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My first GILF

I've always had a thing for mature women. I remember a layout from an old Hustler I used to steal from under my dad's mattress that had a guy giving it to "Mrs. Clause". I must have been 13 or 14 years old.

Fast forward about 10 or 12 years and I'm walking out of my office in DC when a very mature (she couldn't be younger than 55) thin blond lady walks out of her gym in a pair of jeans, sandals (I'm a foot man) and a yellow tube top with her nipples standing at attention. "I'd love to taste you," I said under my breath. Not exactly suave...especially as she actually heard me. So I kept walking. But I noticed she kind of grinned, so I slowed down at the next shop and pretended to look in the window. She stopped next to me and for a second I was tongue tied just taking a peek at her toes. Then I turned and smiled and asked her opinion on some shirts in the window. She told me she was a personal shopper and would love to give me some advice. So we went into the shop and pretended to give a shit about clothes. Her name was Katya and she was Polish (still had the accent).

Fast forward -but only two days and two lunches later and I'm at her place (a very upscale condo) and she asked me to take a shower while she got ready. I lied in bed and waited anxiously until she appeared from her dressing room in a light green see through teddy. I was almost shaking from excitement. Her skin was wrinkled with age and when I touched her she was so so so soft. I remembered the line from Pulp Fiction about what we're taught is sexy to our eyes isn't always what is sexy to touch. I sat up on the side of the bed and brought her closer to me. I opened her teddy and started to caress her ass while I kissed and licked her belly. then I pulled the strings of the teddy and opened it and began to kiss her tiny perky breasts and eraser head nipples.

She got into bed with me and I began to use ALL my senses on her. Her kisses were extremely passionate to the point where I began to wonder if had been a while since she had sex. When I removed her panties she had a beautiful full blond bush - I prefer au natural. And I told her so. I began to inhale the scent of her pussy while examining it. I love to eat pussy - and no two pussies are alike so I need to get to know it before I begin. I caressed it gently first exposing her clit. Her wetness was immediately visible and I was convinced it had been a while for her. After eating her out to an orgasm she did something that until today I find the sexiest thing that ever happened to me. She went down on me with such commitment, such determination that my cock got harder than I've ever known. The attention she gave it was like it was a separate entity. She even began to talk to my cock directly. Asking it questions like "do you like it wet?" and then let her saliva run down the shaft before licking it back up to the head.

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