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Lana's b*****r Brian and their awakening ch.2

I turned on the shower and adjusted the spray to a mist. Even this hurt, but at least it was tolerable on my sunburn. My mind was racing. I had just made love to my own b*****r!! “No,” I realized, “I hadn’t made love with him. We had had sex. Primal, feral, almost as two a****ls in the dark, we had done it.”
But we had not done “it”. I had sucked him off. I had buried my nose in his curly pubic hair and lodged his manhood deep in the back of my throat and had made him groan. I had made him shoot load after load of cum down my throat, with some spilling out onto my sun burnt chest.
And therein lay the problem. I had gotten him off. I had been his slut, asking nothing in return, I got nothing in return. We had not made love. I had satisfied the b**st that had awakened when he saw me in the boat, bare-chested and fried. I had caused him to unload his balls into me. His big, full, and heavy balls had fed their seed through his fat gorgeous cock into my throat. And I had loved it!
I loved the power of it. I loved the fact that it was so forbidden! I loved the fact that it had come about so unexpectedly. Thinking about it as I ran the soap over my body, I felt a familiar tingle deep in the folds between my thighs. I began to run a soapy finger around my sex, “to clean it”. I knew what I really wanted, but … it was wrong. I should not be wanting my own b*****r like this. But I did.
It was the way he looked at me. The life that danced in his eyes, the lust that made his heart pound so hard and the way his cock burned as I had held it in my hand. He had made me feel like a woman in a way that none of the guys I had ever dated had come close to doing. Some of them had wanted me, but they had been bumbling, inexperienced lewd lechers. He was a man, in every sense of the word, and his power and strength had submitted to me, and I loved it!
Before I would have believed possible, I felt the waves of an orgasm again slamming into me and I was gasping for breath as I rubbed my little clit as fast as I could! I fell against the wall panting. I had reached orgasm, and it had left me weak-kneed, but there was something missing. It was frustrating, because I knew what it was and I could do nothing about it.
A minute or two later, I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to carefully begin the process of patting my tender crisp flesh dry.
It was at this moment that my b*****r barged into the bathroom. He stopped a step in and just stared at me as if it was the first time he had ever seen me! The way he look made me want to laugh and yet at the same moment, fanned into flame, the fire that was just beginning to die down from a few minutes earlier.
“You like my boobs?” I asked him coyly, as I slipped my towel around me, so it covered my waist down. He nodded like a little boy caught in a candy jar and I had to work to stifle my laugh. “Aww, you want to suck on the big round girls and make their nipples pop out, don’t you? Well, I’m afraid that is not going to happen tonight, my dear big b*****r! You have to just watch tonight!”
It was then that my plan began to crystallize. “But I will tell you what big Mr. Brian. I need some lotion and I hear that protein is excellent for a sun burn. Why don’t you see how much “lotion” you can produce for your very sexy little s****r.” I then took him and sat him down on the toilet, across from the vanity. He was naked and ready for the shower when he walked into the room. He was still naked, but he was quickly beginning to look as if he were ready for something far different!!
I turned and sat up on the vanity and leaned back against the bathroom mirror. The cold surface felt good on my skin and made me shiver. Or was it the site of my b*****r wrapping his big hand around the root of his cock and pulling it straight up toward me? I smiled at him and licked my lips and moved my hands down between my thighs.
I parted my outer lips and I watched as Brian’s gaze fell to my pussy. Immediately, his breathing became more shallow, “As did his thoughts!” I giggled to myself! He was soon biting his bottom lip and rubbing his now fully erect cock fast and with a ferocity I would never have attempted!
I could just imagine what he was seeing. I was shaved except for a small landing patch just above my clit, so he would be able to see all of me. He would see the pink flesh that was rubbed almost red from the few minutes in the shower where I had just been. He would see the dewy drops of my own nectar, gathering on the soft, pliant lips of my snatch. His eyes were locked onto my pussy and I found myself biting my own lip.
Slowly, I sank a middle finger just inside the inner lips. I could feel the walls of my sex trying to find purchase upon my digit and pull it in, deeper! I arched my back for it, but instead pulled it back out. I then leaned forward on my perch and offered my finger, wet with my juices to my b*****r.
He eagerly opened his mouth and I fucked his mouth with my finger! His tongue came up to lick my intruding finger and I could feel as much as hear the first moans of desire rising from within him. I shivered, and after I was certain he had cleaned my finger of ever trace of my sex, I pulled it out of his mouth with a small popping sound.
He whimpered and as I leaned back, I saw that his cock was angry and purple! He was growing ever closer to the point of no return, and to my own surprise, as I thrust two fingers deep into my swampy sex, I was close as well. In a voice filled with both command and lust I said, “Don’t you dare waste one drop of that cum on the floor. I want you shooting it all on my chest. Make me feel good, you perverted big b*****r. Cum on me! Cum all over your little slutty s****r!” The last I spoke as my eyes closed and my fingers raced to bring me quickly to the finish line as well.
He suddenly lurched forward and was between my knees, cock firmly in hand; a shade of purple I had never dreamed possible. A fraction of a second later, the first jet of his creamy cum burst forth from the tip of his cock, spraying across my belly before splashing onto the underside of my left breast. This was followed again and again by hot jets of jizz as he roared and called my name and God over and over again. The bucking of his hips into the cabinet and my spread legs, so near to my own sex sent me accelerating toward my own orgasm!! It washed over me as Brian’s began to subside.
I was disappointed because I barely reached that high, before it was over. And then, I saw Brian fall to his knees before me. I was just loopy enough to not realize what was going on, until I felt his tongue flick into the back of my pussy, hungrily collecting my tongue only to have it swallowed a moment later.
This was the equivalent of setting of a second stage rocket, and the orgasm, that only a few seconds earlier had been disappointing was now soaring higher. He flicked his tongue and nibbled on my now sensitized pouty lips and soon had me grabbing his hair and pulling his face into my pussy!!
He thrust a finger deep into my pussy as he pulled back for a breath. I was beginning to rub my clit for a grand finale orgasm that was building, just as his tongue rimmed my ass and then began to try and f***e its way into my back passage! I started screaming and shaking and my thighs clamped hard on the sides of Brian’s head. But I have to give it to him, he did not even slow his assault until I was begging and crying for mercy.
When he relented at last, he pushed back up on to his feet and said, “I guess I need a shower now.” And with that he reached in, and turned on the jets of water before stepping out of my line of vision. I just stayed there on the vanity top, like a puddle, merely trying to hold itself together and wondering what the hell was going to happen next!!

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