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My mom, Kate is a freelance photographer and she had been hired by a magazine to do a photo shoot on a safari. They'd booked her safari on line through a company named and mom had asked me if I wanted to tag along for fun. It was the start of fall and I wasn't due to start college for another couple of weeks and didn't have anything else to do so I'd gladly accepted her invite. Not that I would have turned down a chance to go on a real, live safari even if I'd had anything planned.

Now I don't know how you would describe our relationship. Mom had raised me by herself since dad had left her when I was two. I didn't remember a thing about him. But mom and I had been close and she had done a good job of raising me by herself. At least I hadn't turned out to be a criminal or anything. But the closeness had changed when I was around ten or eleven when she had started her own photography business. That took away from her time with me and I began to miss her. I guess I've kinda been more or less on my own since I was fifteen or so as that's when mom began devoting the major portion of her time to her business. That was okay with me in a way as my hefty allowance took care of almost anything I wanted, except for spending more time with mom. I could do pretty much what I wanted to do with little interference from her and in the process I'd learned to be quite a self-sufficient young man.

It seemed mom was always on one site or another filming this or that. And when she was home she was usually in her darkroom or working in her little office at the computer. You know that old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder", well, maybe that was a contributing factor to where this all ended up. So, I was looking forward to finally getting to spend some quality time with mom while we were on the safari.

As we flew along heading for Africa, I saw mom give me a strange look as I watched the Atlantic Ocean sliding by underneath the plane.

"What?" I grinned back at her.

"I hadn't realized how grown up you are," she smiled, reaching over and laying her hand on my thigh. "I've been so busy with my business, I feel like I neglected you."

"Someone had to bring home the bacon," I grinned back at her.

"Well, maybe we can get to know one another again and I can make up for some of that neglect on this trip," she smiled back at me, giving my leg an intimate squeeze.

"Sounds like a deal to me," I said, smiling inside and out.

"Good . . ." she told me, taking her hand back.

We chatted about this and that for the rest of the flight and it felt good as the closeness we had once shared seemed to be reasserting itself.

Although it was September and the start of fall in the states, it was the start of summer in Botswana and it was hot! It had taken us almost all day to clear customs, find the safari company and get everything planned out, so we were going to spend the night in a hotel and get an early start the next morning.

A hurried supper, a quick shower and we both hit the bed. It had been a long, long day and I think I was asl**p even before my head hit the pillow.

Now mom and I were a****l lovers, so the only shooting we planned on doing was with the cameras mom had brought along for the photo shoot.

Maun wasn't a very big town, and it was kind of like being on safari with a movie star or something. Everywhere we went, people would stop whatever they were doing and just gawk at mom. It was really a little disconcerting for me, but it didn't seem to faze mom. But I really couldn't blame the people, especially the guys. Mom was definitely a head-turner. At forty-two, she stood a statuesque five-eleven in her bare feet. She let her blond, shoulder-length hair hang down looking like she'd just stepped out of the shower all the time and the heat and humidity in Africa only added to that look. She had deep, blue eyes that could see right through you at times and while her beautiful face was enough to turn heads on its own, when it was perched atop a body like hers, most men had to do a double take when they saw her.

Mom seemed a little conceited about her breasts, but she had every right to be proud of them. She rarely wore a bra which made her big, knobby nipples even more obvious as they seemed to always be tenting the blouses she wore. She didn't seem to mind if men were always staring at them. In fact, if anything, she seemed to relish the attention they got. And, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I found them fascinating, too. And even in her safari boots and knee-high socks, her legs were show stoppers, not to mention her tight, firm ass that teased and rippled down inside her short, tight safari shorts. Yes, all in all, mom was a stunning beauty and even though I was her son, I wasn't immune to her captivating allure.

It was already ninety degrees by the time we got to the safari company and headed out to the delta where we were going to be camping out. As we drove along the bumpy road leading to the reserve, I found myself watching the way my mother's big tits jiggled and shook every time we hit a bump in the road. And on this road, that was a lot of jiggling and shaking. In addition to that, mom was just starting to sweat a little and after a while I could even begin to make out the dark outline of her areolas under the damp material of her white blouse.

Now don't get me wrong. I didn't think of myself as a real pervert or anything, but like I said, mom was a very attractive woman. And being a teenager, my world was ruled by hormones so I had very little control over my own body's reaction. Thus, to my chagrin, I found myself getting a boner. Thankfully, it wasn't a very long drive and we made it to the camp where I could get out and fix myself before it became obvious to everyone what a jerk I was.

The travel brochure I'd read described the safari we were taking as footsteps across the Okavango Delta. "One of the amazing, untouched parts of The African continent. Where one could encounter the astounding contrasts created by the once mighty Okavango River that flows through the delta and out into the arid Kalahari Desert. The result of this transformation is an assortment of habitats from forest to palm islands to permanent swamps and finally to the dry veldt of Kalahari Desert, all with an unequalled plethora of varieties of a****l species." Kinda of flowery, I thought.

Our safari was supposed to last for four days and three nights. The safari package was supposed to be for a group of six, but the magazine footing the bill for the photo shoot had booked the whole package for mom. Since we were the only couple, we were going to be sharing a tent.

The tent was inside a kraal to keep the lions out. It was set up on a concrete platform that was about twice the size of the tent. The front area was partly covered as a porch and there were a couple canvas director's chairs were sitting under it so we could relax and stay out of the sun.

Inside the Meru tent there were twin beds separated by a canvas partition running down the center of the tent. Besides the beds, each of our cubicles had a rug and a bedside table. There was a 12V battery-powered reading lamp, a flashlight, insect repellent and there was drinking water sitting on the bedside table in each section. There was a zip-up door between the two rooms along with a zip-up window looking to the outside and each unit had its own front door.

There was a canvas wash-basin and a jug of water set up with a small mirror and a table outside the tent

Walking within the Delta's wilderness was supposed to be the highlight of our "true safari experience." I saw that the "shower" described in the brochure was actually a bucket shower and the toilet would be called an outhouse back in the states. There was supposed to be a daily laundry washing service and the "'bush kitchen" was supposedly run by a chef who would create dishes that would "tickle all appetites."

As the guides were setting up camp, Mom was fooling around with her cameras so I wandered off to see what I could find. I hadn't gone twenty yards before one of the guides came running up.

"Not stray off," he huffed. "Many lions and elephants in this part."

"Uh, okay, but I didn't see any," I told him as he led the way back to the camp.

"Lions sneak up on people. Kill, eat," he laughed.

"Okay, I'll be careful," I said, walking over to where mother was working on her camera.

"What was he saying?" she asked as she looked up at me.

"Said there are lions and elephants around here and a lion could sneak up on me," I grinned, sitting down on the bench across from her. "And eat me, so I guess I'll stick around here until we head out."

Mother didn't say anything. She just smiled at me and went back to working on her equipment.

The men finally got the camp set up and one of them said that there was a herd of elephants about a mile away if we would like to film them. Mom said sure and off we headed.

One of the guides, armed with a .416 Weatherby Magnum led the way with mom following him while me and another guide with another big rifle, what was called an elephant gun in the safari movies I had seen, brought up the rear of our little caravan. As we walked along, instead of watching for elephants, I found myself admiring the way mom's firm, little ass twitched from side to side inside her tight safari shorts. I could see the sweaty stain running down the back of her blouse and could only imagine what her breasts must look like now under the sweat-dampened cloth.

Then all of a sudden, the guide leading our group, stopped dead in his tracks. As he turned back toward mother, I saw his eyes immediately dip down to mother's breasts for a second. Then he held his finger up to his lips indicating that we were supposed to be quiet as he pointed to a herd of elephants milling around in the distance. Apparently it was a watering hole as there were all kinds of a****ls in the vicinity of the elephants.

Then the man pointed at mother, then me and made a walking motion with his fingers indicating that we were to sneak up on the unsuspecting elephants.

As the two guides spread out on each side of us finding some scrubby bushes to hide behind, mother and I began slowly creeping through the tall grass in the direction of the elephants. We drew closer and closer until at last we were only around twenty yards away from them. Stopping, mom began to film the giant creatures as they wandered about eating and drinking. We were so close, I could hear the loud rumbling sounds their stomachs were making.

Then a big, bull elephant stepped out from behind a tree and sidled up behind one of the cows. There was no mistaking it was a bull elephant as I heard my mother gasp when she saw the bull was sporting a hard on about the size of my leg. The thing's penis was gigantic as it stuck out under the bull's belly while it stood behind the cow with his trunk curled while he apparently sniffed the air.

Then my mother looked over at me and mouthed a "WOW" before she looked back and began filming again. I could see that her camera was aimed right at the elephant with the three-foot-long hard on. I could see that the bull was just about to mount the cow and mom was catching it all on film.

I didn't know what to think, or say as I crouched low watching the two elephants. Then all of a sudden, the bull reared up on his hind legs and dropped down on the back of the cow. As the bull gave out a loud, trumpeting bellow, he began humping his cock into the female's backside apparently trying to find her vagina. All at once, the giant cock which had been bent down at the end abruptly stiffened and began to disappear into the cow's pussy. At the same time the cock had straightened out, the bull's short, stumpy tail shot up into the air, too.

I was mortified. I mean what the hell. Here we were, not twenty yards away from a couple of fucking elephants. Literally! And mom was taking pictures of it. Watching mom's hot, little ass in her tight shorts all afternoon had already made things hard on me, but seeing the elephants fucking really did it and I suddenly found myself with a full-blown erection of my own. After seeing the bull's boner, I felt somewhat inadequate. Comparing my boner to the elephant's was like comparing a toothpick to a tree trunk.

Glancing over at mom while she was concentrating on filming the two elephants, I saw that her nipples were really tenting her blouse, bigger and stiffer than I'd ever seen them. Was it turning her on too? The thought of my mom being horny and turned on had never entered my mind, but now this? I was stunned, to say the least.

Turning my attention back to the fornicating elephants, I watched the bull's haunches jerking back and forth as he humped the much-smaller cow. It was crazy. Out in the middle of the jungle and here we were watching two elephants fucking. I'm sure that it went on all the time, but not in front of my mother and me. And not while she was filming the whole thing.

As my cock hardened, it got caught in my shorts and began to hurt. I was embarrassed beyond belief and I had to do something to fix it. Reaching down, I grabbed it and moved it to free it from my shorts. As I did, I saw mom glance over at me and then down to my crotch. I saw a little smile twitch at the corners of her mouth as she looked back up at my face and then turned back to filming the elephants.

My cheeks were burning like fire and I knew they had to be scarlet as I looked back at the elephants just in time to catch the bull dropping back down on his all fours behind the cow. His huge cock was already soft as it limply hung down below him. I could see that thick, gummy gobs of elephant cum were dripping down off it and landing on the ground below him. Weirdly, I found myself wondering just how much cum an elephant could shoot out at one time.

"That was something, wasn't it?" Mother whispered, lowering her camera down from her eye.

What the fuck was I supposed to say? Yeah, Mom, watching those two elephants fucking was really something wasn't it, Mom?

"Uh, yeah—" I croaked, suddenly finding my mouth drier than the desert surrounding us. Just then something spooked the elephants and they went thundering off into the distance.

Standing up, there was no way I could hide the bulge sticking out against the front of my shorts as mom pushed up beside me, too. I saw her eyes flit down to the front of my pants for a second as a faint blush brushed across her cheeks. As awkward as it was, I couldn't help but look down at my mother's tight, little safari shorts. What I saw stunned me. There was a damp stain spreading out from the crotch of her shorts, darkening the khaki material. Had she peed in her pants, I wondered? But I didn't think so. There wasn't enough for that.

As I looked back up at mom's face, she averted her eyes and looked off into the distance at the fleeing elephants while the blush on her cheeks brightened.

Thankfully, the head guide stepped up beside us just about that time.

"Time go back to camp," he said looking at both of us with a knowing grin on his big, pink lips. "Elephants finish—" he chuckled and started back down the trail.

With a nervous, little cough, mom turned and started walking along behind him as I fell in behind her. It was the oddest feeling knowing that my mother knew that I had a hard on. But what was even stranger was her reaction to the elephants fucking. She had actually been turned on by it. That had to be it as that would account for her swollen nipples and the dampness down between her legs.

I was so fucking hard I was afraid my cock was going to rip out through my shorts as I walked along watching mom's ass twitching from side to side in front of me. This was a first for me! The first time I was actually seeing my mom for what she was. A woman! A woman that had feelings and urges, too. It was unsettling to say the least. Then as we walked along, mom turned and looked at me over her shoulder. She must have seen that I was ogling her cute, little ass as her eyes darted down to my crotch just before she stumbled and turned back around to face down the trail again.

Why did she keep looking down at my cock, I wondered? What was she thinking? The elephants had been gone for quite a while and yet, I was still hard. She must know that it must have something to do with her as she was the only female for miles around.

She must have turned around five or six times on the trip back to camp and every time she would glance down at my cock just before she turned back around. I was so embarrassed. I was still hard. She was my mom! How could I think about her like that?

When we made it back to camp, mom stopped at the water jug and poured herself a cup of water. As she lifted the cup to her lips and tilted her head back, she suddenly found herself face to face with a snake hanging down out of the tree beside the tent.

Mom let out a shriek and jumped back, spilling her water down the front of her blouse in the process. It was like having a wet-tee shirt contest going on right in front of me as the wet cloth stubbornly clung to her skin outlining and emphasizing every delightful detail of her spectacular breasts. Her big nipples were sticking out tenting the wet material like a couple of thimbles.

"Oh, for goodness, sakes—" mother gasped.

"Snake no bite," the guide snickered, holding gun up to the snake to scare it away as he took obvious glance at mom's tits.

"It just frightened me," mother fussed, trying to make light of it all as she unzipped the door to our tent and disappeared inside it. Laughing to myself, I watched the zipper slide back down its track as mom zipped the door closed.

I needed to beat off in the worst way possible. Everything that happened today was all building up inside me, seeking release. But there was nowhere to go. I couldn't go in the tent, mom was there. I couldn't sneak off into the bushes because I knew the guides were watching me and one would follow me. There was just nowhere to go so I just plopped down in one of the director's chairs in front of the tent to wait for mom to come back out.

About ten minutes later mom came back out wearing a clean pair of shorts and another blouse and the rest of the afternoon passed without incident with mom puttering around the camp site taking pictures of this and that while I read.

After supper, we turned in early and I'd read for a while, but it was dark outside now and I was lying in my bed quietly stroking my cock. Mom's light was on and I was watching the shadows playing on the partition running down the center of our tent. With the light as a backdrop, I could see the silhouette of her body framed on the partition. It looked like she was undressing as the way she was standing I could see her elbows were protruding out beyond her sides while she apparently was unbuttoning her blouse.

Then I saw her shadow peel the blouse back over her shoulders and drop it. As she did, she turned sideways and I could see the silhouette of her big, ripe tits painted on the canvas. And to my amazement, I could even make out the jut of her nipples which for some reason still seemed swollen.

Although it was only her shadow, there was something so erotic, so sensual about watching my mother undressing in her cubicle not more than ten feet away from me as I began to stroke my cock faster.

Then she bent down and I watched the outlines of her arms reach down to shove her shorts down her long, willowy legs. My heart was racing, pounding so hard I thought maybe she could hear it. But I didn't have to worry about that as every frog in Botswana seemed to be sitting just outside our tent croaking their fool heads off.

As she stood back up and pitched her shorts on top of her blouse, astonishingly, I saw that I could see the outline of the muff of curly hairs covering her pubis. Then she reached down and I watched on in stunned disbelief as she began rubbing herself down there. She was playing with herself, I giddily told myself. My mother is rubbing her pussy. Her clit. It was all I could do to hold back the eruption that was building down inside my aching balls as I lay watching the silhouette of her hand moving back forth across her pussy.

Suddenly the light winked out and I found myself lying in the dark listening to the thousands of frogs that seemed to be surrounding our tent.

I was going to come. I couldn't hold it back anymore. The pressure was growing unbearable as my hand jerked up and down faster. If only it was mom's hand, I feverishly thought as the picture of mom's wet blouse and soaked tits flashed through my mind.

Just then the tent was shaken by the roar of a lion. I nearly jumped out of my skin as goose bumps the size of chicken eggs popped up all over my body. It sounded like the fucking thing was right outside our tent as I cringed under my covers afraid to move. Suddenly I heard what sounded like a ripping sound. Wondering what it was, I realized that it was the zipper on the door in the partition between our cubicles being opened. It was mom! She had just opened the door between our rooms.

"Danny—" I heard her ask in a tremulous voice as I tried to see. But the only light was coming from the campfire burning outside our tent and all I could make out was the fuzzy outline of her body as she crept over to my bed.

"Yeah, I'm here," I grunted wondering what she was doing.

"What was that?" she whispered as I felt the bed shudder when she bumped into it.

"It sounded like a lion," I muttered as I felt the sheets being peeled back off me.

What was she doing, I frantically wondered? Was she going to get in my bed? If she got into bed with me she would know that I had a hard on. Holding my breath, waiting to see what she would do, I felt the bed shudder again and then sag under her weight as she slipped under the covers and into bed beside me.

"I'm afraid—" she whispered snuggling up to me and laying her arm across my chest. Then I felt her leg brush up against mine as she lifted it up and d****d it across my leg. When she did, I felt her knee bump into my cock.

"Oh, sorry—" she whispered but made no effort to move her knee away from my cock. As we lay pressed against one another, I could feel the slippery smoothness of her gown rubbing against my arm. Her breath was warm and moist on my neck.


Someone had just fired off a gun outside and from the amount of noise it made, I assumed it was one of the elephant guns the guides had been carrying with them this afternoon.

We both jumped like we'd been shot as we heard the voices of the guides talking back and forth outside our tent. Then one of them called out.

"Mr. Ariston—Mrs. Ariston—" I heard him say.

"I'll go," I said, disengaging myself from my mother's hold.

"Okay," she whispered back as I rolled out of bed and stood up. Thankfully, in the dark she couldn't see that my cock was still sticking out through the fly of my pajamas hard and stiff as I shuffled over the door. Reaching down, I unzipped the door, pulled it open and stuck my head outside.

"Yeah—" I muttered as I saw the two guides standing by the fire about ten feet away.

"Lion come," he told me which hardly came as a surprise. "We chase away. Don't think be back tonight, but we keep watch anyway," he said, smiling, his perfect, white teeth seeming to almost gleam in the light of the fire.

"Okay, uh, thanks," I muttered feeling a wave of relief wash over me.

Stepping back, pulling my head out of the opening, I grasped hold of the zipper tab on the door and slowly ran it back down its track to close it. Now what? What would mother do now that it was safe to go back to her bed?

Turning around, I could only see the outline of my bed in the dark, but I could mother was still in it.

"Uh, they said it was a lion and they chased it away," I told her as I slowly stumbled back across the tent toward my bed. "So I guess we're safe."

"I heard," she softly whispered.

I felt the bed lurch when my knee bumped up against it as I stopped beside it wondering what to do. The frogs which had stopped croaking when the gun had gone off were beginning to resume their cacophonous tirade outside the tent as I stood trying to decide what to do next.

"Aren't you coming back to bed?" I heard my mother ask in a voice so soft and low I could barely hear her over the din outside.

She wasn't leaving? She was staying in my bed! The roar inside my head drowned out the frogs as I stood by my bed mulling over what was going on.

"Uh, yeah, I guess . . ." I choked out. My heart was in my throat. It was beating so hard from the adrenaline rushing through it, I thought it might burst. Leaning down, feeling for the covers in the dark, I felt my fingers brush over warm, bare skin as I found that mother had already pulled the sheets back to make room for me on the bed. I thought my poor brain was going to explode from all the excitement and conflict swirling around inside it.

Lifting my knee up on the bed, I leaned down and slipped under the covers. As I did, mother snuggled up against me, resuming the same position we had been in before the gunshot and as her leg d****d over mine, he knee brushed against my cock again. But wait, my reeling brain screamed. Something was different. I had expected to feel the slippery smoothness of her gown rubbing against me like before, but it wasn't. There was no gown! There was nothing but bare skin! Warm, bare skin! She must have taken her gown off while I was talking to the guides.

I thought I was going to pass out. Every drop of bl**d in my body instantly rushed down to my steel-hard cock. SHE WAS NAKED! NAKED! MY MOTHER WAS NAKED! And lying in my bed with me. The roar inside my head was now so loud it sounded like the roar of water rushing over a waterfall. I was stunned! Shocked into a paralytic stupor. I couldn't move. I could barely breathe as I waited to see what would come next.

"Kiss me . . ." I heard my mother whisper as she pulled me closer and I felt her hot breath on my cheek. I was afraid to move. Afraid that if I did I might break the spell. Then she would come to her senses and go running back to her bed. Slowly, I turned my head until we were facing each other. Holding my breath, I leaned toward her and found her lips with mine. They were rose-petal soft as I pressed my lips against them. My world lurched to a shuddering stop as we kissed. I couldn't see her face but I did feel her eyelashes on my eyelids as her eyes fluttered shut.

Then to my astonished shock, I felt her tongue brush against my lips as it sought entrance into my mouth. Electricity was sparking through my brain as I parted my lips to accept her inside my mouth. As her tongue wormed its way into my mouth and our tongues touched, I could taste bourbon on her tongue. Could that explain this? Was she d***k?

No, that wasn't it. The bourbon on her tongue was so faint, I could barely taste it. The kiss grew more insistent, more demanding as our tongues twisted and wound around each other.

Her arm was still lying across my chest and she held onto my arm and pulled me against her soft, giving warmth. This was a moment I would never forget if I lived to be a thousand, our first kiss. Our first real kiss!

Growing braver with each passing moment, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her against me. As I did, her big, pillowy breasts were trapped between us. Her hard, stiff nipples poking into my chest. They were so hard and swollen, they felt like marbles digging into my skin. After what seemed like an eternity, mother leaned back and broke our kiss. As she did, I heard her make a soft mewing sound while her arm uncurled itself from around me and I felt her exploring fingers slowly crawl down my chest, over my stomach. Holding my breath, I waited. Waited for the touch of her fingers on my hard, throbbing cock.

"Mom—"I choked out as her hot, soft fingers curled around my peter and gently lifted it off my belly. I couldn't move. I lay as still as I could as I felt her fingers exploring the length of my penis starting down at my dangling balls and slowly working up the thick shaft all the way to its sensitive, swollen head.

"Big—" I heard her huff as her fingers eased my prick back down on my belly. Then I felt her fingers leave my cock and curl around my wrist. Dragging my hand over to one of her breasts, she pushed it against the soft, quivering mountain of tit-flesh and then let go. Hesitantly, I ran my fingertips over the smooth skin searching for the stiff jut of her nipple and quickly found it. Fingering the supple nub of swollen flesh, I pinched it between my finger and thumb and began to gently twist it. As I did, amazingly, the nipple grew even firmer under my fingers and a soft moan escaped from mom's lips.

After a few seconds of this, I felt her fingers clutch hold of my wrist again. This time she pulled my hand down off her breast, over her flat, taut belly and down to the nest of soft curls covering its triangled tip.

Then she let go of my wrist and I felt her fingers find my throbbing maleness once again as I ran my fingertips through the tuft of soft curls.

"Touch me . . ." she whispered and I felt her leg brush against mine as she spread her legs further apart to allow me access to the sacred chalice that lay awaiting me between them. I felt like my brain was going to explode from the electric excitement sparking through it as I eased my fingers down off her furry mound and onto the weeping wetness of her womanhood.

I couldn't catch my breath as I gently explored the sticky softness. My poor heart was beating so hard, I thought it would surely give out. She was so soft . . . and wet. Within seconds my fingers were covered with the warm, slippery juices oozing out from between the fleshy folds surrounding the very core of her femininity.

"Inside me . . ." I heard her softly croon as she slowly stroked her hand up and down my manhood.

Gently probing the softness, I felt my fingers ease down into the clinging warmth of her vagina. I was inside her! My fingers were inside my mother's pussy! I was expecting a lightning bolt to flash down out of the sky and strike me dead at any second as I pushed my fingers deeper and deeper into the clutching heat of her pussy.

I felt my mother's hand clutch tighter around my achingly-hard penis as I began to slowly slide my fingers in and out of the tight clutch of her pussy.

Scooting down a tiny bit, I found her hard, swollen nipple with my lips and began gently sucking and pulling on it. I didn't know if my mother had breast fed me as a c***d, but she must have because this felt so inborn and natural.

"Baby . . ." I heard my mother whisper as she continued to grope and fondle my cock while I lovingly worked my finger in and out of her hot, slippery cunt.

What was happening? This was all too crazy to be real. I had to be dreaming.

Lifting my mouth off her spit-covered breast, I eased my fingers out of the clinging wetness between her legs. I had to have her. I had to quiet the aching burn down between my own legs.

Kissing my way up onto her neck, I slowly rolled over her leg until I was on top of her, lying between her outstretched legs. Now it was time. Time to show my mother I was a man.

"My Sweet Baby—" mother moaned, her hand still on my cock as I pushed up onto my hands and knees above her. "Yessssssssss—" she hissed as I felt her fingers on my aching cock pushing it down, guiding it, aiming it down at the tiny weeping opening of her sex.

Dipping my hips, I let her lead my cock down toward the forbidden! The one place on earth I was forbidden to ever enter.

Holding my breath, waiting for the touch, I wished I could see her face. I wished I could feel what she was feeling. Then a spasm of electric excitement ripped through my brain as the big, goo-slathered head of my penis brushed up against the opening of her pussy.

"Push—" I heard mother whisper. It was demented but a sick picture of her having me popped into my mind. Her laying on the table, her legs spread, the doctor up between them with his hands down at her pussy holding onto me while my body was half in and half out of her. Then I heard him tell her to "Push—" as the tip of my cockhead found the clinging warmth that had once been my home.

It was crazy as I felt her lift, pushing her pussy back against the tapered head of my dick while I curled my hips and pushed into the very core of her womanhood.

Surely I would go to hell for this, I told myself as I continued to lower my hips and push into the strangling tightness of my mother's pussy. There would be a special place in hell for me and any other son who was depraved enough to commit this sin. A hellish place reserved for us and ruled over by the Devil himself!

I could feel the muscles in her legs tightening, straining against my hips as the muscles encircling my cock tightened down around me. For a moment, it didn't seem possible that it would fit inside her as I pushed down at the constricted opening of her vagina. I'd never felt a pussy so tight and wet as I pushed into her, stretching her open and forcing my manhood down into the clinging depths of her womanhood. Then suddenly, I felt the muscles encircling the opening relax and my big, hard peter went sliding down into the clutching tightness of her cunt.

This was profound! She was totally opening herself up to me! Opening her mind, her body, her everything. She had given me her all and I had joyfully taken that which she had offered.

"Oh—Godddddd—" I heard my mother gasp.

I couldn't stop the plunge as my cock went sliding down into the liquid heat of her pussy, not stopping until my hairy groin nudged up against hers.

Now we were one again. Mother and c***d. Mother and son. Man and woman. Lovers!

"God, I love you, Mother—" I groaned out, grinding myself against her, slowly twirling my hard, stiff cock around in the tight, muck of her pussy as I was overwhelmed by my love for her.

"Yesssss . . ." she hissed back, clutching her pussy tighter down around my cock as she pushed herself back up at me. "I love you . . ." she whispered back, clamping her legs against my hips, holding me imprisoned between them as she milked and pulled on my cock with the muscles inside her cunt.

"Too much—" I gasped out, jerking my hips back and pulling my cock back down the juice-flooded channel of her hot pussy.

"So big!" she groaned out, clutching at my cock with her pussy, sucking it back inside her as I sent my maleness plunging back down into the searing heat of her cunt.

I was lost in a world I had no place being as I began to fuck her, working my cock in and out of the clinging warmth between her splayed-out legs. A world where right was wrong and wrong was right, good was bad and bad was good. Everything had been completely reversed. My world had been turned upside down.

"Mother . . . I love you," I groaned out again, groveling in my own depraved gluttony as I fucked her with deep, thrusting strokes.

"Yes, oh, yes, Baby, yes, like that! Fuck me like that . . ." she hissed, as I felt her hook her ankles around the backs of my sweaty thighs, pulling on me while she pushed back up at me taking me up to the limit on every pounding stroke.

I felt myself falling. Falling deeply in love with this beautiful woman. The one woman in the whole world I had no right to love this way. My Mother! It was crazy. Everything was all messed up and I couldn't sort it out in my brain. She was a woman, but she was my mother. The two couldn't coexist in one entity. How could she be both? How could she be my mother and do this?

Pushing up on my hands, I stiffened my arms and locked my elbows as I furiously worked my hips back and forth, driving my cock in and out of her hot, clutching pussy. I could feel her sharp fingernails digging into my skin as she pushed and pulled on me, urging me on, urging me to fuck her harder and harder.

The fiery pressure down inside my flopping balls was building and I knew that I was about to blow.

"Yes—Yes—oh, Yes, Baby—Yes—" she hissed, her fingers clawing, digging into my sweaty skin. "Make me come, baby, make me come," she pleaded, straining, thrusting herself back up at me as I mercilessly pounded my cock in and out of her hungry cunt.

Fighting to hold back the imminent explosion, I worked harder, driving my primed prick in and out of her at a feverish pace.

"Come, Mother, come," I panted, humping her for all I was worth. "I—can't—hold—it—back—much—longer—" I grunted out between thrusts."

"Almost, Baby, almost, I can feel it, I feel it . . ." she growled out, her whole body working in tandem with mine as we rocketed along toward fulfillment.

I could feel that she was nearing release. The muscles in her arms and legs were already quivering and straining as she fought closer and closer. I could hear her panting and mewing, her soft gasps coming in rhythm with the pounding attack I was inflicting on her pussy. But she was willingly taking it all without a hint of complaint.

I could feel the insides of my balls melting, pooling into a lake of molten cream down inside them as they flopped back and forth slapping up against my mother's sweaty, upturned butt.

My sick, deranged love for her was filling my brain with its demented power. This was a love so addictive, so all-consuming consuming, it was almost too much to bear . . . this sick, twisted love of her and her body. It was a love I had never felt before. And now that it was happening, it was quickly overwhelming me. I would never be the same. I was a doomed man. I would gladly become her willing slave and do anything she told me to keep her love.

Then I felt her slowly lift her long legs up into the air and gently d**** them down over my back as she clutched me between them. As she did, I could feel her soft, round heels gently tapping against my butt every time I drew back to send my penis back down into the strangling tightness of her pussy.

I could feel the burning precursor of my eruption filling my balls with its liquid heat. Mother was straining up against me, thrusting herself up at me on every deep, thrusting stroke. I had to hold it back. I had to make her come first.

From somewhere, I found another gear as I pumped into her with fierce determination. Now it was a sprint to the finish. I was holding back nothing. I was giving my all.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt her flinch and gasp as her body went stiff. Her fingers became deadly claws as she thrust herself up against me and pulled me down against her.

"Oh—Godddddd—Yessssssss—" she hissed out, digging her heels down into my ass and forcing me even deeper into the clinging depths of her clutching, spasming cunt as it grabbed and squeezed down around my buried prick.

"Mother—" I groaned as a fireball of electricity burst down inside my balls sending a giant gusher of white-hot cum spewing up the length of my twitching cock to spew out deep inside my mother's greedy cunt. My arms gave way and I collapsed down onto her as every ounce of my strength went rushing down to the muscles in my clenched, thrusting ass.
This was the moment, I frantically thought. This moment! This was awesome, the moment that would forever be burnt into my memory banks. The moment my beautiful mother and I had consummated our i****tuous wedlock.

Suddenly, I felt a shock wave wash over me. My whole body began to liquefy, melting into a molten mass of semen as it poured out through my jerking, twitching cock into the sacred sanctity of my mother's sweet purity.

"Yesssss . . . yessss, Baby, yessssss!" she whimpered, holding me clutched against her as she quivered and shook below me while she was being consumed by the fiery heat of her orgasm.

It was a calamity. Something that should never happened. But much too soon, it was over! The defilement was done! She had possessed me and made me hers . . . her slave! She was no longer just my mother . . . now she was my Master!

"Danny," she murmured as her body slowly melted back down onto the bed.

I could feel the love flowing between us. It was overpowering. I had never felt such passion . . . such love! It consumed me, filling me with its addictive power. I wanted to tell her how I felt . . . but I couldn't find the words. Simple words could never express the profound deepness of the love I felt for her. I wanted to tell her just what she meant to me, but couldn't. The word to describe the strength, the power, and the breadth of my love had not been created yet.

Finally, my mind reeling from the magnitude or what had just happened, I slowly backed my softening peter out of my mother's cum-drenched pussy and rolled over beside her.

"That was awesome, Mom," I finally said as we lay beside each other, trying to catch our breath. I could feel a cool breeze on my sweaty skin as my breathing slowly returned to normal.

"No one can ever know about this," Mother whispered, snuggling up against me. "No one—ever . . ."

"I know," I whispered back, pulling her to me.

I had used up every last bit of my energy in the emotional and physical effort I had expended. I'd never felt so tired. I couldn't keep my eyes open. My eyelids felt like they weighed a ton as I felt myself drifting off to sl**p . . .

The sunlight was streaming in through the window when I finally came swimming up from the depths of the sl**p that had held me prisoner all night. Something was wrong! Mother was gone. I had a flash of panic. Where was she? Throwing the sheets off, I flung myself out of bed. Groggily stumbling over to the door between our partitions, I found it zipped shut. Bending down, I pinched hold of the zipper tab and jerked it up its track. With the door open, I stuck my head in mom's cubicle and looked around.

She wasn't there. She was gone! Where was she?

Pulling my head back into my side of the tent, I spun around and shuffled over to the front door. Quickly unzipping it, I poked my head out in the sunlight to look around.

"There you are, sl**pyhead," I heard my mother laugh. She was sitting in a director's chair out by the fire. The cup she was holding in her hand had tendrils of steam curling up from it so I assumed it was a cup of coffee.

"Uh, hi—" I muttered unable to stop the blush that lit up my cheeks.

"Welearn says that breakfast will be ready soon, so why don't you get dressed and join us," she smiled at me.

I was devastated. It was as if nothing had happened between us last night. It was like any other morning. Had I just been dreaming?

"Uh, okay, be there in a minute," I told her pulling my head back into the tent.

I was in a daze. It had been the most amazing night of my life and I wanted it to continue today. There was so much I wanted to tell her. To show her. To share with her. And now this?

Fumbling with my clothes, I finally got dressed and stepped out into the bright morning sunlight.

"Did you sl**p well?" I heard my mother nonchalantly ask as I stepped up to where she was sitting.

"Uh, yeah, did you?" I asked deciding that I had no other choice other than playing along with her little ruse. If she wanted to pretend it hadn't happened, so be it.

"Like a baby," she smiled. "There's coffee on the table over there," she told me pointing over to the table where we had eaten supper last night.

"Thanks," I told her making an obvious glance down at her breasts. She had the top two buttons of her blouse unbuttoned and I could see the top of her the cleavage between her braless tits. Yesterday I had tried to be discreet in observing her breasts when she wasn't looking, but today that wasn't going to be the case. I was going to openly gawk at them every chance I got. And I didn't care who saw it.

As I poured myself a cup of coffee, I could smell bacon. The chef was apparently cooking it as he stood over a camp stove attending to a pan sitting on it.

"How do you like eggs, Boss?" I heard him ask me as he turned to me grinning from ear to ear, his perfectly white teeth starkly contrasting with the dark ebony of his skin.

"Over easy will be fine," I grinned back at him, setting the coffee pot back down on the table.

"Coming right up," he smiled and turned back to the stove. Seeing another chair had been set up by the campfire where mother sat, I went plodding over to it. I had woke up with a hard on and it had showed no signs of abating while I had hurriedly dressed.

"Welearn says that he found the spoor of the lion that visited camp last night. We're going to track him and see if I can get some pictures of it. Want to come along?" she asked me, lifting her cup up to her lips and taking a sip of coffee.

Mother was leaning back in her chair, her elbows resting on the arms of the chair as she watched me.

"Sure," I smiled. The way she was sitting, she had her legs slightly spread apart and I let my eyes stray down to the crotch of her tight, safari shorts, as I did, my mother shifted in her chair and her legs drifted wider apart. It seemed obvious that she had done it for my benefit and I thought I could detect a darkening of the khaki covering her sex. Was she aroused, too? If she was, she wasn't outwardly showing it, other than spreading her legs to show me the dampened crotch of her shorts.

Glancing back up from her crotch, I saw that her big, knobby nipples were once again tenting her blouse. Then, as I looked up at her face, I saw her open her mouth slightly and slowly run the tip of her tongue across her lower lip leaving it glistening with a thin coating of saliva.

I felt like a starving man standing with a feast spread out before me. But my wrists and ankles were bound and all I could do was stare. I couldn't even have a taste of a single delicacy one the table. It was maddening.

"Maybe we'll see some more elephants today," she mocked, smiling as her eyes crept down to the bulge sticking out against my pants.

This was going to be the longest day of my life, I told myself.

"Maybe . . ." I muttered, wanting to stand up, grab her by the wrist, drag her back to our tent and have my way with her all day long. Screw the safari thing, I wanted to fuck. Fuck my mother again and again and again.

After breakfast, Mother told me that she was going back to the tent for her things and then we could head out.

"I'll help you," I volunteered, hoping to get her alone long enough to at least steal a kiss to hold me over for the rest of the day.

"No, I don't need any help. You wait here," she smiled, turning and heading for the tent.

"But—" I groaned, my eyes dropping down to her delectable ass as she slowly swayed her way back to the tent.

"I'll only be gone a minute," she laughed over her shoulder and then ducked into the tent.

Why was she teasing my like this? Surely she could see how much I wanted her. Not even a kiss? Or a hand hold? Nothing? It wasn't fair. I hadn't started it. She had. She had come to me and now she wouldn't even let me come near her. This was cruel and unusual punishment that no man should have to endure.

Moments later, she popped back out of the tent with her camera dangling from the strap wrapped around her neck. I'd give anything to trade places with the camera, I told myself while it hung down between her big breasts brushing them as it swung from side to side as she walked.

"Everyone ready?" she chirped.

"Yes, Boss," Welearn chimed in and we went heading out into the veldt.

Falling into my usual place behind my mother as we trudged along in single file on the trail, I resumed one of my favorite pastimes, ass watching. But watching my mother's beautiful ass as it twitched back and forth, trembling and quivering with each step she took was ecstasy on the one hand and sheer torture on the other hand. The sweat-dampened khaki was stretched taut as it clung to the round, firm cheeks of her ass outlining and emphasizing their perfection. I admit while watching it wasn't as much fun as touching it, holding it, squeezing it, it would have to do for the moment. At the moment, I'd given a million dollars, if I had it, to just to touch her ass, caress it, and fondle it.

My cock was so frigging hard, it ached and I was afraid it was going to rip right out through my short pants.

Finally, I saw Welearn stop and hold his hand up to his lips indicating that we were to be quiet. Then he started motioning down to the ground with his hand as he crouched down himself. All of us ducked down, watching down the trail as Welearn then motioned for us to follow him when he began to creep down the trail. What had he seen, I wondered? I hadn't seen anything.

We continued to slowly slink down the trail for another fifteen or twenty feet before he stopped again. This time he pointed and all of us looked in the direction he was pointing. When we did, I saw that there was a lion and lioness lying on a little hillock in front of us. Kneeling down, Mom began filming them as we all crouched down and watched them.

I was wondering if one of the lions was the lion that had visited our camp last night. If it was, I'd like to thank it for instigating what had eventually happened between my mom and me.

As we watched, the lioness got up and started pacing back and forth in front of the male lion. I could almost sense something was going to happen as she finally plopped to the ground directly in front of the lion. When she did, the lion got to his feet and quickly crouched over her. Then his haunches began to jerk back and forth. There was something a****listic, something bestial about watching the two lions fuck. And just as it had been with the elephants, mom was filming away.

It must have been a little disappointing for the female lion as there had been no foreplay, no warning, nothing. The male had just walked up behind her, climbed on and was now humping away at her. Then suddenly, the lioness snarled and turned with her mouth open, baring her long, sharp teeth at the male who snarled back and slowly backed away from her. Apparently it was over. It hadn't lasted much more than five seconds and they were through.

When the male walked up beside the female and flopped down beside her, Welearn started inching back down the trail toward us. Pointing back down the trail in the direction we'd come from, he motioned for us to follow him. Glancing down at my watch, I saw that it was one thirty and figured that we were probably going to be making our way back to camp so we could make it back before sundown.

It was hot, sweaty and the gritty dust was clinging to my sweaty skin as we trudged along. The only good thing about it was the view of my mother's delightful ass up in front of me, swaying back and forth as she walked along. Suddenly, Welearn stopped in the middle of the trail. There was a funny-looking tree off to the left of the trail. It looked almost like it was upside down as the thick trunk was seven or eight feet around and the branches were sticking up in the air like roots.

"Mowana tree—pee—" Welearn said, pointing to the tree as a big, toothy grin split his black face. Then as we watched, both of the guides went walking toward the tree. Apparently it was time for a pee-break as mother and I watched them step up beside the tree. I don't know if they thought they were hidden from view or what, but they both casually reached down and pulled their cocks out of their pants and began peeing on the tree. Their cocks were huge. The only cock I'd never seen that was bigger was the elephant's cock yesterday. They both had to be seven or eight inches long and the fucking things were soft.

Glancing over at my mother, I saw that she was holding the camera up in front of her face as she nonchalantly panned it across the savannah appearing to be ignoring the two men. Then keeping the camera up to her eye, she slowly panned around in the direction of Welearn and the other guide. Turning to look back at them, I saw that they were still holding their cocks in their hands as they chatted and laughed while they sprayed the tree with piss. Then I heard the shutter on mom's camera click.

She was taking their picture. She'd taken a picture of them as they stood peeing. She'd taken a picture of them holding their dicks in their hand and painting the tree with streams of pee. It was crazy. Then I heard the camera click again. As it did, I saw Welearn turn and look back toward us as he wiggled his big, black cock a few times and then stuffed it back into his pants while the other guide followed his suit and did the same thing.

They knew that we'd been watching them. Was it all a show for mom? Were they going to try something with her? A sudden flash of anger with a hint of apprehension exploded in my head. They couldn't have her! She was mine. No other man would ever have her. But wait, she had just taken pictures of them peeing. Taken pictures of their cocks hadn't she? Maybe she was interested.

Looking over at her, I saw that she had lowered her camera and was looking at me. She was blushing. Then she glanced down at the ever-present bulge sticking out against the front of my short pants. Was she comparing me to them? If she was I was certainly going to come out on the short end of that stick, I told myself. Although my cock was an impressive eight inches when it was fully charged I knew that the guide's black monsters would have to be at least a foot long when they were hard.

"Feel better—" Welearn snickered as he stepped out of the tall grass and back onto the trail. "You now?" he asked us.

"Yes, I think so," mother said, letting her camera dangle down between her big tits as she parted the grass and stepped off the trail. I could see that she was heading straight for the tree that Welearn and the other guide had supposedly used to shield themselves as they peed. Was mom going to do the same thing? Was she going to flaunt herself in front of them? Anger, embarrassment, envy, and jealousy were all having a fist fight inside my head as each of them tried to gain control. As mother made her way toward the tree, I felt my hands clenching into fists while I watched on in an impotent rage.

Then a rush of relief washed over me as mother disappeared behind the tree. Looking over at the guides, I saw them both grin and wink. Did they know? Did they know about us? About mother and me? Or were they just doing the male thing? I was pissed, but there wasn't a thing I could do about it. We were out here in the Kalahari Desert, mother and I alone with five black men who could do anything they wanted to us if they wanted to. It wasn't like you could just call up the cops and report them. So I just had to let it go and simmer in my juices.

Finally, mom came walking out from behind the tree and made her way back to the trail where we stood waiting for her.

"Did everything come out all right?" I smarted off as she stepped out of the grass and onto the trail.

"Yes—" she murmured, a blush coloring her cheeks. "Do you need to go?"

What? Did she want to get rid of me? Did she want to be alone with the two guides so she could tell them how impressed she had been with their cocks? I was fuming, but I'd hold it until it was coming out my ears to keep that from happening.

"No, I can hold it until we get back to camp," I muttered, feeling a blush burn out across my cheeks.

"Suit yourself," she told me, looking over at Welearn and smiling. "Let's go then," she said.

We made it back to camp about an hour later and I must have peed for a good ten minutes. It was almost as good as sex. Almost—

Walking back to the tent, I unzipped it and went inside. The moment I went inside, that nervous, antsy, something's going to happen feeling came over me as I heard mother rummaging around over in her side of the tent. Now that we were alone, I had to find out what was going on.

Stepping over to the door between our cubicles, I quickly unzipped it. Taking a deep breath, I parted the door and stepped through it.

"Yikes—" I heard my mother shriek as she jerked the towel she was holding up in front of her to hide her nakedness from me. "You scared me."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," I apologized. What I'd seen in that brief moment before she covered herself with the towel had been breathtaking. Although I'd only gotten a glimpse of her breasts, they were spectacular. Big, round melons capped with a cup of latte flesh, they each sported big, rubbery nipples the size and shape of a couple of plump thimbles.

"What do you want?" she asked me and I could hear a hint of anger edging into her voice.

"I just wanted to talk, uh, about last night," I hawed feeling more like a little boy getting caught doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing than the conquering hero I'd felt like last night.

"I'm going to take a shower right now," she told me as she continued to hold the towel in front of her to block my view of her naked body. "Maybe we can talk later, after supper. Now go back to your side of the tent before someone hears us."

Now I really felt like a c***d. A c***d who'd just been chastised and told to go to his room. It was like being told to go stand in a corner until she told me I could come out.

"But—" I started to argue, taking a step toward her.

Suddenly her arm flew out and she pointed at the door I'd just stepped through. "Go—" she huffed, taking a step back away still pointing at the door, her other arm d****d across her breasts holding the towel over them.

"Okay, okay—" I mumbled stepping backwards and nearly tripping as my heel caught on the bottom edging of the door. Stepping through the opening, I passively-aggressively didn't zip it closed as I stomped over to my bed and flounced down on it.

Just then, I heard the rasp of the zipper as mother zipped the door closed. What in the hell was the matter with her? Why was she mad? Today certainly wasn't turning out the way I'd expected it to. I'd thought that after last night, mom would wake in my arms and we'd spend the day making love or holding hands and professing our love for each other or something else like that. Not this!

Laying there wallowing in my misery and self pity, I heard another zipper rasping down its track. She was going to shower. I would have given anything to be able to look in the shower while she stood there letting the water cascade down her stunning body. Although I'd only gotten a brief glimpse of her partially naked body earlier, what I'd seen was forever burned into my memory banks. She was so beautiful. I ached to see her naked.

I couldn't stop myself as I lay there imagining what she would look like standing under the water letting it caress her majestic mountains and course down into the succulent valley that lay between her legs. Was she playing with herself like she had done last night? Did she have her hand down there rubbing her clit with her finger? The next thing I knew, my cock was in my hand and I was trying to beat it to death. Pound it into submission so I could stop thinking about how beautiful she was and figure out a way to get back into her good graces.
I felt myself inching closer and closer to giving it up as my fisted hand mercilessly tried to beat some sense into my obstinate, demanding penis. I was so close, but I didn't want to come this way. I had to save it. Save it for my mother hoping that she would give in and concede to making love again.

Reluctantly, I let go of my aching cock and picked up the book I had been reading on the flight over. Flipping to the marker I'd put in it to mark my place, I started reading. Slipping my arm behind my head, propping it up, trying to make myself more comfortable, I started to read. But the words were a jumble and I could hardly make sense of any of them as my mind kept straying back to the image of my mother standing out in the shower behind our tent.

About ten minutes later, I heard the zipper on the front of the tent being unzipped. Then seconds I heard it being re-zipped. She was back from her shower, I told myself, looking over at the partition wishing it were darker and maybe I could see her silhouette on it like last night.

I listened to her fumbling around for about another five minutes before the door between our cubicles opened and she stuck her head inside my half of the tent. I hadn't taken the time to put my cock back in my pants and now it lay on my belly still hard and stiff. Startled by her sudden appearance, I saw her eyes immediately drop down to my cock for a second before she found my eyes with hers.

"It's supper time, so why don't you put that damned thing up and join me," she said with a huff before her head disappeared and I heard her leaving the tent.

I felt ashamed. Everything was all upside down again from what it should have been. Mother seemed exasperated with me. The loving warmth of last night had been replaced by something different. Something cool and remote. It was almost like she was angry with me for what had happened. Or maybe she was mad at herself for letting it happen. Whatever the reason, I didn't like it.

Stuffing my cock back in my pants, I zipped them back up and stood up. Straightening my clothes up as best as I could, I slicked down my hair and headed out for supper. I still felt sweaty and could definitely use a shower, but my mother had told me to join her so join her I would.

Confused, hurt, and miffed, I sat wolfing down my food while mother seemed more interested in the spectacular sunset than she was in me. She even got up and retrieved her camera to take pictures of the red and orange display as the sun slowly sank below the western horizon.

It was like someone, or something had erected a wall between us. I couldn't understand it.

The frog orchestra was warming up as they began to softly croak. They seemed timid and unsure at first, but it only took a few minutes for them to reach full voice as the air around us was filled with their vibrant chatter.

"I'm going to take a shower," I told my mother as I crossly pushed up to my feet and went clomping toward the tent.

"I may turn in so if I don't see you again tonight, nightie-night," she told me.

That sent a dagger thrusting into my heart. "If I don't see you again tonight?" What had she meant by that? Did that mean it was over? Over before it had even really begun? I was devastated. My whole world had just collapsed. I couldn't stop the flood of tears that suddenly went pouring down my cheeks. She couldn't have hurt me more if she had taken a gun, put it to my head and blown my brains out. I was distraught. The sobs wouldn't stop.

I don't know how, but I was finally able to regain some semblance of composure and stumble back out of the tent and head for the shower. As I did, I looked around but didn't see my mother. I didn't know if she'd gone back into the tent or was out filming the nightlife or just what. But right now, I didn't care. My heart was aching so bad, I could hardly bear it.

Standing under the cool spray of water, I let it wash away the sweat and grime of the day, but nothing could wash away the pain. It felt like something was twisting the dagger my mother had plunged into my heart. Turning off the shower, I grabbed the towel I'd brought with me and began to angrily dry off.

Maybe I should just go to her and tell her how I felt. Maybe I could find out what had changed. Maybe I could convince her to do it again. But no! No, I wasn't going to beg! If this was the way she wanted it to be between us, then so be it.

Wrapping the towel around my waist, I grabbed up my dirty clothes and went stomping back to our tent. Looking around as I did, I still saw no evidence of my mother.

Stepping into my side of the tent, I saw that mom's light was on and there on the partition between our cubicles, I saw the outline of her body again. My mind went numb as I tiptoed over to the lamp on the nightstand by my bed. Leaning down, I turned it onto low and pitched my soiled clothes into the chair. Untying the knot in the towel, I let it fall to the tent floor as I leaned down and crawled into my bed. All the anger, the frustration, and the disappointments of the day seemed to evaporate as I lay watching mother's shadow on the canvas partition. I could easily see the outline of her beautiful body painted on the canvas and like last night, I could easily make out every tiny detail. I could see the jut of her nipples sticking out from the shadow of her breasts and when she turned just right, I could make out the silhouette of the tuft of curls at the bottom of her belly.

Then, suddenly, without warning, her light winked out and I was left staring at the blank slate of canvas. I hadn't even realized it, but my hand was now wrapped around my hard, stiff cock as it jutted up from my hairy groin. She'd made me hard again. And without even trying, I told myself as I slowly stroked myself and thought about how it had been last night.

Then, to my stunned amazement, I heard the rasp of the zipper on the door between our rooms. Was she coming to me! My heart threatened to burst out of my chest. I couldn't breathe. My brain refused to work as I stared at the door with explosive anticipation. It seemed like hours but finally, the door slowly opened and mother stepped through it into my side of the tent.

My pounding heart did a flip-flop. She was wearing a thin, chiffon gown that covered her exquisite body from her throat down to the tops of her tiny feet, but it was so thin and filmy, it hid nothing. I could make out every tiny detail of the wonder beneath it.

My cock, with a mind of its own, twitched, jumping a good two or three inches up off my belly as I watched my mother slowly step toward me. The clinging, white gown molded itself to her big breasts emphasizing their size and shape and somehow making them seem even larger than they were in real life. I could see the darkened circles centered on the tips of her breasts through the sheer cloth. I could even make out the large, swollen nubs of flesh protruding out from the centers of the circles.

As she stopped beside my bed, I dropped my eyes down to the shadowy triangle covering the tip of her flat belly. When I did, I felt my cock twitch again as a rush of expectant anticipation flowed through my brain.

"I'm sorry about today," she whispered, leaning down and taking hold of my legs just above my knees. Then she slowly pulled, turning me, pulling until I lay crossways across the twin bed. Then she pushed my legs apart. My feet were resting on the tent floor, my legs bent at the knees, my butt resting on the edge of the bed as I watched my mother lean down and pick up the towel I dropped there earlier. Folding it, she bent down and placed it on the floor between my feet.

My heart was pounding like a bass drum as I watched my mother kneel down between my legs with her knees resting on the folded towel.

"No one must ever know," she whispered her breath faint and warm on my primed cock. The synapses in my feverish brain were threatening to short out as I watched her reach for my cock with both hands. My cock was so hard and stiff, it was jutting up at me, its curved spine lifted at least an inch above my belly. It was like a dream as her fingers curled down under it and slowly lifted it up perpendicular to my body.

When she did, I saw that there was a puddle of my prefuck on my belly below where the head of my cock had been. And there was a stringy strand of the gooey stuff stretching down connecting the goo-covered head to it.

"So big . . ." she softly whispered, her fingers gently exploring the thick shaft as she leaned in closer. Her breath was warm and moist on my cock as her lips parted and the little, pink tip of her tongue edged out from between them. Lowering her head, she flicked her tongue out farther as one of her hands slipped down between my legs and cupped my aching balls. Holding my balls in the palm of her hand, she started at the base and slowly licked her way up the shaft of my cock all the way up to the flared crown of my glans. Her breath that had been warm before now felt cool on the spit-dampened skin of my penis. Stopping, she dropped her head moved over a little and slowly licked up again leaving another trail of spit up the rounded underside of my prick.

This went on with her avoiding the head of my prick for several long seconds. Stopping just below the flared rim of my cockhead on every trip, she would pause and flick her tongue back and forth across the sensitive cleft just below it before she would start all over again.

The suspense was killing me. I wanted her to take me in her mouth.

"Mother—" I groaned, rolling my hips and trying to find her mouth with the head of my cock.

"What does Baby want?" I heard her whisper, then I felt her rose-petal soft lips brush across the goo-slickened bulb, licking away some of the thick goop oozing out of the hole in its tip. "Does Baby want Mommy to suck on him?"

Hearing those words had an immediate effect on my fevered brain as my cock twitched in her hand.

"Oh, I think he does," she cooed, pursing her lips around the rounded tip of my peter and softly sucking.

I couldn't stop the instinctive lurch of my hips as they curled upward and tried to f***e my penis inside her mouth.

Softly chuckling, she leaned lower, her lips parting and slipping down the tapered head of my cock. Bells were ringing, gongs were clanging and the roar inside of my head was so loud it was drowning out the frogs croaking. It felt like someone had parked a jet inside my head and left the engines running as I felt her softly suck.

Holding my cock upright with one hand curled around its thick base, she softly squeezed and fondled my balls with her other hand while her lips tightened around my peter. I could feel the suction increasing as I saw her cheeks hollow and her lips creep farther down my cock.

It was mind blowing. My mother had my cock in her mouth! She was sucking on me! I knew that I was going to lose it! It was just too much.

Seeming to sense my predicament, mother looked up at me and began to bob her head up and down, working her fisted hand up and down just below her lips. The suction seemed to increase on every bobbing lunge as she sucked harder and harder.

"Mother—Mother—going to—" I croaked, trying to warn her of the impending explosion gathering down inside my aching balls.

"Mmmmmmmm—" she gurgled out around my cock but made no effort to stop.

It was like someone had shoved a hand grenade up my ass and pulled the pin. An explosion of pure, sweet pleasure filled my loins as my cock lurched and sent a gusher of super-hot cum spewing out into my mother's mouth. As the first gush spurted out into her mouth, I felt her flinch but she didn't pull back. If anything, her lips tightened around me and she sucked harder as my cock kicked again, then again and again. Squeezing and pulling on my balls with her fingers while her mouth sucked on me, she coaxed me to empty my balls into her mouth.

It was mind-boggling. Her lips were clamped around my penis, enveloping it in the sucking warmth, not letting a single drop of cum escape as she sucked and swallowed down every gooey gush.

It felt like my whole body was melting. Melting and flowing down to my twitching, spurting cock as my hips instinctively jerked, curling up and trying to get my cock deeper inside my mother's mouth. I'd never felt anything like it.

Each ejaculation grew weaker and weaker until at last I had no more to give her. She had taken my all. As the last feeble twitch trembled through my cock, I felt her lips lift up my cock to stop when only the head remained inside her mouth. Then her hand tightened around the shaft and squeezed, slowly working up to her lips, milking out the last of my cum into her mouth. Still sucking, she dropped her hand back down my cock and clenched her fist around it again. Squeezing, her hand moved back up the shaft of my cock siphoning off the last of last of my creamy silt.

At last it was over. She had drained me of every last drop. I had no feeling left below my waist. I was numb. I'd never been so happy. So fulfilled as I lay watching my mother while she lifted her mouth off my cock and gently eased it back down on my belly. As she did, I saw that a lone drop of cum had leaked out around my peter while she was sucking and had trickled down her chin leaving a faint trail behind it. Now that drop was dangling down from her chin, threatening to drip down onto her gown.

Looking up at me, she smiled and caught the drop on her finger. Running her finger up her chin, she wiped away the trail of cum and the licked it off with her tongue. There was something so sensual, so erotic about that tiny act.

"You taste so good," she whispered, slowly circling her tongue around her lips as she pushed up to her feet between my legs. Basking in the warm afterglow of my orgasm and mom's sudden change of heart, I watched her reach up to the knot in the velvet cord at the base of her throat. Then, with a teasing smile on her lips, she gently pulled on the ends of the string and the knot unraveled. Pinching the edges of her gown, she slowly spread it open to reveal the wondrous treasures underneath it. The gown was spread open just enough for her beautiful breasts to spill out into the open.

As I feasted my eyes on their beauty, my mother stopped, holding her hand above them for a second. (PIC) They were the most beautiful breasts I'd ever seen. They weren't too big, too little, they were perfect as they jutted out at me, their firm, plump nipples jutting out like two big, ripe berries begging to be plucked.

Mother must have seen the adoration in my eyes as she smiled and began peeling the gown off the rest of her body.

As the gown spread open, I was finally able to see my mother in all of her naked splendor. I was bowled over by her beauty, as she peeled the filmy gown back over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Wanting to memorize every spectacular thing about her, I slowly worked my eyes down her body taking in every delightfully enchanting detail. From the arc of her long, slender neck, down onto her big beautiful breasts, her belly with just the hint of a paunch starting and down onto the bush of fine, gold curls that spread out over her mons. The tangle of spun gold seemed untrimmed, growing wild and untamed as it covered her sex. There was something so earthy, so natural about its unchecked sprawl.

I had to give back. Give her pleasure just as she had given it to me. Pushing up off my elbows I sat up on the edge of the bed. Reaching out, I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. As I did, one of her big, pillowy breasts pressed against my face. Searching with my lips, I quickly found its hard, rubbery nipple and sucked it into my mouth.

I felt the soft, giving flesh quiver and vibrate as I heard a soft, humming "Mmmmmmm . . ." float down to my ears. I could only marvel at how swollen and hard her nipple was as I swirled my tongue around it and gently sucked. The only thing that could have made it better was if her breast had been filled with sweet mother's milk. As I lovingly nursed on her breast, I felt her fingers brush though the hairs on my temples as she caressed me.

"My sweet, little Baby . . ." she softly cooed, leaning and gently pressing her breast against my face. Letting my hands wander down her bare back, I cupped the firm cheeks of her tight, little ass and squeezed, massaging and kneading them. When I did, she leaned against me and I felt her furry, little mound rub against my belly, just above my navel.

Finally, I let her spit-drenched nipple slip out from between my lips as I held onto her and slowly pushed up onto my feet in front of her. We were so close mother had to take a little step back but our bodies never broke contact as I stood up. Now we were touching from head to toe as I found her soft, full lips with mine. I could still taste my cum on her tongue as I pushed mine into her mouth. It was crazy. Tasting MY cum in my mother's mouth!

Still cupping the cheeks of her ass in my hands, I began to turn her as we kissed. Shuffling my bare feet on the tent floor as we turned, I could feel mother's soft, cushiony breasts pressed against my chest, her stiff nipples digging into my skin. At last I had her back facing the bed. We had turned a hundred and eighty degrees.

Easing my hands off her ass, I grasped hold of her by the waist and gently, but firmly pushed her back, holding onto her to keep her from falling. The backs of her knees were pressed against the bed and she had nowhere to go but down as she slowly sank down onto her butt. Now we had traded places as mother sat on the edge of the bed, her legs bent at the knees with me standing in between them.

Putting my hands on her shoulders, I gently pushed and watched as she sank back down onto her elbows. I could see the love in her eyes as she looked up at me. In my eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in the whole world and I couldn't believe that she was mine. My mother! My lover! Kneeling down on my knees, I slowly ran my fingers up the soft, smooth skin of her inner thighs while I stared down at her sex. The lips of her pussy were obviously engorged, thick with bl**d and had a dark, dusky tint to them. Covered with her juices, they were wet and faintly glimmering in the light of the lamp. In awe, I tenderly ran the tips of my fingers over them and found them puffy and bloated from her arousal.

As I slowly lowered my face down toward the precious treasure awaiting me, the fragrance of her sex washed over me. The scent carried with it the tacit signal of her willingness as I drank it in and felt a shiver of excitement tickle through my limp, dangling cock.

With my hands, I softly pushed her legs wider apart and watched as the swollen lips stubbornly clung together, glued together by her sticky juices. Flicking my tongue out, I stiffened it and softly probed the resistant flesh seeking out the opening hidden down between them. They resisted but I was finally able to part them to bare the seeping wetness under them. The sweet tartness of her sex was even more rousing than her smell as I slowly pushed my stiffened tongue down into the slippery wetness of her pussy.

As I did, I heard a soft murmur and felt her fingertips on my temples. The smell, the taste, the feel of her sex on my tongue was overwhelming my senses making me want to drown myself in her womanness. I felt a strange melancholy wishing I could shrink myself and once again return to her womb. Pushing deeper inside the clinging warmth of her pussy, I slowly thrust my tongue in and out of her as I felt her squirming under me.

My chin, my lips and my cheeks were coated with the warm, sticky exudate oozing out around my tongue as I feasted on her sweetness. Then I felt her fingers press harder as she gently pulled me up out of her pussy. As my tongue left her, I could feel her guiding me, leading me up toward the swollen bulb of her sex. Her clitoris. She wanted me to touch her there.
Slowly licking up the slippery channel between her fleshy lips, I licked higher until my tongue brushed over the swollen kernel of flesh protruding out just above her pussy. I felt my mother flinch away from my tongue for a second then quickly push back against it. The fine, soft curls above her pussy were tickling my nose as I began to flick my tongue back and forth across her squiggly clit.

Teasing and tormenting the swollen pearl of flesh with my tongue, I felt my mother's legs brush against my arms as she lifted them up in the air and d****d them across my shoulders. Her skin was so soft and warm as her thighs pressed against my cheeks and I felt her heels dig down into my back. Applying pressure with her heels, she ground herself against me, rubbing her clit against my lapping tongue.

Easing my arms under the backs of her thighs, I curled her hips and ran my hands along the bed until my fingers brushed against the quivering softness of her tits. Still lapping and licking her clit, I groped her breasts until I found the big, swollen nubs jutting up out of the darkened tips. Pinching the springy knobs between my fingers and thumbs, I roughly twisted and pulled on them. My mother was softly moaning as her ass squirmed and wriggled on the bed. I could feel her thighs clamping against my cheeks harder and harder as the muscles in them tightened.

Looking up over her straining belly, I saw that she had her head thrown back and her arms were now thrown out to the sides, her hands clutching and clawing at the sheets.

Flicking my tongue back and forth, I teased the little button as my mother gently humped her pussy up at my mouth.

"God, this is so wrong," I heard her whimper as her head rolled from side to side. "But it feels so damned good—"

Poking and probing the wriggling, little bead, I could feel my mother gently humping herself against my tongue.

Yes, it was so, so wrong, but so right all at the same time. We would probably burn in hell for committing such a grievous crime against nature, but I didn't care. I would have my mother by my side to face Satan's wrath. Now we would be together forever.

Pulling one hand back down off her tit, I peeled back the fleshy covering that partially covered her clit exposing even more of it to my flicking tongue. Then I eased a finger down into her juice-filled cunt. Slowly, methodically working it in and out of the sticky hole, I added a second and then a third as mother's moans were growing louder and more insistent. Taking my time, I brought her along, wanting to prolong and draw out her pleasure as I slowly guided her toward her reward.

"Oh, Baby, I love you . . ." I heard her gurgle as I flicked faster and pushed my fingers in and out of her at a quicker pace.

"Oh, Baby, it's coming," she finally whined as the muscles in her legs hardened and her thighs clamped tighter against my cheeks. I could feel her straining, trembling with the effort as she feverishly fought for the finish line. "Gonna come, gonna come . . ."

As she groveled underneath me, I continued to torment her clit with my tongue as the muscles inside her pussy tightened around my fingers. Her quivering belly was hard as a board when all of a sudden I felt the bed shudder as her hips lurched and I felt a gush of warm, sticky juice spew out onto my chin.

"God, oh God, oh God," she cursed, her little ass quivering and shaking as it bounced up and down on the bed while she humped her spewing pussy up against my mouth.

Her whole body was writhing, twisting from side to side as the orgasm convulsed its way through her body. She was crying and tears were running down her cheeks as she sobbed her way through the ordeal.

I was so proud of myself. I'd made her come again. This time with my tongue. How many sons could say that about their mothers?

As mother slowly came drifting back down from her orgasmic high, I continued to slowly slide my juice-drenched fingers in and out of her wet, clinging pussy until at last I felt her begin to melt back down onto the bed.

"Oh, Danny, Baby, you made me feel so good—" she whispered, raising her head up, pushing up onto her elbows and looking down at me. "You have me all over your face," she softly laughed, reaching down and running her fingers down my juice-covered chin.

"You taste good," I grinned back at her wiping the back of my hand across my chin to wipe away the sticky goo. Grabbing hold of the edge of the bed, I slowly stood up between my mother's legs.

"Oh, my—" mother smiled, her eyes locking on my maleness as it jutted up from between my legs once again proud and big headed. "You must have enjoyed it, too," she softly laughed.

"Yes, I did. Very much," I whispered, stepping to the side and lifting my knee up on the bed beside hers. Pushing off my foot, I crawled up on the bed beside her and dropped down on my belly. Then I rolled over onto my side and snuggled up against her.

"Mother, I don't want to go to college anymore," I told her reaching over and slowly circling my finger tip around the circle of darkened flesh surrounding one of her puffy nipples.

"Why not?" she asked, lifting her leg, dr****g it over my leg and baring the weeping wetness between her legs. Then I felt her fingers on my cock as she led it over to her pussy.

"I don't want to leave you. I want to live with you and make love to you every day," I told her, curling my hips up and letting her fit the head of my rock-hard cock in the warm, wet socket of her cunt.

"No, you're going to college. I won't hear of anything else," she murmured as I pushed up into the clinging warmth between her legs. "Ummmmmmmm . . . that feels so good."

"But what about us?" I complained scooting up the bed so I could push into her deeper.

"We can be together when you visit," she whispered as I felt her squeeze down around my cock. "Maybe that way, I won't have to beg you to visit."

"I'll be home every chance I get," I grunted burying myself down in the tight clutch of her pussy.

"I'll be waiting," she murmured, thrusting down on my embedded cock.

There would time to work out those details later, I giddily thought. But now it was time to make love to my mother. My sweet, loving mother.

"God, I love you, Mom," I groaned, jerking back and then lunging upward, driving all eight inches of my peter into her. This was the reason I'd been born into this world. Born into it by the very same woman who was lying with me. This would be my repayment to her for bringing her pain in c***dbirth. It would be my gift to her.

It was awkward and clumsy the way we were laying. Then the image of the bull elephant and the cow flashed into my brain. Jerking back, I pulled out of her.

"What?" she gasped with a confused look on her face.

"Turn over," I told her, grasping her by the hips and spinning her over onto her belly.

"What do you want?" she asked as I struggled up to my hands and knees beside her.

"Like the elephants—" I muttered, reaching down and pushing her long legs apart.

"Oh—the elephants—" I heard her laugh as I crawled up between her outstretched legs.

Leaning down, I grabbed hold of her hips and with a rough yank, jerked it up into the air. God, what a beautiful ass, I giddily thought as I fumbled up behind her and grabbed hold of my cock. It was still wet and slippery with her juices as I lifted it and seated its round, tapered head in the oozing slit between her pussy lips. feeling her warmth collapse down around the head of my penis, I gave out a loud grunt and drove back inside the clutching warmth, driving in, stopping only when my hairy groin smacked up against her soft, cushy ass. I was in heaven again as I grabbed hold of her by the waist and began to rock back and forth pumping into her deep and hard on every stroke.

Almost hidden under the loud slaps of flesh striking flesh and the croaking frogs, I could hear my mother's huffs as the f***e of the blows drove the breath from her lungs on every stroke. Easing off a little, I leaned over her and ran my hands down under her to find her big, dangling tits. Still rocking back and forth on my knees, driving into her as deep as I could, I groped for her breasts and quickly found both hands filled with soft, giving flesh.

Squeezing and groping her tits while I humped her sweet pussy, I leaned down and kissed the back of her neck. I could taste her sweat and I could see that her skin was glistening wetly in the glow of the lamp. She was rocking back every time I drove forward, taking me a deep as possible on every jarring stroke.

"Oh, Baby, Baby, Baby—" she babbled as her back arched up and she thrust herself back at me harder. Letting go of her tits, I leaned back up and ran my hands up the sweep of her arched back. She was so beautiful. I had never felt so close to her. I wished there was a way I could take her in my arms and become her. I wanted to be her. I wanted her to be me. I wanted us to be one. I wanted to feel what she was feeling. Think what she was thinking. I wanted her to know how much I loved her.

It was so overwhelming. Leaning down over her again, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her so tight I thought I might squeeze the life out of her as I fucked her with a passion and fury I didn't know existed. My hips were jerking back and forth so fast, the sound of our bodies slapping together became one long, drawn-out patter.

I could feel it coming. Gathering it down inside my flopping balls. I was going to come—

"Mother—Mother—come—come—" I wheezed, trying to warn her and coax her to finish at the same time.

"Yessss—Yesssss—" she hissed, rocking back and forth, slamming herself against me every time I drove into her.

Then her body began to tremble and I felt a warm, wet gush of juice spill down onto my balls. The muscles in her back were steel bands as her back arched and her head flew back. The pussy was clutching and squeezing down around my pistoning cock so tight, it felt like a velvet fist gripping me, grasping me trying to crush me.

I lost it! Ramming my cock into her as deep and hard as I could, I let go and felt it lurch as an explosion of pleasure ripped through it.

"Ohhhhhhhh—" mother groaned as I bathed her womb with my creamy gift. I was pouring myself into her in one fiery ejaculation after another. Straining, pushing back against me, mother took every gush, milking and sucking on my cock, trying to drain me of every last sperm I possessed.

On and on it went. I began to think that something inside me had broken and it would never stop.

At last, it ended as abruptly as it had begun. I didn't have the strength to stand on my knees and I tumbled to the side, jerking my cum-slathered cock out of my mother's overflowing cunt as I fell.

"Ohhhh—" I heard her gasp as I flopped down on the bed beside her. I was exhausted. Drained. Both of my eyelids weighed a hundred pounds apiece and there was no way I could keep them open.

. . .

After we returned home from Africa, I reluctantly headed off for college. I knew that there could never be another woman for me. She and I would have to find a way to be together. But what happened there is another chapter in and of itself . . .

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