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An evening by the fireplace

An evening to remember by Michelle's fireplace.
As I drove on the lonesome highway outside of Madison and my thoughts began to wander. Evening was fast approaching and I was nearing my destination. I pulled off a country road and stopped for a minute to pick some wildflowers by the side of the road. They were just coming into bloom and very pretty. I started back up and made my way out of town pulling up to Michelle's house. I could hear the dog bark inside. Grabbing my gifts I proceeded to door. Ringing the bell my heart began to race with anticipation. Nervous, I think not. Although I did feel a bead of sweat run down the back of my neck. It was warm for a May evening and the trees had begun to bud. Soon they would be showing their true, beautiful colors. All of a sudden my daydreaming was startled as the door abruptly opened and I was met by a warm and familiar smile. "Come on in", she said with an inviting smile, as the door opened. Walking in I noticed how Michelle had added her own personal stamp on how the house looked. "What a beautiful house you have", I exclaimed. "Oh, these are for you,", as I handed her the wildflowers and a box of Godiva chocolates. "What a nice surprise and thank you," she said with another smile. Walking down the hall she led me to the living room with the fireplace. Already warmed up and fire blazing. The glow on her face was truly breathtaking. Michelle turned to me and gave me a big hug and a very nice kiss. "Let me put these flowers in a vase", she said as she headed towards the kitchen. I put the bottle of wine down on the end table and made myself at home. She promptly returned with the flowers in a vase and placed them beside the wine bottle. "I'll be right back", as she scooted back to the kitchen. Michelle was wearing this colorful red satin blouse and the nicest jeans I've ever seen. They really made her butt look so cute and sexy. She quickly returned with 2 wine glasses and an opener. The bottle was opened and wine was poured. The white zinfandel sparkled in the glasses as it reflected off of her alluring eyes. So inviting. We toasted and snuggled on the couch. I don't know if it was the wine, the fireplace, the room or her smile, but I was getting very cozy as we laughed at jokes and life. She put her glass down and turned towards me. Wrapping her arms around my neck our lips met. MMMMMmmmmmmm, this felt so good and right. Such a gentle kiss. Slow and passionate as we traded playing with each other tongues. I could feel her heart beat rise just a bit. Well maybe more than a bit. I believe it was trying to keep pace with my rising bl**d pressure. We continued to kiss on the couch by the firelight. Getting more and more comfortable. Her red satin blouse felt so soft and smooth in my hands. We broke away and I began to kiss the left side of her neckline. Gently, softly, nibbling and teasing my way up and down her neck to her earlobe. I could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, in a good way, as she began to breathe deeper and heavier. Michelle began moaning ever so softly as I made my way over to her right neckline. She offered her neck up to me willingly as she was enjoying this as much as I was. By this time I could feel her body temperature rising, as was mine. She began to return the favor and nibbled on my neckline. This felt real good and made me shiver with anticipation. Her hands began to unbutton my shirt as she slipped her hand inside and rubbed across my chest and nipples. By this time my hands were under her blouse and holding and massaging her back. "Wait", she exclaimed, "I'll be right back", Which was good because I needed a short break to calm down a bit. Michelle was gone for what seemed to be an eternity. The sun had set and it was dark outside. The shades were pulled yet I could still see the moonlight peaking through the sides. "I'm back", she giggled, and was she ever. To my amazement Michelle had changed into a very sexy black sheer short robe and a red satin bra and panty set underneath. OMG, OMG, OMG, I thought to myself. Or did I say that out loud. I didn't know as my mind raced of thoughts of what were and what was to be. Strolling sexily across the room she stood in front of me and said, "I take it you approve"! Nodding my head in the yes motion as I knew I was speechless. I know, hard to believe, but yes, speechless. For once in my life I was without words. Even I couldn't believe it! She straddled me on the couch and began to kiss me again. This time even more passionately. The robe quickly became undone revealing her incredible body. Never have I seen such a goddess. I began to kiss down from her neck to between her breasts. Her head arched back as she grinded her hips closer towards me. Gently kissing over the top of the bra she pulled it back. My tongue slowly swirled her left nipple. Clockwise, then counterclockwise, again and again. Teasing as I nibbled with my lips. Sucking. OMG, yes, so wonderful I thought. Michelle was enjoying this too as I moved to the other nipple. Not wanting to leave it out of the fun I began kissing on it. I wanted more and Michelle did too. I grabbed her and swung her onto the couch. My lips began to kiss downward past her belly. Tickling her with my tongue I made my way lower. My soft lips began to kiss up and down her inner thighs. MMmmmmmm, this was nice. I'd stop briefly at her red silky panties just enough to nibble on the outside. Teasing her with the tip of my tongue. Arching her back again this anticipation was driving her wild. Up and down the legs again till I reached the panties. This time I pulled them aside and used my tongue to lick and swirl in a circular motion. She tasted so good, heavenly, sweet and tangy. This was making her hips and body quiver. I reached up and held her hands in mine as I dove in deeper. Finding her clit I licked and licked and sucked on it till she screamed with XTC. Her hands squeezed tighter in mine as her body writhed up and down. I reached down and grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her closer. The firelight now was in full blaze. Crackling and spitting. The light danced across her body on the couch as her wetness was making me more and more excited. I began to kiss back up her belly till I met her lips and we traded another long passionate one. Michelle giggled and said, "This is a nice way to start the evening. I hope you are UP to finishing it"? I checked the bulge in my pants and decided that YES I was

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