, that I would pass the pencil test? I’ll have you know they are 34-Cs, if you haven’t noticed already.” She looked down at her breasts as if to indicate that she did have large breasts, since she couldn’t see her feet while standing straight up. She pushed her shoulders and arms back then took a deep breath to bring home her point. She was having fun teasing Tom with her lean, full-breasted, body.

Tom said, “Now, Tina, I didn’t say that. Obviously, you are well endowed- my god, you are quite well endowed- it is just that you seem…firm. Well, I think those pencils would drop to the ground in an instant.”

She said while slightly laughing, her voice tinted by trying to keep her lungs full of air, “Stop staring at my tits, you perve… let me go change and then we can go look at some art.”

Tom stopped smiling, and then said seriously, “I think we should perform the test. Then, if you fail you can put a bra on, but if you pass you will have to go braless, OK? I think you will fail with flying colors.”

Tina snapped back while exhaling, “Why do you think I will show you my breasts. I mean, we haven’t even kissed you. What, do you think I am some kind of floozy who shows her magnificent tits to anyone? You would be surprised how few guys have seen these puppies.”

She slowly shook her chest, and her well defined shape undulated beneath her blouse, the fine fabric caressing her nipples into an even greater sense of arousal. Tina could feel goose bumps form around her areoles, and she let out a quiet gasp as she misplaced her stance and took a pace back. She laughed at herself for acting so silly.

While doing so Tina though about how she really didn’t know Tom all that well, that she needed a few more dates with him before she decided whether to sl**p with him or not. He might get the wrong impression of her, since she normally didn’t act this way. She felt concerned he might think she was an easy mark.

Tom found her expression joyous and captivating. He caught her as she stumbled back, and gave her a brief hug. Tom could feel her breasts against his chest for a moment, and then resolved to remain a gentleman, so that she would not think of him as a cad. He really was interested in her and did not want to blow a potentially great relationship by forcing some kind of one night stand.

Tom said, “Easy there, my dear, you are off balance even though you have yet to have one drink.”
Tina offered a spontaneous reply to show her sense of humor, “You mean, not off balance because of my large breasts?” and offered Tom an inquisitive look that revealed her wit and intelligence.

He backed off and sat down, knowing it was best to drop the subject. While he sat, Tina said, “Would you like a beer before we go, Tom?”

Tom smiled and said, “That would be great. It is starting to get warm in here and I think a cold beer would do me good.”

Tina went back into the kitchen, and Tom picked up a magazine from the coffee table called, Modern Nursing, and remembered Tina was a nursing student. He flipped through the pages and began to read an article called Triage in the Emergency Room. He found himself fanaticizing about Tina in her nursing outfit.

Part 2- Tina’s pencil test

Shortly thereafter Tina returned with an open bottle of beer in one hand and offered it to him. As he looked up, Tom noticed what Tina had in her other hand and let out a beaming smile and set back on the couch with anticipation. His smile fell into a Cheshire-Cat grin. In her other hand was a glass full of desk supplies: pens, a ruler tape, paper clips, a hole-puncher, scissors and many pencils.

Tina noticed his reaction, which she well predicted when contemplating her decision while in the kitchen. “So, you think I will fail the test, do you?” She knelt down on the other side of the coffee table, and threw her thick pony-tail behind her.

Tom was smart enough to say noting, to sit there with his hands laced together behind his neck.

Tina continued, “If I do this test for you will you do one for me, Tom?”

Tom said quietly, “It depends on the test...”

Tina said, “No conditions. You say ‘yes’ or I’ll just go put these back on the desk...”
“…Yes, yes, yes!” Tom blurted out.

Tina said, “Now just because I am going to show you my breasts does in no way mean we are going to have sex. Maybe after we get to know each other a little, well, we will see what happens after a few more dates. Is that OK with you? Are you comfortable with that? Do you think you might look at this test as if it were a scientific study, and not get a hard-on?”

She looked dead pan serious, and Tom was not sure if she was joking.

“I’m fine with that, Tina. Actually, I think it is endearing that you would trust me with this, and I won’t let you down.”

He wondered where this was going. At the very least it would be a step in the right direction. He had never seen a woman’s breasts before kissing her, and found the situation quite erotic, especially since she was so obviously endowed. He resolved to think of sports while looking at Tina, so as to avoid getting too aroused, for he was a man of his word.

Tina assessed Tom’s face, looking for any sign of incongruity or insincerity. She sat up on her knees and unbuttoned her blouse while staring at Tom. For a moment she stopped unbuttoning, and reconsidered her decision while she played with a button, feigning difficulty in catching it between her delicate fingers. Then decide why not and quickly finished unbuttoning the last few buttons. She pulled open her shirt with both hands and let the garment slide down her arms behind her.

Kneeling there topless, exposed, she watched the expression of Tom’s face as he went from full eye contact to a focal point slowly meandering to her left breast, then to the nipple on her right breast, then back to the other breast. She didn’t show it, but she thought to herself knowingly, ‘Yes, they are perfect, aren’t they.’ God, she was starting to feel aroused and wondered if she was doing the right thing.

Tom gawked. He was beside himself with awe. They were the most perfect breasts he had ever seen, and he had seen quite a few of them in his twenty-six years. Surly, she would win any wet tee-shirt contest hands down. He wanted to kneed them, caress them, and devour them. Then, he remembered his part of the bargain, and thought of how poorly the Yankees were doing this season, with no pitching game at all. He remained silent with his mouth open, almost reverent.

Tina tried to remain detached and clinical in her expression, but she couldn’t help but smile slightly at Tom’s expression. She knew he would be mesmerized. Men and women alike could not seem to stare at them. She knew she could have great power over men using her body and sex to manipulate them, but that was not who she was. Tina had never done anything such as this, even with previous lovers. It was like foreplay without touching, like exposing herself in public places, which she did once on a dare from a girlfriend.

She said to Tom solemnly, “Are you ready?” which broke his concentration.

He said, “Go for it,” without thinking about anything more clever to say.

Tina thought to be somewhat creative in this endeavor. She said, “Grab three pencils, and then place them under my breast while I hold it up until you are ready.”

“Which one?” he asked politely.

“I’ll let you choose,” she said, as if a waitress permitting a f****y visiting a restaurant to select their own table.

He smirked and said, “Let’s start with the right one, although the both seem absolutely identical.”

She held up her right breast using both hands, thinking she was going to fail the test using three pencils.

Tom placed three pencils below her breast as instructed and said, “Ready!” as if set to remove the chalks from under the wheels of a plane.

When Tina let go of her breast, Tom removed his hand and one pencil fell to the coffee table. Tina felt surprised that all three of the pencils did not stick under her breast. Her breasts must be even firmer that she thought, and remembered she was exercising more often of late.

They looked at each other with undecided glances. Tom was not sure what to say, so he thought of something that might turn the experience to something more interesting.

He said as a matter of fact, “Well, that one failed the test, slightly, I might add. Now, on the other one you hold the pencils.” He didn’t offer eye contact while suggesting this change in procedure; he stared directly at her left breast like a grocer inspecting a melon for freshness, with little interest in its sensuality. He waited for an objection, but one did not come.

When Tom suggested they change positions for the next test, the thought of him cradling her breast sent a wave of heat down through her body. It was also the notion of exposing herself to him, added to the thought of him caressing her breast that was unexpectedly erotic. She wasn’t sure, but now decided she just might perform the test on him she mentioned earlier.

Tina picked up three pencils as a non-verbal agreement to the change in suggested protocol. Tom delicately touched Tina’s breast using his right hand, placing the areola flush against the palm, and pushed it up slightly. He fought the desire to squeeze and nurture the incredible orb he held in his hand, to grasp the other one, too. She felt so soft and full. That is, other than her protruding nipple: it felt like one of the pencil erasers. He maintained his composure and found himself recalling last year’s Yankee lineup.

The feel of Tom’s hand on her breast led Tina to break out in a flush. Both breasts turned slightly pink, and goose bumps boiled as an expression of her state of arousal. She felt her cheeks turn rosy, and somewhat relieved that Tom could not see her panties were getting uncontrollably wet; she made a mental note that she would have to change them before they went out. She placed the three pencils at their strategic point, waited a moment longer while she enjoyed the sensation of his hand, then said, “Let go,” which sounded to Tom’s mind as a command to pull the rip cord on a parachute. He let go even though he didn’t want to.

One pencil tapered off the coffee table and onto the floor, while the two remaining pencils rested symbolically under her left breast, as if in testimony the perfect of the symmetry between each of her breasts.

As Tom let go he was still in a statistical mode, thinking sports to keep his mind engaged in something other than sex as part of the bargain. With not all that much to go by, he correctly predicted that just one pencil would fall, and probably would bounce off of the coffee table onto the floor. My god, she had such perfect breasts, he thought, each virtually identical and so well shaped.

But he felt certain she must be mistaken, that they were no doubt a D-wide set of knockers, so prominent and expansive and so firm. He watched as the both flushed a light pink, and goose bumps formed around her perfectly shaped nipples. Tina was getting aroused by this game, too.

He cringed back onto the sofa in order to avoid letting his emotions get the better of him. She was calling the shots, and he was not going to make the first move even if it would kill him.

Tina sat back on her haunches, but did not pick up her blouse and put it on. Instead, she sat back and watched Tom for a moment as he took a large draft of his beer. She grabbed five pencils from the glass. Tom looked at her out of the corner of her eye inquisitively.

Part 3: Tom’s pencil test

She said, “Well, it looks like I failed, and should wear a bra. Now, it is time for your test, Tom. It’s one my b*****r told me about. Have you ever heard of the pencil test for men?

“Nope, I never heard of that one. What does it involve?” he asked with sincere curiosity.

“It is for guys who are curious if they are well endowed. What you do is place five pencils between the flaccid penis and testicles, and if the pencils stay once the penis is released- if the pencils don’t fall to the floor- the man is considered endowed with a larger than average penis. Thus, he passes the test. I guess he should wear a jock or something restrictive- to add additional support.” She said this with a poker face, but she was making it up as she went along.

Tom put down his beer and seemed anxious. “Let me understand you correctly, Tina. You want to stick those pencils between my dick and balls to see if I have a large penis?” he asked unbelievingly.

Tina looked shy for a moment, but Tom could tell she was not at all shy, and she wanted him to perform the test. If anything, he had never met a woman more confident and assertive in his entire life. She looked dead serious, and he did agree to the test without knowing the details.

She said, “It seems only fair, since you wanted to test one of my body parts for size, that I may as well see if you are as willing to risk embarrassment in doing the same…”

She added as if in passing, changing the subject for a moment to make an important point, “…Not that size has anything to do with my interest in a man- I don’t care if you fail or not. I mean, once I get to know someone I could care less how big or small he is- I am not a superficial kind of person. You know, I don’t rely on a man’s stature to assure my orgasms- I take responsibility for how I feel. This is just a part two of the pencil test apparently scheduled for today- I want you to understand that before we continue.”

Tom said, “Well, Tina, it sounds fine and all, although you sure surprised me with this one- I never heard of the test and all. It is just that I’m not too sure how long I might remain… flaccid.”

Tina sat back up on her knees, with pencils in hand and said, “Stand up there, k**do. I showed you mine, and now you show me yours is all.” She leaned over the table and waited, wondering if Tom would go through with his part of the bargain.

Tom begrudgingly stood up while saying, “Well, you haven’t actually shown me all of yours, if you know what I mean.” He began to undo his belt, while he added, “Let’s get done with this so we can go see some art.”

Tina was laughing inside. She thought, ‘I bet he will think twice next time he wants a woman to take the pencil test- he probably has a smaller than average penis anyway, not that it matters.’

While Tom dropped his pants and subsequently his boxer briefs he stared out at a picture on the wall above the television set trying not to get aroused by the situation, a beautiful woman with perfect breasts on her knees in front of him. This situation was too incredible to imagine. He didn’t want to see Tina’s face while she pencil tested his member, since he knew that it would probably be the last draw of civil tolerance, that he would immediately get an erection which might be awkward.

Tina waited patiently for Tom to unbuckle his pants and hoist them down, followed by his boxer shorts. She maintained a level of self-control, to not grab them and pull them down without waiting. She liked boxer shorts on a man, and Tom wore pretty blue silk boxer shorts.

Once his underwear fell to his knees Tina was surprised how incorrectly she judged Tom’s penis. Then again, she really didn’t have much to go by other than his slight build. As a nursing student she had seen her share of limp penises during rounds, but she was genuinely taken back, and questioned if their relationship might not work out even if they hit it off emotionally. Perhaps what led her to gasp was the contrast between what she saw, and what she expected to see.

Part4: There might be a problem

Just after making a statement that she felt sincerely- penis size didn’t really matter- she was confronted with the dilemma; she might have spoken prematurely. She was prepared to see a small penis, perhaps similar to her first lover, or maybe an average looking penis, but she was not prepared to see a limp penis larger than that of her most recent lover, who when erect was seven and a half inches long and four inches around. To put it bluntly, Max was big, but Tom was huge. She thought he must be at least seven inches long, maybe longer, as limp as a wet hand towel. She felt concerned he may be too large to fit inside her once aroused. For a moment she felt sad because this may be a show stopper in terms of moving their relationship ahead. She fought a desire to slap it disparagingly.

She gasped, “Holly shit, Tom, you are hung like a donkey,” and chuckled to relieve the tension she felt. She added without censorship of her thoughts, “I’ve never seen anything like this- not even in the few porno movies I’ve seen.”

Tom figured she might react as such, since it seems that just about every woman he had been with said similar things. He knew he was much larger than the average Joe. Hey, he was who he is and that’s all there is to it. Either woman liked big dicks or they didn’t. It was like a key in a lock as far as he was concerned; some fit and some did not. It was plain and simple. He knew, in its essence, that comparability was luck of the draw.

There had been a few women who didn’t even want to give it a try, no matter how convincing he tried to be, that he was a gentle lover. A few women found sex with him unfulfilling, if not painful. Others, on the other hand, told their girlfriends about him, and he would receive calls from complete strangers interested in meeting him out of sheer interest in his large penis. He sometime wondered if men with large hands might receive similar calls: “Brenda said you have exceptionally large hands…”

He decided to keep quiet, not give her any eye contact and to let her figure out what to do next. He didn’t think she would reject him simply because he had a large penis, no more so than she would reject him if he had a small penis. Many women got excited at the sight of his manhood, but he could tell Tina was not one of them, for he could hear the trepidation mixed within her words.

Tina pondered what to do next. It seemed quite obvious Tom would pass the five pencil test. She thought she may as well complete the test anyway, while she contemplated how sad it would be if he was too large for her to handle. There was always oral sex, and she enjoyed giving as much as she did receiving. Then again, she loved the intimacy of intercourse, climaxing together while looking deep into each other’s eyes. She could not give that up, so there was a potential problem issue here- a big one. She thought about just telling him that it wasn’t going to work out, that they should go out as friends because there was no way such a large chello would fit on her violin case.

Interrupting her contemplations, Tom said, “You had better conduct your test quick because I’ve run out of baseball statistics to think about, and my mind is wondering toward your beautiful breasts.”
This snapped Tina into action. She took the pencils from her left hand while raising Tom’s enormous limp penis with her right hand- without thinking about what she was doing. She stuck the pencils between his penis and scrotum just as she realized she was handling his dick without even asking, without even considering what she was doing. She felt concerned he would defiantly begin to get aroused sooner more so than later.

She let go and the pencils remained in place. She laughed a jitter of a laugh, and then grabbed more pencils from the glass. “Wow, Tom, it looks like you passed the ten pencil test.” She added under her breath, “I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not- you are one incredibly well hung guy!” She said in sincere amazement.

In a moment of inspiration she grabbed the measuring tape from the glass and said, “Another part of the test is that I measure you… do you mind?” Her inflection sounded nervous, not knowing what she herself was going to do next.

Tom said, “I hear some debating going on down there. Please talk to yourself while you do what tests you desire, but you might hurry because I’m afraid of how what I am beginning to feel might affect your readings.”

Part 5: Assessing the problem

Tina pulled out the ruler, which was as flaccid as his penis. She used both hands on the tape, grasping one hand on the end while the other slid the tape through her fingers. She fumbled for a moment, flustered. Then, she placed the tape next to his penis.

“Oh, my god, Tom, did you know your dick is seven and one third inches long and it’s not even hard? That has to be some kind of State record or something. Have you won any biggest dick prizes at the State Fair recently?”

Tom found this funny, which did distract him for a moment. She was such a wonderful person, to show him those perfect breasts of hers and all. While his mind grasped onto the image of her firm tits holding pencils he felt Tina measure his thickness. This was the last moment of self control, as he felt the bl**d flow from his body, that sensation of an eminent erection.

“Three blue ribbons stuck to my mirror at home,” he said with a British accent.

Tina took the tape while moving Tom’s penis so she could assess his thickness while limp. Like a submariner below decks reporting to the Captain above, she said, “It’s about three inches around.”

Tom took a risk and said, “Keep the ruler there for a moment, so you can get a contrast reading.”

While Tom spoke these words she could feel through the tape his circumference growing- it slowly reeled as he thickened. And it was beginning to get longer, too. She thought it was like watching a blowfish at the aquarium, where at the appearance of a predator it licit a response making it blow up larger to scare its prey. She felt intimidated. As it grew she thought she might have caught a fish too big to haul into the boat.

She watched as his penis engorged itself quickly. She waited as the tape stretched out in her hand, ready to get the additional readings, for the record. Perhaps things would not work out here, but at least she would have an interesting story to tell her girlfriends.

The tenor in her voice was full of amazement. She exclaimed, “…god. It’s getting bigger. It’s getting a lot bigger… I think I am starting to fear for my life.” The last part of her comment was tainted with tenuous curiosity.

Tom smiled again, and felt a sense of relief in permitting his body to respond. She sounded intimidated, but not repulsed. Perhaps there is hope. He continued to look at the wall across from where he was standing, trying to remain somewhat detached from the proceedings below his line of sight.

She slowly, lightly, encircled his penis with her right hand, to lightly feel its girth without him aware she was doing so. She couldn’t get her hand around it- there was at least an inch and a half left between her fingers, and the distance was increasing. Without saying anything her lips silently said, WOW!

His penis drifted out away from his body, from thirty degrees, to forty five degrees, and Tina thought it might eventually become larger than his scrawny leg. How could such a thin guy come up with such a horse-dick? It was really incredible, if not scary.

Tom could feel her hand grasp his penis, slowly squeezing ever so slightly to feel it grow in her hand. A moment later he felt her stroke it, to see if it was fully engorged. He was plenty hard now. Any moment and he would be at full tilt.

“My, god, Tom… I don’t know. It’s like some hellos monster that keeps of growing down here. I’m about five-two, and it looks like this thing might get bigger than me. Has this been a problem for you?”

It jutted out at a seventy-degree angle from his body, and seemed to Tina as if it strained while fighting gravity like a heavy limb after a summer rain, it hung precariously from the narrow tree trunk. She waited another thirty seconds, until finally his humongous monstrosity became rock hard, and stood out at a full ninety-degree angle from his thin abdomen.

She took the measuring tape and stretched it out along his rigid cock. Holding the end to the base of his erection she pulled the tape to the tip, and sounded bewildered even to herself. She exclaimed, “Holly shit. You have a ten and three quarter inch penis…”

She wrapped the ruler around the midsection of his erection- about eight inches from the tip. “…And it is six and a half inches around at its fattest point!” She pushed the b**st and slapped it against his body to get a better look at its underside. The sucker towered three inches above his navel. He had large balls, too. She let go and his stiff dick bounced up and down like a diving board and righted itself back to a right degree angle.

As she stroked it, she noticed that the head of his cock was only about… she checked her guess with the ruler…three inches thick, then it tapered out, growing to… she checked with the tape measure again… five inches thick about five inches from the head, then it continued to thicken to full girth at eight and a quarter inches from the top.

Tom said playfully, “Should I be taking notes or something?”

The more she played with it and the tape ruler the more enticed she felt to explore it further, to measure it like a paleontologist measuring a specimen. She noticed that at the base it was- she took an accurate reading- four and a half inches thick, then quickly expanded to a monstrous six and a half inches after two and a half inches up from the bottom. She thought that maybe god was going to give him a big eight incher, then decide to throw another two and three quarter inches in as an afterthought; it reminded her of a bike tire tube that got over inflated and bulged out of proportion.

Tina contemplated the plausibility of having sex with Tom’s magnificent cock. She paused for a moment, and caught herself. Perhaps she meant unique, instead of magnificent. She considered this thought. Yes, it was large- in fact, too large- but its overall shape was quite appealing- it really was a magnificent specimen of super-human proportion, perhaps well suited for Wonder-Woman. She thought she could suck on it without incident, but such was not the case when it came to insertion, which would most defiantly be painful if at all possible.

She decided, while lightly stroking it, to understand fully what she was dealing with here. What exactly was that the endearing quality she sensed. Then it came to her; his penis reminded her of a soft, warm and throbbing sixteen-ounce glass bottle of Coke - fat in the middle, then tapering off at the bottom. And it was so smooth, with interesting texture, too, especially the lower part where it bulged-out, so smooth but ribbed by thick veins she found appealing.

She thought about how half of his penis would feel; say if she could get half of it in. She considered the idea that he didn’t have to use the whole thing. She felt her pussy grow wetter, and her clitoris inflamed while she sat and stared at this monster-dick.

She spit on the palm of her right hand, and with an impromptu desire to take this experience- this test- a step further she grasped Tom’s dick with her wet hand. She softly moaned to herself, considering how to play this game of curiosity without getting hurt in the process. She clenched and twisted the head with her slick palm, while holding the midsection with her left hand, slowly gliding it down. She could barely get her hand around the bottom of the shaft, before it pushed her fingers wide apart as she moved back upward.

Tom immediately felt the escalation of her activity. He gave out a grunt of pleasure that was unexpected. Her hands were so tiny, and delicate. They were like little butterflies floating about on his penis, fluttering up and down, which seemed to engorge his cock a little more with each sensation. Then she started to work the head of his cock with her right hand, and heard her spit saliva and felt a warm slick sensation.

After a few minutes of rubbing his penis so skillfully as to bring him close to the point of ejaculation, Tina pushed Tom back onto the couch. Tripped up in his pants he fell hard onto the cushions, his head smacked the wall behind the couch with a resounding thud. Tina slid the coffee table out of the way and sat between his legs.

Part 6: Tina’s terms of engagement

Tina apologized, and said she didn’t realize her own strength. She said, “Would you rather I stop, so that you might have time to recover from your injury?” Again, she presented him with that sly, knowing smile.

Tom said, “I’m feeling better with each passing moment,” as he rubbed his head.

Tina placed his dick between her tits, and held it there. The head jutted underneath her chin while she spoke, its heat hot to the touch on her skin between her breasts. “I really didn’t expect for us to take this turn of events. I mean, I hope you don’t get the idea I am some kind of slut who screws everyone she meets.”

Tom said, “Nope, you are not at all like that kind of person. I’m not like that ether. It is just that there is certain chemistry between us.”

Tina shook her head, “No, Tom, it’s not that. It is that in my playfulness I might have taken this too far already.”

She then moved slightly away from his body, and shook his cock while saying, “And I’m not too sure just how far I can take this,” referring to his fat ten-plus inches.
“You know if you were an average guy we would have completed our tests and moved along our merry way to the gallery. It is just that, now realizing how you are, I am afraid we will not be sexually compatible. I said earlier that it didn’t matter about the size of your penis, but now I realize it might. I’m afraid you are too big, that you will hurt me. I mean, I have a twenty inch waist, and that is about the thickness of your dick,” she said jokingly, but with obvious anxiety.

Tom considered Tina’s words and the inflection of fear of pain. She seemed a bit over dramatic to this effect, but he didn’t say so. Instead, he said, “I am a gentle lover, Tina, and you know we don’t have to use the whole thing if you don’t want to…”

Tina rolled her eyes in semi-relief. She cut into his statement, “…I am so glad to hear you say that, but in a fit of passion I’m not sure you can control yourself. I never thought that size would matter to me. Now, I stand corrected- it matters if it is so big that it hurts. Dam, Tom, I wish you were at least somewhere near average.”

Tom took a moment to reflect upon her sentiment. He felt hurt by the insinuation because he took much pride in being a sensitive lover.

He said, “I saw a porno flick of a guy built like me…”

She interrupted, “…You would probably make a million bucks in the porno industry.”

He continued while ignoring her comment, “Anyway, this guy was so insensitive. He didn’t take time to understand her needs, just shoved it in as far as he could and went at it oblivious to what was happening. It was kind of funny in part because of the expression on her distraught face. I could see the director telling her to look like she was enjoying it, but she was not at all into it- she was in pain. It was like a prize fighter who was getting beat up, and took a moment to look into the camera to say, “Gosh this is fun. “

Tom looked at her while she listened; as she held his penis tight against her cleavage, while she seemingly did her best to grasp his meaning.

“What I mean is that we can go as slow as you like, and I will listen to you and do anything you want.” He reiterated,” Anything you want.”

He sat up and they embraced while his penis and her breasts clung to each other. She put her arms around him, and hugged him dearly.

Tina whispered, “You promise to do anything I tell you to? It’s not that I am a little dominatrix, but I do want total control here. I ask you this out of self preservation. I am pretty small down there.”

He reflected on how most women think they have small, tight pussies. It is almost as if they do not see the dichotomy between sizes of sexual organs: men have big and small dicks, but women always think they have real tight pussies. He remembered one girl he screwed at summer camp, how she thought she was so small, yet even his dick felt dwarfed by its abyss, the cavernous orifice that felt no different than screwing water. It is all a relative thing and he wanted to find just how small Tina was down there.

He whispered back, “I’ll do anything you want me to do, Tina. All you have to do is communicate with me, to tell me what you like and dislike. I don’t want to hurt you because I like you a lot and hope we can work things out.”

Tina pushed Tom back onto the couch with enough power to plough his head into the wall once again, but Tom was ready this time. Tina looked empowered, and horny. She was sweating slightly from her brow, and her cheeks were red. He noticed she was breathing heavier, that her breasts seem a little larger than a moment ago. He could see a pinkish discoloration on her chest where his cock lay moments ago.

Like a woman in control she said, “Don’t move a mussel. Just sit there.”

After she removed Tom’s shoes and pants Tina stood up and said, “Take off your shirt and lay down on the floor over here,” as she pointed to the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. While Tom was doing as instructed Tina slipped off her pants and sandals. He noticed her pink panties were plainly wet. She removed them and threw them into her bedroom. Tom lay back on the cold wood floor, enjoying the sensation while waiting for Tina’s next instruction.

Part 7: Tom shows he is a good listener

The voluptuous Tina straddled Tom’s head. Slowly, she squatted over his mouth, offering herself to his awaiting tongue and lips, holding herself aloft braced by the walls adjoining the entranceway.

Tina squirmed, and exalted while Tom worked her into frenzy in moments, squeezing her breasts and massaging her stomach. He slurped and prodded her, looking for spots that responded in pleasuring moans of repose, and she rubbed her pussy against his chin while holding onto the walls.

All the while Tina watched Tom’s quivering hard-on, trying to relax her virginal muscles in anticipation of their eminent meeting. Tina loved what Tom was doing with his nose, pressing it hard against her clitoris. She felt a climax building faster than expected.

She screamed, “I am going to come, Tom, I am going to come.” He increased the speed of flickering from the tip of his tongue, while he held her butt cheeks in each hand to reduce the weight of her own body on her legs; sufficient for her to feel as if she were momentarily floating, elevated as she convulsed into a heavy orgasm, trailed by slight aftershocks while he continued to stimulate her.

After a minute or two, her moans died off into blissful whimpers. Breathing heavily, she said, “I needed that more than what I care to divulge.” yet, she didn’t make any attempts to move from her position.

Still squatting, she rose herself a few feet above Tom and said challengingly, “See if you can get me off again- this time with your hands.”

Tom thought he knew what she wanted, and started to rub her clitoris and play with her labia, pulling softly on her sweet pedals. She said softly, “Not like that. I want you to put your fingers in me.” He did as commanded, pushing two of his fingers as deep as he could get. She actually was really tight, and Tom thought they may really reach an impasse in terms of intercourse.

She said instructively; “Make your fingers into a wedge as if you are holding a cherry with all of your fingers.”

Again, Tom did as instructed.

“Now straighten your hand out and let me sit on it,” she commanded as if issuing orders to a soldier to quickly seal the breech in the wall.

Again, Tom did precisely as instructed.

Tina bore down on Tom’s hand, pushing herself onto his arm as if to slowly impale herself there indefinitely. She rotated her hips and moved her body to push his hand almost inside of her. She had worked his hand most of the way in when she started to scream in pleasure, pushing down on Tom’s hand and arm ever so slightly, time and time again. The knuckle of his thumb rubbed against her clitoris.

With his other hand he stuck his index finger deep into her anus, which resulted in louder screams of an orgasmic thrill as he moved it about inside of her; so much so Tom feared her self-expression might bring the neighbors to the front door.

Tina pushed down on his hand as wave after wave of small orgasms built with each thrust downward. She imagined herself impaled on his thick cock, but knew this was a prelude to it. She wanted to relax her muscles and stretch herself out somewhat before taking on big Tom. She was so wet already, but she resolved to get additional lubrication beforehand. While her last orgasm faltered, she smiled thinking she made a pun to herself. What’s more, she didn’t care if he fit or not, after that tremendous release of tension.

She sighed, and slowly stood up on shaky legs, looked at Tom’s face all glossed over. She said, “Let me get a towel for you while I think about how to repay your kindness.”

The expression on his face reminded her of a puppy she loved once, where the dog was always in a state that asked with an inquisitive wag of the tail, did I do good- are you happy with me now? Tina was quite content, and walked off slightly a-kilter into her bedroom. As she did so she said, in passing, in the midst of her heavy breathing, “What a good boy.”

Part 8: Tom’s reward

Tom was a good listener, and he did do what she asked. Such generosity should be repaid in kind. He wondered what she planned to do, since she hadn’t touched his penis in seemingly a long time. Yet, there it stood at full attention awaiting orders. The reality was that he was extremely turned on by Tina, how intensely she responded to his touches, and how knowing she was in expressing what she wanted him to do. He found that pleasing her was just as rewarding as any pleasure she might ever provide. In that, he was quite mistaken. He felt concern that Tina went to put her clothes back on.

Tina returned wearing a light blue teddy that barely qualified for clothing. What’s more, it was totally transparent, and Tom began to wonder if Tina had a thing for exposing herself. Perhaps she was a closet flasher or went off streaking about the neighborhood at moment’s notice wearing only a mask to hide her identity. She carried a thick towel, a bottle of lubricant, a small vibrator and an arm’s length of cotton cord.

“Hmmmm,” Tom said aloud while resting on his elbows.

Tina said, “Here’s the deal. Go sit on the couch with your butt hanging off the edge slightly, and I will have my way with you.”

Tom nodded, and did what he was told.

She went into the kitchen for a moment, and returned with a beer for Tom and a glass of cold milk for herself. She handed him the beer, then knelt down on a pillow between his legs. She took a large draft of milk, and then put the glass on a table next to her.

She smiled, and said, “That was real nice, Tom. You are an excellent listener. Man, I came like there was no tomorrow.” She put both hands on his cock, one atop the other, only one able to circumnavigate the girth of its base. “I still can’t get over how big your fucking dick is. It is incredibly huge,” she said both admiringly and somewhat discouragingly, “but I don’t feel it is as intimidated as I did earlier- now I know you will do what I ask, right?”

Tom did not feel the need to acknowledge Tina, so he adjusted the pillows so he could get a more comfortable position to watch the luscious Tina in action, the hot and sultry bombshell he was getting to know.

“So, here is the next phase of testing here at Cape Canaveral. I am going to suck on your cock and get you off on two conditions. The first is that once you come I want to sit on your cock while it is still hard, but not as hard as it is right now. Do you think you can take a tight pussy over that big dick just after you come?”

Tom’s expression livened up, and his neck taught with anticipation. He said, “Wow, Tina that sounds like a great idea, but what if I go too limp?”

Tina replied quickly, “Well, then, I’ll have to keep sucking you until you start to get to just the right hardness. If you get too big I’ll just stop and we can take a time out until you get to the right level of hardness; so I can try to work your huge dick into my pussy. At least that’s the plan, right?”

Tom was in awe, this beautiful woman with all the right answers.

She said, “The second thing is that while I attempt this feat of modern science I want you to remain still- no thrusting and shoving, right?”

Tom shook his head in agreement. She was quite serious on this point.

With that, Tina started to suck and stroke Tom’s humongous appendage. She made sure to give him strong eye contact while she sucked on his dick, so that he knew she was paying attention to his facial expressions while she worked herself over him. She moved her hands up and down; twisting her top hand slowly as it reached the pinnacle of his cock, as it replaced her mouth on the head for a moment, then her hands slowly slid down his shaft, replacing it with her mouth in fluid motion; moving up and down, while she nibbled delicately on the head of his dick with delectable pressure, naturally using her lips, tongue and cheeks to create a cacophony of pleasure for Tom.

From time to time she would remove her hands all together and just use her mouth, pushing his dick down into her throat as much as she could before returning to the top with enough suction to make a popping noise upon its release.

Tina glowed as she worked over Tom’s penis. She had an aura about herself, a left-over glow from the intense orgasms that left her feeling as content as a kitten immersed in a warm bowl of milk. She found great pleasure in watching Tom as she did her best to make him feel good. She was a skilled cock sucker, but had no idea what fun it would be to devour such a large dick. Her eyes glossed over when she took him too deep, and a gag reflex ensued. That said she estimated she got a good two fifths of him down her throat a few times, when she went for the gold, before she gagged and came up for air.

While Tom closed his eyes for a moment in rapture, Tina manipulated the small vibrator she had set beside her, turning it on so quietly Tom didn’t see what was coming. She inserted the tip of it into his anus, and he startled for a moment with such a surprised look. She could see he found it an enjoyable surprise. She continued to vary between slight insertion and stimulation of his testicles, increasing the vibration speed slowly. Tom began to moan and his tight abdominals got tighter, which suggested to Tina that Tom was close to orgasm.

Tina bore down on his cock with greater ferocity, trying to sense that moment before Tom shot his load. He began to moan in faster duration, and started to buck his hips. Tina let go of him while he was on the verge of an orgasm, knowing just when to stop just before he would come. Tom gasped, and squirmed. He almost grabbed his own cock to finish himself off, but Tina soothed him with her delicate tongue and reassuring eyes; soon, they seemed to say in unison, soon enough you will come for me.

She said, “Now, I don’t want you to come too soon. I’m not done enjoying myself.” She licked at the head of his cock while rubbing his balls, without touching the sensitive shaft with her hands, looking at him with her big blue eyes. “Relax and feel how hot I can make you.”

She pushed the three-inch vibrator into him so she could free both her hands to work his balls with his fingers, prodding and softly stroking them as if in encouragement for them to release their fluids. A considerable amount of prelude sperm oozed out as she slowly brought her interlaced hands up from the bottom of his cock.
She said, “Ohhh, that is what I am looking for.” She lapped up the pre-come with her tongue, as the white dribble worked its way in due course toward his balls.

Tom was mystified and in such a paramount state of sensual awareness he could hardly contain himself. He knew just one other woman who could suck a cock like Tina and he almost married her. He liked to be teased into orgasm, especially when her skills were as such he never wanted it to end. She kept him on the brink for so long, and just when he was read to come again she pushed back, and lightly teased him. It was incredible how she read him so perfectly, to prolong his orgasm in such a sexy manner.
He got off on her licking the come from his cock, and had an intellectual orgasm of sorts while watching her sensual tongue lick the head of his dick. It was akin to a woman experiencing multiple orgasms, except it was even better because he could fantasize about the moment the next time he masturbated.

“Thank god for replays,” he said aloud without meaning to do so.

Tina didn’t understand, but knew men would say the strangest things while in the midst of an orgasm. She took it to mean she was doing a fantastic job and he was appreciative.

She said, “I’m not done yet, so keep the record button going.” With that, she put one of his substantial balls in her mouth while jerking his cock with both of her hands. She gently rolled her tongue against it while it filled her mouth to capacity, slowly pulling on it with light suction.

Tom began to chant, “Oh, god, yes, Tina, oh, my god, oh my god…make me come.”

Once she thought he had enough Tina went in for the kill. She let his ball fall out of her mouth and used her talented hands, as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, trying to avoid any kind of friction- using her saliva to lightly finish him off.
She could feel the sperm leave his balls as she massaged them with her hands, on its way up through his cock, which took a while to explode up into her mouth with spasms of thick fluid bursts. She felt him splatter on the roof of his mouth time and time again.

Tina held her lips fast, attached to his penis like a silk vice waiting for that last squirt of come. She was amazed at the volume he produced. Once his spasm ceased- there must have been at least ten of them- Tina swallowed, then licked her lips and kept on sucking ever so lightly.

Tom continued to squirm even after he came. Her mouth on his dick, the renewed sucking once it became hyper-sensitive, was too much. His breathing leveled out somewhat, but when he looked at her she kept a firm grip on his cock and balls as if she wanted more, and there was a bit of sperm that hung off her chin that looked kind of funny, if he could regain enough composure to laugh.

Tina got off on making a guy come in her mouth, for she thought it was the epitome of what it is to be a good lover, to get a guy off that way, or to jerk him off onto her tits. She looked forward to doing that to Tom after she fucked him. In the mean time, she continued to suck and lick him knowing how much he would enjoy the after-orgasm experience.

Most women didn’t realize this about certain men, how even though they thought they were through, there were additional moments of pleasure to salvage for both of them, after the guy comes. Perhaps their minds detached from the situation after that last burst, but they were still feeling pleasure. Certain ongoing caresses are like what cuddling afterwards means to most woman. Tina’s pay-off was that she loved the taste of sperm, and the feeling as it slid down her throat. She liked the hotness of a man’s erection even after he came, and loved to play with it until it grew still and lifeless. Perhaps she was different than most women in this regard.

Part 9: The noose of pleasure

Tom took a sip of his beer, as he continued to watch Tina suck on his dick. He felt the bl**d slowly drain out of his cock, back into his body. Her mouth felt so good, and she succumbed to sucking on it ever so lightly. From time to time she would lick the shaft, but before he went limp Tina presented the coil of cotton, which was about a quarter-inch in diameter. She wrapped the coil around the base of his penis a few times and tightened it, preventing the remaining bl**d to exit- like a cock-ring of sorts- and tied a bow to hold it in place.

Tina said, “This should be about right for my purposes,” and without further explanation she startled Tom as he sat back on the couch still breathing quite heavily, trying to collect his energy after such an intense orgasm. She slowly got up and stood over him and looked at him with deviate intensity, as if she were thinking something obscene.

Tom said, “Can’t we take a break for a moment, so I can recover?”

Tina said apologetically, “Nope, I want you timid as a lamb. I hope it might be a while before you get another raging hard-on. My goodness, you sure do come a heck of a lot, and you taste so good, too.” She licked her fingers.

While she sat down on his lap she said, “Before we’re done here I want to drain that other testicle: if you are real nice to me, I’ll let you come all over my tits. Would you like that?”

To Tina, the question was rhetorical.

It seemed to Tom that he didn’t have a say in the matter, so he arched his back to accommodate her movement as she mounted him, laying her knees on either side of his hips. She squirted some lubricant in her hand from a small bottle that miraculous appeared out of nowhere. She rubbed the ointment first on her vagina, then she grabbed his semi-erect penis and sloshed a generous amount on the head, then another handful along the rest of his member and the cotton cord tied snugly around the base of his penis.

Tina had a hard time getting Tom to enter her while he was not so firm. At first the bl**d would flow out of the tip of Tom’s cock when she tried to push it into her tight opening. Eventually, she realized that it was best to grasp the shaft a few inches from the bottom where it puffed out, then use the pressure of her encircling hand to mediate the amount of bl**d in the upper-half, to offer a good sense of rigidity without being too overbearing for her to handle. She noticed she was actually able to get her index finger to touch her thumb as she squeezed him into submission. She moaned, and began to rock atop Tom while she firmly squeezed his semi-flaccid member into the desired hardness.

With a gasp Tina could feel the first part of Tom’s cock enter her, sliding ever so gingerly. She worked her hand to push his dick into her a bit further, then let go of some of the pressure sufficient for Tom’s cock to reduce its girth inside of her for a moment. Then she would give another gentle shove and the lubricant enabled her to edge more and more into her in the slightest of increments.

Tom was astonished by the skill in which Tina worked him into her. She was one smart nurse. He had used similar technique with other woman, but her idea of using the chord made it much easier. He would have to remember that, as well as doing the whole thing after he came once. What’s more, all Tom had to do was hold onto her while she worked her magic. He relaxed, rubbed her back while she leaned onto him, and enjoyed the feeling of her tight body on top of him.

Tina got about seven inches into her before she decided to undo the chord. She could tell Tom was starting to get aroused again and she was ready. After she removed the chord she said into his ear, “Stop moving, Tom, and sit still.”

The silence, the stillness, while intermingled in an intimate embrace, was equally erotic for both of them. Tina looked down at Tom’s face, as he sat patiently still. She could feel his bl**d slowly pumping into his huge dick, as she felt his cock slowly swell and become rigid inside of her.
She looked down at him, and Tom gazed up at her. They kissed for the first time, a sheepish kiss of exploration at first. Slowly they explored the recesses of each other’s mouths using intermingled tongues. It dawned on Tina that they had never kissed, and here he was with his big fat dick deep inside her quivering pussy.

Tom could not believe how delicate Tina probed him, how soft and unobtrusive she was when compared to his other lovers. He felt so fortunate, and resolved to let her continue to call the shots.

Tina felt Tom’s cock engorge itself with an ever-increasing pressure inside of her. She felt her pussy stretch out to accommodate his hardening cock. She moaned, “Oh, Shit, you are so big.”
Tom squirmed a bit and Tina said in reprimand, “Do not move until I can get acclimated here or I will stop.”

She said this with such a disparaging sweetness it left Tom as still as a deer caught in headlights. The sensation of slowly growing inside such a beautiful woman, especially after an intense orgasm, left him with hypersensitivity toward the eloquent feel of Tina’s body, as she slowly moved herself, trying to tollerate his increasing volume. Man, she sure was tight, he thought.

She slid herself down another inch or two, thinking he must be all the way inside her now, if not fully engorged. When she placed her hand on his balls she was surprised to learn they were a good three to four inches away from her opening, which meant she had only taken about seven inches inside of her. My god, he was a monster, but real smooth- as smooth as his silk boxers.
After five minutes that felt like an hour she began to relax. His thick cock began to feel real good inside of her. She thought that she probably could have taken all of him by now, if his dick were not as mirthful in its expanse. Tina began to move her hips, and felt al little more of him move insider her.

Tina realized she was still low on top of Tom’s hips, and decided to pull her legs up along his sides so she could squat with her knees of his chest, her feet on either side of his hips, while Tom cradled her ass like he had earlier.
“Grab my ass, Tom, and help me rock a little.”
Once positioned more comfortably she could feel more of him enter her, and she gave out a yelp. “Oh, that’s it, just support my weight and let me move.”
After a short time instead of groaning in pain as she had expected, she found herself moaning in pleasure.
She said quite loudly, “Oh my god, Tom, you feel so good.” She pulled off her lingerie and said, “Wow that is starting to feel really good. Ohhh, that feels so nice.”

Tina lifted herself high, almost to the top of his cock, and then slowly fed it back inside of her, almost to the point as deep as it was before. Then, she raised herself to repeat the action except a little faster, but she did not let the b**st enter her so deeply. Tina moved her pussy up and down the upper part of his shaft, faster and faster. She pushed herself down on him and felt her pussy lips expand, then deliciously contract with each measured stroke.
“Oh, fuck, I’m going to come again.”
She could feel the eruption building in her stomach, as Tom’s long prick pressed into her lean torso. And with that she pushed Tom into her even faster. She felt his thickness as no longer as a disability, but as something new she had never felt before, this sense of being so full of cock. She came even harder than the two times before, as she pushed herself rhythmically into an extreme orgasm.

The tight slipperiness of Tina’s velvet pussy felt so wonderful all Tom could do was grunt and hold onto her for dear life. She was moving so fast now his cock was almost over-stimulated; to the point where he moved from feeling hyper-sensitive to feeling hypo-sensitive.
He felt like he could take a good thrashing without coming, which was a good thing because Tina was a bucking bronco of a big dick rider- even if she didn’t need to take the whole thing. He held back, and did not move even though he wanted to reply to her thrusting, to meet it with his own.

Tom felt her pussy tighten considerably for what seemed like a long time, before finally relaxing, as she slumped onto his chest panting. For a moment afterwards the clinching contractions inside her felt like her pussy was going to shoot his dick right out of her and into the adjoining wall. My god it felt so incredible he was surprised he didn’t come himself. It was nice to take the back seat and let her drive for a while. He felt rested and ready to fuck if given the opportunity.

Part 10: Problem solved

Tina struggled to sit back with her knees once again next to Tom’s hips, so she could catch her breath and rest a while. While doing so, a miraculous event occurred: she slid all the way down Tom’s cock. She could feel his thickness at her entrance decrease as her pussy lips clung to the base of his bulbous shaft. With amazement, she felt her hand on Tom’s balls flush against her pussy. And she felt no pain whatsoever.

She arched her back, sat up and groaned while pressing her full weight onto him. She said in a moan, “I can’t believe I took the whole thing.”

Their arms adjoined and she swung her head back, and Tom felt her ponytail swipe his balls. She was beside herself with glee, that this nice guy with such a big dick might work out after all.

Tom, too, was surprised to see this event transpire, since she felt so dam tight he was concerned she would complain about feeling sore. Instead, she smiled while looking down at him, as she slowly churned her hips. He could feel her pussy lips grasp him close to his balls as if to confirm he was all the way in.

Tina said, “Fuck, your dick fills me up. I don’t think I’ve ever had as intense an orgasm while fucking, Tom.” She said this while laughing and moaning at the same time. “I think I can get used to this!” then she slumped down onto him, with her shoulders around his back, giving him a big bear hug while licking his neck and gliding her firm breasts across his chest.

He responded to her lovely hug by grabbing her hips so he could move her so he could move her body to the tip of his dick and hold her there. Then he inserted himself all the way back in using one slow motion.

Tina gasped, and said, “Holy shit, that feels so good you can hardly imagine it.” She sounded almost delirious, as if she might even cry. “Oh, my god, Tom, you are so deep.”

He pumped her again, and she moaned in response, grasping the back of his neck and pulling his hair.

Tom began to fuck her at a gradual pace with long strokes, moving almost all the way out, then balls deep ever so gently. He kept her in place while he slowly eased himself in and out of her with careful strokes. He moved deep insider of her all the way before pulling back out, which she seemed to enjoy immensely.

She said, “If you keep fucking me like that I’m afraid I will have to come again, and then I doubt I’ll have the energy to go to the gallery.” She moaned loudly,” Ohhh, my god you are so deep inside of me. You cock is so fucking big... ohhh… easy…easy…fuck me slowly, Tom.”

She felt every inch as he methodically moved his cock inside of her, how the smooth pressure would change as he gently impaled her time and time again, ever so gently. She found the point where her pussy lips contracted toward the base of his cock- where his dick tapered off- to be incredibly stimulating on her clitoris, the contrast as she clung to his shaft tightly while it varied in thickness. She felt the hood of her clit open at this thickest point- at his incredible six and a half inch girth- as it ever so gently rubbed her clit against the thick vein that pulsed there, especially during the out-stroke.

Tom said, “My dear, you are the only work of art I aspire to see this evening, to be with you all night.”

He rolled Tina onto her back while still inside of her. While fucking her with deliberately short – slightly faster- strokes using just the first third of his rigid erection he licked her tits, and kneaded her inner thigh, and bit at the inner nape of her neck. He put her right leg over his shoulder and moved her closer to the edge of the sofa.

Tom took his cock out and rubbed it along her labia and clitoris, moving its length across her belly so his soft balls could come into contact with her clit as he squeezed her breasts, thinking about how great it would be to titty-fuck her.

When she felt his balls gently press against her she looked down at his cock sprawled out across her midsection like a great sea eel, its head protruding an inch above her belly button, so warm against her skin; she purred a light moan of satisfaction.

Tom moved back to enter her, and thrust into her with short fast jabs, pushing halfway in real fast. Tina felt like she was going to lose her mind in unabashed ecstasy. God, could he fuck. He looked scrawny, but he obviously was in good shape, and knew how to screw. He toyed with her, preventing her own hip thrusts from taking in more of him than he cared to deliver.

Tina’s eyes flutter back uncontrollably, and she pushed at Tom’s chest with her hands, as if to say the intensity was too much. But he read her actual intent and thrust deep into her, while pulling her hips toward him and off of the couch. She moved with him to manipulate his cock to the precise point that gave her the most extreme stimulation, and then began to moan as if possessed: she was beyond words or even incomprehensible syllables. Tina became a mass of quivering nerves, all leading to the pleasure center in her brain.

To Tom, she seemed on autopilot, her pussy uncontrollably contracting as if they were in a spinal reflex mode. Tom gently and skillfully fucked the shit out of her. He pounded her deep now, and fast, too, knowing it was what she wanted. Pulling out just a quarter of the way and then once again to the hilt time and time again in a flurried frenzy he heard her pussy slurping in wetness.
With each thrust she gave out a soft whimper, telling him he was just where she wanted him. “Yes, oh, yes, ohhh, I’m coming, I’m coming, oh, my god you mother-fucker… make me come.”

He sensed symmetry to her pulsation, and tried to accommodate the rhythms with his own, thrusting and grinding into her from various slight angle differentials using all of his cock, while stimulating her clit with his thumbs, pushing down on her at just the right spot in his stroke.
He put both her nimble legs onto his upper shoulder, her feet next to his neck, while his arms pressed into the couch tightly pinning her waist to him. He watched her grasp out and clenched at the cushions on either side of her as he bore into her now with full long strokes. She wrenched the upholstery with her fingers.
He had never seen a woman respond like this to his lovemaking. She was a firecracker ready to explode, panting like a mother in c***dbirth. After five minutes of tiny orgasmic bellows she gave out two loud full-breath screams, which seemed to be her point of final release.

He stopped thrusting and leaned into her, resting on top of her while she convulsed feeling the head of his dick throb deep inside of her. Tina u*********sly moved her hips ever so slightly, yet she did so with incredible speed, a pulse like a nervous tick.

She shuddered in another fit of spasms and felt totally out of control for the first time in her life. Wave after wave of immense pleasure filled her beyond brimming, into a realm never felt before. She had the first real multiple orgasm of her life, or was it just one intense orgasm. It didn’t matter. She was in a place of physical reaction she thought unachievable by means of man or machine.

She held onto Tom who was still now. He continued to touch her, caress her with his strong hands, with his eyes and with his unmoving engorged penis that felt like a huge vibrator set on low; she realized she could take Tom’s pulse by counting the throbs of his taught member; it stimulated her so unexpectedly that even while in a stupor she wondered how something so large and hard could feel so incredibly good.

Part 11: An interesting movie

It took Tina a good ten minutes to settle down, and Tom slowly removed himself from her. He gently lay on top of her in a sweaty embrace. He passionately kissed her and caressed her hair, gently licked the nipples of her beautiful moist breasts. She held a gleam in her eye, a frosted look suggestive of a sense of total self-actualization like that of a master Brahman close to Nirvana.

After another five minutes of quiet time Tina rolled Tom off of her and said, “Let’s put on a movie for a while.”

Tom grabbed his beer and d****d a throw cover across his naked body.
After getting the remote and rubbing her body down with the towel she returned to the sofa, took a drink of her milk and nestled next to him with her head on his chest. She wanted to tell him that was the best screw of her entire life, but though it best to not say any such thing in that it sounded so trivial. Instead, she collected herself into a prenatal ball and nurtured the sense of contentment she felt next to him.

She casually placed her arm across his lower chest and instead of feeling his chest she felt a bulge in the blanket only to realize he was still fully erect. She moved the blanket slightly to find his glistening member looking back at her.

She looked up and Tom and asked, “Didn’t you come with me? I felt so wet you must have come inside of me,” and added, since she forgot to tell him earlier, “I am on the pill.”

“Don’t concern yourself with my hard-on; it’s just that I am still thinking about how you got off, and it still excites me. I’ve never seen anyone come with such abandonment, Tina- you are one hot chick,” he said with great respect.

She remembered her promise to drain him dry, so she laid her head on his chest and thought about his adoration. She said with a sensual, yet guarded voice, “I am a woman of great potentials.”

Slowly she sucked on his dick while they watched the movie, which was much more interesting to her than eating salted popcorn. Tina found that she loved to suck on his dick, to taste his come again.
She worked on him slowly and quietly with her mouth, just using her hand to keep Tom’s dick close to his body. She consciously set herself to watch the movie, and give him head as a second-thought action, while she comfortable lay her head on his chest. Every now and then she would take him in deep in her throat and swirl her tongue around him while massaging his balls without thinking about it. Twenty minutes went by until she inadvertently realized Tom was about ready to come.

After such an incredible session of love making Tom didn’t care about another orgasm, but Tina was so talented and graceful with her mouth- so determined to make her word good- eventually he felt a growing urge to give in to the influence of such a beautiful lady. As he approached the edge of no return she stopped what she was doing and abruptly stood up, taking the cover with her.

She told Tom to move out closer to the edge of the sofa, and to spread his legs. She hit the mute button on the remote; put the cover over his shoulders, and gave his dick an ample squirt of lubrication.
Then, she turned around and presented him with her firm ass- a perfect heart-shaped ass. With her legs together Tom could see part of the TV screen between them where they joined her torso, and a small diamond shape of light cast through. Man, she was built perfect. She made her butt cheeks jump by flexing her gluteus-maximus muscles like a gymnast.

Tina bent down, and slowly lowered herself onto Tom’s ten and three quarter inches. She moaned ever so softly as her attention flittered from pleasure to the program on the television set.

He was excited by the graphic picture that presented itself. Every now and then she sat on his lap for a moment, flexing her ass and her ponytail grazed him like a pendulum just below his bellybutton. With every premeditated down stroke he could see the sides of her breasts sway, so full and appealing to watch. He could make out a shadow image of her reflection in the glass of the television, how she squeezed her breasts and intermittently held her hands on her thighs for support. It was almost as if she were doing squat thrusts on some machine at the gym.

While he was fully in her, Tina slid her knees all the way to the floor, and pushed her feet and calves under the sofa so that they were in a doggy-style position. He sat splayed as she pushed herself back and forth while moaning ever so quietly.
At one point she sat back heavily onto him, and raised herself as if in invitation for Tom to massage her breasts from under her arms, which he did tenderly.

The feel of her tits in his hands, and her caresses while she held her breasts along with him was too much. She stopped thrusting and held him inside of her, using her vagina as if she were performing some kind of a kagel exercise he had read about, strengthening her pelvic floor muscles while squeezing down on him. It was almost as if she could tell he was so close to coming, that she slowed her movements only to tease him with the taught control of her inner body.

Tina wanted to give Tom as much pleasure as he brought her while she had the best orgasm of her life. She was starting to feel sore, but it didn’t stop her from taking a little pain to get him off. After a while it started to hurt enough to distract her from the pleasure part of fucking him, so she decided to see how tightly she could grasp his big dick with her vagina without moving much.
It felt a lot better and she could tell Tom loved how she could control her muscles to squeeze him close to orgasm. She skillfully pushed down and tried to push him out while pushing back on him to make sure that it would not happen. He really seemed to enjoy playing with her big tits, so she encouraged him. While he kneaded her breasts she rubbed her clitoris to ease the pain.

Knowing Tom was ready to come again Tina abruptly stood up and slid him out of her with a resounding pussy-fart. She gracefully spun about on her knees and kissed him deeply, her tongue flickering around skillfully while her tits crushed into his cock. Tom wanted her to swirl that talented tongue around the head of his cock and bring him to climax.

She stood there slightly bent and used both of her hands to pull his dick as if she were pulling on a thick rope, massaging him end over end over end, until she could see he was ready to come. She lowered herself and jerked him intensely toward her chest, until he shot large streams of come onto her awaiting breasts, some of which inadvertently sprayed with f***e onto her face and hair and the floor.

She said, “Whoa, there, big fell-a,” and she thrust his cock into her mouth to catch the remaining four heavy sprits. She loved the feel of his hot come on her breasts, and sloshed his big dick to and fro, slapping him on her nipples while she swirled his come around in her mouth. She fingered herself while doing so, and had a small orgasm.

After she swallowed she went down on him again, sucking quite vigorously without moving up or down, sucking him dry while she pumped his shaft close to his balls with both hands, pushing her breasts into Tom’s balls at the same time. She felt more come flow out of the head of his dick, and then considered him well drained.

After a while Tom lost his erection, and Tina stopped sucking.

Part 12: Coke bottle dreams

They got comfortable again and finished watching the movie, both exhausted. The satiated couple retired to the bedroom and sprawled onto the bed, both reassured that they were compatible in so many respects.

As they drifted to sl**p Tom said to her listlessly, “Tina, that was about the most fun I ever had.”
Tina said with her head buried in a pillow, “Me too, Tom.” A moment later she said, “But I think I am going to be sore tomorrow.”

Tom let out a laugh that sounded like a grunt. He said, “Well, it sounds like anal sex in the shower tomorrow morning to me.,” knowing such a thing would be unthinkable to her.

She replied, almost asl**p, muffled, “Ha, that will be the day.” A moment later she added with much pause between her words, “In your dreams… in your dreams…innnn…yourrrr…Coca-Cola bottle dreamszzzzzz,” and she fell asl**p.

THE END... by MaxMon

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