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Back to the theatre

it has been a while for my husband to do anything sexy i think he has run out of new things to try so please give us new things to try....Well we went back to the porn movie but there was only three other people there so we sat in the middle of the theatre with no one around us as the lights went out and the movie started we were there by ourself my husband put his hand on my boobs that was when i felt someone touch my head ohhhhhh it made me go all wet as i knew that we were not alone....He was just touching me every so often to see if i was going to object i think but i did not then his hand moved to my boob and then he knew that my husband did not mind so he started to fondle me over my blouse....My husband opened my blouse and cupped one off my boobs and the man behind us cupped the other one they both played with them for about 15 minutes then another man sat next to me and was playing with himself looking at us....My husband took his very hard dick out off his pants so i started to play with it the man on the other side off me grabed my hand and put it on his dick so then i had two dicks to play with and the man behind us was still playing with my boobs...My husband got me to kneel on my seat and wearing my wee short mini skirt my wet pussy was waiting for him to enter...The man who was behind us had his dick out and put it in my mouth so i sucked on it like a dog with a bone he cum very fast all in my mouth so now i was so hot and horny i just wanted to cum and cum....The man next to us stood up so turned around and put him in my mouth and sucked on him like there was no tomorrow and he cum very fast as well so it was only my husband and i left to finish our great sex as no one else came over to join in so please give us new things to try as

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