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Wild memorial day

Hello every one, hope everyone doing great
I try my best to go in detail much as I could in this story its not that old just happen to me week ago I wish I could have write sooner but I was not much of my self to sit and write
And also sorry because this story its longer then my other stories I have post my story is not make in my mind or fantasy its all real experiences I had I stay in black neighborhood and all most of my experiences with black male then white guys and its true bigger its better and also once you go black never go back ? I hope you guys enjoy this one and please pretty please after reading my story leave comments and rating please
Thank you love to hear back from everyone

Memorial weekend was wild for first time in my life I was going crazy when I was getting fuck I couldn’t control my excitement and it was wild fun I ever had this is my third stories and I cant help it I love BBC (big black cocks) yes I’m a cross dresser I love to wear silky or sundress long thin material dresses not a big fans of lingerie. Anyway
Wild memorial weekend I had, it was wild I was online chatting this muscular black male 6’8 heights with six-packs muscular big arms every female dream guy also mine too lol
13.8 inches very thick long chocolate ? wow I never seen that big of cock I also have picture of him as well. On Monday morning we agree to meet at one of motel close to me
I put on sexy white sundress with flowers print on dress with high heels boy short lace panties went on my way to motel when I got their he was waiting for me outside in parking lot already got us room when I walk with him inside the motel I was look like little k** next to him he was tall lol we went to room 103 (its not first time I been with big cock but 13in wow ) I was very excited I sit on edge of bed he walk to me and say u ready for wild ride of your life I nod my head with smile yes and say to my self I cant wait for him to fuck me oh well I start undo his jeans and pull them down to his knees and he had boxer was surprise he was little hard I rub my hand on his crotch wow he was huge I look up with smile and say to him hope u now how to use it too he smile back (I bet he was thinking in his head hope u now how to take it lol) anyway I pull down his boxer their it was handing almost to his knees so huge my mouth got watery and took his cock head between my mouth lips start sucking and licking on his cock head for few mins.
Start slowly taking his cock deeper in my mouth he was huge stretching my lips I continue to suck his cock he was getting hard getting bigger and thicker my jaw was start hurting I pull out his cock start licking like lollipop got it so shining and wet I got up he quickly remove my dress push me into bed face down spread my butts apart start licking my asshole tongue fuck me for while in and out wow he got me so crazy with his tongue he got up and told me not to move from this position I was face down in bed spread my legs wide then he says are you ready for wild a****l I look back with smile yes I spank my butts couple of time soon I felt his cock on my asshole I reach back to my butts spread them apart and he start pushing in I sure felt my asshole stretching I sure let big moan out my gawd It was huge in thickness after few mins getting slowly gently in and out he ask me ready for rough I nod yes (I love rough and hard fuck) slowly I pick up speed and ran his cock deeper every time I felt him going in my ass I was screaming face down in bed holding very tight on edge of bed each side then he pull out and hold my butts spread spit in my ass finger fuck me few mins and then go back in with his cock pull out and then go back in pull again then go back in again few time and then he start fuck me very hard pushing his cock so deep in my ass I was getting f***ed to move front as well then we did different position I start riding his cock very slowly for several minutes I was riding him and I was about to explode I try to hold my cum not to cum yet but I did all over his face my gawd he was mad but he was happy as well no one shoot cum on his face I was first one then we change position again I lay on bed sideway with one leg in air he start fucking me so hard I was able to move to keep distance he pull out and got me on my hands and knees shove his cock very hard in my ass I collapse in bed my knees got weak he pull me back up on my knees (no I didn’t took his 13in all in yet 11 most I was getting fuck with) he start pounding very hard I was screaming very wildly
All the sudden he stop and hold my hips very tight and push his cock in very deep when he did I start screaming with tears falling and my knees getting weak. I hear him saying few more inches baby u can do it I pull out half and shove it all in my asshole I felt different pain I never had I scream so loud I felt dizzy didn’t now where I was for few seconds and I cum without touching my self didn’t even now I did (when I got to my self I thought either he reach the end of my ass or he stuck because he was not moving and I was feeling so much) he stay inside me rest I hear him say dam bitch u took it all no one couldn’t take all 13.8 WOW I look back with tears I say please take it out slowly I think u damage something when I ask him nicely he was scare didn’t now what to do he try to pull out I scream so loud SSTTOOPPPP I sure knew his in deep he got scare I was so nervous shaking too we wait it few minutes and he start getting soft and I told not to move I slowly move forward very gently pull his cock out once his cock was I collapse on bed just lay their almost hour getting fuck and he still didn’t cum yet. Then he ask me very nicely u want me to fuck you or you give me blowjob make me cum he was scare I can tell I replied in very come down voice give me few minutes he try to make me feel better start licking my sore asshole kissing on my butts then he says to me why don’t we do 69 u can suck me and I can lick your asshole I agree to I slowly move on top of him start sucking his cock he got hard very quick I don’t now but I think I suck his cock almost 20 minutes before start cum all over my face he shoot load after load he cum so much my all face was cover with his thick cum all over my face when we done he wipe my face with motel towel he got for me from bathroom he did apologize he never hurt anyone I told him its ok I had fun too when I got on my feet after wear my dress it was not easy for me to walk on high heels my hands and knees was still shaking he was nice enough to ask me walk to my car and yes he did ask me for next time meet again and I told him yes but he have to wait until I get better.

I sure felt his cock inside my ass rest of the day I got home took shower and couldn’t stop thinking of him I went to bed 7pm so tired and didn’t have any energy to do anything.
I was sore for 4 days wow it was wild sex I ever had and yes I am going back to see him
I sure love his cock now
Hope you guys enjoyed its very long in detail sorry for long story but I had to tell someone what happen to me on week ago that’s sure let weight goes off my shoulder feel better too keeping secret its fun but let someone hear it who don’t now its a lot better then keeping one

Please leave comments and rate my story better its all true life experience no BS and yes I have his picture and yes I still talk to him and ask him if I could show his picture to everyone here if you guys want to see his picture I sure will show you but I have to hide his face sorry cant show his face


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